The Transformation

It was like just any other night. I was sitting watching tv with my wife Jess, wearing my same old track pants with cute panties underneath. Jess loved to tease me in front of others, loudly asking my opinion on other men and their cock size. The tv show finished and Jess grabbed my hand leading me towards our bedroom. This was a little unusual as it was Wednesday and normally Friday we made love. Upon entering the bedroom Jess stripped down to a silky black baby doll with matching thong panties. Even though they were black I could see the obvious wet spot coming from her pussy. I stripped as well revealing my plaid bikini panties and laid in bed with her.

"What are you doing? She asks me with a confused pissed off look. "I've been waiting all day for you to lick my pussy! Don't make me wait any longer!" She demanded

I bowed my head in shame for forgetting and quickly went in between her legs pulling her thong to the side to find her pussy full of cum...another men's cum.

"Busy today?" I asked her knowing full well who she slept with, my boss he did tell me earlier that he was going to meet with her to discuss her babysitting while he and his wife went out of town for the week.

"Oh yes baby Jerald knows just how to fill me up. Now be a good slut and lick it all up before it gets on the sheets." She answered by locking her legs around my neck as I started licking my present.

His cum tasted a lot different from mine probably because of better food quality. "His cock was so big baby you would have loved to suck on it" moaned Jess, grabbing one of her breasts while trying to pull my face closer.

I let out a moan in agreement and focused on her clit. It was unusually big, almost 3 inches long. I started to suck on it like it was a cock and was greeted with moans of approval. "That's my good little slut, suck my cock before my sister gets here." Moaned Jess it was too late though I heard a woman behind me "I'm already here Jess." Her sister Kate stood at the doorway, one hand in her panties rubbing her clit while the other was on her breast. She was wet and probably ready to be cleaned herself. I went to move so Jess could get decent but she made me stay at the same moment I felt a hand grab my panties slowly pulling them down.

I looked at Jess in confusion but curiousness as well "Be a good slut and keep licking my pussy." Jess moaned Kate put a finger in me slowly followed by another "Your right Jess she is a tight little slut." Said Kate working her fingers inside of me. I didn't even whence in pain must have been the endless strap on fucking Jess had been giving to me over the last few months.

Kate's fingers left me as I let out a groan of disapproval causing both sisters to laugh. "Don't worry sweetheart I have something for you." Sung Kate. She put something near my hole it was warm and wet or was I wet? I tried to look back in confusion but Jess stopped me "Unless you want to service a whole gang bang I suggest you focus on my clit." Warned Jess, I let out a moan as whatever Kate had entered me then exploded with cum inside of my panties. She started to thrust into me with the force of 1000 gods I couldn't believe it this little 5'6 girl was fucking me like a giant.

The fucking continued for a good solid 10 minutes and the longer she fucked me the more I noticed my body changing at first it was my voice getting higher and higher then I had another orgasm with enough force to force little C cup breasts out of my chest but what shocked me the most was the thirst, the thirst for cum. "Are you ready to get your first cream pie honey?" Asked Kate in a sweet tone whispering in my ear.

"Yes please mistress give me all your cum!" I cried as she exploded into my new virgin pussy "I hope you're ready for more baby" said Jess chiming in for the first time after all this took place. I didn't notice her get up more so I didn't notice her 3" clit turn into a 7" monster.

"What is this?" I asked curiously, licking her cock. Jess let out a moan of pleasure "You're always telling me you wanted to be a girl we just made it happen, call it an early Christmas present." Jess replied as her pre cum dripped onto my tongue sending me into a frenzy. Her cock smelled like pussy but had the taste of sperm as well.

"What about getting pregnant?" I asked her slowly, jerking her cock off "You might have the parts and the body baby but I can't make that happen, I'm sorry." She replied, taking my hand away from her cock.

Kate traded places with Jess to show me a shit covered bloody cock "clean it, Jess told me you liked to clean her strap on after it's been buried in you." Kate ordered I blushed, shocked that they talked about that sort of stuff but my confusion was soon met with moans as Jess entered me. I took Kate's cock into my mouth again and it tasted like Pusey and cum among everything else I lapped it all up attempting to make her cum like she did to me.

Kate laughed "Damn Jess you taught her well." As she started to fuck my mouth "Oh no Kate she learned that well before we met." Smiled Jess proudly.

Another 10 minutes went by and Kate shouted she was going to cum before almost drowning me in her sweet nectar Jess joined in shooting her load inside me and all I could do was scream in pleasure.

"She'd be a hit at the local clubs" said Kate huffing and puffing laying down beside Jess. "Yes she would but how much do we charge?" Questioned Jess as her cock shrunk back into her body leaving her perfect pussy.

I looked at both of them giggling still tingling from the 100s of orgams they just gave me "I need to get used to this first." I confessed feeling my body up. "Oh don't worry sweetheart there is way more to come tonight and tomorrow and so on." Laughed Kate as her cock came back to life.

I happily sucked Kate off again, "So what about work?" I asked Jess with my face covered in cum "Don't worry Elena, it's all taken care of. I told your boss while he was fucking my ass. He said he's fine with it providing he gets me on a weekly basis and now maybe you." Replied Jess licking her sisters cum off my face.