The following story took place during the early 1980s at a not-to-be-named university in upstate New York. It is part fiction and part real, but I'll leave it up to the reader to determine which is which. Please note that all characters were over 18 years of age at the time that this transpired.

When I was in college I had a good friend, Maurice, who came from Boston but whose family was originally from Montreal. He was a crazy guy and we often said that he would screw anything that walked. Anyway towards the end of our junior year he began dating a terrific looking girl named Ramona. When I say terrific looking I mean pretty face, great body, and absolutely an amazing pair of boobs.

It was a couple of weeks before the fraternity initiation formal, a very upscale event that followed the initiation when the pledges actually became brothers. A couple of us were on the event committee and talking one day.

"Ramoner is really looking forward to the inish," said Maurice.

Not hearing him exactly right, I could have sworn that he said "The moaner" and said who are you bringing?"

"You know, Ramoner," he repeated.

Anyway, that was the start of it because from that day forward the guys referred to Maurice's girlfriend as "the moaner." At first it sort of pissed him off, but once he realized that it was all in good fun and that the rest of us were not about to change our ways, he accepted the nickname.

It was about the time of the inish formal that we learned that Maurice had not yet gotten into Ramona's pants, but we all more or less knew that that was about to change. Inish formals are really classy events . . . well, for the most part. The guys are dressed in tuxedoes and the women go all out with sexy dresses, new hair styles, and the latest makeup. In some respects it's a bit like a more grownup version of your senior prom in that there is also legitimate alcohol.

There were four of us brothers who hung out together: Maurice, Monster, Tush (really, that's what we called him), and me. Just for the record my frat name was "Sights" because as a civil engineering student I was always out in the field doing surveys with a transit. My date, Alice, was the president of our sister sorority. She and I had had several dates, liked one another and was a sort of an on again/off again basis. We had fixed up Monster with Alice's roommate, Felicia; Tush brought his current girlfriend, Kate. When I say that the women went all out, I was not making small talk. Kate had a long red dress with a slit that went way up the side; Felicia, wore the proverbial little black dress that was provocatively short; and my date, Alice, had a long teal dress with a plunging neckline. I have to admit that I have always been a boob man and could keep my eyes off her chest, but especially because this dress was intended to be worn without a bra. Finally, we get to Ramona, who wore a strapless black dress. Her ample boobs were even more accentuated by a strapless bullet bra that gave those puppies points that I still think were reminiscent of an early 1950s Buick front end except that they weren't chromed.

At the formal we had a couple of speeches by the frat president, a second from the faculty advisor, and a keynote speech by a guy from the fraternity's central office. Then we sat down to a buffet dinner which was followed by dancing with music furnished by a decent band. The locale was the ballroom at the conference center on campus which made it convenient for the drinkers in the crowd who could just walk about a quarter mile back to the frat house rather than drive while intoxicated.

The conference center also had a very nice bistro but it was closed that evening because of the private party. The bistro had several tables and comfortable chairs, but also six high back banquettes along the back wall. The lights were out and Alice thought it would be a great place for us to find some private space. Each couple could have their own banquette and it was a place for us to engage in our amorous activities.

While I cannot attest to the success that Tush and Monster were having at the outset, it wasn't long before I had my hands on Alice's boobs given that access was eased by the lack of a bra. We were kissing and I was getting a great feel that was making me think that I could advance to lower parts of her anatomy when there came a distinct moan from one of the other banquettes. Judging from the direction that it was coming from, it had to be Maurice and Ramona. They were in the next section to ours and the acoustics were nearly perfect.

Alice and I stopped what we were doing in mid-action as we listened to the amorous goings-on. They apparently had no idea that we could hear them so well, but being in the midst of our own romantic activity made certain that we were totally quiet. . . well, let's just say sufficiently quiet to not give ourselves away even if Alice did let out with a couple of whisper-like "Mmm's". But I'm getting ahead of myself because Maurice and Ramona had become a bit like listening to a risqué story over the radio.

Alice and I could hear the faint sounds of kissing and at first assumed it was on the lips, but we were proved wrong when we heard Ramona say, "Just pull the dress and the bra down."

That was followed by more of the same sound but then Ramona added more moans and the visions of Maurice sucking on her nipples became very real in our minds' eyes.

"Oh, I love that."

"Your nipples are really hard."

"Don't stop with my boobs. Please keep going," we could hear her beg.

There was then a period of quiet, but that was punctuated by Maurice exclaiming, "You're wearing a garter belt! We've got to get that off before I can deal with your panties."

Alice and I both just about choked on that comment, but did all that we could to muffle the giggles. Now all the while, I was continuing to finger her and she was getting increasingly more wet by the minute.

Then came the response that we were not expecting from Ramona, "It's no problem, silly, my panties are crotchless!" That was too much information and I made a choking noise that I think everyone in the bistro could have heard, but there did not seem to be any reaction from Maurice and Ramona.

I leaned close to Alice's ear and said, "Now only if your panties were crotchless. Being a nice girl I assume that you don't even own any."

Alice stuck out her tongue and the comment also earned me a nasty look that I could discern even in the low light of the darkened bistro.

In the meantime, our friend Maurice had to have been making fast moves on Ramona because soon there were more of those "Mmmm" sounds.

"I wonder what they're doing now?" asked Alice as I continued to enjoy fingering her. She had to have liked it, too, because soon she had taken down my zipper and had her hand inside my pants in search of my manhood.

"I don't know, but it sounds like they are probably enjoying themselves," I replied and then added with a little laugh. "I know that I just enjoy being an audio voyeur."

But then very unexpectedly a male voice that was definitely Maurice's called out, "Hey, does anyone happen to have a spare rubber on them?"

"He has to be kidding!" exclaimed Alice. "He didn't come prepared?" Seconds later three guys and three women went into hysterics and not a minute later three condoms were thrown in the direction of the banquette where Maurice and Ramona were frolicking.

"Now, that is funny!" I said still bent over from laughing so hard. I was not alone as there were other guffaws emanating from my friends in other parts of the bistro. But then things quieted down and I thought that I could hear the faint sound of someone tearing open a condom package.

"What's happening?" asked Alice.

"I think someone is about to get laid," I said.

At that Alice hugged me around the neck and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. "It could have been us if you hadn't given away that rubber."

"Who said I gave away my only one?" I offered in reply that got me a huge smile and another wet kiss.

As Alice and I were having things get more steamy, we did hear a little more dialogue from next door, namely Ramona urging Maurice to hurry up. Apparently, he was taking her advice because the next sound was her saying "ugh" followed by what we thought was Maurice sighing followed with a very audible "ahhh."

"I'm getting hornier by the minute just listening to those two," said Alice removing my organ from my pants. Neither of us were surprised at how erect it was. Alice hiked up her dress, pulled off her pantyhose, and slid off her bikinis. I don't know about Monster and Tush, but I do know of two couples who were about to get laid this evening. I'd no sooner rolled the rubber down over my organ when Maurice and Ramona got noisy again.

There was a faint squishing sound that could only have been one thing—Maurice moving in and out of Ramona's very wet pussy. Then came Ramona's moaning: "Ohhh" that was followed by a "yes, yes!"

There was an old saying among guys about women who "moan for the bone and scream for the cream." It fit Ramona to a "T", too.

The dialogue was driving Alice crazy and in response she pushed me down so I was lying on my back the length of the banquette with my rubber sheathed organ standing straight up. Without further ado she assumed the top position and lowered her now wet pussy down on my organ. "Gosh, but she is always such a comfortable fuck," I thought as I penetrated her. While the rubber was one of the lubricated types, she was so wet that it didn't make any difference.

As we were getting it on, Ramona said aloud without the least amount of reservation, "You're cumming and it feels great. Yes! Yes! Oh, more. Please!"

Not surprisingly Maurice and Ramona got both a round of applause and some catcalls from the other three couples, Alice and me included.

In the midst of all this commotion, Alice was now thrusting my organ in and out and I could feel a huge orgasm building. Then I couldn't hold it in any longer and let go with a load of cum that satisfied her desires. "Oh, Wes, that's great! Mmmm! I want more." Apparently, the dialogue from Maurice and Ramona was enough for Alice to set aside her inhibitions and not care one iota about who heard us. Now we became the recipients of the applause and catcalls.

"Now look at what you've done!" I said to Alice.

Clearly she did not care and called out, "We just made second place, so are you guys getting laid tonight or just sitting around talking? Last couple to cum has to buy the next round of drinks!"

"Can I claim an exemption?" asked Tush. "Kate is on the rag."

"I'm sure Kate is about ready to kill Tush about now for saying that, but I'm not sure that any of us care either," said Alice.

That means that your roomie, Felicia, and Monster will be the last to cum and have to buy a round of drinks."

"I don't want to tell tales, but I think Felicia will be happy just to get laid," explained Alice. "She's a great roommate, but just never passes up a chance to have sex."

Some 20 minutes later everyone had their clothes back on, well at least most of their clothes as Alice had her pantyhose and bikinis stuffed into her purse. We all headed to the bar where Monster and Felicia had to buy a round of drinks for the group.

The bartender took our orders and minutes later was back with the drinks. I raised my glass and toasted the fraternity, but then Alice toasted Felicia and Monster who were paying for the drinks. So long we were into toasting, Ramona toasted Kate and wished her a cramp-free period while I decided that this whole crazy and humorous evening was probably owed to Ramona.

"To Ramona the Moaner," I said holding my drink up and then draining my glass.

"Hear, hear!" chorused the reply. Ramona's face turned crimson, but you know what? The nickname stuck!