Ash lifted their hand from their slick, throbbing slit with a whine, and breathed slowly through pursed lips as their arousal gradually subsided. That was a close one; they'd come accidentally once before, and as punishment Mistress had denied them for - well, for a long time. Days probably. Ash wasn't too sure.

But once the tension in their body had settled a little, the insistent ache of desire fading into something more manageable, Ash carefully began to tease themself again. Gentle strokes slowly built up, and they increased the pressure, moaning aloud at the jolt of arousal that followed. Had to keep themself horny and ready for Mistress when she returned.

Ash frowned, slowing for a moment. Something... something seemed off about that. What were they doing? They toyed with themself absently, trying to think. Edging! That was it. They had to edge themself again and again, because it felt really good, and made them into a good little slut. The thought excited them; after a few quick movements they had to pull their hand away again.

They stared up at the textured ceiling, taking slow, deep breaths to calm down. The textured ceiling? They... they didn't have a textured ceiling, did they? And the walls... Ash was sure they remembered repainting their walls to a soft blue, not cream. They shook their head, disoriented. This wasn't their bedroom.

It was Mistress's bedroom, they realised with relief. That made sense. How strange that their thoughts were so confused, but at least they'd figured it out in the end.

Ash frowned again. No, something was definitely off. Why couldn't they think straight? Why hadn't they seen their own room in... was it days? Weeks? Their heart began to pound as they sat up, arousal forgotten, and properly looked around the room for the first time.

She'd drugged them, they remembered. They'd visited her for a casual play session and to try out a popular new hypnotic drug - it was all meant to be consensual, but she'd quadrupled the dose and trapped them as... as some kind of sex slave. She must have forgotten to dose them again before leaving that morning, Ash realised. Their thoughts were getting clearer by the minute.

This might be their only chance to escape. Ash stood abruptly, and had to steady themself against the wall as a wave of dizziness seized them. Just how long had they been lying there, dazed in a drug-induced fog of arousal and obedience? Mistress - no, Liz was her name - could be home at any moment. They had to get moving.

Out in the dining room, they took stock. Their shoes were in the hallway, next to their bag which had their wallet and phone - could she track the phone? Best not to take any chances. They knew the way by foot to their friend Jo's place, she'd help them sort things out from there.

Hurrying out the door, Ash turned to the stairway, not wanting to encounter anyone in the lift. Who knew which of her neighbours Mistr-Liz was on friendly terms with? At the bottom of the stairs they peeked out into the lobby, and sighed in relief on finding it empty. They'd made it! Securing their bag over both shoulders, they broke into a jog as they left the building, turning to-


The command was inescapable and irresistible; Ash's legs refused to move another step. Their heart sank. Mistress stalked towards them, face impassive but for her burning green eyes, and Ash shrank back. She closed the gap to mere centimetres; Ash struggled to suppress the thrill of fear and arousal at her proximity, and was almost glad to be frozen in place. Mistress sighed and reached up to cup their cheek.

"Don't worry, pet. I'm not angry with you."

Tears welled in Ash's eyes, and they couldn't say whether it was more out of relief at being spared her anger, or fury at their own helplessness. Mistress's hand gently stroked their cheek in a comforting gesture. Ash screwed their eyes shut; they hated it, they loved it, they hated that they loved it.

"I'm sorry you had to go through all that stress, darling, that must have been so upsetting for you. I needed to test whether your conditioning would hold on its own. Now we know that we have some work to do so that you won't have to deal with that ever again, okay?"

Ash knew they didn't actually have a choice.

"Sit down there." Mistress gestured to the armchair as she settled gracefully onto the couch, crossing her slender legs. "We're going to teach you some lessons about resistance. I'll be dropping you into trance with the trigger we've been working on," she indicated the silver bell on the coffee table, "and you'll try your best to fight it. Understood?"

Ash blinked. Mistress was going to teach them how to resist her? Well... they weren't going to argue against that. She leaned forward to pick up the bell. Perhaps their silence was taken as agreement; more likely it just didn't matter. She met their eyes with a forceful green gaze, and spoke in a slow, deliberate voice.

"Drop for me, pet."

For a moment Ash thought they'd somehow already broken free of the trigger, but the bell's clear chime soon struck that thought from their head. Into the emptiness left behind, the weight of trance settled like a heavy blanket, pressing down on their body and consciousness. Ash's eyelids drooped with the force of it.

They sucked a breath in sharply through clenched teeth, and shook their head. Frowned. Focusing on the feeling of nervous energy from earlier, they forced their eyes open, and stared defiantly back at Liz.

The bell chimed again.

"...that's it, pet, just listening to my voice and slowly sinking down..."

...had she been murmuring like that this whole time? Ash pushed back the temptation to focus on her smooth, lilting voice and shook their head again, a little slower this time. They re-clenched their teeth and held their breath for a moment. When had their shoulders relaxed so much? Was there something else they were forgetting?

"shut tight and getting heavier and heavier with every passing moment, and the harder you try to open them, the heavier they get, until you're helplessly trapped, unable to stop yourself from dropping deeper..."

Ash's heart began to pound. They willed their eyelids apart, saw a blurry slit of light, sank inexorably back into darkness. She had them already, and once established, the grip of her control was unshakeable. Perhaps if they'd moved around more, they...

The bell chimed.

"...4, stretching a little as the last of the heaviness lifts away... and 5, wide awake." A snap of her fingers brought Ash's eyes back open.

They shifted a little in the armchair, trying to get their bearings. The rough upholstery scratched lightly against their bare skin. Ash flushed at the realisation that they'd lost their clothing while in trance. They moved to cover themself, but somehow their hands ended up on their stomach instead, then their lap, then the armrests...

"I thought you could use some extra motivation after that pitiful attempt." Mistress's gentle, tinkling laugh brought a sheepish smile to Ash's lips before they hastily wiped it away. They couldn't let her sink her claws any deeper into their psyche. There was a way out of this, there had to be, they just needed to think harder.

"Consider that your first lesson - that you can't resist me if you don't fight properly! From now on, each time I drop you, I'll be applying a new suggestion which you'll be motivated to fight. That way I'll know you're really giving it your best! It's a good idea, isn't it sweetheart? Nod for me."

Ash lowered their head, breaking eye contact to gather their resolve, then looked back up. Wait, shit. Mistress giggled sweetly and they blushed, flustered.

"Oh, the look on your face! Yes hon, I've taught you to obey me without even realising. How about - oh, this should be fun - how about we take away your ability to walk, hm?"

This was bad. This was very, very bad. How could they have a chance of getting away if they couldn't even walk? Even if they got the chance to call a taxi, they'd have to get out of the building, and-

Hang on.

Their phone! How had they not thought of their phone? Thank god Jo had pushed them to install that SOS app - they just needed to get to it, and they could alert their friends in a couple of clicks.

Ash grabbed the nearest object - only a cushion, but it'd do - and threw it at Mistress's face to distract her, making a break for the hallway. No - hadn't they taken it out of their bag before leaving? They skidded slightly, turning toward the dining room.

"Drop for me, pet." Ash staggered slightly as the chime hit them, but adrenaline kept them on their feet. There it was on the side table, just a couple of metres away.

The bell sounded again, closer this time, and the room swayed around them, going a little fuzzy around the edges as their legs shook. Ash gripped the back of a dining chair to steady themself. Mistress was behind them, whispering something that was draining the strength from their body, but it didn't matter when they were so close.

One last lunge, and they grabbed it, just as the bell chimed once more. They leaned against the wall, legs wobbling and giving in at last. Ash sank heavily to the floor. With increasingly slow, clumsy hands, they turned the phone upright and pressed the wake button.

Nothing happened.

She'd turned it off. Fuck. They held the button down and watched the loading icon begin to spin, painfully slow.

"...locked onto the spinning circle, feeling like it's winding your eyes shut..."

Just a little longer. Ash just needed to hold on for 20 more seconds and they'd be able to escape.

"...heavy and tired, drooping down like your limp, relaxed body...."

10 seconds. Ash allowed their body to relax further, shifting all their focus and energy onto keeping their eyes open.

"...letting go further as the last of your energy seeps out of your muscles..."

The bell chimed just as the home screen finally opened. Ash skimmed the blurry icons, quickly spotting the red icon of the SOS app, only... it seemed to be moving away from them.

The clatter of their phone hitting the hardwood floor finally clued them in to the trap. No matter how hard they willed it, their helplessly limp hands refused to move so much as a millimetre. Their escape was looking them in the eye and they were powerless to take it.

It was hopeless, Ash realised. They'd never had a chance. Mistress already controlled them so deeply; this was just her toying with them as part of some sick game.

They let their eyes slip closed.

"...and wake. There, you're learning, aren't you sweetie? That was a much better effort." Mistress cooed as Ash blinked themself awake. Apparently they were still sitting on the hardwood floor of the living room, and their ass ached slightly. They shifted their weight.

"Lesson number two - you can't resist me if you DO fight!" She giggled. Ash felt sick at the way the sound lifted their spirits. "Time to get back to the living room for one more lesson."

She moved to the hallway and looked back at Ash, a glint of playful anticipation in her eye. What choice did they have? They pushed themself upright with the aid of the side table, and stepped forward to follow her.

And of course, their leg crumpled beneath them, unable to hold their weight alone. Ash hissed in pain as their knee hit the floorboard, cursing themself for forgetting the promised suggestion. Mistress giggled again, lessening the pain slightly.

"Well come on, love, what's taking you so long?" She watched, eyes twinkling with delight, as Ash began to crawl towards her, the wood cold against their bare skin.

A shameful arousal built within them as they followed her beckoning hand through to the living room. Had they always had a humiliation kink, or was this something else Mistress had "installed"? She'd certainly noticed, in any case, and made sure to brush a hand up their thigh as they climbed into the armchair, eliciting a meek whimper.

"So you see, pet, we're establishing a pattern here. Each time you try to resist me and fail, your little brain becomes more convinced that resistance is impossible. But we're going to need a really good motivation for this last lesson to really sink in! It's the most important one, you see."

She picked up her phone and began browsing it. "So I thought I'd check your FetLife profile for inspiration! Okay, hard limits, let's see... ohh yes, oh that's perfect." She grinned up at Ash, all dimples and sparkling green eyes.

"I'm going to make you wet yourself!"

Ash's eyes widened. Oh god, no, no, please no. They'd resist it this time, they had to. As much as she wanted. Anything to get out of something that disgusted them that much. A desperate plan began to form in the back of their mind.

"Drop for me, pet."

The bell chimed and Ash slapped their own cheek, hard. The pain shocked their mind away from trance and they threw themself at the couch, aiming for the outline of a phone in Mistress's pocket.

By a stroke of luck, the bell was knocked out of Mistress's surprised hand and landed a few metres away, rolling on the tiles of the hallway. The loud chime of it hitting the floor muddled Ash slightly, but another quick slap reeled them back to reality.

The two of them wrestled, bodies pressed together. Ash should have been able to overpower her petite frame easily, but her touch against their bare skin was intoxicating, and the arousal distracted them.

She grabbed the hand reaching for her pocket and twisted it behind their back. They reached around with the other but she twisted harder, forcing them to arch against her body. They shivered and panted as she trailed fingernails down their side.

With a quick flip, Mistress was on top of them, pinning them to the couch with their arms trapped. Ash stared up at her, dizzy, breathless, and desperate as they thrashed against her weight. She lowered her lips to their neck and bit hard, and they felt their body go weak in submission.

Ash pushed themself upright as she darted away, but it was too late - she had the bell. She rang it again and again, chiming insistently, and their head began to swim. They reached up for another slap, too slow - Mistress grabbed their wrist and forced it down, bell still chiming.

The trance crashed over them in waves; they were drowning in it. Up was down and down was down and everything they tried just made them feel heavier, dropped them deeper and deeper into her control. There was no way out, even as the chiming ended and her seductive voice took over their thoughts.

"...your bladder will feel an immediate pressure, a desperate need for release building inside you each time..."

Ash roused slightly. Please, please no, they thought, and with a herculean effort their eyes flickered open slightly to see Mistress leaning over them. A slight smile danced on her lips. The bell chimed and the scene slipped away.

"...wake." Mistress snapped Ash's eyes back open. She smiled innocently down at where they lay on the couch, and they trembled in dread as they recalled the situation.

"Tinkle tinkle!" she sang. Pressure welled in Ash's bladder as though she had stepped on it.

The bathroom. If they could at least sit on a toilet, it wouldn't be so bad. They lurched abruptly to their feet, and fell straight down to their hands and knees on the rug. Right.

"Tinkle tinkle!"

The pressure grew, and Ash clenched tight as they crawled at top speed into the hallway. The bathroom door was open, thank god.

"Tinkle tinkle!"

It was starting to hurt, and their bruised knee wasn't doing them any favours, but they gritted their teeth and blocked it out. They raced into the bathroom, barely aware of Mistress following behind them.

"Tinkle tinkle!"

They made for the toilet, but the sharp movement increased the pressure and they cried out, the pain bringing tears to their eyes. Mistress stood behind them.

"Lesson number three: giving in feels better."

Ash whimpered, tears spilling over. They didn't want to, they didn't want to, they didn't...

"Tinkle tinkle!"

A trickle, then a flood splashed down onto the bathroom tiles, spraying out onto their legs. Ash's whole body shuddered, with sobs, with relief, with revulsion, and - oh god, with arousal. Mistress's hand rubbed soothing circles into their back.

"Shh, shh, it's ok, pet, it's over now, it's all done," she murmured, helping them to their feet. "Mistress is going to get you all cleaned up and feeling better."

She guided them into the shower with gentle touches and turned on the hot water. Ash leaned back against the wall and closed their eyes, relaxing into the heat as she stepped out for a moment.

The sight of her returning naked into the shower was almost too much for Ash's overwhelmed mind to handle. They stared as she rinsed them down, unable to pull their eyes from her full breasts and the soft curve of her waist.

Mistress pushed them back against the wall, slipping delicate fingers down between their two bodies, and smirked up at them on finding their arousal. Ash twitched against her hand with a moan. She pressed up hard against them and began to move, nipping along their neck and collarbone as she stroked.

"You did so well," she whispered into their ear as they began to shudder in pleasure. "You did so well, and it's time for your reward."

She sped up slightly, and they moaned again in response, their excitement quickly growing. Her smooth skin sliding against theirs under the water felt incredible. How lucky they were, to have this stunning, powerful woman as their Mistress.

"What did you learn today, pet?" she asked, looking up at them with sultry but expectant eyes.

"C-can't resist you if I don't fight," Ash managed, gasping as she increased the pressure, stroking along their body with her other hand.

"Can't resist you if... if I do fight." She sped up, and they nearly came right then from the sudden intensity of it. The whole day's pent up arousal towered up, ready to crash over them.

"Giving in - feels better," they whimpered. Mistress bit into their neck and squeezed, sending them over the edge as they cried out, waves of ecstasy wringing every drop of energy out of their body as they writhed against her, pulsing with pleasure.

They stood there, pressed together for what felt like a perfect eternity as the last twitches of Ash's orgasm faded away. Exhausted, Ash barely noticed as they were dried off and led back to the bedroom. Mistress tucked them into bed and stroked their hair, watching as they drifted off into a contented sleep.