I was feeling in the dumps. Here I was twenty years old and still living at home with my parents. It didn't help that I was still a virgin as well. I knew what my problem was. It was my looks. I was basically flat chested and I had no curves. I spent most of my time taking care of my own needs. I would have to finger myself to take care of my frustrations.

I wish some guy could have seen my pussy. I had these large pussy lips that might have turned on a man. One Saturday I was in my bedroom. My mother was out shopping that morning. My father was out in the house someplace. I pulled down the shorts and panties I was wearing. I was fingering my clit. I must have gotten loud.

My legs were wide apart when my Dad opened the door to my bedroom. I think my face turned a crimson red instantaneously. Dad walked into my room and just stood there. I don't think I even pulled my fingers away, I was that stunned. Dad walked over to the bed and sat down. He placed his hand on one of my thighs. I didn't know what to do. I removed my fingers from my pussy. Dad then touched my damp hole.

It felt like an electric current running through my body. He started to finger me and he touched my clit. I know I let out this loud moan.

"You don't have to take care of yourself," he told me.

Dad started working on my hole. I was getting so turned on by this. I was sopping wet right then. This went on for a few minutes until my Dad pulled away. He stood up from the bed and slowly pulled his clothes off. He managed to strip down in record time. I was now looking at his fat prick. Not only was it fat his cock was long as well. Dad joined me back on my bed. He pulled my legs apart and he moved closer to my pussy.

I was panting hard as I felt his mushroom head touch my opening. Dad tried to push inside me. He was getting some resistance. I could see this look on his face.

"Are you still a virgin?" He asked me.

I just nodded yes as I was embarrassed beyond belief. Dad just smiled at me. He kept pushing his cock into my hole until he got inside me. It hurt when he finally broke through. I could see some drops of blood as he finally took my virginity. Dad stretched his arms out on either side of me. That is when the real fucking began. Dad buried his large member deep in my body. I put my hands on the side of his chest and I held on.

I kept thinking to myself, this is what sex is all about. I could hear his balls hitting my bottom as he entered me repeatedly. My Dad went hard and deep. I just let him do whatever he wanted.

"I want you all to myself Hannah," he repeated more than once.

My Dad had me so wound up. I knew I should say something about pulling out but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't want my Dad to impregnate me this very first time. I figured he would know better and pull out at the last moment. Dad drilled me hard for the longest time. I heard him grunting and I thought he would be pulling out momentarily. It didn't happen that way.

My Dad pushed in one final time and he shot his load of cum into my body. My eyes went wide when I felt the heat of his love cream enter my pussy. I was so excited I tightened my muscles around his fat pole. My pussy lips were making these slurping noises as my Dad kept entering me with his cock. I think he must have given me six or seven full loads of his steamy cum before he stopped pumping his cock into me.

After that he held his dick in me and let me milk him dry. Dad started to go limp. He pulled free and his cum came spilling out of me. All I could think of was to run to the bathroom. I got to the toilet and tried to push out as much of his seed that I could. There was a lot of Dad's cum in me. When I came back to the bed my Dad was on his back and his cock was resting on his belly.

"I'm sorry Hannah," he said. " I couldn't stop myself."

I just kept silent. What could I say now. Dad said we should both get cleaned up. Mom would be coming back home shortly. When my mother arrived back the house was quiet. Dad and I kept our thoughts to ourselves. I know how crazy it sounds but I would have let my Dad fuck me again if he wanted. Our first lovemaking had broken the ice. I needed more cock now.

It would be a few days until we could have more sex together. Mom went out one evening with some of her girlfriends. Dad came to my bedroom and we undressed. I sucked on my Dad's cock. I made him hard and then I mounted him. I lowered my body onto his hard staff. Once again my Dad didn't bother with a condom. He took me with his bare prick. I screamed as he fucked me raw. Dad used his hands on my small tits. He rubbed my nipples at first and then pulled on them with his fingers.

I had countless orgasms that second time. Once again I took my Dad's sticky load of cum. I was to the point where it didn't matter to me. I wanted to feel my Dad pour his baby seed into my body. If Dad didn't seem to care what might happen, why should I. It's now a couple weeks later. We have had sex a number of times together. If my Mom is around Dad will pretend he is dropping me off at a friend's house. We will get a cheap motel room together for a few hours.

My Dad has broken me in completely. I was made to get on my hands and knees one time. Dad used some lube and he entered my bottom with his thick monster. I screamed loudly as I had my ass taken for the first time. I think that time I was given the biggest load of cum ever. It hurt for me to sit for a couple of days. Dad said he doesn't care if I get pregnant or not.

He said that my Mom no longer gives him sex these days. He would rather cum in my pussy and face the possibility that he will give me his baby. I know I can't stop now. I am addicted to his cock. No other man wanted me before. Now my Dad can't get enough of me and that is perfectly fine with me.