"Come on Rishi, a girl has needs you know." Pleaded Manpreet Sharma as she withdrew her husbands penis from between her lips and tried in vain to try to coax the limp organ into some kind of erection.

"It's been months, and nothing, am I so repulsive?" She continued.

Her husband Rishi lay there willing with all his might for some reaction in his groin, but nothing ever happened. He had always been very virile, three children would testify to that, and neither of his wives would deny he was an adequate lover. But for the last few months he had become completely impotent.

Manpreet was a doctor, and had prescribed medication to try to alleviate the situation, but to no avail. Nothing worked.

Rishi sighed, turned over and said, "sorry my darling, but there is nothing there," and quickly fell asleep.

Manpreet, a woman in her early fifties, could not imagine a life without sex, which had always been important to her. What do do, she thought to herself, as her hand slid between her legs and her fingers found her wetness.

She drifted off to sleep and was soon dreaming. The theme of the dream was her step daughter Priya, a beautiful half Indian girl.

In the dream Priya was making love with her boyfriend Al, when she cast him aside and held out her arms, beckoning Manpreet to her. As she approached, Priya cupped her breasts and offered them to her. As her tongue touched the erect nipple she awoke with a jolt and sat up, covered in sweat.

She hadn't had any lesbian thoughts since a very brief encounter with another student while in medical school in India. Now thoughts of her step daughter were flooding her mind.

Recently her younger sister Meena, from whom she had been estranged for many years after Meena had an affair with Manpreet's husband, had recently moved to Emmerdale and moved into the house with them.

A few nights later Manpreet again failed to raise Rishi and was desperate. She got out of the bed and required the bathroom.

On her return she past Meena's room and heard sounds of sexual activity and a female voice in the throws of sexual ecstasy.

She wondered if Meena had secreted a man into the house. lucky bitch she said to herself. Then pushed her ear to the door and was astonished to hear a familiar voice, it was Priya.

Manpreet momentarily wondered why Priya was doing in Meena's room. Then it dawned on her that it wasn't a man with her sister, it was her husbands daughter.

She was in a quandary, did she burst in and confront them or let them just get on with it. Then a third option sprang to mind, she could join them.

Opening the door a little, Manpreet was both shocked and instantly turned on. Priya was sucking on her sisters breasts with her fingers furiously working in her pussy.

As Meena orgasmed, the two collapsed in each other's arms.

It was now or never for Manpreet.

She decided, and entered the room.

The two naked females in the bed looked up at the figure silhouetted in the doorway.

Dropping her robe to the floor, Manpreet stood naked before them and said.

"Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?"

Taken aback at first ,the two in the bed said in unison, "you are more than welcome to join us."

Manpreet walked slowly to the bed then crawled in between her sister and stepdaughter.

Priya placed her lips on those of her stepmother and felt the soft silky tongue of the older lady respond. They kissed, long and deep kisses, tongues exploring and Manpreet experiencing sensual contact with another for the first time in an age.

Meena watched on as her sister and her stepdaughter kissed, eagerly wanting to join in, but with the moral dilemma of engaging intimately with her own sister.

After a minute or so, she was so turned on, her libido out of control, she lowered her head and began to lick the erect nipple of her sister.

"Oh That is so nice, so sexy, so wrong, but who gives a fuck." Said Manpreet as her sister took the brown nipple between her lips and let her hand slip across to the other breast and began tweaking the nipple.

Slowly Meena's hand slid from the breast and slowly made its way down her sisters body. The fingers combed through the thick patch of black pubic hair and found Manpreet's wetness.

As Meena's fingers began their work, Manpreet's mouth detached momentarily from Priya's and she simply said, "oh my god, don't stop, don't stop," before reattaching her lips to her stepdaughters.

Quickly Manpreet experienced her first orgasm for months and as the three rearranged their positions, Meena placed her fingers, slippery and wet with her own juices between Manpreet's lips.

"Eat me," commanded Priya as she lay on her back and spread her long slender legs.

Although she had never performed oral sex on another woman, Manpreet didn't hesitate in placing herself between her stepdaughters legs and began to lap hungrily at the still soaking pussy.

Meena, just beaten by her sister to the prize between Priya's legs, settled for the second best, Priya's sumptuous breasts with the hard, erect brown nipples, which she began to nip between her teeth, which combined with the attention her sister was giving her pussy, brought a very intense orgasm from Priya.

"Wow, I didn't think I had another one of those in me after the sex with Meena," said a breathless Priya as she welcomed Manpreet from between her legs and into her arms.

Manpreet silenced her by applying her lips to those of her stepdaughters and at the kiss is intensified by the insertion of fingers into Priya's already soaking pussy.

Meena, enjoying the show lay at the bottom of the bed watching her sister and Priya kiss while her fingers pleasured her own pussy.

"Now it's my turn, eat my pussy Priya." Said Manpreet as she readjusted her position and spread her legs. Priya moved down and saw the dark pussy lips glistening with juice and when Manpreet used her fingers to spread then, the deep pink interior of her stepmother drew her like a magnet towards them. She eased her face forward, put out her tongue and began to lick.

As Priya continued to lick feverishly at Manpreet's pussy, Meena raised Priya's backside and began to lick around, first of all the pussy and then the puckered butt hole, her tongue expertly finding the sensitive nerves around the anus, and sending Priya to new sexual places.

As Priya orgasmed, she rolled away from Manpreet. The task of pussy licking the older woman was not ignored for long, as Meena overcome with lust and completely forgetting the object of her desire was her own sister began to slide her tongue down and around the now extremely moist lips and then plunged it deep inside like a mini penis.

As Meena's expert cunnilingus was producing multiple orgasms in her sister, Priya was assisting by licking and biting Manpreet's extended nipple and alternating this with deep and tongue penetrating kisses.

As Manpreet relaxes, Priya and Meena kiss, while both have fingers simultaneously working in Manpreet's pussy, coaxing out yet another climax.

As Priya relaxes, the other two women adjust their bodies so that they scissor each other and slowly begin to grind their pussies together. While Meena has experienced this on many occasions, it is another new twist on lesbian sex to her sister.

The sisters kiss, then Meena pushes Manpreet over onto her back and climbs on top in the sixty-nine position and immediately begins to lick her sisters pussy from above.

Manpreet has sucked a few cocks in this position while her pussy was being eaten, but the sight of her sisters soaking wet pussy is new to her. She doesn't hesitate and plunges her tongue as deep inside the pink inner walls as it will reach.

Meena was loving both the taste of her sisters pussy juices and the incredible feeling of the same sisters tongue doing incredible things in her own. Then her excitement was intensified as Priya began to firstly kiss the smooth skin of her arse, then found her butt hole with her probing tongue. She came, long and hard and flooding her sisters face and mouth with a copious amount of pussy juice.

The three lay panting on the bed, exhausted from the intensity of the sex.

Rishi, stood at the partly open door and having observed for the last twenty minutes, didn't have a problem with raising an erection, just the problem of how to get rid of it.