Brenna gazed down at the sleeping form of Ariadne below her. The head cook of the palace looked peaceful in the stillness of the night, pretty even. The Elves truly were a beautiful race. That's why corrupting them was so much fun.

The young servant girl had snuck into Ariadne's room in the dead of night. Though the guards to the head servants' quarters were meant to keep out any unauthorized personnel, at this time of night they were laxer. Besides, with an innocent smile and a few honeyed words, they let her pass. Now she stood at the head chef's bedside, barefoot as to not wake her. It was less fun this way, but it would be much easier to have her asleep until it was too late.

Lifting her short dress up and over her shoulders, Brenna looked down to her nethers. She had been wet with excitement for this all day. She felt a now familiar sensation as something traveled down her body. A quiet moan escaped from her lips as the head of a grey slug slowly probed its way out of her pussy. She smirked, admiring its slick, slimy form. This is what she, or rather the thing controlling her, really looked like. The auburn hair and perky breasts of this Elven maid were just a particularly convincing disguise, and now 'Brenna' sought out the head chef for another.

"Wake up, chef." Brenna now said in an uncharacteristically commanding voice. "I have something for you to taste."

"Uhhh..." Ariadne stirred, looking up at the nude servant girl. "Brenna? Wha..." Her eyes trailed down to the space between Brenna's legs, now filled with the creature. She opened her mouth to scream, but that was all the chance Brenna needed. She grabbed the back of Ariadne's head and pushed it upon her pelvis. Ariadne's would-be scream was silenced by a grey slug thrust into her mouth. Brenna smiled at the pleasant turn of events. Her host body had many memories of being in Ariadne's position, made all the better by recently having to be put to work swabbing the floors of the kitchen on the orders of this stern cook. Permitting herself to enjoy the situation no longer, she willed the slug to leave her body. Ariadne choked on the creature quickly worming its way down her gullet, finally breaking free of Brenna's grip too late. The possessed servant girl sighed as she viewed the chef's throat distend as it traveled deeper into her body. Ariadne's choking turned into spasming, her eyelids fluttering as she began to lose control of her own mind. Then she grew still, and within moments it was all over.

Brenna sighed in disappointment as she wiped a trail of grey slime from Ariadne's lips. Of all her recent converts, this was the least entertaining. She had successfully converted most of her host's closest contacts. Juranon, her host's oldest friend, had received a slug when Brenna had lured him away to the wine cellar to discuss a recently learned secret, and Serra, a relatively new girl from a country estate who Brenna had been fucking on the side for months, had been shocked to discover something other than her lover's tongue sliding into her pussy during a midnight tryst. But the 'Archmage Lyanna' had tasked her with bringing in the head chef into their slowly growing cult in the least risky way possible. Her attention was brought back to the slowly awakening form of Ariadne, now feeling the points of her ears.

"How do you like your new form?" Brenna asked, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Ariadne smiled as she threw off her bedsheets, looking down at her own body. Though it was covered up by a nightgown, Ariadne's memories showed that it was certainly good looking. "Thank you, 'Brenna', for sharing this gift with me." She said in Ariadne's typical tone. "The Dark Lord is great."

"Perhaps you can thank me in a different way." The still naked Brenna said, climbing on top of Ariadne. "I deserve some sort of reward for this." She reached for the breasts of the chef, but Ariadne stopped her.

"What do you think you're doing, peasant?!" She demanded loudly. "If you make another move I'll have you scrubbing kitchen pots for the next week straight." Brenna froze, surprised.

Ariadne's look of hostility turned into a smirk. "It's pretty easy to imitate them, isn't it?" She girlishly giggled.

Brenna breathed a sigh of relief. "For a minute there, I thought you hadn't bonded with her after all." She then breathed a sigh of pleasure as the palace chef placed her mouth on the servant's tit and began greedily sucking.

"Thank you for having me, Archmage." Lea said. The captain of the Queen's Guard rarely left the side of Her Highness, but even she needed a night off once in a while. Nevertheless, she still wore her resplendent armor, the purest gleaming steel enchanted by the finest craftsmen in all the land, which made her somewhat poorly dressed for a dinner, which had just concluded. The only exposed part of her body was her head and its close-cropped hair. In comparison to the highly armored paladin, her host, the Archmage Lyanna, wore a rather minimalist dress that accentuated her curves exceptionally. That was somewhat typical for her, Lea thought. Even amongst the somewhat... promiscuous court of the Elves, it was known that the master of magical matters dressed less conservatively than most and enjoyed company just as much. Lea never really partook, though. Unlike most of the court, she tended to be more disciplined.

Lyanna smiled. "Anytime Lea, truly. I've been waiting to tell you about my travels. I had a most incredible experience."

"Oh?" Lea was puzzled. "I had thought you told the queen-"

"Ah, dessert is here!"

Servants arrived in the dining hall carrying the wine to wash down the food. Lea recognized the blonde girl setting a chalice of wine in front of her but struggled to recall her name. Serra, was it? She turned to look at the other woman serving Lyanna. Lea knew this one was Brenna. As she placed a goblet in front of the Archmage, she leaned far more forward than needed, giving her guests a full view of her ample cleavage. "Compliments of Chef Ariadne, my ladies." She said, looking to Lyanna. The Archmage smiled knowingly. "Thank you Brenna."

The palace guard groaned internally. Even she knew of the pair's affair. They must be even less subtle than ever at this point.

"The chef recommends the wine." Serra added. "We've been told it's a special vintage." Lea did not turn to see the server smirk at her own comment. "Very well." She replied. She took a sip immediately. The taste was quite sweet, but also strong. Good enough, she thought.

"So tell me, honorable paladin," Lyanna asked as she sipped from her own drink and brushed some hair behind an ear. The servants retired to the far edge of the room. "Is there anyone special in your life?"

"No." Lea replied curtly. "My duty to the queen comes first." She drank some more wine. She could feel its sweetness already. She couldn't see it, but behind her Serra and Brenna were making out in full view of the Archmage who did her best not to draw attention.

"Oh, that's no fun." The sorceress replied. "Don't you ever just want to bend someone over a table and just fuck them silly?"

Lea almost spat out her drink. Not just because of the boldness what the sorceress said, but also the jolt of arousal she swore she felt deep down. No, that she DID feel. She struggled to find a response. "Not nearly as much as you do, perhaps." Perhaps the wine was doing something to her already.

Lyanna chuckled. "Is that jealousy I hear from the proud knight?"

Lea almost felt like saying yes. The warmth was there now, rising up her body slowly. She shifted in her seat uncomfortably. "No." She said with what as almost a blush.

"How about we have some fun?" Lyanna motioned towards the servants. Brenna made her way over to the sorceress, who wordlessly embraced her in a deep kiss. Lea may have found this deeply uncomfortable minutes ago, but the sight of these two lesbian lovers was quickly making her even more horny than ever. She felt a hand grasp her shoulder plate and turned to see Serra standing beside her. The buxom blonde elf seemed much more beautiful than when she saw her only a few minutes ago.

"I would be willing to service you as well, my lady, if you wish..." She said. Without prompting, she swung her leg over Lea's lap and straddled her. "I've always wanted to be taken by a knight."

Before she could get a word in, Lea felt Serra mash her lips into her own, and in a moment felt the Elf's tongue push its way past her lips and penetrate her mouth. Immediately Lea experienced a wave of pleasure crash over her, spreading from her lips down to her damp pussy. Any reservations washed away with the wave as the proud knight moaned into the servant girl's mouth and eagerly reciprocated the kiss.

Lyanna broke from her own kiss to examine the prudish Queen's guard making out with Serra at the other end of the table. She smirked. All was going to plan. She suddenly felt Brenna press their stomachs together, and she sensed a slithering in the Elven girl's abdomen.

"Mmmhh..." Brenna moaned softly into Lyanna's ear. "Can I let him out already? All this acting has made me so horny..." The servant's belly distended unnaturally onto Lyanna's bare skin.

"Not yet." Lyanna whispered, though she felt equally ready to end the charade, such as it was by this point. For now, the two corrupted Elven women continued their passionate embrace, tongues tied in one another's mouths.

Lea felt her hands wrap around the hem of Serra's dress almost on their own. She was in such a state of passion she could scarcely think of little else than how she wanted to fuck this girl. Serra happily complied, pulling her white silk uniform up and over her head. Lea's gaze traveled up from the nude girl's smooth legs and snatch to her perky breasts, and finally her long blonde hair which covered her face. Serra brushed it aside to flash an uncharacteristically confident smile. "It is time, my lady, for YOU to service ME." She backed off of Lea's lap and sat on the table, spreading her legs wide. Lea gazed at the pussy of this supposed Elven girl and was utterly enticed. Under Serra's devious gaze, she dove straight in. She was immediately met with an even more amazing taste than before, not noticing that the maid's pussy juices she was licking up had a distinctly grey color.

As she moaned in pleasure, the creature inside Serra laughed at its accomplishment. Lea had felled many servants of the Dark Lord in battle with effortless skill. None could best her in combat, but now the knight was happily lapping up the juices of his servant and was completely oblivious and utterly helpless. "Oh yes." She breathed, feeling up her tits in each hand. She looked up to get an upside-down view of Brenna fingerblasting Lyanna. The wizard had pulled the cloth of her dress to the side to allow Brenna to access her slit, which trickled grey slime of its own. She looked down to see the sight of Serra being orally fucked and smiled.

"Having fun?" The Archmage said through pleasured sighs. She felt a warm, wet sensation touch her stomach, but now said nothing about the slug now poking out of the smirking Brenna's cunt.

"Fuck, I love being an Elf!" Serra exclaimed, rapidly approaching orgasm. She grasped the close-cropped hair of the paladin between her thighs, bringing her in even closer. The once prudish Lea, still enthusiastically going down on Serra, did not notice the creature making its way down under the maid's skin, nor did she see the thing pushing its way out of Lyanna's pussy as she came from Brenna's ministrations.

"Oh, shit... It's time!" Serra announced. She squeezed her thick thighs even tighter, giving Lea no chance to escape from what was coming. As she felt something travel down her vagina, she screamed out at the orgasm that shook her body. "RECEIVE HIS BLESSING!"

Lea was immediately surprised by the solid object emerging from the screaming Serra's slit. The maid's legs had her in a headlock, so she couldn't pull away as the slimy creature pushed into her mouth with surprising force. Before she knew it, the slick parasite was forcing its way down her gullet, and she was powerless to stop it.

Feeling the spawn fully exit her pussy, Serra released her surprisingly strong hold on Lea. The paladin fell to the marble floor with a metallic crash, the last of the slug's tentacle slurping into her mouth. Lyanna and Brenna, their own tentacles now extended out of their nethers, walked over to watch Lea grasp at her throat, the slug distending it as it traveled down into her body. Serra, still in the aftershocks of her own orgasm, sat up and looked down at her target as well. "That's it." The infected Archmage said. "Let it take your body, you Elven whore. Become a slut for the Dark Lord, like these bodies." At these words, the proud guard of the Elven Queen lost consciousness as her body shook and spasmed. Like the chef Ariadne had only a day earlier, the best defender of the Elven Kingdom grew still as the Dark Lord's servant finally wrested away control of her own body, grey goo leaking down the sides of her face.

"That... was so fucking hot." Serra breathed.

"Controlling these Elves is so much fun." Brenna added. The servant girl shoved her possessed lover back down onto the dining table. Serra squealed as her pussy was filled again from the opposite direction by Brenna's tentacle dick.

Lyanna watched on with pride at the sight of the two Elven women fucking. The thought of infecting all of the Elves and turning them into meat puppets for the Dark Lord made her very wet. Not that her pussy could have gotten any wetter of course, as there was currently a slug sticking out of it at the moment. She took her dainty hand and stroked it lovingly, licking the slime off her fingers. The Archmage Lyanna had spent decades hunting down the last traces of the Dark Lord's presence in the Elven Kingdom, and now her body was his puppet, spreading his influence hidden under the skins of the courtiers. Truly, this was his greatest plan.

As Brenna fucked Serra over the dining table and Lyanna stroked herself off, Lea arose. She sat up, her plate armor shifting with a crunch. She smiled as she looked at her hands as if for the first time, but soon frowned upon seeing the rest of her body. "Aww, this bitch isn't hot at all." She remarked with uncharacteristic profanity. "Why did you put me in her?"

The mage looked down at the paladin. Her hair was a mess and her chin was still wet with slime, which she ineptly attempted to clean up with her own tongue. "We need that 'bitch' to make sure we can get to the next step of our plan." Lyanna replied. "The Dark Lord gives us these bodies for a reason."

"He didn't give me this... thing." Lea said. "She did!" She pointed to the blonde girl being railed by the tentacled Brenna just above her. Serra opened her mouth to speak, but instead moaned loudly as her eyes went cross with another orgasm. Brenna came too, her thrusts becoming softer and slower as their copulation ceased. She wiped the sweat from her tan face and extracted her slug from Serra's cunt.

The Royal Archmage Lyanna gazed upon her confidants with satisfaction. It had taken less than a week and she had already converted a useful circle of allies. As she looked on the sultry maid Serra assisting Brenna in gently pushing a slug back into her pussy and the newly converted Queen's Guard wrapping her lips around the Archmage's tentacle dick, Lyanna knew her plan—the Dark Lord's plan—was well on its way.