We were extreme on our last session and it exhausted us to the core, after which we slept holding each other in arms. We slept around 3 pm and she woke me up, it was 11 pm. She told me that had already ordered dinner for us and It'll be coming anytime soon. My eyes weren't opened properly.

I just heard her voice all this time when I finally stood up from the bed. She was making her hair in front of a mirror. I noticed she was wearing my shirt that covered her body all the way till her thighs. I walked towards her and hugged her from behind.

She smelled good. I kissed her neck and earlobe and asked her what is all this for. She said, "I came here to enjoy my time with you, not the delivery guy, do you expect me to take our order while I'm nude." We laughed and she told me to freshen up. I left her and was walking towards the washroom.

The bell rang and so did my brain. Harshita walked to open the door. I asked her to wait and rushed to wear my pant and then signaled her to open the door. She was giving him the money. I walked towards the door and grabbed her from behind, the delivery guy was looking at us and counting the money.

I left her and whispered in her ear to turn around. She instantly turned and held me tight. I put my left hand around her. Till this time the guy what looking at what's going on. I lifted Harshita's shirt from behind exposing her nakedness to him. Her bruised ass was in front of a stranger.

She had buried her face in my chest and I could feel her heartbeat rising. The delivery guy was awestruck. I broke the silence by telling him to keep the change. He smiled and said, "Enjoy, sir" and left. I walked back still having her in my arms and closed the door.

She finally left me and started hitting me on my chest with her hands. She did that until she was normal. She shouted, "You Moron!" and then walked towards the bed and kept the parcel. I walked towards her and I could sense she was a bit angry. So I left her like that and went for a shower.

When I came out she was normal and had already taken out our dinner. She had removed the only piece of clothing she had. It was almost midnight. We sat down and started having our dinner. It was quiet until we finished eating. We kept things aside and I sat on the corner of the bed.

She came and sat next to me. She kept her head on my shoulder and in a very low voice she said, "The more I think about what you did in front of that guy the more it makes me wet." I looked at her eyes for a brief moment. I knew our lust was back again. I pulled her above me and started kissing her.

I started biting her lips and she was biting mine. In between those lip lock, I flipped her and now she was under me. We kept kissing and biting lips for a while. I broke the kiss and whispered, "Time to turn things around for you." She looked at me in my eyes as if she's excited about what's to come.

I kissed her for a moment and started moving down. I kissed her neck and gave her a love bite. Then one more on the other side. I went down and started licking and kissing the upper side of her right boob. I gave her a love bite there. I did the same on the left side, then I bit her underboobs one by one both side.

Finally, I took her right nipple in my mouth and gave it a small bite. She let out a sweet moan. Again I took the same nipple and bit hard. She moaned harder. This time I didn't do anything on the left side which made her feel different. I moved further down to her navel, kissed it.

Then I moved down to her juicy pussy. But I started kissing her inner thighs both left and right sides. When finally when she was expecting my tongue on her pussy, I started coming up and kissed her lips. Now in a dominant voice, I said, "Get ready to cry."

Her eyes met mine and I could sense that she was scared yet excited to know what will happen to her. I stood up and picked up the ropes, her pantie and also took out some extra rope from my bag. I tied her hands above her head and then tied it to bed. It was so I can flip her anytime I want.

I put that pantie in her mouth. I asked her whether she wants to see wants in my bag and she nodded. I opened my bag and started taking out all of its content one by one. I could see her reaction.

The content I took out are, three 7 inches candles that were 2 inches wide and had pointed top (I thought of using them as dildo); two 4 inches candles that were equally wide (to pour wax on her body); ropes ( I took out most of it by now), Baby Oil (lubrication), Tiger Balm (To heat things up), leather belt and flat plastic spatula (for one obvious reason),a big tape, some antibiotic soaps and creams, a bottle of wine.

And lastly, a pair of clothes for Harshita to wear the next day. I showed all this to her and kept back the antibiotics and clothes in a bag and tossed it aside. I looked at the clock and it was almost 1 am. I took the tape and taped her mouth which already had her pantie in it.

I asked her where should I start, front or back? She was just looking at me. I said I have decided it's gonna be back first. So I flipped her and commanded her to keep her ass up. I looked at her and her ass was already little bruised. But I only had one thing in mind, that I'm here for this last day.

I wont be able to do anything to this girl for at least a few months. Plus I want to bring out her beast and moreover, I want to make sure she can't walk properly for almost a week. She kept her ass up. Before doing anything I dug my face between her ass and licked her asshole.

Then I licked her ass cheeks. I took the flat spatula and hit her ass, one hard hit on her ass and then carried on the same process for some time. I took all the time between those hits. Sometimes I hit her leg part just below her ass. I was impressed by Harshita that she was maintaining her position.

So I started hitting her feet really fast, and she was moving here and there. I know she can't see me. So I took the belt and started hitting her ass, slow hard strokes. After almost punishing her ass for an hour, I flipped her. She couldn't keep her ass directly on the bed.

She was lifting her ass and moving here n there to avoid contact. I spread her legs and tied them to the corner of bed so I had a nice view of destroying her pussy. I took the spatula and hit her right inner thigh and then left. I continued it for a few more time and then stopped.

"Babe, you deserve one orgasm on this clean pussy for being so good till now." I started licking her pussy and fingered her at the same time. She didn't have orgasm after our last session. I didn't do anything when I was giving her love bites.

So it was just minutes that she was shaking and hit her orgasm. I licked it clean and told her, "Babe, you should have held it for a bit longer because after this every orgasm that you have will shake your world."