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We sat in the verandah chatting with Vivek's grandfather, the patriarch of his family. Now retired from the worries of running a large estate for several decades. He was clearly enjoying life as an older but virile widower with money & status.

Vivek said "dadaji, bahut badhai ho. Lagta hai Shanta apke bacchay ki maa bannay wali hai" ("Grandfather, congratulations. Looks like Shanta is going to bear you a child").

His grandfather smiled and replied "haan beta. Shanta ki coke mainay bharr di. Suna hai ki iski bahu Champa ki coke Subhash ne fir se bharr di hai. Abb sirf tumhari baari hai beta. Iski beti Malti ki coke bharr dena iss baar fir se. Pichli baar to baccha girwana padaa...par iss bar agar Malti ke andar baccha dalaa to andar hi rakhengay."

("Yes son. I have impregnated Shanta. I also heard that your dad Subhash has made Champa, Shanta's daughter-in-law, pregnant again. Now it's your turn remaining. You should definitely try to impregnate Shanta's daughter Malti while you are here. Last time when you knocked her up we had to get her an abortion, but this time around, if you get her pregnant, we will make sure it goes to the full term.")

Vivek laughed and said "Ji Dadaji. Pichle dus ghanton mein uski coke teen baar mainay bhari hai. Navin ne to uski gaand bhi faad di. Hum dono ne saath milkar usko thoka kal raat Dadaji. Aur aaj subah do baar mainay uski coke aur gaand bharri. Iss baar to America janay se pehelay zaroor iske andar baccha daalkar jaunga."

(Yes grandfather. In the past 10 hours I have filled her womb thrice. Navin tore open her ass and the two of us fucked her at the same time last night. This morning I filled her twice, once her womb and once her ass. This time, before I leave for America, I will definitely knock her up).

His grandfather seemed pleased. After some general chit-chat, Vivek asked about Asha, the woman we had seen him impaling when we had entered. Dadaji said that he had been eyeing her ever since she came to the house (about 3 weeks before) as wife of his gardener Murli's son, Mahesh. Mahesh had to take a job in Lucknow (capital city of Uttar Pradesh state) as a rickshaw driver and had left his new bride within 2-3 days of their marriage. Her voluptuous but demurely covered body and glimpses of her long, luscious black hair (which Dadaji had seen her combing in the garden outside the hut she shared with her in-laws) had aroused Dadaji's "interest" in her. Shanta had been having a difficult pregnancy and Dadaji had lost interest in Murli's wife Varsha (Asha's mother-in-law) a couple of years ago. The horny patriarch was on the hunt for a new pussy to plough and luck had delivered the right target directly to him. Dadaji had made his move on Asha 10 days ago. He had summoned Murli and Varsha and told them to bring Asha to his bedroom within 30 minutes. Neither of them was surprised by this request because Murli had witnessed first-hand (many times) his own wife being fucked by Dadaji. Varsha had been used by Dadaji regularly for over the past decade and had borne him 3 kids; Mahesh was her only child from her own husband. In fact when Dadaji stopped fucking her, she was greatly disappointed because she had enjoyed her time as Dadaji's concubine and the perks that went with it. She immediately volunteered to bring her daughter-in-law Asha to her master's bed and not only that, she remained in the bedroom as her former lover, her owner and master proceeded to rip apart the relatively innocent & inexperienced Asha who had only had 1-2 sexual experiences with her equally inept and inexperienced husband.

After that, Dadaji said that Asha had become addicted to his cock and came to him shamelessly, often and enthusiastically. He estimated that he had filled her womb 3-4 times a day since then and would not be surprised if she was already carrying his child in her womb. Asha, in fact, that gone as far as saying that she would never be with her husband again. Dadaji had planned to get Mahesh castrated the next time he came back to the village from Lucknow.

Dadaji then asked me about my family & upbringing and was happy to learn that I too shared his grandson's interests and came from a prominent family in Mumbai. He asked Vivek if arrangements had been made for my entertainment, besides Malti. Vivek said that we were planning to go "hunting" in the village. Dadaji laughed and said there was no need to waste time doing that.

He summoned Asha who happened to be passing by on her way to the kitchen. She was looking like a traditional conservative Indian village woman. Her head was covered by pallu of her sari and only flashes of skin were showing. Her hair was evidently tied up in a bun that remain covered. She came close to us and did "namaste". She was unsure what was going to happen.

Dadaji asked her "teri behen Sandhya gaon mein reheti hai na. Uski umar kya hai?" (Your sister lives in the village, right. What's her age?").

Asha replied "thakurji, woh pachees saal ki hai. Widhwa hai" (Master, she is 25 years old. She is a widow.)

Dadaji: "Bacchay hain? Akeli reheti hai kya?" (Does she have kids? Does she live alone?)

Asha: "Thakurji, bacchay nahi hain, par haan who akeli reheti hai. Bahut gareeb hai bechari" (Master, she does not have kids but lives alone. She is very poor).

Dadaji: "Haan yaad hai mujhay. Pichley haftay aayi thi thujay milne. Dekhne mein to mast hai. Aisa kar, tu ja usko yahan lekar aa. Ramu tujhay gaadi mein lekar jayega. Ye Navin hai, humaray potay ka khaas dost hai. America mein dono saath padtay hain. Yahan do haftay ke liye ayaa hai. Jab tak yahan hai, Sandhya inke saath rehegi. Samjhi tu mein kya bol raha hoon? Agar Sandhya inko khush rakhegi to enaam milega accha usko. Thakur khandaan ji izzat ka sawal hai...usko samjha dena."

(Go get your sister from the village. Ramu will take you in the car. This is Navin, my grandson's good friend. They study together in America. He is here for 2 weeks. Till he his here with us, Sandhya will remain with him. You understand what I am saying, right? If Sandhya keeps him happy, she will be rewarded well. It is a question of the honor our great family. Explain that to her.)

Asha was dumbstruck and stuttered something. Dadaji stood up from his chair and slapped her face hard twice in quick succession and told her to get going and stop wasting time.

Dadaji: "Saali randi haramzadi...ja jaldi aur lekar aa apni behan ko. Nakhre karti has kutti. Thakur khandaan ki izzat ka sawaal hai haramzadi chutmari raand. Ja jaldi."

(you fucking ungrateful whore, go quickly and bring you sister. How dare you make excuses bitch. This is a question of honor for our family you fucking whore bitch. Go quickly."

Needless to say, Asha needed no other prompting and quickly ran into the mansion. We heard the car start a few minutes later. Dadaji smiled and told me that I would enjoy Sandhya. He had seen her when she visited Asha at the mansion and she was very fuckable.

Even though it was only early afternoon, Dadaji said that this called for a celebratory drink. He shouted out to Shanta to bring the drinks cart, which she did within minutes. When she came to us with it, he instructed her to make some special snacks and lay out the lunch. Before she could leave us he grabbed her bulging tits and squeezed them over her blouse as she bent close to give him his drink. Then he grabbed her bun and yanked it open, letting her butt length hair down. Smacking her ass hard, he told her that Vivek was knocking up her daughter Malti and to be prepared to be a mother and grandmother at almost the same time!

More to follow about my time with Sandhya...