On a particularly hot summer I found myself bored and restless. My wife and kids were leaving on an extended vacation to visit her family in Europe. The plan was for them to be gone for two months. Of course I could not go because of my job and that was okay since I was establishing myself as a valuable asset. My manager, Dan, was my mentor and he sympathized with my situation concerning being alone for two months.

"Tony, you are a very dedicated employee and I do appreciate your loyalty. If you are interested, I would like to invite you to my summer home in Fire Island for a long weekend." What could I say but yes of course. He planned it for the following weekend after my family left.

"Thank you boss but I would not want to impose on your hospitality."

"Nonsense! Now pack up some clothes and make sure you pack a bathing suit."

And so he picked me up at my home early Saturday morning and we drove to the dock where we caught a boat leaving for Fire Island. The trip from beginning to end would take at least a few hours so I was deep in thought. I can describe Dan as a charming older man. He had been married but was now divorced. Dan seemed very happy and enthusiastic. As we traveled, he casually mentioned our final destination. "My summer home is located in the Fire Island Pines section close to Cherry Grove. You should know that this part of the island consists primarily of a gay population. I hope you don't have a problem with that." At this point what could I say. We were almost at the dock and although I was surprised, to be honest, I was a little excited at the prospect of immersing myself into the gay community. I wasn't aware that Dan was gay and I had begun to question my own sexuality. Up until now I considered myself a heterosexual but I did have feelings for men.

"Not a problem Dan. I just did not realize that you were gay."

"Like you Tony, up until my divorce, I considered myself a heterosexual, and then I discovered my true sexual identity. Forget about all things gay. We are here to have fun. You will never be forced to do anything that you are uncomfortable with." And with that said, we arrived at the island and headed straight to his summer home. I felt very comfortable with Dan. Actually he was kind of a hot guy. But I did not want to spoil our friendly relationship so I smiled and acted as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary.

When we arrived at his home I was taken on a tour of his place. It was really a beautiful home. Dan told me that we would be heading out to the beach to have lunch and relax a bit. That night we would be going to a party with some friends. "Tony, put on this speedo. It's a little skimpy but you'll be able to blend in with everyone." Although I was hesitant to wear the speedo, I wanted to make Dan happy and so I put it on under my pants and we left for a short walk to the beach. We arrived just in time for lunch. The restaurant/bar was already crowded. Dan knew just about everyone there. Apparently one of his friends had reserved a table for us, together with some of his friends. I felt very comfortable eating and chatting with this new group of men. I never identified as gay but now I felt a yearning to belong.

After lunch, we all headed for the locker room located conveniently near the beach. I stripped and put my clothes into a locker. Now I noticed that my speedo was pink and very minimal. Dan had arranged a private cabana for our small group and thankfully all the men wore speedos. Dan had prepared drinks before we left his home and now we relaxed on comfortable beach chairs sipping our mixed drinks. Was I gay? I wasn't sure but it definitely felt good to be with a group of like minded guys.

"Tony, we've been invited to a party tonight. Everyone will be there." This weekend is getting better and better. We returned to Dan's home and prepared for the party. Dan laid out a set of clothes for me to wear. Dan sure knew his fashions. The clothes were beautiful but to be honest they seemed a bit feminine. Who was I to complain. So far Dan had been a gentlemen who was very caring. And so I put on the outfit. The outfit consisted of tight white pants that highlighted my butt. The top was a see through pink blouse. The underwear was essentially a thong. Finally the shoes were white with inch high heels and no socks. I would never have worn an outfit like this before today but somehow I really enjoyed looking like a hot and sexy guy. Dan's outfit was more conservative. And so we left for the party.

The party was held at one of his friend's home. I recognized his friend from the beach. When we entered his home his friend kissed me on the cheek and told me that I looked delicious. As strange as it seemed, I enjoyed the attention. The party was in full swing with music blasting and everyone dancing. Oh yes, and there were only men at the party. Dan held my hand and guided me to the bar. With a drink in hand, we mingled with everyone. It did seem that all eyes were on me. My outfit seemed to be the most feminine one.

During the course of the evening, Dan asked me if I was ready to participate in a group orgy with some of the guys. I was hesitant but what the hell. I might as well try everything and I did want to fit in. And so Dan guided me to an upstairs bedroom where some men were already naked. Dan's persona seemed to change as we entered the bedroom.

"Listen up bitch boy. Get naked and get on your knees." Dan began to aggressively dominate me which I found to be sexy. I stripped and got on my knees. By this time Dan had also stripped and stood in front of me with his cock facing my mouth. Without a second thought, I began to suck his cock, first licking the head and then slowly swallowing his cock inch by inch.

"When we are away from the office, I will call you bitch boy and you will address me as daddy or sir, is that clear cocksucker?"

I pulled his cock out of my mouth. "Yes sir, daddy!" Then I jumped back on his cock and continued sucking. My fingers reached around his waist and entered his ass. What a turn on! What was I doing? I couldn't believe that I had become a cum slut in the course of a weekend in Fire Island. In any event I had no time to dwell on my transition since I had a cock down my throat.

"Enough games for now. Get off of my cock and take care of my friends." Dan's friends now surrounded me in a circle and began to shove their cocks in my face. I literally devoured each cock as my ass was lifted up by a strong pair of hands. In a flash, I felt a cock enter my ass. At first, I moaned with pain but slowly as the cock entered my ass, the pain left and a feeling of pleasure came over me. First there was pain and then there was pleasure. The men picked me up and threw me on the bed. My legs were lifted up over one of their shoulders and a cock entered my ass while at the same time I viewed a cock above my head. The cock entered my mouth. I opened wide and the cock slid down my throat while balls rubbed against my chin as the cocks pounded my ass and throat. Both men exploded in me and I found myself bathed in their creamy cum.

This was just the beginning of my first all male gang bang. Finally, my daddy entered and informed me that I did well but now it was time to leave. I was exhausted, filled with cum, and wet with perspiration. "Get your ass in the shower and do it quick. When we go home, I have a nice surprise for you." I followed his instructions and before long I was dressed and ready to leave with daddy. No words were said as he drove home. When we arrived, he opened the door and ordered me to strip naked again. He stripped naked also and I waited in anticipation of his next command.

"Now listen up cocksucker, you have proved yourself to be a true cum slut as I knew you would. Now begin licking my body beginning at my nipples and be gentle or you will suffer the consequences." At this point our relationship entered a new phase from friend to slave and from boss to dominant. Strange, but for some odd reason I was content, in fact happy to be daddy's boy toy slave. I pressed my lips onto his left nipple and slowly sucked alternately between left and right nipple. He lifted his arms and I licked his pits.

"Very good boy now continue to lick my body." I was in ecstasy as I licked and kissed his body as my lips moved downward to his chest and stomach. He turned around and I immediately knew what he wanted. I used my hands to spread open his butt cheeks and my tongue entered his ass. Once again I became aware of how much of a dirty cum slut I had become and I loved every minute of my degradation. My tongue flicked in and out of his ass and daddy seemed to really enjoy it.

"You really are a cum slut whore. Keep moving down faggot." My tongue seemed to have a life of its own as it worked its way down to his cock and balls. I lovingly licked and kissed my way all around while my lips automatically engulfed his cock. "Not yet cocksucker. Keep moving down my body and when you reach my feet, suck each toe." My humiliation was now complete as I completed this task. Finally, daddy pulled me up to a standing position and proceeded to slap my face. Tears came to me. What did I do to deserve this punishment? He stopped slapping me and then he kissed me passionately.

He then pushed me onto the bed and he positioned himself in a 69 position with myself on the bottom. For what seemed like an eternity, we remained in this position as we sucked each other's cock. He then got off of me and ordered me to position myself on my stomach with my ass in the air. He entered my man pussy and began to pound in and out. I had become nothing more than a whore for cock. I was being bred by a master. He exploded and I felt his cum shooting into my body.

And so we spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking. Daddy was now my master and I was his slave. When the weekend was over, we packed up and left. My life would now be different. I was still a happily married man with children but whenever daddy demanded my body, I obeyed and jumped at the opportunity to be fucked by a real man. At the beginning it was difficult to switch from heterosexual to gay. Somehow as time passed, I became more adept at having a dominant daddy and also of fulfilling my marital duties.