Chapter Two-Antiquities

He was standing by the door, dressed in almost the same outfit that was equally as revealing. A white tank top, short, tiny jogging shorts that clung to his cock and balls like Saran Wrap, and short white socks and sneakers.

"I also have to wear the same outfit as you Macy, when we work in there. When you see the collection you will understand. There are documents in there that are literally thousands of years old and any fiber contamination can destroy them without me even realizing it."

"I don't mind, it fits you well," I said checking out his beautiful package.

I was a flirt sometimes and confident in my sexuality which was extraordinarily high and I wasn't above going after what I wanted when I wanted it. It turned me on being a flirt and more than a bit slutty once I was comfortable.

"Follow me, Macy," he said walking ahead with a lithe, panther-like gait that showed his beautiful ass to me as he walked away down the hall. His legs were chiseled and toned, like a runner's, long and lean and his ass was like a Greek Statue, firm and round. He had a soft layer of dirty blond hair on his legs and a powerful V shape to his back and firm defined shoulders and arms. He was incredible. Man, it was going to be hard to control myself around him. I could already visualize myself down on my knees, slipping those shorts aside and swallowing every beautiful inch into my willing mouth.

We got to the antiquities room and he explained how it worked. We had to step into an anti-chamber that was vacuum sealed. Once the door shut, a light wind blew through that disinfected our skin and clothing again. Then the door to the antiquities room opened and we took a case from the anti-chamber that contained what we needed to clean. George explained that it would need cleaning once every two weeks but it would take hours and the other three days would be spent on the house, as he wanted me there twice a week. I nodded and he explained that today, he would do the cleaning and then have me assist him and finally do a few things on my own. We would do this together until he felt I could do it on my own.

The space we were working in was very cramped and the humidity was very high. It didn't take long before I was sweating. George was a good teacher and he really took his time explaining everything and showing me how to clean these priceless artifacts. Some were extremely old and from all corners of the world which was equally fascinating and intimidating knowing that l was working with items worth millions of dollars. He never brought that fact up he just taught me their story and that made me appreciate the value even more. A couple of times we bumped up against each other and I felt his lithe and sexy body against mine. It wasn't awkward at all as we just smiled and kept working. We finished about five hours later and I was exhausted and needed a shower badly. George asked me if wanted to go swimming. I was so hot that I didn't hesitate. "I'd love to but I don't have a bathing suit."

"Well if it's okay with you, your outfit is great for swimming in. The material is amazing and will dry quickly, so you'll feel comfortable I think."

"Sounds good to me, let's do it."

"I'll get some towels and we can go through the back."

His pool, like the rest of the house, was incredible it was surrounded by tropical plants with lounge chairs all around. There was a waterfall at one large concrete end, big enough to swim under a diving board, a waterfall, and a huge slide. It was amazing. You could swim right into the hot tub through a tunnel from the pool. George took off his tank top and dove right in.

I look off mine and followed him The water felt amazing and the outfit was very comfortable to swim, in we sat on the loungers after having a nice drink, together.

"I don't want to suggest anything that would make you uncomfortable Macy, but if you take your shorts and shirt off, they'll dry quickly and you won't have to sit in wet clothes."

"If it's okay with you, I wouldn't mind," I said smiling at him. Gosh, he was beautiful.

"I don't mind at all. Macy, I want you to feel comfortable and enjoy the comforts of my home. I've worked hard to build this place and I like sharing it."

I slipped out of the tiny boy shorts, that felt like rare silk and hung them on the fence to dry beside my tank top. Oddly I wasn't that conscious at all, even though I was wearing nothing but a black bra, that was so tight, my tits were bulging. It was a funny feeling. It felt incredibly comfortable and yet it was tight, like a corset in the effect it had on my 36 D's. I loved my tits and really enjoyed the feeling of them bulging out, firm and tight in this beautiful bra. My cunt was swathed in the delicious material of the thong that seemed to caress my sweet lips every time I moved. It was so sensual. Cleaning around George all day and watching him move with such assuredness and confident masculinity had me so horny and worked up. We both dove in and laughing splashed around and played in the soothing waters. He was a lot of fun to be around and I was very comfortable, swimming with him, in my bra and thong. I didn't feel anything but aroused. We got out and he handed me a nice big towel, staring at my tits as he wrapped it around my shoulders.

I laid down on the chaise lounge and thought about how wonderful it was to work somewhere where I was appreciated and very well paid.

George brought me a drink and laid down in the chair beside me.

"What's this?"

"It's a rum punch, very refreshing. You've certainly earned it today. It's not an easy job remembering everything, but mostly it's just going slow and being meticulous. I think you're going to excel at this. Cheers Macy!"

He smiled and I toasted him while glancing down at the growing bulge in his tight white shorts, which were very revealing. The material was almost translucent dry, and wet left very little to the imagination. His cock and balls were visible and very beautiful, thick long and smooth, and round. I wanted my mouth on his shaft, bobbing up and down, till he came in my mouth.

I looked up and saw that he was watching my clear arousal and smiling at me.

"I want you to feel at home here Macy, so relax and enjoy yourself okay."

"I feel that way already. Thank you. I was just thinking about how nice it was to have a job where I'm treated well and paid well. It hasn't been easy for me. I'm not complaining. Struggle defines you."

"That's true. You're wise Macy and beautiful if you don't mind me saying so."

"I don't mind at all. So are you."

He reached over and put his drink down and said,

"It's hot out here, let me get you some sunblock."

He walked over to a cabinet full of towels and accessories for the pool and returned with a bottle of sunscreen.

"May I?" He asked with a shy smile. I was immediately aroused thinking of those wonderful hands rubbing lotion all over me.

"Please do," I said.

He opened the bottle and squeezed a healthy dollop on his hand, placing the bottle aside. He walked around to the front of the chaise lounge and kneeling down, began applying it to my feet and calves. I had strong, shapely calves and long delicate toes. He worked the lotion all over my feet and rubbed it into my calves and the top of my thighs.

"That feels so nice, thank you. My legs are a bit sore from today."

"You're welcome. Show me where it hurts and I'll give you a nice massage."

"Right here I replied", sliding my hands inside my thighs and up my hips.

He smiled and applying more lotion, began rubbing up and down my strong thighs, massaging my legs from my knees to my hips. It was heavenly. My pussy was so wet, I felt sure it was visible even through the black thong. He pressed firmly on my inner thighs and gently pushed my legs apart. I complied and spread them wide, inviting his hands into my hot thighs and steaming cunt.

He looked into my eyes and said, "I want you to know I never intended this to happen, but I am incredibly attracted to you."

"Don't stop George. I'm enjoying your touch and hadn't planned on this happening either, but it feels really good."

I could feel my eyes glazing over like they did when I was really turned on. I put my hands on his and pulled them forward right onto my soaking wet pussy.

"Uh that feels so good, touch me there."

He stroked my soft lips with his thumbs while palming my mound and aching clit. I arched into his hand and opened my lips, anticipating his sexy mouth on mine. He caressed my lips with his, gently parting them with his silky tongue, he wrapped it around mine in a lover's embrace.

I lay back and willed his hand into my throbbing aching cunt. He palmed my pussy and pressed down on my pubic bone with the heel of his hand putting a mild amount of pressure as his fingers curled and gently stroked my soft sweet lips

Through the amazing material of the thong, it felt as if he were touching my skin. The sensation was heavenly and my slutty hips responded by pushing up into his hand daring him to push harder which he did. He took my breast in his other hand, striking and squeezing at the same time. He built into a rhythm alternating and syncing his stroking and pulsing and pushing against my pussy and my tits. It was wonderful. He leaned into me, rubbing his cock and balls against my leg, as he kissed me gently on the lips. I was lost in ecstasy feeling his amazing body against me and his smooth yet firm love-making that was making my head swirl and my body burn with desire.

I spread my legs even wider and began to release to the inner slut that was inside of me, humping his hand and pushing my tits into his warm, strong hand. He parted my thong to the side and slipped a finger into my soft, wet cunt. Like a cobra's dance, his strong supple fingers had slipped inside my thong, fingering my horny, wet pussy. I was in ecstasy when I mouthed into his ear,

"Make love to me, right now!"

I pushed hard against his long finger as it slowly caressed and probed my sweet hole. He curled up and against my G Spot and I shuddered, feeling the heel of his hand hard against my clit and pubic bone moving it slightly with force as his finger curled into my cunt stroking my G Spot.

He squeezed harder on my breast and ripped the bra down moving in to suck hard on my swollen nipple, biting and sucking.

I was panting and moaning like a bitch in heat as I leaned back my head and yelled cumming into his hand, feeling my pussy juices flow down over his finger and into his hand. I collapsed back into the chaise lounge, flush and warm from that amazing orgasm. He pulled back and looked deeply into my eyes, right into my heart and soul and I locked eyes with him willing him into me, to slide that beautiful cock inside my sweet cunt and ride me like a wild beast.

He slid my thong off and moved gracefully up towards me, his hard cock nudging against my wet cunt. I pushed down into him as he moved into me, his cock, sliding beautifully, slowly into me. I grasped him tightly around the waist and pulled him into me in a lover's embrace. His cock was so hard and thick, it filled me completely. He pumped in and out slowly and sweetly as he kissed my lips tenderly, sucking on my tongue and holding my head with love and passion. He kept fucking me slowly and sweetly sliding his beautiful cock in and out of my sweet pussy. I was burning up for him and wanted more and more. I knew I was insatiable and I was so happy he liked to fuck as much as me.

"Fuck me harder than you've ever fucked anyone before. I'm wild for your cock."

I was moaning and gasping in rhythm with his powerful thrusts. He pushed my legs back up over his shoulders and fucked me like a wild animal. I dug my nails into his back and moaned in his ear. He hammered in and out of me fast and hard and came shaking like a wild man as he pumped his thick load deep into my hot cunt.

He collapsed on top of me, soaked in sweat and our sweet juices, all over each other's cock and cunt.

"You love being fucked don't you Macy. I can tell. I could tell when I met you. Those eyes of yours have fire and lust in them. You are the hottest woman I've ever met. I can feel your heat a mile away, like an inferno. I'm going to fuck you all night, what do you think of that,"

He said grinding hard against my wet cunt.

"Yes fuck me all night, any way you want. Own my pussy."

He flipped me onto my stomach and pulled my hips back, sliding his cock inside me, he clenched my hips and started ramming me like a wild bull, grabbing my hair and pulling me back driving that cock deep into my cunt, while rubbing my wet pussy lips and swollen clit. I was wild with lust. He pumped into me harder and faster,

Lifting my hips with each thrust pushing deep inside me.

With one powerful thrust, he came again, soaking my cunt with his sweet cum.

He rubbed my clit and lips furiously as I came right after him, practically convulsing underneath him. He pulled slowly out and turning me around, pushed me back against the chaise lounges, so I was sitting back at a slight angle. He got up and straddled the chair, sliding his wet cock into my hungry mouth. I tasted my cum and his, mixed together in a delicious aromatic cocktail. I slurped and licked his cock from the head down the shaft, licking around his balls and back again, like a thirsty little whore. He pulled out and rubbed his cock head seductively across my lips.

"Let's go inside Macy, I have so much to show you," he said smiling that devilish grin.