Hi! My name is Nina, a 27-year-old mother of a bubbly boy who recently took his first step!

I've been a fan of Literotica for over a decade. I've watched very little porn - only a few times in my college days - before quickly deciding that well-written erotica is my poison. My favourite section was and still is Erotic Couplings, with an occasional dose of NonConsent/Reluctance. I've read thousands of stories here and thank all the wonderful writers who have shared their experiences and fantasies. Please pardon my ignorance if mine is not a good read - I'm quite nervous due to this being a true incident as well as my first time ever submitting a write-up.

As far as I can tell, the Incest category was never in my interest radius - until this happened mid last year.

*Names and some details changed.

I grew up a tomboy in a liberal and wealthy Bengali household closer to my dad than to my mom. He is now in his mid-fifties, retired from his government job and throughout my childhood he was there for his only child. Despite his age he is still strikingly handsome and unbelievably fit. I could always freely discuss anything with him - movies, books, boys, the meaning of life - even my periods. He was the one to encourage me not to hold back if I meet Mr. Right but to also not give in to peer pressure and settle for anything less than what I want.

I met Karan when I was 24 and after a short whirlwind romance we got married with full blessings from our parents. We live in Delhi, India and belong to affluent families and we lead a happy life. Both sets of parents live a stone's throw away but we have our privacy.

Up until I met Karan I had consistently failed to attract the few men I had liked. Not because I am bad looking but because I was always dressed like a boy and behaved like one. I even swore like one! My desire to seduce Karan, make him lust for me like crazy, quickly but surely turned me, or at least my appearance, into a conventional woman. I grew my hair long, began wearing makeup, completely changed my wardrobe and by the time we got married no one could have guessed I was "that queer girl." It had the desired effect...though not only on Karan!

My dad hails from Kolkata and a large part of his flock still roosts there. Last year my dad had to travel back to his ancestral home for legal procedures related to his inheritance. Since I am his only child he wanted me to be there too. Karan was invited as well but his work commitments prevented him from joining us. My son, Vinay was about 3 months old then.

Kolkata is approximately 1500kms from Delhi, and it takes about 16 hours by the fastest train called the Rajdhani. In contrast a flight takes 2 hours, 6 if you count check in, check out and driving time from home to Delhi airport, but for a number of reasons dad prefers rail travel. With Vinay being so young and with nothing better to do at home, I'd quit working when I got pregnant, I agreed to travel by train. It would be a nice, relaxed vacation and a good opportunity for some dad-daughter-grandson bonding.

My dad always travels first class and we set out one humid afternoon. Seats in first class compartments, called 1AC, are in either a coupe, 2 berths or a cabin that has 4 berths. The seats are broader than those in lower classes, almost as wide as a single bed and there's a coach attendant to serve meals and run errands. Having booked two seats we had a coupe, the first one upon entering the compartment. It had two berths, an upper and a lower.

"You take the lower one, little goddess," said my dad while the attendant was sliding our bags under the lower seat.

For as long as I can remember, my dad has called me Chota Pari which means Little Goddess in Bengali. I am not really a fan of being called that especially in front of others. While I am not huge, I am not little either. A 'Goddess'? Ha-ha. When I was going through puberty I vented my frustration by devising a 'wicked' nickname for him - Bara Asura which means Big Demon in Bengali. I know it's not very inventive but it kind of became our thing.

Rolling my eyes I replied, "Goes without saying, 'big demon'." Lower berths are easier to access of course and with Vinay I wouldn't risk climbing to an upper.

So we settled in for the long ride to Kolkata; dad with a book and I in music. Whenever I had to feed Vinay I'd just let dad know so he would remain on his berth. For convenience I had planned to wear buttoned shirts over a nursing bra throughout the trip. We had meals together on my berth which had pull out mini-tables. When Vinay was awake dad played with him sitting on the floor (spotlessly clean I should say). I just lay on my berth happy to see them together. It is every daughter's dream.

We reached Kolkata around 11 the next morning. I was surprised to find a car waiting for us at the railway station. It wasn't a small car either; an SUV. I asked dad why he booked this when we could have just called Uber.

"The car is with us both days. We have to go to a few places so no hassle."

"But why such a huge car, Dad?" I asked.

"So you can have privacy anytime for Vinay."

Even though I have always known and loved how thoughtful he is, I was still touched immensely. I kissed him on his cheek and said, "My big demon." He smiled and kissed my forehead. The car even had a makeshift curtain between the front and back seats!

I had told dad I did not want to stay in a crowded house belonging to an unknown relative so we checked into our hotel. Then we spent the first day sightseeing Kolkata and had dinner at a very famous steakhouse. Whenever I had to feed Vinay my dad would have the car parked somewhere private and wait outside with the driver. I never even noticed his hungry glances (he told me later). We retired early for an early morning and long day.

The next morning we left the hotel at 6 and on the way to his ancestral home my dad talked nonstop and showed me all the places that had significance in his growing years. I was amazed that he had such an abundance of experiences. His school, his friends' houses, his first crush, his hangout place, his first fight's place - he showed me all of it. He was so descriptive that for the first time in my life I imagined my dad in his youth. You missed something awesome - all you girls from his school!

When we reached my grandfather's house I was received with a lot of traditional ceremony by greedy relatives. I have always felt suffocated in crowded places and by the time my dad and his sister had signed all the papers I was at the end of my tether. That's when I really enjoyed the comfort of the SUV in which I sat for hours with the AC on. After that house there were two more, where I had to sign too, but dad (bless him) finished those much quicker. By lunch time the excruciating experience was over and we were heading back to our hotel to checkout. It was lunchtime.

"Little goddess, are you OK? You look so tired, I am sorry. Maybe I should have asked them to come to the hotel."

"Dad don't apologize. I am fine but worried about Vinay. He is not used to such noisy and crowded places."

"I am sorry," he said with concern in his eyes.

"Shut up, dad. Now you are a millionaire what am I getting as a gift?"

He laughed, and I saw his still pearly white teeth. "What do you want, little goddess?"

I asked him if we had enough time to check out and have a nice lunch. He was on the phone for the next 10 minutes barking orders like crazy. When we got to the hotel our bags were in the lobby and all dad had to do was sign. Then we went to another fabulous place for lunch. My hero. I don't remember what we ate but I have fond memories of that lunch. Although nothing was out of the ordinary it felt like a date. We talked about dad's childhood till it was time to leave.

I was worried about missing the train. Despite our driver's best efforts we were running late. Kolkata traffic is like a cockroach - you cannot kill it. We reached the station at the last minute and had to run to the platform, me with Vinay in my arms. Our driver for 2 days, Aslam (I still remember his name), carried all our luggage for us. Vinay was crying due to the bumps he was getting but I couldn't stop we had a train to catch!

We managed to board literally a few seconds before the train horn blew.

We once again got a coupe. I took the lower one and immediately told dad that I had to feed Vinay. He asked me to lock the door and went outside the coupe. I later learned that he had procured a few whisky miniatures from the attendant.

After the long day I was exhausted and soon fell asleep. Vinay was sleeping too. Dad was on his berth. I woke up at a knock on the door announcing tea. Dad took the trays and pulled out the tables. We had tea and snacks.

Dad put the trays outside, locked the door and went up to his berth. Once again I did not notice his hungry glance at my open shirt buttons. I was wide awake so I plugged into my music.

About an hour after tea Vinay began wailing again. As always I said, "Dad, I am feeding Vinay." But I was still wearing my earphones and never realized that there was no "OK". Dad was out of the coupe and since he thought I was sleeping the door was unlocked. I turned around as always and facing the window, curtains drawn, I began feeding Vinay. With music blaring loudly in my ears I did not hear dad come back.

He stood there staring at my back. I guess around 10% of my left breast was visible to him from that angle. I am just guessing. I had just pulled Vinay off my nipple and was putting him on the bed when I heard my dad calling out.

"Little goddess, I am thirsty too."

When I turned around in shock he just stared at my exposed cleavage.

I told him, "We have some juice in the bag, dad."

"Little goddess, feed me your milk please."

Shock is a small word to explain that moment. Vinay was sleeping next to me but all I could do was stare at dad open-mouthed.

"WTF, dad? Take the juice this is not funny." I finally managed to blurt out after a minute.

"Little goddess, you are so beautiful, just a little, please."

"Dad! You are embarrassing me!" I said trying to cover my boobs with my shirt.

What happened next could be defined as destiny or as circumstance or as lust. I don't know.

The next moment my dad's mouth was latched onto my nipple and he was suckling greedily. He was kneeling on the floor and sucking like there was no tomorrow. I hadn't flowed like that ever before. That was the moment I lost control over myself; my nipples have always been sensitive. They touch a point that makes me wet in seconds. Karan had never shown much interest in taking my milk. But dad...


My hand was on his head pulling his mouth further onto my breast. I realized that this was my dad. This was wrong. A sin.

"Stop, dad, please." It was a half-hearted whimper. I know now that I did not want him to stop. I just wanted to make a memory that I resisted. All fake.

My dad read the tone in my voice and somehow he realised that I needed a little more push. If he had pulled away from my nipple at that time I would have likely controlled myself. Instead he sucked harder, drawing out the precious mother milk out of my mammary glands.

"UFFFFFFFF," I moaned loudly. I am sure it was heard outside but no one ever knocked.

Dad continued to drink my milk for a few minutes. Then he released my nipple and looked up, "Sorry, should I stop?"

Now I know everyone reading this must think he was a player trying to seduce me. However, I saw the honesty in his eyes. The truth is we both were slaves in that situation. He could not resist, I could not resist. I saw the guilt in his eyes and decided I would not subject my hero to such guilt. If it was sin let it be MY sin not his. Let me take the blame for it.

I answered him by pushing his face back to my breast and saying, "Have it, my big demon."

If he was greedy before, he was a monster after that. He attached his mouth on my nipple and suckled while his hands kneaded the breast. He was still kneeling on the floor and after a few minutes I gently pulled him up to the berth. Vinay was sleeping near the top of the bed so we sat down on the other end. I asked dad to lie down on my lap and guided my nipple back to his waiting mouth.

That day I finally understood what 'milked' meant. I had read the term in some stories but never quite got the full realization. Dad was like a man possessed. For the better part of an hour he feasted on my mother-milk, literally squeezing it out of both of my breasts. I felt like a cow. He wasn't rough but he was extremely 'urgent'. I don't know a better way of describing that scene - can't do justice to it because he was just so...hungry.

Sometime after he lay on my lap my hand moved into his shorts. I say moved because I have no memory of doing it voluntarily.

"Oh!" I gasped when my hand felt his hardness.

You would expect me to say it was massive. But I am not going to embellish this in any manner. Yes he is large but not monster-large. I exhaled loudly because of the realization of what I had done and the strength of his erection. I have never even felt Karan being so hard! I couldn't bend it if I tried with both my hands!

I glanced at dad but he just moaned without stopping. He clearly wanted relief and was OK with this. I held his manhood for a long time thinking about what I was doing. I was very happily married, a mother of a lovely baby and have a perfect family. Me, with a doting husband who never fails to touch my right buttons. Me, who had always thought incest was creepy. I remember feeling heavy guilt and shame in that moment.

Then I realized I was sopping wet from his suckling. I wondered if I was ready for a greater sin. My pussy flowed relentlessly. Dad has this cute way of nibbling lightly on my nipple while suckling at the same time. I don't know how he does it but it makes me weak in my knees to this day.

"Fuck it, I want him," I said to myself. I don't have to tell you that the most exciting part was the fact that it was my father. Incest wasn't creepy after all. It turned out to be the most beautiful thing I have ever felt.

I began stroking his cock while he continued his feast. I was amazed at the rhythm of his moans, practically in tandem with every stroke. When he was changing to the other breast I asked him to push off the shorts. The hand can't gauge size and what I saw was definitely thicker and larger than Karan's and it belonged to my own father! Let the record show that that was the moment I decided I am going to fuck my dad. He never made a move. Tell you soon.

We were both in a trance as my strokes got faster, his moans and his mouth went faster. In a few minutes he came hard in my hand. I cupped my hand over the head so I could catch it. His hips jerked violently and he moaned so loudly I had to shush him lest Vinay wake up. Finally he let go of my nipple and looked up at me with the most handsome face I have ever seen. My hero. The man who has given me countless happy memories, who made me a strong and brave and free woman, who taught me how to tackle life itself. This man was staring at me with an immense look of love. I felt the same feeling that I had when I saw Vinay for the first time. I could do anything for him.

He told me later (and proved it too) that he can usually last a lot longer but he could not stop thinking about his little goddess' hand on his shaft.

Then I did something I had never done with Karan. I showed dad his cum and looking into his eyes I licked it. I gobbled it. I swallowed all that I could get in. He told me later that he was shocked because mom never takes his cum either. But at that time he just looked so sad.

"Sorry, I should not have done this, little goddess."

One, I was extremely wet. Two, I was attracted to him. Three, his dick, I still blush when I say it, was still incredibly hard.

"You certainly are a 'BIG' demon," I murmured but I doubt he heard it.

"Dad, you have used me. I am going to punish you like you deserve." I was teasing him!

"I am sorry. I am so sorry. I will accept any punishment."

He looked so sad that my heart broke. I couldn't tease him anymore. I decided that it was time to go all out. Now or never.

"Dad! I am not angry! I love you! You are the best man in my life. Now I want you to take me to the upper berth and fuck me! Please dad, I am the beggar here. Fuck me, dad."