When my boyfriend and I woke up, I was in need of a shower. Matthew stirred as I was getting up and he offered to shower with me, which I agreed to. Malcolm was not in the condo as we made our way there. In the shower, my white boyfriend gently washed me. It was nice to have him take care of me so kindly. His erection was obvious but like when Malcolm left me in the bathroom, I did the same with Matthew. I wanted him to want me that much more.

I went to rehearsal for several hours and returned to find my two boys drinking in the TV room. However, Malcolm didn't stay long as he said he had a date. I must admit I got jealous knowing he was going to be with another girl. He abruptly left and Matthew and I remained watching some shows and movies until we both desired some sleep.

We cuddled all night. It was nice to be loved by him. I could tell Malcolm didn't feel the same way, nor I of him. We were just fuck buddies lost in an erotic dream. When I heard Matthew snoring, I fingered myself to a healthy orgasm thinking of my hung lover's black dick. I was definitely missing him and wondered who he was fucking that night.

Over the next week or so, I was unable to get my fill of Malcolm's cock. All of our schedules precluded any time together and the woman he was seeing apparently took up a lot of his time. My jealousy was getting a bit out of hand. To counter my feelings, I made sure to keep my pussy nice and shaved in anticipation.

Matthew and I fucked a few times that week late at night. We often talked dirty about Malcolm's cock and how he stretched me. My boyfriend enjoyed me comparing their dicks as he thrust in and out. Each time he came, I had him lay on his back and rode his face, making sure to squeeze my womb so all of his semen was pushed out. He was a greedy man taking all of his cum.

On one of the weekend mornings, Matty and I got up and went to the kitchen, only to be joined by Malcolm a few minutes later. He just wore boxers and nothing else. My eyes went down to his crotch, as they now typically do to show my desire, and lost my breath for a moment as I saw the head of his dick peeking out of the bottom. God, was he hung! Matty wouldn't have been anywhere near the end of his boxers.

Malcolm made no attempt to cover up. In fact, it appeared his cock was lengthening while he stood over me drinking coffee. I looked over at my boyfriend and he was openly staring at our roommates penis, too. My eyes went up to Malcolm who had that arrogant big cock smirk again. He reached below and slid his boxer up to reveal the rest of his enormous cock. My hand unconsciously went to his dick and I gently squeezed and stroked it.

He stood me up and said, "Let's go to my room. It's been awhile." I complied without a word and Matthew rose to follow us. Malcolm flashed a smirk at him and ordered, "Not you Matty, my man. You wait here." My pussy was so wet hearing that as my boyfriend reluctantly sat back down. Malcolm led me to his room where we spent almost two hours fucking in every possible position while heavy rap was playing over his stereo system. I had almost forgotten about my boyfriend when I emerged from Malcolm's room. In my trance of having the best sex ever, I left my clothes there and casually walked back to my room. Matthew was waiting in the kitchen. The look on his face was like a lost puppy waiting for his master, or in this case, his mistress.

He stood up and I led him by the hand back to our room where he proceeded to ask me what we did while lapping my used and sore sex. I told him as much detail as I had remembered including how Malcolm had offered to bring his friend over if I ever wanted two hung black guys. That was the only moment I refused my black lover as that might have been too much for me at the time. Matthew seemed to like that though as he came while rubbing himself during his oral service on me.

I was truly enjoying being fucked by a BBC and then having my white boyfriend take care of me. I felt like such a slut especially since my parents raised me to be wary of black men. The big black cock myth was certainly true with Malcolm and I found that I was constantly thinking about the next time we'd be fucking. I was also fantasizing about how I was going to play to Matty's submissive side more.

The next day was fairly routine: rehearsal, eating, more rehearsal. Matty and I came home tired but clearly thinking about the same thing - another tryst with Malcolm. Our roommate was in the TV room with the sound muted but blasting loud hip hop. He patted the space next to him on the couch and I went to him without even checking with my boyfriend.

When I sat down, Malcolm turned to face me and began to kiss me. His large hands went directly between my legs as my dress rode up exposing my lacy panties. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers slowly brought wetness to my pussy.

He broke our kiss and demanded, "Take off your clothes and suck Matty's dick." I was dumbfounded by his order as he usually wanted me to service his cock but I did as I was told. I stripped in front of both men and moved towards my boyfriend who already was masturbating. I got down on my knees and began to suck his much smaller white penis. Matty moaned with pleasure.

Malcolm stood up and stood next to us. His impressive erection was intimidating. Matty and I both gawked openly at it. My boyfriend even licked his lips slightly. I wondered if he wanted to experience sucking Malcolm's cock.

"Ride his dick." Malcolm calmly ordered. I didn't know where this was going but I was so horny that I did as I was told. Matty's dick easily slipped into my wet pussy. That BBC was inches from my face but I didn't reach out because I was under Malcolm's spell and did only as I was told. He slowly stroked his cock while I fucked my boyfriend for the first time in front of him.

"Whose dick is bigger?" Our roommate questioned with an arrogant smirk. "Who stretches you out more?" Matty's pace picked up. I could tell he loved the humiliation and was going to ejaculate soon.

"Ohhh...yours, Malcolm." I said softly as I rode my boyfriend harder.

Malcolm took a half-step closer, his cock inches from my bouncing mouth. "Suck it." I obediently opened my mouth and was fed that large cock. He stretched my mouth as I sucked for all I was worth tasting his pre-cum in the process. After a moment or two, Malcolm continued, "Kiss him."

As if a robot executing a command, I released his black penis and leaned to Matty and he quickly accepted my deep french kiss. He was practically sucking my tongue like it was a small cock. We both moaned. We were both going to cum soon.

"Stop, bitch. I want to fuck that fine ass before it becomes sloppy." I immediately stopped riding my boyfriend because of Malcolm's order. Matty let out an audible groan as I pulled myself up and off. But, the funny thing was he began ejaculating all over his shirt. He missed his opportunity to fill my pussy and instead came with a ruined orgasm, as I later learned it was called. Malcolm and I both chuckled at each other. "I guess Matty likes that," Malcolm said sarcastically.

Malcolm pulled me to him. And, for another first, while standing upright facing him, he was able to push his large cock into my pussy. I had never been fucked like that and certainly couldn't with Matty. His dick was simply too short to do that. Malcolm was the alpha cock in the room and fucked me until I came and he held me like a rag doll as I collapsed in his arms.

He then laid down on the couch and invited me to suck him. I ended up spending quality time with his cock, examining every inch. At one point, I invited Matty over. I think he thought I was going to let him enter me but instead I pulled his cock close to Malcolm's and openly compared them.

My white boyfriend's penis was smaller in every way. It was thinner, shorter, and less veiny. Malcolm's looked so large and manly. Truly, a Big Black Cock. I tapped on Matty's little wee-wee and said, "That's cute," and dismissed him back to the chair. I was blossoming into a true cuckoldress even that I didn't know the term at the time. Malcolm laughed at my words as I continued to worship his black dick. I was completely addicted though I still loved Matty.

Eventually, Malcolm pulled me up and I grabbed his impressive penis with my small hands, lining it up with my wanting pussy. I couldn't help but compare the way Matty filled me versus Malcolm. My black lover was simply better with just penetration, let allow how he fucked and how he talked to me during sex.

I rode him slowly, enjoying ever inch that I was able to take. Looking over me shoulder, Matty was once again masturbating to our carnal interaction. Feeling dominant once again, I asked him, "Why don't you get closer and sit here." I pointed to the end of the long couch where he could have an incredible view. Matty wasted little time as he pulled off his pants and underwear and sat next to us in just his cum stained shirt.

My attention went back to Malcolm. He had his usual arrogant smirk. I guess he liked how I was ordering my boyfriend around. We kissed deeply and he alternated pinching each of my nipples. I was in heaven. Our slow grind and and slow long strokes were putting me on the edge. My pussy lips neared the head of his cock and the engulfed his large penis once again. Each stroked seemed longer. Each stroke seemed deeper.

On one fateful extraction, Malcolm's cock slipped out and hit his belly with a loud slap. I tried to slide back onto him but the angle was difficult. I was leaning forward with both hands and Malcolm's hands were busy on my breasts. I looked back at Matty, who had an incredibly lustful look on his face. That's when I took it to another level. "A little help, hon?"

We all knew what that meant. Matty paused only for a moment and he reached his left shaky hand towards our roommate's BBC. He grabbed that slippery cock and used his right hand to spread my lips, even though they were already quite gaped, and guided Malcolm's alpha cock into my wet, loose pussy. I slid back down on that massive dick and Matty sat back down, enjoying the view.

This was a major milestone that Matty left out in his original story but something that I enjoyed immensely. It really played to both my new found dominant side and existing submissiveness. I loved being dominant to my boyfriend. It got my proverbial and literal juices flowing.

Malcolm soon came in me. I loved that feeling of his cock pulsating.

Standing up, I felt his cum drip out of me onto his stomach. Matty was still next to us. He was eyeing my sex as I sat down and Malcolm scooted up so I had room. I knew what I wanted and spread my legs as I swung my body around. I laid my head on Malcolm's muscular thighs, feeling his cock against the back of my head. I motioned with my hands as they slid down my body to my crotch. I didn't have to say anything as Matty dove head first into my used pussy.

Like all the other times, he greedily licked and sucked all of Malcolm's cum out of me. "Goddamm, Matty. Are you starving, son?!" Malcolm barked out seeing Matty eat me after being filled for the first time. I had my eyes closed and enjoyed my boyfriend's tongue. I could feel Malcolm's cock starting to stiffen and reached my hands up to play with his powerful cock. Matty just moaned and continued his oral service until I hit a huge orgasm. I squeezed his head between my thighs and ground my sex into his face. He never missed a drop of semen and professionally finished me off.

I was fairly exhausted at this point and we all gathered out things and went to separate rooms. Matty needed some relief so I watched as he jerked off in our bed. This was all beyond anything that I had imagined. My boyfriend was a true cuckold, our roommate was a hung black bull, and my Chinese pussy was being fulfilled better than ever before.

As I laid there with Matty, I asked him if I could spend the night with Malcolm. We didn't have any plans the next day so I knew we could have some fun late into the evening. My boyfriend kissed me and asked if I still loved him. "Of course, Matty. I love you more than the world. My feelings for Malcolm are only about sex." Matty's cock was rising again. "And, I believe that is my answer." I patted his small white penis and swiftly left the room without any clothes...I was getting used to being naked in front of both of the boys.

Malcolm was surprised to see me but that didn't stop him from welcoming me into his room. We fucked and played around for many hours that night, passing out now and then only to be woken up by the other performing oral and digital sex on each other. It was hot and dirty. I felt even more slutty than ever especially knowing my poor white boyfriend was down the hall waiting for me to return.

In the morning, I did return to my waiting bf. He was more than ready to clean me again. I let him fuck me even though I was sore because his penis was so much smaller than Malcolm's and I was loose and lubed up from black seed.

Over the next week, I had sex with Malcolm just once but several times with Matty. Malcolm seemed to be hanging out with his new girlfriend, a white girl, more often though he only brought her back to the condo once. She was tall and pretty with large breasts and large butt, very different from me. Perhaps, he liked the contrast of our bodies. I held back my jealousy.

The summer was quickly evaporating and then I would be losing my hung black lover. I was going to miss the stretch of his cock and the domination that he had over me (and Matty).

On the second to last Saturday, the three of us found ourselves back in the TV room with drinks flowing freely and the lights low. Loud hip hop shook the walls. It wasn't long before I was topless and sucking Malcolm's cock in the middle of the floor. He was standing up and I was kneeling in front of this alpha male. I hadn't even been looking out for Matty as I was consumed by worshipping Malcolm's large black cock. I licked his shaft and sucked his balls in complete worship.

"I gotta say, man, your bitch is one of the best cock suckers." Malcolm bragged arrogantly at Matty. I peeked over and saw my boyfriend nod in agreement with his tiny erection in hand. He was so engrossed in the moment and stared at Malcolm's cock intently. He also licked his lips.

I knew what I wanted to do next.

Pulling my lips off of Malcolm's amazing dick but still grasping it tightly with one hand, I told Matty, "Come here, babe. Get a closer look." I felt Malcolm's cock stiffen even more. Matty hesitated for a moment like he did when we were on the couch but made his way over nonetheless. His pants were at his ankles and he waddled over resulting in a giggle from both me and Malcolm. I patted next to me and Matty obeyed.

I then proceeded to worship that big black tool making direct eye contact with my white boyfriend. His little cock was rock hard. He was just inches from both my mouth and Malcolm's dick. I switched from that cock to kissing Matty and he reciprocated with a passionate french kiss. I was slowly stroking Malcolm at the same time. All of us were moaning.

I pulled Malcolm slightly closer and guided Matty over a little bit. Before long, Malcolm's large cock head was pressed between me and my boyfriend's lips. I broke away and placed my free hand on the back of Matty's head encouraging him to take over oral services on our black roommate. Matty closed his eyes and let that thick cock enter his mouth for the first time. We all moaned again even louder. My hand found Matty's erection and I played with him while I watched him suck that cock. It was incredibly erotic.

"Yeah, suck that dick, bitch." Malcolm barked and my pussy tingled at his dominant attitude. Matty picked up the pace and I let go completely of that black penis. My now free hand found my pussy and Matty's took over stroking himself. It must have been a sight to have a white man and Asian woman masturbating while focusing on this BBC. It was the stuff of a wild porn movie.

My little Matty was a cocksucker now and I knew Malcolm was going to exploit that. I was impressed by how much dick my boyfriend could take, even more than I could. He was nonstop on Malcolm's black penis.

After several minutes, Malcolm pulled back and told me it was time to fuck. I loved his dominance and readily accepted his invitation. He loved as I rode him and tonight was no exception. Only this time, he called Matty over to lick us as we fucked. To have a large cock in your pussy and then someone licking you at the same time can never be described, only experienced. It was surreal.

Matty was a natural and licked my asshole down to where Malcolm was penetrating me then down further to Malcolm's large black balls. Everyone was getting something out of this insane threesome. I came hard and my boyfriend lapped at my juices that ran down our roommate's alpha cock.

I could feel Malcolm getting close and offered him my sensitive nipples to suck on while I rode him faster. I wanted his cum so badly but Malcolm had other plans.

He abruptly pushed me off and Matty almost fell on his ass. Malcolm was unapologetic. He then positioned me on all fours and entered my Asian cunt without warning. "Sit right there," he ordered Matty. My boyfriend complied and sat inches from where his Chinese girlfriend was being fucked by this muscular black bull. Malcolm grabbed my ass and I know he was close.

Just as he was about to erupt, he pulled out and ordered Matty to "drain my big dick, bitch." Just those dominant words sent me into an orgasm as I watched my small white lover suck hungrily on that massive black dick. Matty sucked all of Malcolm's cum and swallowed it all. I was impressed by his ability and his expertise of slowing down as Malcolm's orgasm subsided. He cleaned the head and let it fall out of his mouth.

Malcolm smacked my exposed ass again and said he was going to take a shower. He left us there in a still heightened state of arousal. I was naked and Matty still had his pants down at his ankles. I gathered my clothes and he pulled his pants up enough to walk with me to the bedroom.

We fucked almost all night, reliving our shared sexual experience with Malcolm's black cock.

Unfortunately, that was the last time we got to play with Malcolm since he seemed to get more involved with his girlfriend until our lease was up. I wasn't sure if having Matty suck his dick had anything to do with it but I truly wanted at least one final fuck before we went our separate ways.

In any event, Matty and I continued having sex and we loved each other for several years after that time with Malcolm. We played a lot with black dildos that I asked Matty to buy, both of us taking them, but never had direct experience with another black guy. I did embrace my cuckoldress nature more and often talked dirty to Matty, mixing in love, humiliation, and erotic play that we both enjoyed immensely.

It was only after my relationship with Matty ended that I had more experiences with BBC, including taking on two black men one time.

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