Brooke stretched, yawning as she woke up. She glanced over to check the clock to make sure she wasn't late for her Master. She was still sore from the punishment she had had to take the day before, for being late with his dinner, and although usually she would be more than happy to give her Master a reason to punish her, she didn't want him to truly be angry with her.

She got up from her own, tiny bed that was nothing more than a nest of blankets. He had sent her there last night, to punish her even further by not being allowed to be anywhere near him over night. She had hated every minute of it, not being able to curl up even at the end of his bed, being nowhere near him to service him when he needed it.

She rushed upstairs, carefully pushing open her master's door to see him on his back, still asleep with his massive cock resting between his thighs. Even the sight of it had her squirming, wishing it was inside her, on her, anything.

She dropped to her hands and knees, crawling to the bed as her master had instructed her to do so often. She didn't want him to wake up and find she was taking liberties and walking on two legs like a person as opposed to a fucktoy.

Unable to wait any longer, Brooke crawled onto the bed and between her masters thighs. Taking his massive cock in her hand, she lowered her head, inhaling the delicious scent of his dick. She then stuck out her tongue and licked, shuddering at the taste. She hadn't had her nightly fucking and it was hard to not just engulf his dick in her mouth and suck, but that wasn't how master liked to be woken up. She had to earn his cum.

Slowly, with bolder strokes, she began to pump his member with her hand and engulf his dick in her mouth, sucking gradually harder, licking the sensitive underside. She then began to cup his hairy balls, loving the weight of them in her hand, the knowledge that her favourite food, drink and stuffing in the whole world was created there.

Suddenly, with no warning, her masters hands were in her hair. He tangled his fingers into her dark locks and jerked her head roughly, jerking her off his dick.

He smiled down at her through sleepy eyes.

"Good morning, slut." He yawned, shifting his hips slightly.

"Good morning, sir." She murmured back through slightly puffy lips.

He jerked her head slightly, chuckling as she winced in pain.

"What a greedy little cumslut you are," He mumbled, releasing one hand to trail a finger up and down her cheek. "Even now, you're resenting me holding you back from the treat you were denied yesterday for being a bad Cunt, aren't you?"

She shook her head vehemently, ignoring the pain.

"I just want to please you, sir." She promised, salivating at the taste of his dick that remained in her mouth.

"I know you do."

He gripped her hair tighter suddenly, shoving her face down again until it was level with his cock.

"Go on then, you dirty whore. Suck me, but no hands. Don't you dare touch me or you with your hands until I tell you, you can."

He didn't give her much of a choice. He pushed her mouth against his dick until it opened then instantly pressed down until she was gagging. He laughed as her eyes began to water.

"Bad sluts get choked on their master's dicks." He reminded her. "Go on then, you useless bimbo. Suck!"

She hastily began sucking, using her tongue to swipe his sensitive areas as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth like it was a pussy. His balls pressed again her chin, her nose frequently buried in his pubic hair. At moments, he would just hold her head down until she was sure she was going to run out of air.

Finally, his hands released her hair and he collapsed backwards, his hard dick still being suctioned in her mouth.

"Come on then," He finally muttered. "Get off me."

Brooke made a keening noise of disappointment but obediently backed off his now soaked dick. The area between her thighs was damp and hot and as she sat back she had to resist from squirming to try and release the tension.

He sat up on his forearms and watched her for a moment, clearly amused at her discomfort.

"Let's get breakfast, shall we?" He finally murmured, his eyebrows raised pointedly.

Brooke instantly smiled, sitting up straighter. She knew what that meant!

She scampered downstairs, her master right behind her, still wonderfully naked with his erect cock seeming to be directed at her no matter where she was in the room. She obediently began to bring out the breakfast ingredients, cooking up her master a hearty meal to start his day with. He sat down at the breakfast table, picking up the newspaper in one hand and lazily stroking his cock in the other to keep it primed.

When Brooke had finally created the feast she hurried over to him and set it in front of him, gazing down expectantly. He kept her in suspense for one moment as he finished the paper, then turned to look up at her with a small smile.

"Okay, whore, I think you've done enough to earn your breakfast." He finally said, gesturing. "Come get it."

Brooke dropped to her hands and knees instantly, crawling into the space underneath the table as her master dug into the food she'd prepared for him.

She placed a little kiss of thanks against the bobbing head initially before starting with vigour again, enveloping his cock in its warm, moist hole.

"Mmm." Her master murmured, clearly with food in his mouth as he ate. "You are clearly hungry, cum puppy!"

She hummed her agreement, knowing how much he liked the vibrations as she did so. He groaned as she did so, chuckling at her eagerness. She knew she could not touch him so she impaled her throat, choking herself and savouring every taste of his cock. She was gagging, saliva dripping out of her mouth and onto the kitchen floor.

Master's hand absentmindedly slipped down to rest on her head, setting the tempo as she glided back and forth of his dick, sometimes gagging her on it for a longer time then normal, sometimes slapping it against her cheek and mouth.

Finally, he groaned loudly, placing down his cutlery.

"Oh, yeah," He moaned, "That's right, you fucking little Slut. This is what you live for. Oh yeah, gag yourself on my cock, be a good little cum dumpster now."

She tried her best to please him, the saliva completely rushing out of the sides of her mouth as she desperately tried to swallow around him, the rolling of her mouth and throat pleasing him.

"Oh yeah, slut, here it comes.... Swallow all of it!" He bellowed, pushing back his cock until it was shoved just inside her lips.

A river of cum suddenly exploded in her mouth, salty, warm and delicious, creaming and covering Brooke's mouth and taste buds. She was overwhelmed at the taste, moaning as he then abruptly thrust his hips and shoved himself to the back of her throat, forcing her to choke on his cum as it went directly down her throat and into her belly. She valiantly continued to try and suck, but as he shoved towards the back of her throat, hoarsely chuckling at her struggle, some of the cum was forced out with her saliva and dropped onto the floor.

His hips continued to jerk at her, pushing the cum further and further as little ropes continued to spring until there was nothing else. He sighed a long, contented sigh for a moment before reluctantly withdrawing from her mouth.

He picked up his napkin to wipe his mouth from his breakfast, staring down on Brooke's freshly fucked face. It was then he noticed some of his precious cum on the floor. His face darkened.

"You useless whore." He growled. "I gift you with my cum, I give you all the breakfast you need, and you waste it by dropping some on the floor?!"

Brooke whimpered, shifting around and lowering her eyes.

"I'm so sorry master." She murmured desperately. "I didn't mean—"

"I don't want to hear your excuses!" He thundered, angered.

She flinched, waiting to see what her punishment would be. There was a horrible moment of silence, her wet pussy clenching desperately. It was a naughty pussy, to be so desperate to be stuffed and filled when she had angered her master.

Finally, he sighed and dropped his head back.

"I am not going to ruin today by having to punish you. That will only deprive me and I need my fucktoy tonight." He looked back down on her, still stern. "You will be punished, though. You have not got away with this."

Brooke nodded, tears welling in her eyes.

"I know, Master. I'm so sorry."

He closed his eyes again, regretful, before opening them again to stare down at his whore.

"Fine. Clean it."

She nodded eagerly, beginning to bend to the floor to eagerly lick up the cum that she would find there.


Shocked as the sudden slap, she jerked her head back up to stare at her master, holding her glowing cheek in one hand.

"Not that, you stupid Cunt. This," He gestured to his slimy dick, still wet from her mouth and his cum. "I can't go to work with it like this, can I?"

Brooke shook her head, embarrassed at her own stupidity. Master was right to leave her on the ground, kneeling in what she hadn't already swallowed.

"You can leave that there until its cold, then you can lick it up. Got it?" He continued furiously. "You must be have a small punishment now and that is it."

She nodded, hesitantly, unsure and not wanting to upset him again. She then leaned forward cautiously, taking his limp cock into her mouth and suckling it like a babe, cleaning any reminders of cum and swallowing them down like a good girl. He watched her sternly, waiting for her to have cleaned him up sufficiently, then he shoved away from the table. She pitched forward at the sudden movement but he didn't notice.

"Stay there." He ordered her abruptly.

Brooke nodded as he left the room. She could hear him rummaging around upstairs, getting ready to do his big, important job. She didn't know how long he left her there and she didn't care- when her master wasn't with her there wasn't much she cared about.

Finally, he re-entered the kitchen, his brief case in his hand and his tie done up sternly. His tight trousers highlighted his bulge.

He glanced at his watch impatiently, then back at her, still under the table.

"That should be enough time." He told her. "Go on, then. Lick it up like the worthless cum-wrag you are."

Cheeks flushing with embarrassment, she nodded and leaned her head down. She licked at the saliva, the cum cold and congealed like egg whites. She didn't hesitate. She licked and she licked and when it didn't seem to want to get into her mouth she sucked at the dirty floor. It was disgusting and her cunt grew wetter with each lick.

Finally, when it was definitely all gone, she sat back up and licked her lips, looking straight back at her master.

He cocked his eyebrow at her.

"What do you say, cumslut?"

She licked her lips again.

"Thank you, sir."

He nodded his approval.

"Come here." He clicked by his side. "On your hands and knees. Fucktoys don't walk unless their masters need them too, remember?"

She nodded, crawling towards him on her hands and knees like an animal.

"Don't sit." He warned as she drew closer to him.

She remained on her hands and knees, waiting.

He stared down at her, his face stern until she had to turn her face away in shame.

Then, unexpectedly, three thick fingers sank into her cunt. She let out a surprise yelp that quickly turned into a long, elongated moan as her Master began to pump her with his fingers, twisting them expertly.

Just as she was getting close, he stopped, chuckling as Brooke mewled in protest.

"Don't worry, cum puppy, you'll get what you need." He promised her, straightening and casually shoving his fingers into her mouth for her to suck and taste. "I need you to be a good girl and cum all over my cock tonight, several times."

She nodded, eagerly sucking at his pussy juice covered digits.

He nodded, almost to himself as he withdrew his fingers and straightened himself up.

"Yes, you'll need to cum several times." He repeated, turning towards the door. "It's the best way to breed you, I think."

She froze, staring after him wide-eyed. But he had already turned and left, leaving her to think about what was to come that evening.

To be continued.....