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All Characters depicted are fictional and over the age of 18. Any similarities of characters or events are coincidence.

Mallory opens her front door and walks into the kitchen, placing her purse on the counter. "Logan! Jamie! I'm home!" She announces to her children. When neither respond, she walks into Jamie's room to see him on the bed crying to himself. "Oh honey what happened? Was it another bad day at school today?" She asks and sits next to him on the bed, running her fingers through his hair. "No, Logan's friends assaulted me." Her youngest son says, turning around to show several bruises on his face. "Logan said if I told you or dad, he would break my computer." He explains, wet trails of dried tears on his cheek. "Oh for fuck sakes," Mallory starts and shakes her head then looks down at her poor boy. "Where are they? I'm going to make sure this never happens again." Her face filled with anger. Jamie looks horrified that his mother would confront them even after he told her they threatened to do worse if he told anybody. "No mom, wait please!" Mallory wasn't listening anymore, she was on the phone with Logan, demanding where he is. Quickly she gets up and heads for the door. "Please mom no! Don't do it!" Jamie practically screams as his mother slams the door behind her as she walks towards the basement. "Dude he really told your mom?" Mario laughs before taking a hit of the blunt and passing it to Rashawn. "No, I was on the phone with your bitch ass girlfriend, no shit dude. You heard the conversation." Logan says leaning on the couch, waiting for the weed to take its effect. "I'm gonna beat his ass." ----------------------------- Rashawn sat there, hitting the blunt and coughs. "This is some good shit. Your mom has good taste dude." He says before looking towards the stairs when he hears the door opening and then footsteps. "Dude we're fucked." Mallory rushes downstairs and glares at the three boys, hands on her hips. "What the fuck did you guys do to Jamie." All three boys now watched Mallory before Mario burst into laughter once more. "Okay bitch, first of all don't come to us with this attitude. You're not our mother." He motions to Rashawn and himself. "Second of all, the lil bitch deserved it." He admits. Mallory steps towards the smaller Mexican boy, daggers in her eyes as Logan sinks into the couch, nowhere to go from his angry mother. Before he could talk to her, Rashawn stood up and between Mario and Mallory, placing a hand on her chest. "What he means to say is that Jamie couldn't mind his own business. Yea we got into your stash of pot and he wanted to snitch on us, he threatened to call the cops." He explains looking down at the enraged mother and holds up the joint in his other hand. "Look, we're sorry we got into your stash but we didn't want him to call the cops on Logan. He's our best friend." Mallory looks at the tall dark man in front of her, his hand on her chest. She swipes the joint away from him and looks into his dark eyes now. "Well why did you assault him then?" She asks before looking towards Logan, who was terrified of her at the moment. "Well he had the phone in his hand and we really needed to get our point across. Mario only hit him a few times to show this was serious business." Rashawn explains and watches Mallory take a hit of the blunt. "Logan can get major time for possession and use." He takes her hand and sighs. "Yea, you think it's fair for you to smoke and Logan gets time for it? Think of it as a spanking for a naughty child." Mario says and eyes the beautiful mother up and down. "Yeah, but Jamie is eighteen, he's too old for that treatment." She tries to protest to the two men, now blushing as Rashawn guides her to the couch by hand. "You three are older and could get assault charges." "Yea so?" Rashawn says and sits next to her on the edge. "Look at Logan, he just wanted to smoke pot with us and now we're talking about charges. We saved him from jail time and you from having to see him behind glass." Mallory looks down and takes another hit from the blunt before passing what little left to Logan. "I guess that's true, Jamie can use a little tough love since his dad is always drunk." She looks at the dark man and blushes. "How do you know so much? You don't have kids?" Mario and Logan watch as the heat in the room grows, as well as their buzz. "Well my mother is a crack whore and my father left when I was young. So I had to take care of my little sister when I was just a kid." He lies through his teeth, as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey. He places a hand on her thigh and sighs. "I'm just thankful to have met Logan and Mario who help me get through these tough times." "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear. I know it's rough to have your childhood stolen from you." She says and hugs the boy close, her perfume intoxicating his nostrils. "You must have missed out on so much." She says feeling herself give in to the cannabis. "Well I couldn't really have a girlfriend or anything, no dances no time really. All my time was devoted to my sister." He explains and reaches around her to hold her close. Logan shakes his head as Mario grins and lights a cigarette. "A boy like you shouldn't have lost the wonders of love." Mallory says and lays her hands on his chest, looking up into his eyes. "No no nope nu uh! This isn't happening." Logan stands up and looks at the two on the couch. "This is my mom and you guys are my friends. Fuck no this isn't going to happen." He glares at them, a small pain in his heart. Mario stands up and grabs Logan's shoulder. "Dude don't be jealous that you're not the one about to fuck this sexy ass bitch. I know you and Jamie always think about it. You even told us yourself." He says standing up to the white boy. "Wait what?" Mallory looks up at the two, allowing Rashawn to slip a hand up her shirt and grab a handful of her tits. "Yea he told us how badly he wants to fuck you. Don't be mad though. It's just a fantasy all boys have." Rashawn chuckles as he slips off her blouse leaving her chest bare for the boys in the room now. Logan blushes when he sees his mom's breasts fall before them all, and watches her hand unzip his pants to let out his mammoth black cock fall out. "Well I don't want to kink shame, so uhhh I guess it's fine." Mallory says as she grabs the dark slab of meat and strokes it lovingly. "Plus I think i need to reward you boys for helping out." She lowers her head down and runs her tongue across Rashawn's cock slowly, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Mario grins and slides down his jeans, showing off his thick muscle, not as long as Rashawn's but a little thicker. He walks over and as if on queue she reaches out to stroke it. "Fuck you two are big." She smiles at them before looking behind Mario at Logan standing there, clearly jealous and heart broken. Her eyes dazzling as she motions him with her finger. "You too. It's pointless to let you just watch." She beckons before leaning down to take Rashawn's cock into her mouth, slowly moving up and down on his meat pole. Rashawn watches the mother suck his cock, reaching down to stroke her hair. "You know your son has a foot fetish?" He whispers down to her. Logan blushes and glares at Rashawn now, but watches his mother pull off his friend's cock to look at him. "With or without socks?" She asks as she turns over to her back, hooking her thumbs into her jeans and underwear, sliding them down then tossing them on the floor. "With..." Logan says meekly looking at his naked mother, wearing her white ankle socks. Mallory reaches up to stroke both boys beside her, leaning up to take Mario's fat mexicock into her mouth now. Her son blushes and walks to the edge, grabbing her ankles and grinding the soft socks against his smaller cock, letting out a soft moan. Mallory leans her head back and glides her toes across her son's cock, moaning around Mario's meat. Mario grabs her hair, thrusting into her throat causing her to gag. When she pulls off she spits on Rashawn's cock and strokes the mixture in. "Okay, so I'm incredibly fertile so you boys need condoms." She tells them and sits up, leaving one foot out to massage her boy's shaft with her foot. "Uhhh Mallory we don't have condoms." Rashawn says and scratches the back of his head. Logan smiles big and runs upstairs. "You're so dead." Logan tells Jamie when he passes by his room. He rushes into his room and grabs a brown bag from under his bed with the label "Dreamy Desires: Where Dreams meet Kink" and rushes back downstairs. ----------------------------- Mallory is sitting between the two boys, her face in Rashawn's, their lips locked, her hands stroking both of their cocks. "Why did you just vanish dude?" Mario asks, fingers deep in the mother's drenched pussy. "I had a bag of condoms in my room." Logan says with a big grin and tosses each one of the boys a condom. Rashawn catches his and pulls away from her lips. "Dude these may fit you, but they're too small for us." He says and throws it on the floor. Mallory looks at her son and smiles. "Where did you get them anyway? I don't see you bringing any girls home." She asks then looks longing at the other two boys. "Well I go to this porn shop and I can pay the girls there for sex. Every purchase comes with a bag." He says sliding his condom on and then handing the bag to Mario. Logan spreads his mom's legs wide and climbs between her, kissing her lips as she guides his cock into her love tunnel. "Oh shit, you're not that bad." She says moaning, wrapping her legs around him. "Mmmmm let mommy fuck you then I'll let the boys spitroast me." She moans as she grabs the couch behind her, letting her son fuck her pussy like crazy. Rashawn and Mario finally find condoms big enough and watch as their friend plows his mother. Logan groans, holding his mother's curvy hips as he thrusts his cock into her, trying to hold in an orgasm. "Oh God mom, I'm getting close." He squeaks when he feels her rub her socks against his thighs. Logan couldn't help it anymore when Mallory takes one of her breasts and lifts it to her son's mouth to suckle, cuming instantly inside the condom. After sliding out of mommy, she takes his cock in her hand and slips the condom off and slides her lips around the sticky meat and slowly drags them off, tasting her son's spunk. "Mmmmmm so delicious" she says after he suddenly cums again and swallows it. Mallory turns to the other boys and smiles. "Okay let's do this." She encourages both Rashawn and Mario. They look to each other and grin as they approach. Rashawn takes Mallory's hand and guides her on top of him to kiss her deeply. Their lips locked once again as he guides his cock inside of her, causing her to give an audible moan at its length. Mario not wanting to miss a beat walks behind the new loving couple and grabs her hips, sliding his fat cock into her ass. Mallory pulls away from Rashawn's lips to protest, but Rashawn pulls her back. Both boys grinding their cocks, rocking the woman in unison while Logan goes back upstairs. Mallory cries out in bliss as the two boys take her. "Fuck fuck fuck this is amazing." She cries out as her muscles milk their cocks, wanting to be filled. She can't help but climax, squirting over Rashawn's groin. She lays there having orgasm after orgasm letting them have their way until she feels their cocks throbbed. "Yes yes cum in me please." She begs and looks into Rashawn's eyes. Mario reaches and grabs her hair, pulling her head back as he cums, the look on her face triggers Rashawn, both cumming inside the latex cum catchers. Mallory gets up and takes their condoms off, licking and sucking their cocks clean before taking the condoms and sucking the cum out of all three. "Mmmmm i hope to see you boys later." She wink and walks upstairs to her bedroom to shower. ----------------------------- Jamie wakes up late and tries to slip past his brother's room, afraid of anything he might do since yesterday, and creeps to his mother's room. He pushes open his mom's door silently and walks in. "Uhhh mom? How did it go?" He asks before seeing Logan laying back on the bed, their mother naked, jerking his cock with one of her socks and mouthful of dick. "I think it went well bitch boy." Logan says and grins, stroking Mallory's hair as she devours his cock. "We talked last night and as punishment for being a snitch, she's only going to be fucking me. Now take a seat and watch or get the fuck out." He demands, as his mother slaps his thigh. "Don't be too mean." She says pulling up and nuzzling into Logan and looking back. "It's true though honey, so take a seat or leave please. I want to make him cum before school."