Megan has fun with the boys

Mike arrived at Phantasies Inc at 10:30 am. The store was run out of Megan's home. As he rang the doorbell, he felt a stirring in his pants. He was going to pick out a costume for Felicity. So many costumes came to mind.

He snapped out of his reverie when the door opened. If there had been a stirring in his pants at the thought of picking out something for Felicity, after one look at Megan, he had a raging hard on.

Megan had been waiting for this all morning. She had gone thru her closet multiple times till she found something she thought would do the trip. One look at Mike's face confirmed she had hit a home run.

Megan was wearing a light blue blouse which was tied in a knot about 3 inches above her belly. Underneath the blouse was a white tube top that was better suited on smaller chested women. On her it looked obscene. There was a battle between the fabric and her breasts, and right now the fabric was winning in keeping her large tits constrained. She knew she would never be able to wear the tube top again, the fabric would be too stretched out. The tube top was transparent and her nipple piercings were visible although Mike couldn't tell given the blouse.

Moving below the blouse, was a piercing in her belly button, a small hear shaked pendant attached to a chain that was swaying freely. A few inches below the belly button was a short frilly skirt. The skirt was white and fully see thru. It was something a stripper would wear at a club. No one else could wear this anywhere else. The skirt sat on the widest portion of her hips. One tug and it would come right down. It barely covered what she felt was the best part of her body - a full and curvy butt. When she bent over you could directly see her love hole. She had chosen black panties to really pop with the white skirt. The panties were crotchless, and nestled between them adorning her clit was a lovely pendant. She completed the outfit with 3 inch pointed heels, which on her 5' 7" frame put her closer in height to Mike's 6' 1".

I chose well, she mused. God Felicity is so lucky. He is a puppy. So young, so virile, so tameable.

Mike was in total shock. While Felicity was stunning, she still didn't come across as an object of pure and unadulterated lust. Megan was just that, even more of a MILF and he could only envision suckling on those large breasts.

As she led him in, she exaggerated the sway of her hips, causing the skirt to flare and reveal her black panties, putting herself even more on display.

"Most of my clients are older men picking out outfits for younger women. I will need to ask you a few questions about your girlfriend to get started," she remarked.

Across town, Felicity sat in her chair at work, rubbing her clit and squeezing her breasts. The fucking from Mike and Samir had released the inner slut in her. She needed it bad. As per Megan's plan she had not communicated with them for 2 weeks and when she saw them they left with her panties but she got nothing. There were 2 more weeks for the costume party. Finally feeling extremely horny, she had called Megan today and pleaded to spend time with Samir knowing Mike would be at Phantasies for a few hours. Reluctantly, Megan agreed but made it clear, Felicity could tease Samir but absolutely no sex.

At Phantasies, Mike had taken a seat at the chair by a desk. He had thought Megan would sit on the chair across the desk. Instead, once he had settled in, she came and stood right by him, resting her butt against the desk and stretching her legs out ever so slightly.

When Mike looked at her, his line of sight to her face went across her large breasts. Trying to avoid giving the impression he was staring at her tits, he lowered his glance but then found himself staring at her belly button and the dangling piercing. Trying to avoid staring at her naked belly he lowered his gaze only to now appear to be focusing on her crotch. He finally gave up, opting to alternate across the 3 zones. Megan had crossed her legs in the meantime, exposing even more flesh, all of this within 6-8 inches of him.

If the visual stimulation wasn't enough, Mike could smell her perfume and that was making him even more horny. Megan was relishing the effect she was having on him, and trying to act nonchalant, started asking her questions to help Mike in picking out an outfit.

"How old is she?"

"Must be 35 or so in my estimation," said Mike.

"Mmm an older girlfriend, nice! How does she look?"

"About 5' 8", slim build, brown hair, really beautiful," was Mike's response.

"Wow you are lucky guy. And how would you like to dress her? As a superhero, a nurse, a street walker, a cheerleader, or maybe a private school girl?"

Mike had given some thought to the costume he would like to have Felicity wear, but there was a new one here - a private school girl. He visualized Felicity in that and a smile came across his face.

Megan saw the slight twinkle in his eye and said, "So school girl it is, excellent choice!! You can really do a lot with that outfit. A lot of my clients choose that for younger women, but it such a versatile theme, it works across all ages."

"Now how would the outfit be? Really slutty, somewhat slutty, or not slutty at all?" she continued

"Huh somewhat slutty I guess," Mike responded with a confused look.

"Don't worry about the sluttyness right now, we can move it up or down as the outfit comes together," said Megan, "Now I will need to know more about her body type to really help with the selection. Tell me about her breasts."

Mike didn't know how to respond.

"Guessing you don't know her Bra size so let me ask differently. Are they a mouthful? Bigger than mine, smaller than mine?" she said pointing to her breasts.

Even if Mike knew Felicity's exact bra size he wouldn't have been able to respond. He was now horny beyond belief, and in great discomfort as his expanded cock was experiencing friction with his pubic hair, in the tightly constrained space of his trousers. He was barely hearing what she was saying.

Trying to sound more helpful, Megan untied her blouse.

"Does this help?" she asked and bent forward slightly.

Her tube top covered boobs were now very close to Mike's face. The nipple piercing was clearly visible thru it. Seeing her mammaries up close, Mike tried to look away but then his eyes came upon the gleaming piercing in her belly button. His cock now started to leak pre cum, further increasing his discomfort.

As if oblivious to the effect she was having on him, Megan raised her arms to tie her hair, further accentuating her bosom.

Mike seemed dazed and confused. He had not responded to the last few questions.

"Wow the cat really got your tongue," she said. Feigning annoyance, she said "Look Mike, these are the basic questions. I have a lot more questions about her body type and private parts. So how do we move this forward?"

"Uh, they are smaller than yours," were the only words that came out of his mouth.

"Great but how much smaller? Some women wear padded bras you know, so we really need to be sure else the outfit will be ruined," she remarked.

After pausing for a few seconds, she said "Ok here is a thought. Tell me if you are ok with it. I will take off my top to help you with this question. I know you are gentleman but just to protect myself, I will restrain your hands when the top is off. Let me know if that works for you. No pressure. Take your time."

Mike only heard the words that Megan knew he would "take off my top".

He instantly nodded his acceptance.

"Ok great," she said and went to retrieve the cuffs.

Mike paused when he saw the cuffs, but Megan was wily.

"Soon as we get the cuffs on, my top comes off," she said.

Mike immediately stuck his hands out.

Megan cuffed him, and took the same position she had before although the distance between the two was now lesser.

All this teasing had made her horny as hell, and she wanted some release. She lowered her tube top, and her breasts came free.

Cupping her left breast with both hands, she came back to the question on breast size.

"So you think it is half this size or bigger than that?" she asked.

"Her breasts are only slightly smaller than yours, I think," was Mike's response. He still couldn't believe it. In the space of 2 weeks he had seen 2 sets of breasts up close.

"Ok to be really sure why don't you take it in your mouth. The mouthfulness measure gives a better estimate," said Megan.

Mike's Adams apple bobbed up and down, and almost in a trance he turned toward Megan with mouth open.

Megan stuffed her breast in his mouth before saying, "Tell me when it feels to be the same size by grabbing the other breast with your hands."

Megan took her time, gently pushing her breast into his mouth, gazing into his eyes to further accentuate his and her pleasure.

Finally Mike grabbed the right breast with his cuffed hands. She was a little annoyed he had ended this so quickly.

"Great that is a 34C," she said, "but to be sure let us do it one more time with my right boob," and begin stuffing that one into his mouth.

With the left boob, Mike had been as respectful as he could be, treating it like a science experiment, but with the right one he decided to explore so started to suck on it. Seeing no resistance, he probed further with his tongue.

Megan arched her back, feeling the pleasure flow throughout her body before saying, "Take your time, we don't want to rush this". Megan was totally relishing his head on her breast, slowly sucking on her nipples.

After several rounds of sucking, he finally tugged on her left breast, not because he was tired of sucking on her tit, but because his cock needed adjustment, and it was getting really uncomfortable. But with handcuffs on that was not going to be possible.

Megan now decided to push it even more. "Is that a hard on I see? Oh, you poor baby. Let Mommy help you with that," she said and stuck her hand underneath his pants and grabbed his erection, to adjust it.

Her own arousal was now apparent, her pussy was flowing freely. If it hadn't been for her perfume, Mike could have smelt that odor and would have known she was a bitch in heat.

"Excellent, now that we know the bra size, let us talk about the panties you want to get her. How does her butt curve?" she asked.

To help him, with the selection, she stood up, turned slowly so her ass was facing him, and pointing to her lower back asked, "Does it curve like this?"

"Yeah that looks about right," said Mike.

"In case you are wondering why the curve is important, I recommend the choice of panties based on the curve. While most men just want their girls in thongs, depending on the curve some panties are better suited. So why don't you pass your hand over it?"

Mike didn't need to be told, he had now figured out what was going on. He moved her hands across Megan's back, up and down, caressing it like an expert potter on a wheel. Megan was in total ecstasy. He now stood up and whispered in her ear, "why don't you bend over, so I can also compare asses and tell you about her ass. Spread your legs when you bend over, spread your legs, so I can tell you about her hips as well."

As she started to comply with his request, he continued, "I want to be sure you have all the details you need in selecting the right panty."

Megan was only too happy to comply with his request. The scene was surreal. Megan was now bent over the desk, her legs spread. Mike had lifted her skirt and was kneading her butt cheeks one at a time. If he felt the wetness between her legs, he acted like he hadn't realized it.

After teasing her which to Megan felt like an eternity, he gently inserted his finger into the buttery love canal, curling it to look for her G spot. "Something else for you. I like panties which are open in the front like this," he said.

Megan nodded and began to grind her crotch on his fingers and hands, seeking release. She had teased him but now she was at his mercy. Mike continued to pleasure her. Feeling the ornament on her clit he said, "She is pierced as well, so I want a nice pendant between her legs. Maybe a cross."

Megan was now in total delirium, the depravity of the situation had totally overtaken her, and she was orgasming.

"Mmmm ... yes yes yes more of that ... I am cuming," she moaned as she got her release.

Mike by now had pulled his zipper down and replaced his finger in her love hole with his cock. Felicity has a tighter pussy he thought, as he began to piston in and out. He circled his movement probing different parts of her vagina. After about 5 mins of pistoning, he shot his load and collapsed on Megan.

Megan had told Felicity there would be no release for the boys during this visit, but had failed miserably. She wondered how her friend was faring.

Samir was due to arrive any moment now and Felicity slowly pulled her fingers out of her moist pussy and started to get herself ready.

Samir didn't know what to expect. Her message to him had been brief, "Come by and return what I gave you."

Felicity and Samir