The pounding of my heartbeat fills my ears and I gasp, it seems that every single time I get to this point I cannot continue or someone disrupts me. With sweat dripping down my spine and my hand shaking slightly from the buzzing of the dildo, and from my excitement, I am almost there. Breathing in faster to suck in much needed oxygen, I feel my flesh ripple with the knowledge that today, I would finally be getting the long held off orgasm I have needed.

Of course the battery in the dildo would die right now.

Howling my misery, I got off the bed and chucked the dildo down the hallway to the living room past my unsuspecting cat and groaned. It always was something. I could never get off alone. I always required the help of a warm body next to me to get to the next level. Every time I would almost hit the mark, something, would always stop me in my tracks.

Walking down the cool hallway while putting my robe on, I grabbed the dildo that had turned into a plunger on the window from the suction cup on the base of it. Next door in the apartment over, I saw the curtains in the doorway flutter in motion from the breeze. Inside the apartment a man and woman were arguing. I couldn't hear anything over here to what was being said, but she was moving her suitcase to the door and he was partially dressed and pointing at the door. Before the scene could evolve, she opened the door and left the room.

At this point, I'm sure I would be considered a Dirty Peeping Tom if I were male, but as a female, I just hid myself behind my thick curtains and watched the gentleman tumble down onto his unmade bed. His hands curled through his light hair, and the undone button of his jeans poked a little farther out. Almost as if his cock were pressing it out while it begged for release. The man was shirtless. HIs abdominals weren't super deep cut, but definitely lean and he obviously spent time working out weekly. With no shirt, the light feather dusting of whitish blonde chest hair shined in the sunlight, but darkened as it went closer to his jean button.

I sigh. Why did all the gorgeous guys have to live next door? The new neighbor in my apartment floor, the downstairs landlord. and now this dude across the alley in the building across the way. A girl had no help and no ability to have an orgasm since BOB was out of commission until I bought more double A batteries.

I look out the curtain side again. The man had stripped his jeans off and was looking like he was taking more clothes off and he really did have an impressive erection going on. Either the couple had just tried getting freaky, or she wasn't having it. I snort. The way this man looked if he asked me to bend over and spread my legs, I would happily do so. He turned his back to me, and bent over to stepped out of the jean legs. His. Ass. Was. Beautiful. Bubble butts do it for me. With that, he grabbed the jeans and tossed them out of view of my vision, and sprawled out on his bed. The pillows framed his back and his shoulders, he was facing partially in my direction, but mainly he was focused on taking care of his prominent erection. With the dark grey boxer briefs, he dipped his hand into the briefs and pulled his cock out.

The dark red tip with blood vessels popping was what told me that, maybe instead of using the batteries in the dildo, I would just have to work harder and get off with the fantasy of this man's penis in me. I decide to go for it. He's grabbed lube and is stroking slowly up and down his shaft, and I grabbed the dildo, sit down on the futon near the window and prop my feet up onto the ledge. Sucking on the dildo to reactivate the liquid lube, I start to roll my clit and turn to look at the guy across the way.

Unfortunately, with the set up of my legs on the window, I had unknowingly opened my curtains to allow him to view in on me. His cock was still out but he had stopped stroking and was watching with one eyebrow up in disbelief. Since I had just got going again, I grabbed the dildo and wiggled it and shrugged my shoulders. I could be embarrassed or I could try to rock this out and see if watching him masturbate to me would get me finally OFF. He looked down at my hand and then nodded in question. Looking at the ledge, I realized he wouldn't be able to see anything from the angle he was at. If I slide the futon forward more, and opened the window a bit to allow my toes to dangle, he would be able to watch while I fucked my cunt with the dildo.

Plan in action, I moved forward until he got an open show of my pussy and my hand rolling around my clitoris. He licked his lips and then started stroking his cock a little faster. The organ had gotten thicker and turned into a dark purple tone. My cunt dripped and I slowly inserted my dildo into myself while watching his hand stroke himself. Biting my lip I looked up at his face.

Sweat had gathered on his forehead and he was watching me slowly fuck my dildo into my cunt. I stopped playing with my clit and licked my finger slowly sliding it behind my hips and started to play with my asshole. His hand jerked and he started jerking faster. I pumped the dildo into my cunny faster, letting the liquid of my cunt slide onto my finger fucking my asshole. I looked to the ceiling for a moment to remind myself to breathe, to look up and not find the man standing at the window anymore. Disappointment flashed through me. I finally get help without having to rely on batteries and he vanished. Sighing, I stood up to look out the window one more time before closing the curtains to find him standing there with a note pad.

"Meet in person in five minutes? I can meet you if you'd like?" He had his jeans partially on over his hips but the buttons still undone. I set the dildo down and did the "One moment" sign with my finger.

Walking over to my dining table, I grabbed one of my work notepads and pen, and walked back to the window scribbling the whole way. After getting there I held the notepad to the window and stepped up to see his reaction to my note. He broke out into a shining smile. and nodded while closing his windows and curtains. I stepped back and set the notepad on the table writing up.

"Only if you promise to help me any way necessary to cum. Apartment B3 - Therese".