We were only supposed to be practising different knot techniques. I never knew it would devolve into what it did. Not that I regret anything.

It started with him showing me a quick way to make hand cuffs. Two loops then you pull it through. I had a bit of difficultly making the loops at first but I got the hang of it in the end. It was all clinical in the beginning; mostly talking about different knots and weaknesses and strengths in the ways were were tied. I admit that yes we were doing something that could be used in foreplay, but for now we were just practising. He showed me an easy way to bind my hands, I improved on the knot by preventing it from being untied by his mouth. He couldn't pull apart when I tied his hands, and I couldn't even attempt to when he tied mine.

I didn't expect him to pull my arms up over my head, but I maintained my composure dispite the adrenaline rush. He wrapped the rope crisscross under my breasts, pushing them together. Then he tied it tightly and sat down on the chair. He gazed up at me steadily with one silent demand, "Get yourself out."

He just wanted to see if the tie would hold, there was nothing sexual about it, probably. The smouldering look in his eyes was surely just my imagination. I struggled a moment, he raised his eyebrows at me then proceeded to ignore me. That was the moment my heartbeat accelerated, but outwardly I kept my cool demeanour. I could do this. I struggled more and a rope slipped past my shoulder blade. Unfortunately, the rest was easy to escape from.

"Again?" I presented the red rope out to him once more. Were still just practicing. Absolutely nothing else going on. Even if that feeling of helplessness was one I found myself craving again, its not as though either of us would go too far. Right?

We tried many different techniques. Every time I thought I was properly trapped I got wetter and wetter. But I was able to get out everytime. We even had me with my hands high over my head tied to my bedpost. I thought that finally I was completely helpless, but it was easy to escape after climbing the side and letting the string loose. I cursed my ingenuity, but if I just pretended to be trapped it wouldn't be the same, and we both knew it. After multiple failures we decided to try it with me sitting on a chair instead.

With my feet strapped so I couldn't get my balance and extra tight bindings we had it! There was absolutely no way I could escape. I continued to struggle but anything that worked would require me to dislocate something. I looked up at him with a smile as he stood over me, so pleased we had finally achieved our goal. He returned my smile with a smirk of his own. He sat down on the other chair across from me and pulled out his phone. I struggled a little more but we both knew it was useless.

As he continued sitting there playing on his phone my smile vanished. I was starting to get scared. He was going to let me out eventually right?

The fear came out in my voice as I whimpered, "Please? I really can't get out this time."

He looked up with that familiar smirk. Then he placed his foot on the side of the chair and pushed. I couldn't help but let out a squeal at the sensation of falling backwards. I was afraid of heights even if rationally I knew I wouldn't be hurt. He dropped me back down roughly and stood up once more. Was he finally going to free me? As he walked around to the back of the chair my elation was short lived. He pushed back the chair again roughly and I could feel my head brush against his crotch as I clenched and squealed again in terror. I felt his hard cock twitch from witnessing my reactions. I couldn't deny I was throbbing in return.

When I got used to the sensation of falling my yelps became fainter and fainter. This wasn't satisfying enough for him, so he proceeded to lift up my shirt and wrapped it around my head to cover my eyes. My breasts were covered by a front clasp bra that I knew he'd exploit and he did. It popped off with a satisfying twang and my nipples were now exposed to the cold air.

He was so hot. I felt so exposed and completely at his mercy I couldn't help but let out groan of desire. While I hadn't ever expected it to get this far, and a small part of my mind was screaming to get myself out, I loved this feeling too much to resist it.

When his fingers started tweaking and pinching my nipples my breathing grew even more ragged. The loss of sight amplified the sensations I felt. He straddled my legs and riddled my neck with hickeys and breathy kisses. I could feel the heat from his body and the press of his cock against my bare stomach.

Suddenly the warmth was gone and I felt like I was tipping forward with only my bonds stopping my face from smashing into the ground. He had tilted my chair back so suddenly I made the loudest screech I had yet. That earned a chuckle out of him.

He untied the rope binding my hands to the chair and pushed me onto my hands and knees on the floor. I was still hand cuffed and my legs were still bound, and the blindfold that was my t-shirt prevented me from seeing him sit down in the chair my legs were still tied to.

"You have thirty seconds to get out. Well... really it only 25 because on the last five counts I will be swatting your ass like the slut you are." The erotic tone in his voice sent another pulse of throbbing straight into my cunt.

The man was a classic sadist, and I loved it. I hurriedly removed the blindfold from my eyes (it became the classiest scarf).

There were still ropes around the handcuffs in the middle I had to get off. I got onto my knees in order to use my hands and mouth to remove them.

I had just removed the first rope from around the joining when a sharp pain on my back forced me back onto the ground with a loud thud. I turned my head to look at him and saw the biggest grin on his face. He had taken a pencil and poked it right into the center of my back, interrupting my untiring of my hands. I glared at him for his meddling.

"15 seconds," was his only reply.

I got back up onto my knees again and tried to focus. Another poke came and I arched my back to avoid it until I was forced back onto the ground. This was not going to be easy. But I was determined to win as much as he was determined to prevent it.


More kneeling, and I hadn't even attempted to untie the knot before he pulled my yoga pants down to the floor.


My ass was exposed in only my pink thong, distracting me even more when I imagined what he could do to it.


I managed to finally get the knot loose! My hands were almost free! The elation that spread through me pushed me to quicken my pace. But I think he could see how close I was and he didn't want to let his prize go.


He pushed hard with his feet on my back, slamming my hands to the ground once more. He crossed his feet across my ass, I could feel his smug smile and probing eyes as my body was even more revealed to him. I wasn't even going to be able to attempt anything else.

"6... Punishment time!" He said gleefully. He removed his feet and leaned forward, I could feel his breath roll across my back which sent goosebumps across my skin. As much as I didn't want to I couldn't stop the anticipation from welling up inside me. I knew it would hurt but it would feel so good...

"5." The sting on my left cheek made me squeal worse than any tilting in my chair had done. Tingles raced up and down my body with the adrenaline and my breathing was labored. But there was no way I would want to stop this now.

"4." If I thought I could handle this one any better than the first spank I was wrong. The fresh cheek he now swatted had the same red marks as the first, accompanied by an even higher squeal from yours truly. I tried to steady my breathing but the pain and pleasure all mixed up in my body caused me to lose control.

"3." The raw pain I had already felt in my left cheek was amplified when he smacked it again. As much as it hurt I couldn't help my cunt throbbing in pleasure at the sensations. My breathing was rough and jagged in between swats; I had no control over the sensations I was feeling and I loved it.

"2." I whimpered after another squeal escaped me. This hurt so much but couldn't stop it. I didn't want to stop it. I turned to him with tears in my eyes and saw his devilish smirk. This was far better for him than the thin squeals I had made before. He motioned for me to turn my head back and once I had done that he poked the pencil down so my back was arched almost painfully. The pencil caused even more pain and I sucked in through my teeth at it. I was like a piano expelling a symphony of squeals and he was the pianist. Or more accurately painist.

"And... 1." This one was harder than all the rest, eliciting an actual scream this time followed by my moans. My ass felt completely raw and my whole body was on fire with adrenaline.

As I was panting there on the floor he rubbed his hand down my back and across my sensitive cheeks. I felt his fingers travel under my body and my breathing hitched. He placed a finger onto my wet folds and started rubbing back and forth. My sensitized body couldn't hold back the moans and groans from the pleasure that gave me.

He continued in that steady pace until I was literally writhing under his steady gaze. I bucked and moaned trying to get some kind of release but but that slow and steady pace kept me right on the edge.

"Please... oh please... I need more please... I need your cock please..." I was so needy and horny and I wanted him inside me. I wanted his to pump it up and down as I slammed back into him. My imagination was running wild at the thought of his hard dick.

"Be careful what you wish for my dear." His hand slapped down again eliciting another squeal and then moan from me. He reached down and quickly undid the knots I had failed to untie. My hands were finally free, but I was too absorbed in his will to do anything other than what he wanted.

As I gazed up at him in adoration he motioned for me to get up to my knees once more. He stood squarely in front of me and slowly up unbuckled his pants and slid them down to the floor. His cock looked painfully hard as it sprang free. My eyes could help but follow every vein back and forth along the shaft.

"You will take this cock as deep as you can and if you obey well enough you may get a reward."

My eyes lit up with eagerness, I would do anything to please him. I grabbed his tight ass with my hands and started licking around his cock before sucking down on it. He ran his hands through my hair and grab a chunk of it. The feeling of him pulling and pushing on my head had me overflowing with juices. They started to trickle down my thigh as I moaned over his cock. I pushed myself to plunge him deeper into my throat and he wasted no time to thrust himself into me. I almost gagged a couple of times but that sensation was easily squashed.

"Enough." He ordered. I came off of him with a satisfying pop and gazed up at him again. His hand that had been nestled in my hair reached down to caress my cheek and I nuzzled into him. "You've been a very good girl," he said. I couldn't help but smile at the praise. "I suppose you deserve some reward..."

I would have jumped for joy had I been completely untied. I actually tried to when he finally untied my feet but he kept a firm hold on my shoulder and kept me to the floor. I looked up at him in confusion. When he started tying my wrists again behind my back I felt more tingles shoot through me. My reward wouldn't be satisfying if it wasn't met with some pain as well.

I was nearly drunk with anticipation as he forced me onto my feet and pressed my head down onto the bed. He had me spread my legs wide and I arched my back to give him the best access.

I made the lewdest moan with the feeling of his cock against my clit. He was just teasing though; I growled and pushed onto him to make him give me my release.

"Oh no you horny slut, you do not control this. I do." He yanked on the bonds holding my wrists together and slapped me lightly on my ass. I whimpered at the pain. Couldn't he see I just needed him so badly?

"Will you behave now, slut?" I nodded vigorously. He slapped my ass again and I whimpered once more. "I said, 'will you behave now?"

"Yes!" I screamed out, I didn't want another smack.


"Ahh!" I screamed again in pain. I hadn't said the right thing. What was I supposed to say?

"Will you behave?" I could feel his hand hovering in the air and the previous sting on my cheeks. I knew I couldn't just be silent, no response was worse than a wrong one.

"Yes I will behave!" Another smack across my ass showed me that this was again not the right answer. "I'm sorry!" I yelped, hoping for some mercy. My cheeks were pink and sore; although my pussy was only getting wetter.

"Will. You. Behave?" He asked slowly and clearly once more.

I was desperate to not get another slap, I didn't know if I could handle it. "Yes sir?" I asked in the meekest voice I could manage.

I hoped this was the right answer, and when I felt his hand gently caress my cheeks instead of hitting them I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you sir" I sighed in relief.

"Good girl... you will behave now." His hand trailed goosebumps up and down my back. I arched further in tingling pleasure. This was perfect, exactly what I wanted. Anything he did in that moment I wanted, anything he gave me I wanted. I had no will of my own, only his will. His pleasure gave me pleasure; I would do anything to give him pleasure.

That was the moment he decided I finally deserved his cock. He wasted no time in thrusting it inside me. I let out a gasp and then a moan as I felt it's thickness plunge deep inside me. This time I was allowed to writhe under him and push him further into my core. The sound of his skin smacking against my own was so exciting to me. He kept running his hands up and down my back as we fucked. Then he started digging his nails in and I moaned louder than I had before. That mix of pain and pleasure washed through me again and all I could feel were sensations. All other thoughts had drifted somewhere far away, there was only his cock and his nails.

As he fucked me he scratched me and gave me even more slaps against my raw ass cheek if he felt I was holding back my moans until I became a highly charged soaking mess. I had never had this proper kind of fucking before and I loved every minute of it.

"Please cum for me Master! Please cum!" I begged, any more of this and I felt I would black out with the sensations. He thrust even deeper and harder inside me causing me to gasp. I had thought there wasn't any deeper he could go. I could feel him getting closer and my breathing hitched at the thought of finally giving him the ultimate pleasure.

He pulled out and let it gush all over my back. I was ecstatic I had given him so much pleasure, but I knew that I still needed my own release.

"You HAVE been a very good girl, I suppose," I heard him chuckle behind me.

I felt him undo the binding around my wrists. Then all of a sudden he flipped me over so I was now laying on my stomach. He grabbed my arms again and tied them once more. Then he kneaded the ropes through the rings above my head and forced my arms above me. I gasped as he ripped my thighs apart exposing my aching pussy. With my arms tied above me I had no way of controlling the situation, only he held the key to my pleasure.

He had his devilish smile on his face once more as he lowered his head closer to my pussy. I thrust my hips and squirmed, aching for him. My body felt like it was on fire with the adrenaline coursing through me.

His lick was gentle at first, but the more I moaned the harder it became. He used his fingers as well, sticking first one, then two, then three deep inside me. I was so close, the sensations he gave me made me cry out in ecstasy. He continously gripped my thigh hard, bringing out bruises that I knew I'd find the next day.

My orgasm felt like a river of pleasure cascading over my body. The lewdest moan spilled out from my mouth. He continued licking until all of my juices had been wiped clean. As I attempted to get my breath back I looked down at him and saw his smirk once more. He knew that I was completely his in this moment.

I couldn't wait to try this out again.