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My husband left me in the lurch when our son was five and I have raised him on my own since then. At about ten he decided that I should call him Jimmy instead of James and I, of course, honored his manly demand.

His father was a piece of crap husband, but he was great in bed. It felt wonderful the way he opened me up when he entered my lovechannel. He could last almost as long as he wanted, and he always brought me to at least two big orgasms before filling me with a big load of his sauce.

One day, out of the blue, he calmly announced that he was up and leaving me for his new,hot, younger girlfriend by the unlikely name of 'Cassandrabee Wilson'. He was gone that night.

James...excuse me...Jimmy is nineteen now and has become a very attractive young man if I say so myself. One day I overheard him and a couple of his friends talking about a "wide open" neighborhood New Year's party that they were invited to. It was going to be a full costume party and there would be guys and gals there their age and also in their thirties and probably even older. I heard his best friend Ron say that there was going to be some great pussy at the party, and it would be easy to get all you want. He said that he knew that Mrs. Smith was going to be there, and he guessed that she was probably looking forward to having Jimmy fuck the shit out of her again with his big cock. I started to get wet between my legs listening to Ron and picturing my boy pounding the pussy of his History teacher from his senior year in High School. I didn't know if that was true or not, but, if so, I wondered how many times they had fucked and if they had done it at school. He did come home late every so often.

I couldn't get the New Year's party out of my mind and the thought of my handsome son being there to get laid "as many times as he could". What kind of mother would I be if I was not right there to help in such an important undertaking? Now, I have not been celibate since Gray left me. I have had more than my share of friends with benefits and some one-night hookups with relative strangers but nothing serious or long-lasting. Many times, especially while fingering myself in bed, I had thought about my son and if he would be as good a fuck as his father was. Sometimes, my fantasy envisioned his cock down the throat of a young gal and sometimes it was with his prick up the ass of a woman my age. But he is my son and I never acted on my thoughts even though sometimes he would tell me what a great body I have and how sexy I look! What could possibly turn a woman on more than to hear her own son that while looking in her eyes??

As December 31st approached, I found myself more and more picturing my son screwing all sorts of cunts. I became outrageously jealous. Damn it, the only pussy Jimmy needs is his loving mother's. Sometimes in my thoughts, I was the one with my legs wrapped around my son and enjoying his cock plunging in and out of my dripping wet cunt. I tried to shake the thoughts, but they would not go away. Then I remembered that it was going to be a full costume party. I could dress up and go and nobody would know that it was me. I might be able to see Jimmy naked or even fucking some lucky lady. Or maybe, he would even...ohh...don't be a dreamer!

I went to the adult store and bought a white and blue Little Bo Peep costume with a very short skirt and front buttoning blouse. I bought a wig with curly braids, a pair of bright red crotchless panties and matching pink pantyhose, and a shelf bra so my nipples would be easily visible. I selected a mask that covered my face to below my nose. Basically, I tried to hide anything that my boy would recognize as his mommy, and I figured he was not likely to recognize my nipples that he had not seen since he was 2 years old. Assuming he had never peeped in a keyhole. I was going to get to watch Jimmy in action and maybe find someone for myself.

New Year's Eve finally arrived. Jimmy was dressed as The Joker from Batman. I went to a very large house about a half-hour after Jimmy. Over the door was a sign in gothic script reading "CUMALOT". I was in my costume and nobody even asked me if I was invited. I just walked right in. There was loud music and dancing and a lot of beer bottles being raised. There must have been thirty or so people there and only about a third of them were females. I sat in a chair in the corner to scope out what was happening. Two men looking to be in their 40s asked me to dance but I told them not right now, maybe later.

Within a matter of minutes, I saw the action starting to heat up. One busty young woman was dancing topless. Over in one corner of the room, a girl in her early 20's was on her knees sucking the cock of a guy about her age. There was a lot of kissing and groping going on, including a pair of older women who were necking on the couch next to me. I watched one older man leading a much younger girl down a hallway, apparently to the bedrooms. My son was dancing, and a girl dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, but without the little red skirt, was rubbing her exposed thighs all over his crotch as he held her by the ass.

Suddenly, a young man probably, in his later twenties came up to me, told me his name was Frank and said that this was his parent's house and that he had never seen me at one of their parties before, but that he was very happy that I had come and that he hoped I would cum a lot. Then he dropped to his knees in front of me, lifted my skirt and pressed his face to my exposed crotch. He licked my clit and tongue-fucked me until I held his head tight to me and gushed girl cum all over his face while moaning loud enough that people looked over at us. "There, that'll get you loosened up. Now relax and enjoy the party."

I sat there breathing hard with my legs still spread widely. One young lady came over and asked me if I would like to go to one of the bedrooms with her. I thanked her but said no. A few minutes later, Jimmy's friend Ron came over and sat next to me without the slightest sign of recognizing me. He had brought me a beer. He put his arm around me and gave one of my breasts a tight squeeze. "I notice that you have spent a lot of time checking out my friend Jimmy. Would you like to meet him? He's really a nice guy and he likes both young girls and more mature women. " I paused for a minute to recall the disguised voice I had been practicing and then said that I would like that. Will left and went over to talk to Jimmy. Jimmy walked over to me right away. "Hi, I'm Jimmy. May I join you? What's your name?" In my disguised voice, I made up the name Sarah. Jimmy sat next to me. "You're a very pretty lady and I like your costume. I'm glad you came to the party." Then he leaned over and gave me a long hard kiss on the lips while sliding his hand up my thigh under my short skirt. I instinctively almost pulled away but then realized that this was the very chance I had been fantasizing about and returned his kiss and spread my legs. For the first time ever, my son's hand touched me through the slit in my crotch. It sent an electric tingle through my entire body. I moaned and pushed my pussy against his hand.

Jimmy held my hand and stood up. I stood with him. Not saying a word, he led me down the hall to one of the bedrooms. We went into the room and stood there and kissed. His hands smoothly opened my blouse, and he moved his kisses to my exposed nipples. The bra hooked in the front. I unhooked it and it separated. "Very nice", was all he said before he had as much of one of my tits that he could fit in his mouth. My blouse and bra fell to the floor. He reached behind me and undid my skirt and it joined my other things. Now all I had on was my crotchless panties and my pink stockings. Would he recognize me if he had some time or another keyholed me while I was getting out of the shower? My son gently pushed me against the edge of the bed, and I dropped down on my back with my legs spread. I felt that my ass cheek was lying in a puddle of cold cum but I didn't say or do anything.

Jimmy stripped out of his costume. He had come to the party commando. I got my first good look at his cock since he was in diapers. It was not quite fully hard. It was beautiful, amazing, spectacular. He was thick like his father and maybe an inch longer. He got on the bed, on his knees, next to my face, "It helps to get it really hard if you suck it." Then he touched his cockhead to my lips and my mouth flew open and my head moved forward taking my son's manhood into my mouth. He put one hand behind my head and gently started fucking his mother's mouth. He went deeper and deeper till he touched the back of my throat and I gagged. His prick was now like a long steel rod and my lips were stretched to fit around it. "I like older women because they are so much more experienced and know just the right way to do things. That feels great, Sarah."

Then Jimmy moved us around so that he and I were in the sixty-nine position with me on top. He buried his face in my quim. I had freshly shaved that day just in case I was to get together with someone at the party. I admired his beautiful thick pecker for a minute and then attacked it. I took it as deep as I could, kept my lips tightly pressed around it and sucked till my cheeks pulled in as I bobbed up and down the length of it. I very much wanted to taste a mouthful of his man seed. Jimmy lasted and lasted and made me come twice but I still had not drawn out his nectar.

Jimmy lifted me off of him and put me on my hands and knees. He got behind me and slipped his thick cock back into me. Damn, it felt so good having my son so deeply inside me. He started doing me doggie style and told me to close my eyes. I didn't know why he wanted me to do that, but a loving mother does whatever her son tells her she needs to do, so I did as he said. Then I felt a second cock head touch my lips. My eyes shot open and I saw Tim's friend Ron. I looked down the length of an average size prick and up to see Ron's face in front of me. "No, I only want you, Jimmy." I'm not sure which of them whispered "Be quiet and open your mouth...Sarah, you're going to enjoy this." I opened my mouth and Ron slid his dick between my lips. It felt wonderful and I knew right then I would be enjoying that cock with great regularity.

Only twice before in my life had I been with two men at the same time. A couple of months ago I had let two guys pick me up in a bar and we had done the same thing as now. One took me doggie and the other fucked my mouth. They both came and then switched places and did it more till they both came again. The other time was not long after I was married. My husband, Gary was under me and I was riding his rod while his brother rammed his prick in and out of my butt.

I got together again with Scott, the ex-brother-in-law a couple of times after Gary left me. He was mostly interested in fucking my ass and never made any effort to see that I climaxed. The worst thing was that after he fucked my ass, he still insisted that I suck his cock clean. I soon quit seeing him.

Ron came in my mouth way too quickly, filling my throat with his cream. I showed it to him and then swallowed it. He stepped away and the host guy, Frank, took his place. I did not object, at all, this time. It would have clearly been rude. Frank had pretty small equipment which can actually be the best thing when a guy shoves it in your mouth. I easily took all of him in my mouth till my nose was pressed into his pubic hair. He didn't last any longer than Ron before I had another helping of protein. I had always heard that it is mostly protein with some iron and some salt. They say it is good for you. I'm glad because I like it so much.

When I had satisfied both of my son's friends orally, at least for the time being, Jimmy was still slamming his dick into my maternal vagina with force. I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to come when he finally said, "I'm gonna come. Where do you want it, Sarah?" I yelled, "In my cunt young man. Fuck yes, in my cunt. Fill my womb with your seed." I came again as he did, worried that my voice disguise may have failed me when I shouted.

Streams of my son's spunk poured out of my superbly fucked vagina and landed on the mattress. Jimmy was definitely his father's offspring. I spun around and, without being told to, I sucked his shaft till it was spotless. I could have kept sucking on it all night, but he pulled it away. "You're one great fuck, Sarah. We really enjoyed being with you."

Shortly after we went back to the party, I noticed that my son had the same Little Red Riding Hood hanging all over him and telling him that she had been looking for him. I overheard him calling the bitch 'Cassandrabee'. Her hand went down to his package but he turned away from her, seeming to show embarrassment after seeing me walk by him. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my dripping pussy and straightened my hair. The party was still going strong. The bedrooms were all full and there were people fucking and sucking all over the living room. There seemed to be a lot of 40s guys on top of 20s gals. I smoothed my skirt and buttoned my blouse and went to the door. The guy who had eaten me out and said that it was his house came over to me, "You're not leaving already? I haven't had a chance to fuck you yet." I said that I had to go but I would come certainly cum again soon.

When I got home, I was so worn out and sexually satisfied that I just threw my costume in the hamper and went to bed naked. I didn't have the slightest desire to rub my pussy like I did most nights after getting into bed. About three hours later I heard Jimmy come home. I bet he had at least a couple more pieces of ass after I left. I heard him walk down the hall. Then he opened my bedroom door, walked over to my bed, bent down, and kissed me deeply on the mouth. "I hope you had as much fun at the party as Ron and I did... 'Sarah'. Frank, the host, said you would be first on his invite list next time. He asked me to pass the word along to you." My tired son closed my door behind himself and went to his room.

The End.

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