The next few chapters describe the summoning of a demon and the destruction it reeks. Whilst this adds to the structure of the story, in no way is it an accurate account of summation. Scenes have been removed from this story to comply with Literotica Submissions but this story is still quite graphic. As with all things concerning dark powers, do not mess with them. If you are of a sensitive nature, then please do not read on.

Chapter Thirteen

"I invoke thee, the terrible and invisible Goddess, who dwells in the loins of all women, who lives to feed on the seed of men, who spurs on the children of your lustful couplings. Ioel! Kotha! Athorral-o." Michaelson had reverted to ancient Hebrew. The sweat began to form on his forehead, the strain of the conjuration taking its toll. He looked about him lasciviously, no doubt feeling that he was missing out on indulging his passion of taking young women against their will.

Cassandra had had enough of fucking Georgia, she withdrew her wet glistening phallus, and walked around to Callum, embracing him and turning him towards her, pulling his cock from Georgia's protesting mouth.

Callum felt the strangeness of having a woman crush her breasts against him, yet also feeling her warm and wet erection pressing against his thigh. Cassandra spoke into his open mouth. "Fuck me lover, split my cunt lips with that cock, fill my womb with your seed, make me cry out in pleasure." She turned her bum towards him, placing the tip of the dildo into Georgia's still open mouth. "Now you will take my cock into your mouth bitch, and suck upon your own juices. She pushed forwards, into Georgia's mouth and down her open throat.

The exquisite thrusting bum before him, with pouting wet, dribbling lips was an offer that Callum, despite what his cock wanted, he tried to resist. But even as he dithered, he felt a hand on his swollen cock, directing it into the wet folds and the girls standing either side of him, pulled him forwards until he felt the warm tight flesh of Cassandra's cunt accept him, drawing him in. Another acolyte had taken Cassandra's place behind Georgia, and was already filling Georgia's vagina with another phallus and slowly fucking her as the two dominant women, played with each other's breasts and kissed.

Michaelson's voice had reached a fever pitch, probably not helped by the young woman kneeling before him and sucking vigorously upon his small flaccid cock, slowly regenerating an erection. He had reverted back to English in his reedy voice. "Be ye accursed and damned if ye not show yourself to me this night, be ye eternally reproved. If ye not obey immediately the command of him who maketh the worlds to tremble." Michaelson pointed the dagger at Niall and he was brought forwards, in a daze, his cock still dribbling semen and vaginal juice, but now completely incapable of erection.

"Utterly make you to perish, destroy and banish you if you do not take of this offering, by these names of power, Aleph, Bethenal, Gimel, Daleth, Cheteth. By these sacred names I demand you oh cursed one, by the virtue of all this procreation, by the spilled come of your children it is time!"

About the room, all appeared lost in the depths of their own depravation. Orgasmic moans and groans were forthcoming from most of the couplings of naked bodies. Chrissy was convulsing in her second or third loud orgasm, as all of her holes were being fucked. Different girls having taken the place of the originals, one of whom now knelt before Chrissy's voluminous breasts and was suckling upon the ridged nipples. Even Georgia had succumbed to the pleasure she was receiving from the rubber cocks and was now pushing back against the thrusting phallus ramming into her vagina, as she moaning upon the dildo sliding easily in and out of her mouth and throat, her body trembling in orgasm as all the while, she looked at Callum.

Only Callum, and Michaelson appeared aware that the temperature was dropping. Callum could see the breaths of those fornicating about him, as they coalesced in the air. He knew that he must not come now. He must not allow his sperm to consummate what was happening here. His plan was a simple one, one that even Lilith herself would not be exempt from, by the laws of all the cosmos. He pulled from the heat of Cassandra's vagina, allowing his cock to run between her buttocks. She, thinking he was about to ejaculate, collapsed into her own orgasm, as her clitoris was continually teased by the press of Georgia's lips as she swallowed Cassandra's cock whole, on each inward thrust. But Callum was not about to come. With a will of iron, he calmed himself and knew his time to make a move was approaching.

Michaelson stepped heavily into two prominent triangles on the floor, the girl still stuck, limpet like, to his cock. He was tiring quickly now. He looked older than ever. His thin wrinkly skin and deep-set rheumy eyes adding to that visage. He Carried on. "By the virtue of these pentacles, and because you must be obedient and obey my commands...oh...oh girl, what have you done?" His feeble body jerked in spasm as he unloaded his sperm directly down the novice's throat, who eagerly drank it. "No," Michaelson moaned, both in pleasure and chagrin, "my seed. My seed was needed, the symbol of my erect phallus..."

Cassandra withdrew her saliva coated phallus from Georgia's throat and turned to face Callum. "Not yet come I see, my lovely. Was my cunt not as enticing a sweetness as Georgia's then? Do you now only wish to unload your balls in her vagina? What has changed since you last filled me with your come? I can see it is obvious from the doe-eyed look she gives you and the succulent wetness of her pussy, that she is fervent for your shaft to split her lips, isn't that so Georgia?"

Georgia looked at Callum and he could tell at once that Cassandra spoke the truth. "Georgia?" He spoke quietly, "Surely you would have said?"

Georgia was still panting from her recent orgasmic release, dribble coated her chin, from the deep-throating she had been forced into providing. Her body was still being rocked forwards by the athletic acolyte, ramming into her from behind. "Uh, Uh, Huh, Callum, oh...OH... Callum, you...just don't know...do...oh, oh, you? How...oh God! How someone, can be...so...perceptive...and yet...not see...OH! What is...right before their...eyes? God, oh God, Callum, if I must have...another degrading orgasm, before...all these people, and knowing that they have...induced it, at least...let me have...the pleasure...of being...oh, oh...taken, by someone, that...I want to have. With such...a...magnificent...erection...as he now...displays...before me...you abuse me Callum, you make me come and cry out in the delight of being entered...and fucked...by the...one..." She stopped, closing her eyes tightly in an extreme effort of will, holding herself at the edge of her orgasm, refusing to give in to it.

But the thought of being torn apart by Callum's thick throbbing erection, had taken its toll on her. Her eyes flew wide to stare upon his cock as it waggled and pulsed before her, almost within reach. She grasped the two dildos that had been fucking her hands and turned the tables on the two girls that they were attached to, inducing immediate orgasms in them both, just as she cried out in her own. Her body shuddering as her rape had turned to acceptance by her body, in that very act, and it made her feel ashamed. More so that Callum was bearing witness to it. Her eyes filled with tears and she hated herself in that brief instant.

Seeing her so distraught, Callum bent down and kissed her on the top of the head. "My darling Georgia." He put his hand under her chin to raise her head. She looked stupendous to him. Like a tortured angel. One that was trapped by demons and that he needed to set free. If there was a heaven on Earth, then he could see it would be in the embrace of this woman's arms and legs as her vagina accepted in his entire length. "My dear Georgia," he whispered again, getting her attention this time. "You must not come again. Not at this point of the summoning, you must hold firm. Do you understand?"

She nodded her head, but said, "Easier...said, than done...when I'm being fucked and before me stands the body of a God, with a...with a..."

"What? With a what? What do you mean?"

"Oh...you, you idiot. With you before me... And him." She nodded her head at Callum's bouncing cock.

He turned away immediately. "Sorry, now stay strong."

Cassandra had moved to within the circle before Michaelson. She immediately started to writhe and groan. Callum thought that she was bringing herself to another orgasm to appease Michaelson and allow the ritual to continue, in light of him ejaculating into the throat of the novice. But Callum quickly realised, this was not the case. And as Michaelson's words became more urgent, he suddenly realised, what he had known all along.

Callum heard Georgia moan loudly behind him and turned to find that the woman that had been fucking her, had extracted herself from the dildo and had pierced Georgia's anal sphincter with it. She was now kneeling between Georgia's opened thighs and was feasting upon what Callum thought, was probably a very succulent vagina, as she fucked Georgia's arse. One of the other acolytes, had also removed the bulbous end of the dildo, leaving it in Georgia's hand, and now placed her engorged and glistening clitoris onto Georgia's lips. The woman was crying out in pleasure, and Callum could hear the wet slurping sound as two pussies were being licked and sucked voraciously before him.

Callum could see that Georgia had completely succumbed to the lustful attentions of the women, and would not be able to resist another orgasm. He had to make his move, but was ashamed with himself for wanting to watch Georgia's torment a little longer than he should.

There was a hideous scream and renting, as if the world was being shattered, made worse within the confines of the room. It signalled the instantaneous cessation of all of the lustful goings on and all looked to the pentacle before Michaelson, centred on Cassandra. Most faces were showing disbelief, some were full of fear, some smiled in a rather gloating fashion. Some of the acolytes disentangled themselves from their lustful antics and stood with glistening phalluses waving in seeming homage to what was happening before them.

Cassandra's body was beginning to change. Her skin seemed to sag and discolour. Her hair began to drop to the floor about her in clumps. She appeared to be sobbing in agony. "No, this was not as agreeeeed!" She tore at her breasts and with a shrill cry, pulled away chunks of her flesh, one large clump had one of her nipples on it, still erect. She cried out in disgust, pain and anguish, dropping her breast to the floor, only to tear more at the gore that had been her perfectly formed chest. "What...!" She screeched again, "What the fuck is happening?" She put her hands to her hair and pulled out further clumps and sobbed as she looked upon it in her hands.

Tears streamed down her face and she turned to Michaelson, "You lying bastard, I will kill you!"

Michaelson merely leered at her, "We must all pay a price my dear." He continued to watch as Cassandra tore herself to pieces.

She turned to Callum, "Help...me! PLEASE, PLEASE!" Her blood curdling scream ended in a wail of agony.

Blood, began to drip from her vagina and join the pool about her on the floor, strangely staying within the 'binding' circle of the pentagram. The skin about her thighs, began to unpeel, taking the stockings with them to become a bloody visceral mess on the floor about her legs, what remained of them. The more she screamed and ran her hands over her body, the more flesh seemed to fall from her and fall to the floor. She sagged and collapsed into the pool of flesh, sobbing one last time, before being quiet and still. The skin of her back, sliding off, exposing the vertebrae of her backbone.

The fornication had stopped, some novices were being physically sick, as all watched the agony of the once beautiful Cassandra, as her life ended in a pulsing morass of blood tissue and sinew. Her demise a sickening carnal house of gore. No one deserved an ending like that.

Michaelson though continued in what sounded more like ranting now. His voice broken; his body too frail for an incantation this powerful. Only his eyes, now showed the evil within the man and the internal will needed to complete what he had started.

From around the room, of no fixed point, a peal of hideous, echoing, mocking laughter, drowned out Michaelson's words as he feebly pushed on. "...Feel and inhale the smell of sex, be grateful of the bodily fluids created for you, take your place before me and do my bidding now. Empower those that serve you, destroy those that stand in our way..."

From the quagmire of flesh upon the floor, there was a stirring. The exposed backbone appeared to be elongating with additional vertebrae being added just above the coccyx, one by one the spine grew into a bony tail of sorts, that twisted and turned like a viper. From the exposed shoulder blades, a growth started on either side, growing tall and thickening as it did so. The once beautiful face suddenly looked up, the eyes now a burning red. The dark, long hair had all but gone, but now ridged horns took its place, as they began to expand outwards about the face and more grew backwards, pointing straight up. The thing knelt up; the pool of flesh seemed to be absorbed into the body, filling out the fleshy bits. The thighs filled out and firmed up. Small horns and bony plates ran down the femur of each leg, breaking out of the skin.

It stood, and as it did so, so the breasts began to form. Firm large mounds, the nipples pointed, looking almost sharp in their erection. The structures from her shoulder unfurled into leathery wings, spreading like some terrible bat, the fingers supporting the translucent skin between, were purple-green, bone like and were long and tipped with a horn-type fingernail. The tail had now taken on full form, and the tip ended very much like the pincers of a scorpion, snapping about the 'things' back. Glossy waves of red hair, tumbled about the shoulders of the emerging creature and fell about her breasts. The skin was a strange colour of rotting, putrid flesh. Still covered in Cassandra's blood as if she were a new-born, covered in her mother's womb. Her arms had small horns along the ulna, and a larger one on the elbow.

With all but a few drops of blood remaining on the cold, stone floor. The demon, for that was what stood before them now, was fully formed in all her frightening magnificence.

And then it spoke, first in Hebrew, but quickly reverting to Olde English. "Mortal. Am I not beautiful in thine eyes?" The voice was nothing if not mocking, licentious, lustful. "Do mine breasts not entice your earthly phallus to stand in worship? See my nipples ache for your touch. My things yearn to enfold about you. Are you ready to worship at my temple of Venus? But what is this! Where is my sustenance, where the offering? Show me old man. Show me thy Earthly phallus, feed my hunger with your seed. I demand the payment as it is written, or else all will pay that are here."

Michaelson held the cup before him, in fearful, shaking hands and motioned with his head, for Niall to be brought closer. "What is this? Cold, spent semen? No...NO!" With a wave of her arms, the chalice was thrown from Michaelson's hands, the contents flecking two acolytes as they stood frozen in mid penetration. The blast tore the hooded cloak from the old man and he stood before the demon in all of his feebleness. The girl at his feet, and the reason for his flaccid cock, skittered away, fearful that she would be punished.