After breakfast, Karyn and Joe headed out on a road trip to a state park with a waterfall they had always wanted to hike. Arriving at the park around noon, they hiked up to the waterfall and ate lunch by the water. They were glad that they came on a weekday as there was no one around. While at the waterfall, they played in the water with no one to disturb them. As this was generally a busy park, Joe had to be content with a few leering smiles from Karyn as she flashed her tits at him several times. Thankfully no one came as they got out of the water as Joe's arousal was evident.

"Oh! Is that for me big boy?" Karyn teased as she grabbed the hard shaft and gave it a couple of strokes.

Not wanting to hike back wet, they quickly shed their swimsuits and pulled on some dry clothes. Karyn had one of Joe's favorite tight tank tops with a built in push-up bra. He knew the fabric would work against Karyn's nipples just enough to keep them hard the entire hike back. He enjoyed watching a group of college aged guys walk past, each one's gaze transfixed on Karyn's hard nipples pressing through the thin fabric. Right after they passed, Karyn flashed Joe again with a devilish grin.

"Think they wanted a look at these?" she asked. "Or maybe this?" Karyn pulled her shorts to the side to reveal a freshly waxed pussy. While Karyn regularly shaved, waxing was a rare event which indicated to Joe that she was ready to play.

Returning to their car, Joe said, "change of plans." Instead of heading home, he headed to a decent hotel about an hour away. As they drove, Karyn decided she couldn't wait. She slid her shorts off. "Do you like how smooth my wax job looks?" she teased. "Oh, it feels so nice too, c'mon Joe, feel my pussy!"

There was no need to ask Joe twice. He slid his hand all along her inner thighs. "Yes, very smooth and sexy," he replied. Before pulling his hand back, he slid a finger inside. "Smooth and sexy inside too," he quipped.

By then, Karyn had pulled out her wand and a dildo she had stored under the seat. Joe loved this about Karyn, no matter the road trip, she was always prepared to put on a show. "Think those guys would like it?" Karyn asked. "Do you think they want to be this dildo right now?" her voice trailing off as she shoved the dildo to its hilt, deep inside.

Karyn gave a bit of a gasp as the large toy filled her completely. Next, Joe heard the buzz of the wand start and a moan from his hot wife as she shoved it up against her swollen clit. Karyn found her favorite setting and nearly instantly felt an orgasm building in her core. "Oh, I could give those guys a show and let each of them play," she said, her voice a little ragged. "What were there, 5, 6 of them? What an awesome fuck that would beeeeeEEE," Karyn yelled out as the orgasm finally pushed over the edge. She started thrashing about in her seat as she came.

Karyn continued to play with herself, teasing Joe about getting fucked by five hung studs. Over the next 30 minutes, she came 5 or 6 times, full, explosive, satisfying orgasms. This continued until they pulled into the hotel lot around 4pm.

As soon as they closed the door to their room, Karyn looked into Joe's eyes and said, "I had mine, now it's time for you to get your!"

Karyn quickly relieved Joe of his belt and shorts. She pushed him down onto a couch near the door and began licking his swollen cock from base to tip, ending in a swirling motion, before starting back at the base.

As Karyn licked, she kept teasing Joe, "do you want to watch me do this to one of those young studs we met? Or would you prefer one pound my smooth pussy from behind while I suck another one or two of them off?" The teasing worked as Karyn could feel Joe's cock swell in size as she took the entire thing in, as she started deep throating Joe slowly. "You must really like that idea, you are so big and hard right now!"

"Unngh, yes-s, oh fuck-k-k-k, you know it baBY - shit, my hot wife taking on the entire basketball team! Oh, sh-sh-shit!, yeess-sSSSSS!" Joe responded as he unleashed a days worth of pent up sexual energy. Joe shot several large ropes of his thick cum deep in Karyn's mouth as she struggled to swallow it all. Even as she thought he was done and released him, Joe spurt out three more shots into Karyn's face and hair.

After a short nap and a shower, they got dressed for the evening. Karyn had a short, black, 'cold shoulder' dress. It had a deep v-neck, an open back, and a lace frill that fell about 6 inches above her knee. If she bent over, it would not leave anything to the imagination. They headed off to a light dinner with no other plans set for the evening. When the elevator door closed, Karyn slipped off her black lace thong and handed them to Joe. "You were probably going to ask for them in the restaurant anyway!" She joked.

At the restaurant, Joe asked for a corner table. He sat by the wall with Karyn sitting across, her back to the majority of the tables. As usual, Karyn continued to play her teasing games and some light flirting with the waitress. Each time the waitress stepped away from the table, Karyn would flash Joe. She even let her boobs hang out for a couple of minutes while no one was around. She also managed to flash her ass to Joe as she stepped away to go to the ladies room and her smooth waxed pussy when she returned and sat down. From her angle, Karyn could see the wait staff at the ordering computer checking her out each time she flashed, though Joe did not know they could see.

When the waitress came with the final bill, she said, "you two have made this shift so much better! You are twice my age, yet you flirt like you just met. Add in the boldness of flashing your husband in an open dining room, you really blew me away!"

Karyn smiled and told her that knowing someone else enjoyed our flirting made her very happy. Joe laughed as Karyn pulled out her tits again, this time for the waitresses' enjoyment. It was only as they walked out that Karyn told Joe that the waitress went back to her station, smiled at Karyn, and flashed her back! 'What a fun day this has been!' Joe thought.

After dinner, they returned to the hotel. As they stepped in the hotel elevator, Joe slipped behind Karyn. When the door closed, he slid one through her V-neck and the other under her skirt. Joe massaged one breast and then the other. He grinned as Karyn's nipples jumped at the attention. As they passed the 2nd floor, Joe slid his other hand further up Karyn's inner thighs, rubbing her swollen lips and moistening clit gently while still massaging her tits.

Past floor 3, Joe slid two fingers in Karyn's hot and slippery pussy. Joe continued to finger her until the elevator slowed and the door opened on their floor, the 6th. As they exited the car, another couple stepped onto the elevator. The couple could hear the pair as they headed away down the hall, laughing and giggling.

Getting back to the room, Karyn kicked off her shoes and decided to head out to the balcony as it was a warm night. There was a beautiful view over a small lake. In the distance the lights of a small city twinkled in the late summer skyline. The balcony was really part of a single balcony that circled the hotel. Each room's section was separated from its neighbor by a metal railing. There were two seats and a small table on each balcony.

At first Joe and Karyn just sat next to one another, kissing and letting their hands wander. After a while, Joe told Karyn to move to sit on his lap. They sat quietly looking out at the lake and the lights on the other side. The courtyard below was empty. "Mmm, that's naughty," Karyn said, feeling Joe's hard cock pushing against her butt. She began slowly grinding herself against it.

Karyn climbed off Joe's lap just long enough to allow Joe to release his cock from its prison, his shorts and boxers. Karyn's short dress hiked up slightly as she sat. Joe's cock nestled between her ass cheeks, leaping at the proximity to its desired target. In the dark, everything looked perfectly innocent to anybody who somehow managed to hover six stories above the lake. Before long, Karyn squirmed around until she managed to position the hard rod against her pussy lips and clit. She moaned at the touch or the warm member causing Joe to moan in response. He lifted his wife up just a bit, and allowed his hard cock to slide into her smooth, hot, very wet pussy.

"Ohh, Goddd." she said softly.

Bracing her arms against the arms of the chair, Karyn began riding up and down Joe's hard shaft. She was getting louder than she realized, but Joe did nothing to stop her. He put his hands on her bouncing tits, wishing he could rip off her little black dress right there on the balcony, and feel them bare.

Had they been alone another minute or two, Joe might have ripped off the sexy dress, and Karyn would have let him. But just then, the sliding door from the room next door opened. A couple in their 40's walked out onto their section of the balcony. The man was only wearing a pair of sleep shorts and the woman was in a short t-shirt which barely covered her navel, and revealed a pair of sexy, lacy red panties.

Karyn froze, trying to look innocent with Joe's cock still deep inside of her scorching hot pussy. The new couple seemed surprised to have company next door, but gave a quick, friendly smile, and walked over to their railing to look out over the lake. The man whispered something to the woman who laughed and shook her head no. He said something else, and she looked at him as if contemplating whatever he whispered, and nodded. Joe wished he could hear what they were saying.

The man stepped behind the woman while she leaned over the railing, He pulled her panties down her legs and she stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor. The light of the moon was bright enough for Joe to see everything, and even from ten feet away, he could see that his neighbor had a great ass. As she turned slightly, Joe was pretty certain she had shaved her pussy just like Karyn's smooth wax job.

Next, the man pulled down his shorts just enough to free his growing cock. Joe and Karyn watched as he pushed the woman forward giving him easier access. Slowly at first, he began inserting his long cock into the woman's tight pussy. Once fully inside, he grabbed her hips and began fucking her from behind, slowly building up the speed of his thrusts. Once they got into a rhythm, the couple looked over to Karyn and Joe, wanting to be certain they were being watched in their passionate state. Joe couldn't believe their luck, exhibitionist next door!

Slowly and tentatively at first, Karyn resumed riding up and down on Joe's still rock hard rod. "Well", she whispered, "if the strangers in the next room were going to fuck right in front of us, why shouldn't we reciprocate?"

The new neighbors were clearly watching Karyn slowly ride Joe. The man started fucking the woman with long strokes, picking up his pace. Karyn rode Joe's cock faster and faster. Joe thrust his hands inside Karyn's dress, grabbing her familiar tits. While the dress wasn't open enough to expose her breasts and hard nipples, the action did lift the hem enough to reveal Joe's prick and Karyn's shaved pussy, in plain sight for their neighbors.

The new neighbors sped up their fucking. The man grasped the bottom of her t-shirt with one hand and seemed to be about to pull it over her head when suddenly he groaned loudly. Karyn smiled at Joe as they watched their neighbor cumming hard. He continued fucking her, and a few seconds later she came as well.

Now it was Karyn and Joe's turn to show off. Joe squeezed Karyn's breasts hard as he came, which was enough to put Karyn over the edge. Afterwards, the two couples became quiet. Karyn was still on Joe's lap with his deflating manhood still inside her. The other couple was still standing only a few feet away. The man had pulled his sleep shorts back up but the woman remained naked from the waist down. Everyone looked at one another hesitantly, sporting uncomfortable smiles. Then without a word spoken, both women stood up and went back into their rooms, the men following closely behind.

"Well, that was... different," Karyn whispered when they were back inside, sitting on the bed.

"I can't believe it happened, that was so hot," Joe said.

"I know. Watching and being watched like that..." Karyn said, shaking her head in disbelief.

"It's not something you'd ever expect to experience again, I don't think, but..." Joe replied.


"Yeah," Joe said. "Umm... so..."

"I know, I want to too." Karyn finished Joe's sentence.

So, without another word, Karyn and Joe went back out to the balcony. Joe grabbed the hem of Karyn's dress and pulled it up and over her head, tossing it onto one of the chairs. She was surprised as she hadn't expected this, but she was okay with it. Now naked, she leaned over the common railing on the balcony while Joe undressed. This time, their motors were running hot and they just began furiously fucking, hoping their neighbors were watching.

And then, with the sound of a sliding door, they were.

The couple each had big grins on their faces when they saw their new friends. They too were horny as hell after their earlier exhibitionism. It drove them to come out a second time. They were rewarded with the sight of Karyn, completely naked. Her entire upper body including her beautiful breasts and razor sharp nipples on their side of the railing. They watched while Joe fucked the hell out of her.

"I told you," the man said to his lady, the first words Karyn clearly heard.

The woman was wearing the same short t-shirt and panties, as before. In a flash, with no hesitation, her man pulled off her t-shirt, and she wriggled out of her panties confirming she was cleanly shaven.

This time, the man completely pulled off his shorts. He stood behind his woman completely naked as she leaned over the railing next to Karyn, facing her. He eased his cock into his hot woman, driving it deep into her ready pussy. There was no need or time for foreplay. He just began fucking her hard until he was quickly slamming her hard, his balls slapping off her shapely ass. The ladies were so close to one another, they began to make out while their partners lustily fucked them from behind.

Each woman, nearly blinded by lust, came once, twice, and finally a third time, the last time they did so together. Meanwhile, the guys were still pounding their women hard from behind. Joe was stunned when he heard the woman facing them say, to no one in particular, "I need him to touch my tits."

Nobody reacted to the comment right away, at least not to say no. Joe reached over and cupped the left breast of this woman whose name he didn't know, and whom he'd only ever heard speak seven words. When nobody seemed to have a problem with that, Joe pinched her nipple, hard, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

Joe nearly jumped when she came loudly, especially considering how quiet the night was. Her husband kept fucking her, faster it seemed. He reached out tentatively at the same time and brushed his hand over Karyn's breast. Karyn took one hand off the railing and grabbed his wrist. She pulled his hand to her tit, forcing him to rub her hard.

Karyn seemed to growl softly as she began to cum once again. Watching and listening to Karyn combined with still having his fingers on his neighbor's nipple, was enough to make Joe shoot another load into his wife's wet pussy. Somewhere along the line, apparently, the other guy, still clutching Karyn's breast, came as well.

The men slowly, reluctantly, removed their hands from the women's tits. Everyone quietly grabbed their clothes and still undressed, returned to their respective rooms.

"Wow," Karyn said when she got inside.

"Yeah," Joe said. "That was even hotter!"

At that, they cleaned up, crawled into each other's arms, sleepy, happy and completely satisfied. Just as they might have dozed off, they heard a soft knock on the door.