Angie had finally signed her "Nudity Clause" right before our 2:00 nude yoga class. She was so excited that she stripped off her clothes in the elevator on the way down from signing the paperwork. When I went to be refitted for my butt plug, I discovered that part of my 'welcome aboard package' was really being pushed by the corporate lawyer. During the refitting, I had sex with the lawyer as a way to make sure I kept my job. I needed to talk to somebody, but with one class finishing up and the 3:00 class coming in, I had told Angie that we would talk after this next class.

Angie walked out into the gym between nude yoga classes to exercise her 'Nudity Clause'. "I want to see what you have been feeling today," she admitted. "I wasn't sure when my paperwork would be finalized, so I haven't said anything. The lawyers were researching whether my being a full-time nudist was going to affect me still keeping my physical therapy job. It turns out that offering a 'clothing optional therapist' was a big selling point! The company just needed to make sure it didn't sound like we were a massage parlor prostitution ring, or something seedy."

"That's so great," I said! "I'm so excited for both of us. I was worried this morning that over the weekend Ashley had ruined my life and cost me a job. Now, I have a great job with benefits AND a benefits package! Plus, I get to strut around naked and now I get to look at your naked form all day long. I'd say that's quite a turnaround in one day, wouldn't you?"

"I'll say it is," Angie exclaimed! "Plus, Ashley told me that she interviewed Jamie, the woman in the nude yoga class that you brought to the laser hair removal class this morning. Because of the classes filling up so fast, they're probably going to hire her and offer her a "Nudity Clause", as well. I know from yoga class this morning, she has a killer body, and she seemed to be pretty advanced in it. Plus, wasn't she in your nude swim class this morning? Maybe she can take on one of those nude classes. No telling what's going to happen next."

Both Jamie and Angie working here naked could be a blessing, or could be trouble...for me. I couldn't use my butt plug as an excuse for a continuous hard on watching those two naked beauties walking around!

As Angie and I walked back into the 3:00 class, Ashley walked in with us to give the new group their "welcome aboard" talk, giving both of us an approving look. "I'm so glad we were able to get the lawyers to clear you both for your 'Nudity Clause'! There is so much we want to do with our nude stable. Soon, I won't know where to look," she admitted. "Eye candy everywhere!"

'Nude stable', was an odd way to put it...I'd have to keep that in mind. With a lawyer and two dominatrix women wanting you to be naked in public and available, I guess there are worse 'friends' to have in high places. I wondered how far and how completely 'public' they wanted our nudity to go, but as long as my exhibitionist tendencies were being fed and I wasn't going to be arrested for it, I was willing to go least for right now.

The class was already present and naked. Ashley welcomed the 5 men and 5 women to our beginners' nude yoga class, reminding each of them to sign their waivers and to definitely tell their friends. She then turned the class over to us, winking at me as she left.

This class was different than the earlier classes. They were older and more 'normal' looking people, but all at least willing to try a nude class. No one to excite my dick into embarrassing me with this group! All the men appeared to manscape, but none were shaved. No hard bodies in the group, with most borderline overweight. The women were similarly ordinary, not meaning to be cruel. Sagging tits and trimmed, not shaved bushes, hiding stretched out and older pussies. I found out later the company did offer an age preference box on the registration. As Angie took them thru their warm up and stretches, I followed along. I turned my mat so I was flashing Angie as often as I could. She would smile and wink when she could in appreciation. Since this was a beginner's class, Angie spent a lot of her time going from mat to mat, helping with positioning and encouragement. All the men seemed to appreciate the view and her hand's on approach. The women, not so much. I didn't even see any of the women glance at me. Looking up from their mats at such a beautiful form gave everyone a crotch level view of her. I guessed that the women resented being reminded what time had taken from them.

The class went smoothly, if uneventful. When Angie dismissed the class, only a few of the men stopped and talked to either one of us. None of the women did. I hoped that attitude would change as the class went on. I found that I missed having eye candy to watch, but I missed being eye candy even more. At the same time, I did realize that as time went on, my thrill of being naked around others and where I wasn't supposed to be, would fade and it would just become my new 'normal'. Joey and Ashley already realized that and kept pushing our boundaries. They already did that early on when they required us to drive to and from the pool in the mornings without any clothes. Soon they had us having sex in the parking lot.

I was wondering what might be the next boundary to cross when Angie startled me back from my daydream by grabbing my dick. "Hey, big fellow. Everybody is gone. What are you thinking about that could get your pole standing at attention so quickly? I hope it isn't for anybody in this last class! I thought your standards were higher than that. We only have a few minutes to clean all the mats and stow everything away."

"Oh, crap, I'm sorry," I stammered! "I was just thinking what our bosses are going to throw at us next. They have sure challenged our comfort levels lately, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh, I'm sure Ashley will think of something," she admitted as we knelt down and started spraying disinfectant on the mats. "Being able to work at my job naked is easy now. I've been a 'sub' for Ashley and for Joey for almost a year. They graduated me from showing myself in dressing rooms, to walking nude in the park, to hiking in the nude. I must admit, though, swimming nude with you was definitely something I'm glad they progressed me to doing. Now that I have you, and probably Jamie, here with me, I'm sure we'll be branched out in all sorts of fun! The thought must excite you, or you wouldn't have got a boner thinking about it."

"OK. Guilty on that last part," I confessed. "It's just that I've already gone farther today than I ever thought I could, or would." I then proceeded to give her a quick rundown on my interaction with the lawyer and what he was requiring me to 'wear'.

"Oh," she interrupted. "I've got one up my ass, now, too. Joey or Ashley have had me stick all kinds of devices and vibrators and plugs in me over the last year. I had a vibrating egg shoved up my cunt or my ass several times that we were swimming in the mornings! It just seems part of their way of reminding you who has the power over you...and it feels really good, once you get used to it. Why do you think I was so horny some of these past mornings? Are you packing now?"

"Yes, but I needed a different size. That's what I went back upstairs for before this class."

"Oh," Angie said. "They did the same thing to me the first time. I thought my pussy wouldn't close all the way with the one they started me out on. But after a few weeks, I was back up to that size, anyway. Same with my ass. So, has Mr. Garrett fucked you, yet?"

"Yes, why do you ask," I asked, sheepishly?

"He helped with my 'refits', too. He is the mastermind of all of this," she exclaimed. "It was his research that found out how to make our being naked at work legal. The gym has had naked employees before us, but nothing quite to the extent that he has pushed the boundaries of the law for you and me! Plus, with this being a relatively small town, I was told that he has worked an understanding with the local law enforcement to interpret the law how he sees it. Actually, I think the gym offers a discount or even free memberships to the police and sheriff departments. I know I've seen several of them working out in here in the past. I've done therapy on several of them. I imagine, you and I have been noticed walking around here in our current state of dress today and Mike has already cleared our legal standing to be nude with both departments."

"Do you think that will include walking out of here naked, never to wear closes again," I blurted out?

"That's what I'm hoping for. As it was explained to me, the state law part about nothing lewd should cover us, if we're brave enough to push it," Angie answered. "Us fucking in the parking lot definitely is outside the law, but I think our "Nudity Clause" declaration stating our religious belief includes nudity was the key change that Mike discovered you and I had to sign. Remember, Mr. Garrett has been working and talking to me more than he has with you, but law is kind of over my head, for the most part. I just know being a full-time nudist is like a dream come true for me! How about you?"

"Oh, yeah," I replied. "Definitely! I just can't believe I fell into this opportunity. I'm still wondering what comes next."

Almost on cue, Ashley and Joey walked into the yoga classroom. "I just talked to the snack bar attendant," Ashley stated flatly.

Oh crap, I thought. She told Ashley what Margaret did to me and I'm fired.

Ashely continued, "she asked me about naked employees and how she was supposed to ask for an ID if they used the smart watch as payment, like you did for lunch...or even know if you are an employee or a pervert. Since we probably will be adding Jamie to the fold pretty soon, that will make three of you without any identification on you, parading around exercising your right to be naked. Joey and I came up with a simple solution. The Olympic swimmers all seem to get a small tattoo of the Olympic rings on their pubic bone, right at the swimsuit line. And since all of the clothed employees here wear shirts with the gym logo, we have decided that we will require that you get a small tattoo of the gym logo, so you are always recognizable as an employee while you are on the premises. After work this afternoon, I've made appointments for you at the tattoo shop downtown. How does that sound?"

"Well, we were just talking about what y'all might have in store for us, now that we are legally nude. I assume we are expected to drive there naked and go in as we are," I stated flatly. "No sense going to the tattoo shop in a more remote part of town, is there?"

"Well, of course you both will go there naked! You didn't really expect to ever get to wear clothes again as long as you work here, did you" Ashley asked? "Plus, Donna, the owner of the downtown tattoo parlor, is a friend of mine and she already knows about you guys. She already has the clip art of the logo and the information for the bar code."

"I expected to be naked on the job, but I wasn't sure how far our "Nudity Clause" covered me off site," I responded. "Will we get arrested?"

"You won't do the gym any good if you get arrested. Of course, I'm going to push you both out of your comfort zone. It wouldn't be as much fun any other way, now would it? The lawyer assures me that this is a good test of his working with the local authorities. There is a small chance that the police might be called by someone. We'll just have to see how they respond. We have to test that theory sooner or later. It might as well be sooner, big boy. Besides, I see by your growing boner that you relish the challenge."

Damn...busted again by an erection. "OK, you got me," I admitted. "I knew my naked life would eventually expand outside of these four walls. I am excited by trying our luck in town to see if this life is going to be accepted, but I'm not excited about the police getting called or getting a tattoo! How big and where are we talking about?"

Angie chimed in. "I was wondering the same thing about a tattoo. Not too big, I hope."

"Actually, it won't be too big. About half the size of the logo on your shirts, so about the size of a half dollar, right over your left hip bone. Right under it will be a bar code with your ID information. Locating your mark there, if you do eventually leave here, a Speedo or bikini will cover most of it...that is if you ever wear a swimsuit again!"

"I hope I never have to wear swimsuit or clothes again," I responded. "Hey, you said something about Jamie. What's her status?"

"Well, we interviewed her while you guys were in the laser hair removal demonstration," Joey interjected. "I guess we'll have to include her in the next rotation to get her as smooth as you two. Her body is gorgeous! She was so anxious to start that she stripped off her clothes for me even before I offered her the job! She said that with you two nudists already breaking the barrier, her "getting comfortable" wouldn't raise any eyebrows anyway! She was already naked before she went upstairs to sign her paperwork. She's going to be an excellent submissive hire for us to mold! I assume she's going to get tattooed this afternoon, as well!"

"It's after 4:00," Ashley declared. "You guys go up to HR and wait on Jamie to get her paperwork done and fitted for her device and then head to the tattoo shop together. She should be done soon. Your appointments are at 5:00."