Drunk... Check

Horny... Check

Girlfriend in my bed ready to fuck... that whore!

She was the reason the first two were checked off. When I came home from work early to surprise her with a romantic evening only to find her bent over the couch with my roommate balls deep pounding her from behind. Jokes on him my names not on the lease so have fun coming up with an extra thousand a month asshole.

Any way, thats why I'm stumbling into my parents house doing that drunk, thief in the night, stealth thing. You know the one where in your head you are a freaking ninja but in in reality you couldn't possibly make more noise if you tried. Your drunk ass thinks you are sneaky as fuck sticking to the shadows, throwing in the occasional barrel roll and you even have the mission impossible theme music going in your head cause you're that damn good.

Anyway drunk and horny I was making a bee line for my old room in my parents house. Being just out of college they hadn't had the opportunity to turn it into a home gym or kraft room whatever parents do to ensure their kids you're welcome to visit anytime but don't even think about moving back in.

I was trying to avoid the sleeping family hoping my old porn stash was still there so that I could at least get some relief. So still in stealth mode I open the door to my room not turning on the light making sure it wouldn't alert anyone else that I'm home. Stumbling in the dark I strip down nude ready for a good stroke. Like a horny cat I prowl into my bed (yes much like my overactive sex drive i have a very vivid and creative, if somewhat childish, imagination when I'm drunk) and imagine my surprise when sliding under my covers i find someone soft, warm and very scantily clothed in my bed... oh shit Kelsey must have a friend sleeping over.

My sister had started making free use of my room since I moved out so she must have a friend spending the night and offered her my room... a very soft and good smelling friend who I do believe I heard moan when I inadvertently (totally on purpose) ground my hard cock against her ass.

Lets just check maybe I was wrong... sliding my thick hard cock up and down the crease between her cheeks not only did she moan she was grinding back... and was that... yep she wiggled her ass, she wants it!

But wait you're drunk and horny, are you thinking straight... she just spread her thighs and humped back searching for my cock... who gives a shit? Grabbing my cock I run the head up and down her soaked exposed pussy lips... more moans... lets tease the bitch... tap tap tap that clit... she is practically in full on hump mode looking for my cock... oh oh there is her hand now... oh she is putting me inside her, okay no more guilt.

My head pressing firmly to her opening I drive forward sinking 7 inches deep into the warmest... wettest... tightest pussy I have ever felt. "OOOhhh Fuck!" "Oh shit!"... pause... pause...


I know that voice... pause...

pause... "Brian?"...

Oh fuck me sideways! The best pussy I have ever sunk my dick into belongs to my... my... sister!!

Dick, buddy, did you just swell at the thought of being in my sister? Hips did you just grind forward trying to bury yourself deeper? What the fuck guys not cool...

... Speaking of not cool gawd her pussy is hot as fuck, it feels so good...

Hey she hasn't exactly screamed in terror or tried to buck me off yet, what gives?


"shit big brother you are twice the size of my boyfriend, fuck that feels good... well... don't stop now fuck your slutty sister rotten"

You don't have to threaten me with a good time. So the mission impossible theme was replaced by a cheesy porno track as I smacked my sister hard on the ass causing her to purr and wiggle... gawd I love it when they wiggle. And I proceeded to pound my sister's tight little pussy as she threw the covers off getting a good look at the man behind the cock.

"That's it Brian take your sister's pussy fill it up with that big brother dick", damn Kelsey likes to talk dirty, I love it! This was all sensory over load and I was not going to last. I could feel the cum building in my balls and just the thought of shooting my load into my apparently cock crazed sister had me on the point of exploding. I felt Kelsey reach down between us her fingers a blur stroking he sensitive clit and then it happened... her pussy walls clamped down on my cock triggering my own orgasm and I shot rope after rope of cum deep inside of her.

Collapsing beside her on the bed I got my first good look on her face and I saw... nothing but bliss.

"Man I sure am glad you have no sense of direction when you are drunk... your room is on the right dumb ass... but you can crash in my bed anytime. So big brother... now that I'm awake can you go again or was that all you had."

My dick flexed and my smile widen, she knew I couldn't refuse a challenge like that.