Apologies if you don't like watersports, only a few of my stories involve yellow fun (which I enjoy). And this is one of them.

When we first moved back to the UK from France, we started drinking in a gay bar in town, or at least the one bar in town owned and run by gay guys and with a majority gay clientele. We'd often have an early evening pint before dinner. One of the barmen was a cheeky but likeable guy about the same age as ourselves, very slightly overweight and a little camp but fun all the same and not someone I had ever thought of in a sexual way. He had worked in pubs for almost 25 years and remembered us from the gay bar in a neighbouring town from about 20 years previously when we were all in our mid twenties. To be honest, we didn't remember him but politely said that we did.

He had a complicated private life, an older husband and a younger lover on the side apparently which nobody knew about he said, but as we were simply customers or vague acquaintances then if he confided about his lover with us, you can be sure the whole town knew.

I like some wet fun but as far as I am aware, only Dave my partner knows that and has very occasionally indulged me, he has generally been quite happy for me to take quite a long time in the toilets when we visit sex clubs together and never asks questions, I sometimes return and find him otherwise engaged, albeit in a very vanilla kind of way. We generally play together. Not now having much access to the backroom bars of London or continental Europe, opportunities are pretty rare sadly.

I found a "classified ads" website to arrange the sale of some furniture when we moved as well as a removal man and van and noticed it had a section for hook ups. Having set up an account for messages with the removal man, plus having an account for the sale of a couple of antique pine boxes we no longer have room for... well, curiosity got the better of me and just before the pandemic I placed an ad saying how I was always thirsty but had restricted availability and travel issues, couldn't accommodate but was decent looking and wanted the same with a clean cock I could drink dry. I had even changed my profile and user name.

I received 2 replies, one from a guy who was in to heavier things than myself and another from someone who lived about 10 minutes on foot from our place. We both exchanged pictures, mine of myself in speedos and from the neck down and Mr Wet (the name he went by) also from the neck down wearing nothing at all. It wasn't the best photo but he was smooth all over which I like and had a small, uncut and unerect penis so I decided to see if he was up for meeting. I expected it just to be a timewasting exercise but he gave me a couple of options of what might be times we could meet and we settled on a Sunday afternoon. I knew Dave would be working and Mr Wet sent me his address which I looked up.

Sunday eventually came around and I had my usual late morning swim and then lunch. At ten minutes before the arranged time I set off nervously and excitedly to the address wearing some shorts and trainers plus an old tshirt. Under my shorts I wore a yellow and red jockstrap and my cockring and took a fresh bottle of poppers in case either of us fancied a hit. The shorts weren't too tight as I had to walk there looking half respectable and were loose enough to not draw attention to my bulge. The address was an enclosed block of flats near the market, and I rang the buzzer. I was let in to the complex and climbed to the first floor before knocking at the door.

A shock for me! It was Roger who answered. We both looked at each other, speechless, for what was only a few seconds in reality but felt like an eternity. I was glued to the spot, my excitement instantly replaced by a whole new set of emotions including embarrassment and my mind raced about trying to get out of the situation. I think Roger was experiencing something similar and then he finally spoke.

"Are you coming in?"

I nodded and followed him in to the living room. Worse was to come. His husband, who I had never previously met, was there. I hadn't bargained for this, nor did I find him attractive at all, and was racking my brains for a reason to leave without seeming rude, when he excused himself and left. Roger immediately explained they have some kind of arrangement and invited me to sit which I did, again not sure how long under the circumstances I would be stopping. He went to the kitchen and returned with 2 large glasses of lemonade. It really isn't often I am lost for words but I wasn't sure what to say. I haven't known Roger be short of words either and he wasn't, at least not for long, explaining a little more about the openness of the relationship. The husband was fine with it as long as he was aware what was going on and where, that the sex was safe and that it only involved things they didn't do together.

I nodded, bewildered, before finally managing to string a few sentences together as well as explaining my initial shock. We smiled at each other and I wasn't sure whether to make my polite excuses now and leave, I really didn't want things to be awkward.

Roger disappeared without saying anything else but as it was only a small one bedroom council flat, I guessed he'd gone for a pee. He shouted my name and I curiously went to see which of the 2 rooms down the hallway he was in. I peered in the bedroom and it was empty. The bed had been made and the curtains were closed but he wasn't there.

I entered the bathroom, a much brighter room, no curtain at the frosted glass and the light was on, the walls were white tiles and the flooring was a man made, single fitted piece. Wipeable and waterproof. Roger stood there. Naked. His clothes in a pile next to him on the floor. Just as he appeared in the photo he had sent me although paler and slightly slimmer, his cute little dick not hard but completely shaved and no hair on the rest of his body.

"I wasn't sure if you were stopping," he said.

"Well it looks like I am now," I said and dropped my shorts.

I got straight down on my knees, not sure what we might exactly be doing, after all our message exchange beforehand has been pretty brief and to the point. I got the poppers out of the pocket of my shorts on the floor next to where I was kneeling and put them on the sink, then edged forward and took Roger's flaccid cock in my mouth and sucked gently, using one hand to pull back the foreskin so i could get a good taste of his clean head. The very slightest taste of soap or shower gel. Then I eased off keeping just enough suction to stop the cock from slipping out of my mouth. I carrssed his smooth torso, running my hands as far as I could without stretching, almost to his shoulders and then back down, tweaking his nipples. I brought a hand down and caressed his shaven scrotum, fondling his balls. It didn't concern me that he hadn't expanded, I know how hard it is to piss with even a semi-hard on, and I sucked very gently and stroked downwards on his ball sack.

The first few drops arrived and I murmured approvingly. I reached for the poppers and took a hit, my own cock immediately swelling. And then he started to flow. I waited until I had half a mouthful before swallowing and then he replenished me. I swallowed again and he stopped.

"Taste good?" he asked.

"Mmmmmm" was about as much as I could manage with my mouth round his dick. He let me have more, another 2 half mouths full. The second one I didn't swallow. I stood up and looked him straight in his eyes, smiling. I leaned in to see if he was up for me kissing it back to him, something I love doing and having done to me. The fact that he put a hand behind my head and pulled me in, opening his mouth and allowing some transfer back to him only made my own cock harden even more. He cupped my naked buttocks too.

At first I was a little disappointed he stayed unerect but I decided he was enjoying himself, boner or no boner, and I got back on my knees.

"Here comes some more," he said, this time not stopping the flow, and I was gulping it down as fast as I could and struggling to keep up but didn't really want to waste any. Plus, and this sounds a bit prissy but is true, I only like drinking it, I don't really get off being pissed all over.

It tasted great, he had clearly drunk a decent amount of water or lemonade before I had arrived (and possibly allowed himself a little pee to flush out the stronger tasting stuff). You can't beat a bit of council house chardonnay.

I stood up again for some more mouth action and let his tongue in my mouth find and taste the last drops of his own liquid. As I started to kneel down, still as horny and hard as hell with my own knob straining in my jock, he told me his husband said it was cheating if he came off with other guys. Just before I pulled his cute little dick in my mouth, I looked back up at him.

"Well I won't tell."

I sucked slowly and methodically until his cock hardened, it seemed to grow slowly and evenly, and although short when fully erect- about 5 inches- it was incredibly fat. I took my mouth off it, held it in one hand and teased back the foreskin again over his bell end before giving the head a good working over with my tongue and getting a lick of the first drop of precum that appeared.

We both took a second hit of amyl before I sucked on his nutsack and then I returned my attention to his meat, taking the fat shaft all the way in my mouth. Although it reached the back, it wasn't too long to cause me to gag and so I let him slowly face fuck me. I received a second, larger and stronger taste of precum and allowed it to linger in my mouth a while before resuming the swallowing. I stroked his smooth taint at the back of his scrotum, applying some pressure and hoping to tease and milk out any precum building within him, my efforts were soon rewarded. I increased the speed of his cock going from the front of my mouth to the back, pausing every few strokes to squeeze his shaft and to worship his knob end and piss slit. The sound of my slurping just made me dirtier and hornier and the last time I finished tonguing his head, I held it in my mouth and wanked his rod methodically until his breathing became deeper and faster, letting me know what was about to cum. As the first spurt entered my moth, I switched my wanking hand to tug at his balls and moved my mouth a couple of inches down his cock so his jizz spurted over the taste buds at the middle and back of my tongue before swallowing and I continued until the pumping stopped and the hardness eased. I licked every last drop from his slit before I stood up, kissing him again but with only a slight trace of his semen left in my mouth to let him know how good he had tasted.

He smiled at me cheekily as I dressed, I hadn't asked him to do anything sexual to me as what I had was reward enough and certainly made me horny enough for a good arse fucking from Dave when he arrived home that evening.

I- or rather we- have only seen Roger once since, when we were enjoying a walk during the first lockdown. I did say we might see more of him when this sodding pandemic is past. And maybe have a drink together...