My wife Sue and I are late 50s, married for 35 years and now empty nesters. We are best friends with each other and have had a very good sex life but have been entirely monogamous. Sure, we joked about threesomes and foursomes but never seriously considered it. Both of us have never had a same sex experience, again it was something we joked about but never seriously considered for ourselves. We are not homophobic and didn't condemn people who were bi or gay. Maybe the opportunity or inspiration just never came up.

One Wednesday night Sue seemed a little spunkier than usual all through dinner and while cleaning up. I could tell she was in a good mood and I was thinking this might be a fun night. A little before nine she came out of our bedroom in a short cotton nightgown and asked if I would like to come to bed early. I could tell she was naked under her nightgown. I was right, I was in for a fun night. After I stripped and got into bed she passionately kissed me and pulled of her nightgown. As my hands roamed over her body I could tell she was extremely worked up and dripping wet. In an aggressive manner for her, she pushed me on my back and went to work sucking my cock. After a minute or two Sue rose and slipped her hips over me in a 69 with her on top and grounds her wet crotch into my face. I went to town licking her pussy and clit just as much as I could. While we often give each other oral and enjoy a lazy 69 on our sides, it is rare for Sue to get on top of me in one. It was apparent this was not foreplay and that she wanted us to get off this way and we both did. Once we had our orgasms Sue quickly spun around and I could see a gleam in her eyes and sum of my cum on her lips. She quickly leaned in and kissed me. I was surprised but hey, go with the flow and tasted my cum on her lips and tongue. This was something not in our normal repertoire.

Once we were on our sides recovering and looking at each other I asked what got her so worked up. She smiled and said Gail had told her something that she had been thinking about all afternoon and it just had her extremely worked up. Gail was her closest friend since they started working together several years ago. Gail and her husband Tom were slightly younger at 49 and lived about a quarter mile away so we frequently saw them socially. They are fairly conservative like us, no drugs, just wine and beer. No wild parties, no risque clothing for the gals. Not prudes but not wild.

Apparently Gail told Sue sometime during the morning that she needed to talk to Sue and privately on a walk at lunchtime. Sue knew it was something important but once she heard it, it absolutely blew her away. On the first Tuesday night of the month (last night) Gail usually goes to a book club and Tom goes to a user group meeting for some software he uses. When Gail got to the book club she discovered the power was out at the library and the meeting cancelled. She is very petite and walked into the house quietly and heard music from down in the basement. Figuring her high school senior son Sean was down there and probably with some friends because of the music. She went down the stairs and just stuck her head around the corner to let him know she was home but was shocked by what she saw and didn't say a thing.

Her son Sean and three of his friends were all naked. Sean was standing while one friend was on his knees sucking away on Sean's cock. Another friend was sitting on the couch while the last friend was on his knees sucking him. Gail was shocked but kept her cool and didn't want to scare them and make a scene. She knew she should just leave but she was fascinated by how erotic it was and kept watching. Eventually Sean and the other boy being sucked had their orgasms and their friends swallowed it down. As the boys shuffled positions Sean and the other boy who got sucked off laughed and high-fived each other. Then they got on their knees and started sucking the other boys. Gail went into great detail how Sean's cock was very long and thin but the boy Sean was sucking was not as long but very thick. When the boy Sean was sucking had his orgasm he shot one huge spurt onto Sean's face before Sean could get it in his mouth and swallow the rest. At that point Gail snuck back up the stairs and out of the house.

She then just drove around until it was her normal time to be home. While driving home her head was just spinning. She was amazed how physically she was turned on and how erotic it was to watch. Was her son gay? She didn't think so because she saw him ogling girls and watching teen rom coms. He didn't really date and was kind of a science nerd but he never seemed to not like girls. Had this been going on long? Was it a first time? Would she be a grandmother? She couldn't believe there were four boys doing that in her basement playroom. When she got home Sean was there putting pizza boxes in the trash saying he had some friends over but they had just left. She couldn't really face him yet so she feigned a headache and went to her bedroom to wait for Tom.

Once Tom got home and came upstairs Gail told him to hurry to bed and that they needed to talk. She told him everything she saw, what she did, all of the emotions she was feeling and worries. Importantly, she saw Tom was now as hard as she was wet and some hot passionate sex ensued. At one point Gail asked Tom if it was normal for high school boys and Tom said it's not uncommon. Gail then asked if Tom had ever done that with his friends. Tom got a guilty look and quietly admitted with just one friend his senior year. Gail was shocked for a second time that evening and pushed for more information. Tom said it was just because teenage boys are horny and the release calmed them down like jacking off but felt a lot better than jacking off. Then she asked if he liked it and wanted to do it again? Tom said while he had fond memories and enjoyed it, he would never cheat on her. Tom's re-hardening cock was kind of a giveaway. Gail went down and started sucking on Tom's cock. She sucked on him a little then stopped and said it wouldn't be cheating if she knew about it. More sucking, then stopping and saying maybe she wanted to watch him suck a cock. At that Tom spurted some cum onto Gail's cheek before Gail got her mouth back on and swallowed the rest. Tom pulled her up, licked the cum off of her and kissed her passionately.

By now my cock was hard again and I got on top of Sue. Sue told me she and Gail never shared intimate details like this so obviously Gail was still worked up even at lunchtime. Sue said she understood since she had been worked up all afternoon and evening after hearing all of this. Sue said she couldn't believe how worked up she still was as I banged into her. Then she asked if I ever did something like that. I told her no, I had a high school girlfriend for relief. I also said in while not needing the relief, I wasn't put off by the thought but I never had a male friend that I was that close to. Then Sue asked the $64,000 question. would I be interested in sucking a cock if she was ok with it and the opportunity presented itself? That put me over and I pushed deep into her and had another orgasm. She got a devilish smile and said she took that as a yes but would I also swallow. I sat back on my knees still between her legs. I pushed her knees up and apart looking down at her freshly fucked pussy which was leaking some of my cum. We had never done the cream pie thing before so when I bent down and started to lick her I heard her gasp. As I licked I heard her moan and I could taste a new taste. I kept licking her pussy and swirling my tongue to get as much of our juices as possible. She was squirming and when I licked her clit she went off like a rocket. As she calmed down she pulled me up and started licking our combined juices that were thick on my face. We both expressed how that was one of the hottest sessions we had ever had and then drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I was rock hard again and went to roll onto Sue. She was just as horny and we went at it again hot and heavy. Sue laughed and said Gail had started yesterday with a round of sex after her and Tom's hot night.