Emma's head was off the bed, her hair in a tight, gleaming ponytail trailing down to the floor, sucking on her brother's hard cock as he aggressively fucked her mouth. Her ample, supple breasts jiggled with each thrust and heaved with each raspy breath she took. Her legs were spread wide, with each ankle cuffed to the corresponding wrist. All her holes were easily accessible to her brother, and she would not have had it any other way.

James loved dominating his beautiful, younger sister as much as she loved subjugating herself to his whims. Neither of them much enjoyed flogging or anything of the kind, but the mixture of pain and pleasure from contorting her lithe young form and testing the limits of her flexibility, yes, God, yes.

As he thrust into her tender mouth, he extended his arm forward, pressing the vibrator against her soaking-wet, willing pussy. Her eyes opened like moons, and he could see her abdomen ripple as the orgasm hit. He loved nothing more than taking control of his precious, tiny Princess and pleasing her, endlessly testing the limits of her endurance.

Removing the vibrator from her inflamed slit, he placed it on the bed and firmly took her head in both hands. He thrust harder, whispering that he would soon cum, and to be ready to swallow every drop. Midway through the fifth thrust after his warning, he erupted warm, salty semen spewing into her warm, willing mouth. She sucked on his member energetically, desperate to secure every drop to please him.

He gently maneuvered her head back onto the bed, arranging her head so that it rested on soft, fluffy pillows.

He lovingly stroked her cheek, and brushed some stray hair away from her eyes, and sighed with contentment. "Well, Emma," he whispered, "this is the last time in this house. We're starting our new life together tomorrow."

She smiled at him. This was the only home they had ever known, but they would need to relocate somewhere no one knew them if they were to continue their relationship. They'd mutually agreed it would be best for her to attend college as planned a thousand miles away. He would join her and continue to take care of her but had arranged for a new fake identity to conceal their secrets. They were both excited to embark on this new adventure.

He released the bonds securing her wrists and ankles so she could relax. She stretched lewdly on the bed as he reclined next to her. He gazed at her lovingly, thinking back. Just a few short months ago, she'd been the bane of his existence, testing his patience at every turn, undermining his relationships. That had changed one night after a particularly heated row between them. Something within her had snapped, and she'd realized she was acting out to gain his attention and push those other women away. James had tried briefly, half-heartedly, and totally unsuccessfully to resist her.

The past two months had transformed her. She'd returned to being the angelic younger sister he'd always known - everywhere but their bedroom. In their bedroom, she was his totally obedient slave, ready, willing, and eager to do his bidding.

He gently ran his hands over her stomach and breasts, stopping at her nipples to pinch and tease their hardness. He kissed her gently, "I love you, Emma." And he did. He was every bit her slave as she was his. Each act of dominance, each act of sexual control, was to elicit and heighten her pleasure. He thought of their dead parents watching the scene, and obscene guilt washed over him, as he was certain they'd be ashamed of their children, but he pushed that aside. It was unorthodox and probably immoral, but neither of them had ever experienced love as they shared. On that basis alone, he justified his moral failings and knew he would meet his maker with a clear conscience.

Over the past two months, they had explored every fantasy they'd both ever had, from plain vanilla to the considerably more extreme. Except none of it was plain vanilla, as they were both bound, pardon the pun, and determined to mine every ounce of pleasure to be had from fucking Emma to within inches of her life on an almost daily basis.

"James... Daddy, I have to pee," she said and scurried to the bathroom down the hall. She returned a few moments later, naked and holding a cigarette in her lips and a lighter in her right hand.

She didn't have a chance to light it and knew she wouldn't. She smiled as he sternly ordered her to get on her hands and knees on the floor. She knew what was next. She always knew this was her favorite game. "I'm sorry, Daddy. I know I shouldn't smoke. Punish me."

He approached her with mock anger, took the cigarette, snapping it in half. He knelt behind her, kissed her cheek and shoulder blades, and slowly entered her puckered anus. They both knew that if she'd asked, he would have eagerly complied with her request. But, they also knew that doing it this way hit both their kinks in ways that a more straightforward approach never could.

Emma wondered briefly as to why they were both wired that way, but the thought swiftly left her head as she relaxed, determined to enjoy the anal fucking she was about to receive. She squealed with delight as he made his entrance, pressing against her tight, puckered, willing, yet resistant hole. As he drew slowly in and out, his hands wandered and found her taut nipples. James loved fucking his sister, and he loved treating her nipples with rough adoration as he did so, even more.

He buried himself in her to the hilt and then drew back, thrusting forcefully in and out of her tiny, tight little anus. James wasn't overly well-endowed, but he was a tall man, and his sister was tiny. Had his dick been any larger, he might have split her in two. This was a fate that Emma would likely have gladly explored, but while he loved controlling her and dominating her, he would never dream of hurting her in any way that she didn't find pleasurable.

They fell into a familiar, steady rhythm, which they both enjoyed. Emma imagined that James was a pirate taking her roughly against her will and quickly came. James followed soon after, spurting his hot seed deep into her anal cavity. He pulled out with a soft, wet plop, and a little cream drizzled out of her winking hole.

"Thank you, James. I never get tired of that game," she purred. He scooped her up, arranged her comfortably on the bed, and got in, pulling her tightly to him.

"The movers will be here tomorrow," he reminded her. "I'll just have to move this cum-stained mattress out to the curb for the trash, and then it's off to college, Princess."

She sighed, pressing back against him, wrapped in his strong, muscular arms.

"Do you think those college boys will steal you away from me, Princess?" he asked with mock concern.

"Never, Daddy. James. How could you think such a thing?" and whirled to face him, "How could you think such a thing?" she repeated.

She stopped when she saw his teasing grin and punched him lightly, realizing that her older brother and lover was playing with her. She wiggled closer to him, her breasts pressing against his chest, and sighed with deep satisfaction. This was everything she'd ever wanted, and wouldn't trade him for anything or anyone.