Paul and Amanda had met in an online chat room. They'd messaged and chatted for a while, then had text and phone sex before finally meeting and fucking on the first date.

Since then they'd met numerous times, a couple of times they'd gone for a drink but pretty much it was just sex and they were both fine with that.

The sex had been very good but quite vanilla, some use of sex toys and spanking but they'd not yet explored beyond that, though they had discussed it.

Amanda had not seen much porn and, although a frequent masturbator, had never used it for pleasure. Paul was the opposite and, during a discussion on the topic, they'd agreed to watch some and see how it felt.

They'd arranged to meet on a Tuesday, to go for a couple of drinks then back to hers. This suited them both. He'd drive to hers, drive them to the pub then back to hers for sex. They usually fucked at least twice then he'd drive home. Sometimes he do her when he first arrived before going to the pub, both of them enjoying the fact that her pussy was still freshly fucked as they sat drinking. Tonight he'd brought along a porn DVD and was looking forward to watching it as they fucked.

He arrived at hers and was surprised to find she was not alone, a woman, probably younger than he and Amanda, sat in the lounge, looking a bit unhappy.

'That's my mate Julie' shouted Amanda from the kitchen.

'Hiya' he said.

'Hi' she responded. She was relatively attractive, though she looked a bit unhappy at the moment. She was slimmer than Amanda, though her tits looked bigger. Her legs were on display in the shortish black skirt that she wore and they weren't bad either.

'I've heard a lot about you' she said with a knowing smile.

Paul laughed. He knew Amanda was the sort to tell her mates all the intimate details of their relationship, if it could be called that, and imagined she'd told Julie about the size of his dick, which Amanda was obsessed with it seemed. He didn't mind at all.

'Julie's coming out for a beer with us, she's pissed off' shouted Amanda from the kitchen.

Julie started telling Paul some long winded tale about a married man she'd been seeing who she hadn't heard from for a month. Paul didn't really care but made the right noises in response. As long as she didn't stop him getting his end away he didn't care.

They went for a beer, it was obvious that the girls had been on the wine earlier, they were tipsy within an hour. They shared some tales of their exploits, they were clearly close. Various tales of men they'd been involved with were shared, becoming ruder with each story. One especially caught his attention, when they'd both been stood up on a double date on holiday and had 'helped each other out' in their room afterwards. He was intrigued by this and pushed for info, they admitted to sharing a vibrator but claimed nothing more. Paul didn't believe that and made a mental note to talk to Amanda about it later.

After a couple more gins Julie told a story about watching porn with an ex, and Amanda mentioned that she'd never seen one. Julie scoffed at this and Paul mentioned that he'd brought a DVD over. Julie held his gaze.

Shortly after they set off, Paul asked if they were dropping Julie off, and he was surprisingly pleased when they agreed she'd come back to Amanda's. He was still sure he'd get to bone Amanda but he was starting to fancy Julie. Her tits were cracking and her skirt was riding up nicely. He felt his cock stirring.

Back at the house the girls got gins and Paul took the plunge and put the porn Dvd on. They did the usual laughing and joking at the start but as the first scene developed they grew quiet. They were watching an attractive 'step-mom' suck the cock of her step daughter's boyfriend before feeding the huge organ into the girlfriend's shaven pussy, giving the clit a lick for good measure.

Paul's hard cock was uncomfortable in his trousers. He shifted position slightly and was conscious of his hard on clearly showing through. He decided he didn't mind and was convinced he saw Julie stealing glances at it.

'You'll have someone's eye out with that,' said Julie, laughing.

Amanda replied 'I told you it was a monster.'

Paul laughed, pleased. He put his hand on Amanda's inner thigh and she parted her legs slightly. Paul briefly moved his hand to her crotch, pushing his fingers against her and commented that he could feel his fingers burning. They laughed and he took his hand away.

The scene came to a close as the boyfriend came all over both of the women's faces. They cheered each spurt, laughing.

Julie got up to go to the loo, and as she left the room Paul kissed Amanda and felt her tits, while she rubbed his cock through his trousers.

'Give it a quick suck' he said, pulling his cock out of his pants.

Amanda pretended to resist but they both knew she loved sucking him. She enveloped his cock in her mouth, tongue going crazy on it.

'Suck it you sexy fucker' he said and she did, moaning with her own horniness.

She pulled her mouth off, 'Put it away before she comes back' she said, but as she was giving it one last kiss Julie walked in.

'I knew you'd be on it you dirty cow' she said as Paul quickly struggled to put his meat away.

They carried on watching the film, and Julie commented 'I knew you'd have that dick in your mouth while I was peeing'.

Amanda laughed, 'do you blame me?'

There was a brief silence then Julie said 'Do it again if you want I'm a big girl and I ain't gonna look...for too long' she laughed.

Paul couldn't believe his luck, and undid his pants again, and then sat on the sofa with Amanda on her knees blowing him and Julie sat next to him. He knew she was watching Amanda more than the screen, and loved it.

'If you're going to be a dirty sod Amanda then so am I' said Julie and hitched up her skirt, sliding her hand into her knickers. 'I'm horny as fuck here'.

Julie's legs were wide open and Paul could hear the wet sounds of her pussy as well as the wet sounds of Amanda's mouth on his cock. Julie's free hand moved up in her tshirt to play with her tits and Paul decided to chance his arm and moved one of his hand to her tits as well. Amanda looked up from cock and for a moment looked at him, as he felt her friends tits as she sucked him. She leant back, and he removed his hand from Julie's tit, thinking he'd gone too far. Then she told him he was a dirty bastard and started sucking him again.

Julie wasn't bothering to pretend to watch the film anymore, and talked about watching Amanda suck that big cock. For her part Amanda was doing her best to suck like a porn star, and Paul had his hands on her head.

Julie was breathing heavily and said 'Can I watch you two fuck?' and Paul replied with a nod immediately.

They moved around so that Amanda was leaning on the sofa, next to Julie, her mouth near her tits, and Paul started to fuck her doggy. From this position he could clearly see how wet Julie was and said to Amanda 'I'm going to finger your mate now' and Amanda moaned with pleasure. Julie opened her legs wider and as he fucked Amanda he slid two fingers into Julie's wet pussy.

'Put your tits in her face' he told Amanda and she complied, Julie immediately started to kiss and lick and bite on her nipples. Paul knew how sensitive those nipples were and guessed Amanda would be loving it. He was right.

'Oh fuck yeah keep sucking them you dirty girl' Amanda told Julie and Paul felt her pussy clench, a sure sign of impending orgasm.

'You like his cock don't you, you want to sit on it don't you' Amanda continued. Paul saw Julie's hand move and felt her start to strum on Amanda's clit, sending her moaning into an orgasm that nearly milked the cum out of him. As the pulsing in her pussy subsided, Paul moved to the side and between Julie's thighs, his cock pointing at her open gash. She lifted her legs ready to welcome him and he rammed it straight up her, loving the look on her face. Her tits were fully out now and they were a fine pair. As Amanda came back to Earth he told her to return the favour on Julie's tits and she did. Julie liked to play and as he fucked her, she moved her hand to her clit. Rubbing hard, her orgasm was long and loud and it was the filthy talk from Amanda that sent him over the edge:

'You dirty bitch coming on my fella's cock you wanted it all along didn't you?'

'You want to have him fuck you doggy don't you?'

'I'm going to suck your juice off his cock'.

Paul pulled out and stood up, wanking. 'Put your faces together' he said and they complied, just as a huge spurt of thick spunk shot from his cock and landed on Julie's face, the second one was Amanda's and he stood, shuddering, as spurt after spurt of cum hit them.

They collapsed in a heap, spent. Normally Paul fucked Amanda and then, after a break, did her again, often up her arse the second time. Tonight though that wasn't going to happen he realised. They weren't exactly sheepish, he just got the impression a second threeway wasn't on.

He asked them what they'd got up before, wanting more info than they'd shared earlier. They'd told him most of it, but the night of the shared vibrator there had been lots of dirty talk between the two of them, and once on a night out in Preston they'd planned to stay at Julie's afterwards but Amanda had pulled a guy. He was married so he came back to Julie's and, as a thank you, once he'd seen to Amanda she sent him to the room next door to sort Julie out. They both admitted to having a cheeky wank listening to the other being fucked through the thin walls. Paul was starting to feel horny again but it was late.

Paul said he had to go, and offered Julie a lift out of courtesy, thinking she wouldn't accept but she did. He kissed Amanda goodbye and they set off.

They chatted in the car, about everything but sex, but he kept stealing glances at her legs and, knowing that she was not wearing knickers because they were so wet, got his cock stirring.

She directed him to her house and, as he pulled up, he said 'Well, nice to meet you.'

She said 'Likewise.' The kiss goodnight was perfectly well mannered, just on the cheek.

'Any chance I can use your loo? Long journey ahead' he said.

'Course' she replied, 'come on in.'

She directed him upstairs to the loo and, when he came down, he found her in the kitchen making a brew. 'Want one?' she said and before he could answer, added, 'Or do you fancy giving me a leaving present upstairs?'

'You're unreal' he said, stepping towards her and staring into her eyes, 'You do know I'm seeing your best mate?'

'What I know, she said, 'is that I've heard about nothing else but that cock of yours for weeks, and having had a little taste I want more. I also know you've spent most of the evening staring at my legs and tits and was still at it in the car just then. Now if you want to go home that's good, I'm just thinking there's no reason not to fuck each other right now.'

Thirty minutes later, she'd already cum twice, once as he'd fingered her and once as she rode him, her holding a small vibrator on her clit. Now she was on her knees and he was behind her, fucking her soaking snatch. He was also pushing his thumb, soaked in her cunt juice, into her arse, which she clearly loved.

She moaned loudly as he pushed it in further, then breathed 'Fuck me there' as she reached for the small vibrator. He didn't need to be asked twice, and pulled his dick out and pressed the end, shiny with her wetness, into her tight arse.

Inch by inch it slid in and, once he started to fuck her, he heard the vibrator going on her clit. He grabbed her hair to help him fuck her harder and her moans increased and she panted 'Come on you bastard fuck my arse you dirty fucker make me cum.'

Suddenly he stopped, every inch of his cock in her arse, and told her to cum. He kept his dick inside her as she buzzed away on her clit, and she soon exploded, her arse gripping his cock tight, and pulsing on it. One thrust and his own cum started, and his second load of the evening went deep into her arse.

He pulled out and collapsed exhausted.

20 minutes later he was in the car on the way home. Tired but happy and looking forward to the next time.