Nicole glared at Pierce. How could he have just abducted her. "How could you?" she crossed her arms in front of her breast.

"Easy, I just put you over my shoulder." He glared back, "you don't weigh that much, it was easy."

Nicole felt tears prick her eyes, she had been on edge since discovering Uncle Bert had followed her from America. She couldn't believe that she had looked to Pierce to help her. She had literally ran to him the moment he entered the Potterham's ball this evening. Appearances be damned, she had known that her Sin would help her. Of course she never realized her being kidnapped would be his method of protection.

He had opened his arms unquestioningly as she hurled herself at him. Tilting his head, listening intently as she poured out her worries and concerns.

Why the cad had even softly murmured how he would help her. Why she was feeling relieved that he was everything she needed. That oaf had come up with the worst plan ever to save her.

Pierce had taken her in his arms and swung her into a waltz murmuring softly, assuring her that he would do everything in his power to protect her. Then, he had waltzed her out into the garden and been so wonderful and while she told him of her fear of Uncle Bert. Pierce pulled her gloves from her arms and draped the pair together over his shoulder. Then he had turned her so gently caressing her neck and rubbing her shoulders. She remembered shuttering with relief and pleasure at his touch.

Pierce had been all that was wonderful. Right up to the moment he had used one glove to tie her arms behind her back and the other over her mouth. At first Nicole had thought that Pierce was going to pleasure Nicole in some new and exciting way to distract her from her worry over her Uncle. When suddenly the bastard tossed her over his shoulder and bold-as-you-please, ass up over his shoulder, strode right out of Potterham's garden to his carriage. He had not unbound her until he was well out of London.

"What do you think you are going to achieve?" Nicole yelled. "Why would you do such a thing, what can you hopefully get out of kidnapping me?"

"A quick marriage in Scotland and I will have all legal rights to you." Sin yelled right back. "Then the law will be on my side when I beat your Uncle to a bloody pulp." He couldn't believe that Nicole would have thought that he would let anyone threaten her, or his right to her. She was his by God and no one would ever hurt her again, and he'd kill anyone that tried to take what was his.

"The bastard will be lucky if I only beat him. He'll know never to hurt anything that is mine." Sin lowered his head and stared at Nicole with a hard stare. For the first time Nicole realized why half of London was terrified of this man. "And you Nicole are most definitely mine." Nicole felt a warm shudder race down her flushed cheeks and settle between her thighs.

"Don't you understand my Fathers one wish was for me to have the wedding that he and mother never had?" She cried getting ever more frustrated at being a powerless woman in her world.

"Your father can give you a wedding that would rival the Prince of Persia, but you my dear will already be MY WIFE." He snarled.

"How could you not care?"

"Enough!" He had enough.

"I will never forgive you for this." She sobbed. "I will get away and I will never lay eyes on you again." She sobbed.

"You can just keep your eyes closed the rest of your life because you are never 'getting away' from me." He reached across the carriage and snatched her up on his lap. One moment he was shaking her and the next he was clutching her to him. Desperate for her to understand his consuming need to keep her safe, just to keep her.

"Don't you understand?" He buried his face in the curve of her neck and breathed in her essence. Her most wonderful scent seemed to calm him enough that he could say quietly, "I can't risk losing you, I just can't." She didn't want too, but she felt herself soften towards him.

She raised her arm and tangled her hand in his hair stroking through his thick main. "Please understand, I won't let anyone stop me from marrying you, but I won't let you stop me from making my father happy." Maybe if she helped calm him, he would understand.

He raised his head and stunned her with water brimming in his eyes. "You are so young and don't understand that a determined man will do anything to get what he wants." She started to speak, but he shushed her with his finger, "I am not talking about myself although it applies, I am talking about your Uncle." He needed her to realize her danger.

"Please my Sweetling, I will make sure your father understands and is happy, but I will not risk you being anywhere around your uncle without the protection of my name." She had to recognize that he was not going to let anyone endanger her, not even herself.

"My Father," she began, but he shushed her again. "No, this is not up for discussion. I promise I will make it right with your Father, but we will be married tonight."

Nicole's thoughts swirling thoughts began to settle, what if she could actually get away? She would have to find a way to get Sin to lower his guards. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind when the solution to the problem began and she moved into action.

Taking the tip of his finger into her mouth she started suckling until his sharp breath told her he liked it and was willing to do other things than argue. He pulled his finger from her lips and repositioned her until her back was flush with his chest.

"I love your firm little ass, all snuggled up to me cock." He said. His strong hands moved up her ribs and grasped her breast. Cupping them and molding them, he pulled them until her nipples popped out over the top of her dress. He plucked them hard, the way she liked it, rolling them between his fingers and thumbs.

"do you want more?" she could only moan and nod. One of his hands moved away from her breast and for a moment she was saddened by the loss of the pleasure and grasped his hand to put it back where it belonged, on her breast. But he resisted her efforts and pulled her skirt up. With he hand still wrapped around his wrist he began to finger her slow and steady. Dipping his finger into her moist little pussy, then lightly teasing her little clit. She could feel the pull of the pleasure in her belly.

"More" he asked again. Again she could only moan and nod. He took a wooden peg from beside his seat. She wasn't sure what it was for until he pushed it between her thighs. She started to struggle but he quietened her with promises of pleasure.

In slow increments of pleasure he worked the peg into her wet pussy. Slowly pumping in and out while his other hand played with her breast. Just when she felt her cum rising he slowed and almost stopped.

"You said More, I want more." She cried as she tried to look at him over her shoulder, but he moved his hand from her breast and slid his flattened hand up her spine until he had hold of her the back of her neck. Gently he pushed her forward until she had to balance herself with the hands on the seat in front of her.

"You want more, and more you shall have. He pushed her skirt up until she could feel the air on her bottom. He watched her shudder as she felt his spit, warm and wet splash on her lower back and slide down her bottom until it settled on her little rosebud.

Pulling his cock out he began to try and gently work his cock into that tight little hole as his other hand continually rocked the wooden dildo back and forth into her perfect pussy. He felt her jerk as his cock popped that tight little rim and those internal muscles grabbed his cock to pull it up into her tight little heaven.

He wanted to keep watching as he had never seen anything so erotic as his cock working into her ass, but the feel of that ass grasping the skin of his cock nearly had his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

She felt what he was doing, knew it was wrong. But could not stop him. The pain and the pleasure had all become one. When he had taken her virginity she had been drugged and felt out of body, but this time it was so real and intense. His cock felt too big, but the pain it caused melded with the pleasure he was creating in her pussy. She couldn't do anything but moan and to her shame, drool.

"Help me." He moved one of her hand to the dildo between her thighs. "Use it on yourself" She should have been embarrassed, she should have said no. But, she did neither of those things, instead she grasped the end of the wooden peg and started using it on herself like he had.

Pierce grasped her hips with both hands and started ramming her up and down on his cock. The back of his legs began to shake, almost painfully as he felt the contraction pull up into his ass and his balls pulled so tight he let out a garbled sound before shouting when his cum erupted up through his cock and shot out into her ass.

At the same time her Sin was cuming in her ass, Nicole felt something tighten in her belly. It pulled everything in her pussy and her ass until she felt like she was being set on fire. When Sin, shot his cum in her ass, the tightness ripped apart with lightning burning her up until her she saw sparks and lost her breath. Everything dimmed out on her and went black.

Pierce felt her faint. He felt male smugness that he had given her "the little death" a French term for when the loss of blood to the brain during sex was so intense it cause momentary black outs. It also gave him time to clean her up before she woke. He knew his little shy flower would be embarrassed at the "clean-up" requirements after ass sex.

This was something he was going to do again, and did not want her put off on future experiences. It would also give him more time to get closer to Scotland where they could be married without a license. He was very aware that she had started this to distract him, but glad it had worked for him instead.

Hopefully she would sleep and not wake up until they were in Scotland standing before the blacksmith getting married.