Anthony is a very unassuming man, he is slightly overweight, but has a strong personality. He is very likable and gets along with most people. He is an old friend of my wife, they actually may have been intimate in the past, but it has been over 30 years since they had seen each other last.

Tracy invited him to dinner one night but had neglected to tell me until that morning. It is not like he was never over, but this would be the first time, outside of game night, that he would be there while I was home.

Tracy was dressed in a black blouse, open enough to see the black lacy bra underneath and plenty of cleavage. Her beige skirt, came to mid-thigh and when she bent over you could see the black lace panties that matched the bra. I of course was wearing sweats and a t-shirt. It had been a long day at work and I loved that she dressed up for me. Her nails were done, make-up was perfect and her hair looked amazing.

Diner was excellent as always; Tracy had really worked hard on it. Beer was flowing and Tracy and I had been partaking of some weed we had purchased from a friend. We moved to the living room to watch a movie. It was an old movie, we were doing retro this week, and Death Wish won out.

Tracy had talked a bit to me about a more aggressive fantasy she had. She wanted a bit rougher experience. So, watching this movie and seeing the look on her face got me all wound up. Tracy was sitting between Anthony and I. She had her legs curled under her and was leaning on my right shoulder.

Her feet were tucked under Anthony’s butt and his hand was on her calf, slowly stroking it. I ignored it as the bowl was passed my way. Anthony never partook as he said “Nothing that makes me lose control will ever pass my lips.” Okay, he can be a pain that way, but he did not judge us, there was a story behind it that he was not ready to share just yet.

Tracy took a hit and then reached for her bottle of beer.

“Damn it, out of beer.” She said in a disgusted tone.

“Sit still, I will get you another one.” Anthony said. His tone at once commanding and yet subservient. The two of them exchanged a look and he looked at me. “One for you too.” More a statement than a question and I nodded.

He came back from the kitchen with two open bottles and three bowls of ice cream. It looked like he topped it with Godiva Chocolate Liquor. Tracy loved that stuff.

Soon we were eating and watching the movie all over again, more forced sex scenes later and Tracy was squirming on the sofa next to me, her hand in my lap. She grasped my hard on through my pants and was moaning lightly.

I turned to look at her and was shocked to see that Anthony had his hand up under her skirt and between her thighs. She had parted them for better access. While I was engrossed in the movie, somehow her panties ended up hanging off of one ankle. There was a strange noise, like something vibrating nearby, but I could not figure out its location.

She gripped my cock harder and started stroking it forcefully. Anthony leaned over to her and whispered something in her ear. She turned and smiled at him. He moved closer and she lifted herself up so that she was seated on his lap as she stroked me.

I was confused at my lack of reaction. Normally I would be upset, but this whole situation was surreal and I just went along for the ride. I leaned back and continued to watch the movie. I felt a hand grasp my mine and bring it to my wife’s breast. It was not her hand. I looked over at Anthony and he smiled at me.

His hand had pushed her skirt up, revealing her shaved mound that was oozing juices and I saw his thumb caressing her clit as a small black device was resting on her thigh and his index finger was pressing a button on it. I then realized that with each press, the vibration sped up, or pulsed and she gripped my cock each time there was a change, and stroked it in time with the pulses. She lifted her right leg up and over Anthony, laying it behind his back and spreading herself wide open for his ministrations.

He nodded to me and looked down at her chest, as if to say to me, open her blouse and bra. It was the look on his face that spoke volumes. I turned slightly and used both hands to do just that. I still did not understand why we were letting him dictate our actions, but I had never been so aroused.

He whispered again to Tracy and she rolled off of the couch. He moved closer to me and I could see his erection pressing against his pants. It looked thick. Tracy sat down on his lap, facing away from me and cooed when she felt his covered cock on her bare ass. She turned on her side and grabbed my cock with her right hand. He took my left hand and placed it on her breast, then he took my right hand and placed it on his lap, his cock right under my hand.

I could not bring myself to move it, as Tracy stroked my cock and then pushed the front of my sweats down far enough to expose me to the air. She used a light touch to caress my throbbing member and leaned forward to lick the head of my shaft. I felt him unzip his pants and release his member into my hand.

I just gripped it and started stroking it. I looked over at him and he hand his hand between her legs, I could see his thumb pressing against her tight brown hole and it looked like he was stroking her with two of his fingers. His left hand now held the device and he was going through the settings randomly. Each new pulse made her hum on my cock.

I felt like I was going to cum soon and I guess I said that out loud.

“Not yet, Tracy, stop.” He commanded.

She let go of my cock and removed her mouth. Rolling off of him again she knelt in front of him and taking my hand in hers, she helped me stroke him as she took the head of his cock into her mouth. He put the remote down on the couch to his right and then grabbed my head in his left hand.

I did not, no could not resist as he pushed me down towards his lap. Between the weed, the beer and the liquor, all resistance was gone. As I neared his cock, it seemed to grow to huge proportions, but this was just an illusion.

Tracy held his cock and aimed it at my mouth, still stroking it. I had never taken a penis in my mouth, ever, but I found it opening and his hot member passing my lips. Tracy climbed the couch and stood astride Anthony; her legs spread. His hand left my head but I continued to suck on him. He held her thighs from behind and moved his head between her legs and started licking her and sucking on that wet, succulent pussy of hers. The moans and liquid sounds of her arousal filled the air and his cock thickened as the blood rushed into it, soon he was thrusting up into my mouth as he ate out my wife above my head.

I looked up at her lovely ass as her juices ran down his face. His right hand had slid up her thigh and was on her left hip, moving inward he was soon gripping her ass cheek and pushing his fingers into her cleft. She moaned loudly as two fingers pressed against the place, she would never let me go.

I sucked harder on his cock, feeling him thicken once more, his left hand went to my head and shoved me down on his throbbing meat, it passed my tongue and went down my throat. I could barely breathe as he held me there, his cock pulsing, soon he released his seed down my throat. Rope after rope of his cum filled my belly, then he removed my head from his cock and finished spraying all over my face.

Tracy had turned her head to watch and the lust in her eyes was unmistakable. Her own orgasm was not far behind and she ended up squirting all over his face. Her body shuddered as he was unrelenting in his attack on her pussy with his mouth, and now, I noticed, three fingers deep in her ass.

My erection was hard and painful. He pushed me to the floor and Tracy dismounted him.

“Angel, why don’t you get me ready so I can fuck you while he watches.” His eyes never leaving mine as he gave her instructions.

She knelt on the floor and swallowed his messy cock in one gulp. Spreading his legs he allowed her access to his balls and ass. As she swallowed his thickening member over and over again, she slid a slender finger into his ass and massaged his prostate. Soon she moved off of his hard pole, slowly and gently pumping it.

“Tracy my dear, get on top of your husband, sixty-nine style. Do not suck his cock, just tease him with your tongue.” He looked down at me.

“You just get to watch her get fucked, but keep your mouth open just in case.” He said chuckling.

Tracy straddled my head and I could see her swollen pussy lips and the wetness of her orgasm covering her thighs. I knew she was ready for his cock to penetrate her. I moaned as her tongue teased the tip of my painful erection. I could hear her moan and see her wiggle her ass at him. Inviting him to enter.

“Brandon, open your mouth and get me wet so I can enter your wife more easily.”

I never even considered arguing or refusing, I just opened my mouth and he slid right into me. I slurped his cock and made it wet with my saliva. Pulling out, he lined his prick up with her sopping hole and in one push entered her to the hilt, his balls grazing my nose as he bottomed out in her.

“God yes! Fuck me Anthony! Mmmm, you feel so good buried inside me… ooohhh.”

He thrust in and out of her, just over my head. His knees on either side of me, suddenly his cock was out of her pussy and shoved into my open mouth. I could taste her juices mixed with his pre-cum. He stroked into me twice and moved back to her pussy. He repeated this over and over again, four or five strokes in her, then two or three in my mouth.

Neither Tracy nor I noticed when he moved from her pussy to her ass. She was so turned on by this time that she had stopped licking my cock and could only brace herself on her arms as he fucked her ass. I only realized what he was doing when his organ entered my mouth and I could taste her tangy ass on his cock. Still I did not resist or refuse.

He was degrading me in my own house, with my wife and I was getting hornier by the minute. He started grunting, she started cuming, her juices squirting on my face, almost drowning me in her fluids, some entered my mouth and some went up my nose. I tried to breathe, but could only cough and gag. He pulled out of her and pushed Tracy to the side. She turned and watched as he stroked his cock until he sprayed his jism over my face, in my hair and on my chest.

I still needed to cum, very badly. He grabbed hold of the draw string on my sweats and ripped it loose. I just watched him, in a daze and tried to understand just what he was doing. He grabbed my hands and made a loop with the cord like string. Crossing my hands, he secured them together, wrapping the excess around my wrists twice, I was fairly secure. The rest of the excess he looped around my cock and balls. As it tightened, my balls turned red, pinching off the tubes inside me, I felt more humiliation than pain. He was going to keep me from being able to cum.

I looked down, my hands were, for all intents and purposes, tied to my cock. I could not move them without hurting myself. He guided Tracy down until her mouth was just above the tip of my cock. There was a gleam in her eye that I did not recognize.

“Just the tip Tracy” he said and they had a shared laugh at that.

She sucked on the tip of my cock like it was a pacifier. I could feel my balls churning, but no way to release the pressure with the cord tied the way it was. He grabbed the collar of my t-shirt and ripped it down the front. My bare skin open to the cool air. As she sucked on the spongy tip of my penis, he took a nipple in each hand and pinched. Pulling my nipples away from my body, his abuse aroused me even more.

I never knew that I could be so aroused by my own abuse. This was something so new to me and I thought I could never live without this in my life any more. “Now Angel, slowly take all of him in your talented mouth and milk him slowly with your throat muscles.” He directed her.

I felt his hand go the cord tying my hands and cock. Suddenly the pressure was gone! My cum flowed strong and painfully from my balls. I was like one steady stream for a short moment, and then pulse after pulse of painful bliss. Tracy gagged at first but then swallowed skillfully, never losing any of my cum and soon all I could feel was her throat gripping my penis and smaller and smaller pulses until I could no longer cum.

He had not told her to stop and so she kept on blowing me, my body quivered from the sensation and I begged her to stop as I was too sensitive.

“Okay Tracy, let him loose.” He pulled her off of me and I lay there on the floor, exhausted as they sat on the couch and forgot I was there. His arm draped around her shoulders, one hand gently stroking her breast as she fondled his cock. They got comfortable and ended up with their feet resting on my body as they started a new movie.

I wondered to myself… Where is this going to lead? Do I want it to stop???