The woman walked down the hallway with an exasperated scowl on her face and knocked on an apartment door. She waited. She knocked again. Finally, the lock clicked, and the door opened to reveal a young succubus hastily belting on a bathrobe. Her hair showed signs of having been elaborately done up, but was now a complete disaster. Likewise, her mascara was running with tear trails all down her cheeks, and her lipstick was smeared all around her mouth. As soon as she spotted Sulphurette, she flushed with embarrassment. She bobbed a curtsy, and said: "Yes, Miss Brimstone?"

"Is he here?" she asked, curtly, seeming already to know the answer.

There was a movement behind the young woman, and a huge man loomed over her: apparently stark naked. He was enormous: almost tall enough to have to duck through the doorway, and nearly so broad as to have to go through sideways. Beautiful olive skin was covered with coarse, black hair which matched the perfect black curls on his head. His face was clean shaven, and wore a look of unmatched smugness. Enormous, curling ram's horns and black leathery wings left no question that he was an incubus.

With a wink, he said: "Noctus Stonebrow, at your service, Miss Brimstone." in a rumbling, basso profundo voice. His huge, predatory smile left no doubts about what kind of "services" he was offering.

"I have a client coming in tonight who wants the locked front and back. Are you free?" she asked, with a certain amount of resignation in her voice.

"Oh dear Sulphurette, have you been demoted... again? That must be so humiliating for you." he replied with obviously false concern. "For you, of course, I'm always available. The usual... payment?" he asked. His toothy smile became positively feral, and his eyes took on a red gleam.

"Fine. I see that you've been going after difficult prey here." she retorted, with a glance at the girl's meek demeanor and the pitiful state her makeup. "So, this should be something even you can manage. Be ready in the dungeons at eight." With that, she pointedly turned away from them both, and marched off to the sound of deep, rumbling laughter.

The man laid his neatly folded trousers on top of the rest of his expensive, designer suit. Pearl cufflinks, a silk tie, and a fat wallet already lay on the vanity next to a silver tray holding a large butt plug and a small bowl of lube. With some trepidation, he picked up the intimidating object from its silver tray, and dipped it in the small bowl of lube. He almost decided to bail right then and there. His best friend swore that this place was amazing, but he was having second thoughts. He'd recently come out as bi, and had only been with a man once before. He was dying to do it again, but he was super nervous about doing it in this way. With a deep breath, he worked the plug into his own bottom, and took one last glance in the mirror.

It reflected a moderately attractive young man in his early twenties with elaborately styled brown hair. His youthful body was smooth and nearly hairless, with the physique of a long-distance runner. Behind him, he could see the rest of the small changing room, the door to the compact bathroom off to one side, and the door back out to the lobby (and safety) on the other. In front of him was the door he was to knock on when he was ready. Steeling his nerve, he knocked.

A lock clicked, and a young woman in a hooded robe came into the room. The robe hung open to reveal a black latex corset with matching thigh-high boots. Dark areolae peeked out of the top of corset. A tiny latex skirt barely covered her hips. She was carrying a think band of cloth, and a pair of restraints attached to a long leash. She reached up to put the blindfold over his eyes, and then fastened the restraints around his wrists. Finally, in the calm voice of an airline stewardess, she said: "Follow me please."

Not that he had much choice. She was tugging on the chain, and he almost stumbled forward into her. As they passed through the doorway, she stopped to lock it again before leading him down a hallway paved with cool tiles or stones. People were obvious coming and going all around him, and he felt profoundly embarrassed at his nudity. No one else seemed to pay him any attention, though. Before long, they arrived at another room which was duly unlocked, and they went inside.

The floor was made of some smooth, padded material that yielded under his bare feet. The woman's calm voice instructed: "Lie down please." He did so, and he felt his arms being tugged over his head, and then similar restraints with a spreader bar placed around his ankles. Both were fastened firmly, stretching him wide open on the floor. Then, the blindfold was removed. It didn't matter: it was still pitch black.

He started to feel mounting panic. He silently repeated his "safe word" to himself. It was fine. It was fine. They'd let him up as soon as he liked. Just keep calm.

The young woman left, closing the door behind her. It felt like forever before he heard the door open again. He couldn't help himself; he squeaked into the darkness: "Who's there?"

"Hello Mr... ah... Smith." a silky female voice said from nearby. The long pause, and brief chuckle before the word "Smith" made it obvious she didn't buy the fake name he gave at reception. Somewhere beside her, a low, deep voice chuckled softly.

He heard the soft padding of bare feet circling the room, and then someone crouching down on either side of him. Four hands found his body in the darkness and stroked his chest, hips, and legs. Two were quite small, and obviously feminine. The other two were huge and strong. A shiver ran through him as he felt the hands seemingly everywhere on his body all at once: except one place. His cock strained fruitlessly and was utterly ignored.

With the hands, soon came lips. Soft, delicate lips on one side, and large, strong lips with just a hint of scratchy bristle on the other. They, too, roamed about his body, both finding his mouth from time to time, and each seeming to devour him. Finally, they found his cock.

It was the woman first. Her dainty hand slid down his stomach and grabbed it around the root, holding it fast: pointed straight at the ceiling. Then, the man's large mouth engulfed him. It was nothing like a blowjob from a woman. His cock felt tiny in this man's mouth. The huge mouth moved fast and eagerly with a strong suction. Then, with a flash of cool air, a smaller, gentler mouth replaced it. This one was slow, and subtle with teasing flicks of what felt like a split tongue! They exchanged back and forth between them while the prone man panted in delight.

Soon it was to be his turn. In a coordinated movement, the figures shifted. Then, he felt the bulbous tip of a large cock offered to his mouth while a small hand guided his own cock into the slick smoothness of a pussy hovering over his waist.

Eagerly, he took the cock in his mouth while the woman's weight settled onto his hips: grinding his pelvis into the padded floor. It was a good deal bigger than his own, and his hands were tied, so he did the best he could. He ran his tongue around what he could fit in his mouth while he bobbed his head up and down, trying to get at as much of it as possible. He was rewarded with approving groans and encouragement from the deep voice far above his face. At the same time, he could feel the woman bouncing eagerly on his cock. Her silky voice murmured a stream of obscenities as she drove her hips hard into him with each bounce.

The ersatz Mr. Smith completely forgot his earlier nervousness. His attention drifted from enjoying the obvious pleasure of his two lovers back to his own pleasure in a dizzy haze. After a few minutes of this, the female voice said: "I think he's ready now."

The two lifted themselves off of him, and the man could hear light chains rattling as they were unhooked from the wall. The chains relaxed, and he could feel thick, hairy arms slide under him, lifting him completely off the ground in an effortless motion. Like a doll, he felt himself turned sideways, and his feet placed on the ground. His hands were pulled toward the ceiling so that he was again stretched out spread-eagle, but now standing up.

The two shapes in the dark converged on him from both sides. He could feel the soft pressure of the woman's large breasts pressing into his chest while she slowly squeezed his cock between her thick thighs. She kissed him gently along his shoulder and collarbone. From behind, he could feel that huge cock pressed against his lower back while the thickly muscled arms encompassed them both. The giant's muscles and hard flesh pressed into him from behind, sending shivers up and down his spine, and making his asshole clench the butt plug he was wearing. The massive man rumbled quietly into his ear: "Now, you get what you came for."

He could feel the woman's soft hands slide around his hips, and squeeze his ass. Then, he felt an experimental tug at the butt plug. After teasing it slowly in and out for a few seconds, she took it away, and he could feel his asshole pulse and contract as though looking for a replacement. Next, he could feel wet and slippery fingers slide into his backside, and, at the same time, he felt the large man pull away for a moment.

Finally, he could feel the head of that magnificent cock, slippery with lube, slide between his ass cheeks. It stopped at the opening of his ass for a teasing moment, and then the head slowly pushed inside him. He let out a guttural groan: "Oh, my god..." The stretching feeling subsided after a moment to be replaced with the most glorious feeling of fullness as the divine cock slowly pressed in deeper and deeper. His asshole gave an involuntary squeeze as it slid past his prostate, sending a shiver through his whole body.

Over on his front side, the woman had grabbed his cock in her hands, and was slowly stroking him with a firm grip, licking around the head of his cock on each stroke. Just as the large cock reached his fullest depths, she swallowed his own smaller cock all the way to the base, grinding her nose against his belly. This tore a primal groan loose from deep in his chest which resonated loudly through the chamber.

The two of them quickly went to work on him. The man's arms wrapped around him, squeezing his muscled chest against his back. The cock started sliding slowly in and out right up to his limits on both ends, zinging his prostate on each pass. At the same time, the woman's hands gripped his hips, and her head bobbed in long, matching strokes. The sensations were overwhelming. The man almost couldn't tell what feelings were coming from which side of his body. The sensation was so complete that he felt like he'd become an electric, swelling ball of pure pleasure.

He continued to groan and shout incoherently as the cock raced through him, tracing a throbbing path on its way. At the same time, the woman's expert tongue twirled around the head of his own cock, while she stroked him furiously in time with the pounding he was receiving from behind. It may have been seconds, minutes, or years later when he came explosively into her waiting mouth with a long, deep-throated howl. Almost before he'd quite finished himself, the grunting in his ear changed into a growling groan, and the cock inside him pushed all the way in and started to pulse as the big man reached his own climax.

The woman stood, and pressed herself into him, while laying her head on his shoulder. The giant man pulled all three of them close together, while his cock—still embedded in the man's ass—slowly shrank. All three stood there for several minutes in a sweaty, breathless embrace.

Umbra locked the changing-room door behind the client after showing him back out. Seeing Sulphurette and Noctus chatting further down the hallway—still completely naked—she rushed up to join them.

Seeing Umbra come up, Noctus's limp cock twitched, and he turned to Sulphurette to say: "You know, you could bring her along with you when you make your payment."

"No. She's not for you." Sulphurette snapped back.

"Is that how it is? Fraternizing with your apprentice, huh? Well, perhaps you'll change your mind some day. In the meantime; my room? Tomorrow night? Same time?"

"Fine. Just be sure to wash first. I've seen where you stick that thing." she teased back again.

Noctus laughed loudly as he walked off down the corridor. Sulphurette and Umbra linked arms, and started off in the opposite direction. Umbra was scowling. Finally, she burst out: "Why do you let him treat you like that!? You could eat him alive!"

"Noctus? He's harmless. Annoying, but ultimately harmless. All the Incubi are. Comes from there being so few of them; they all wind up with fat heads."

Umbra sighed. "I used to hate men like him, and now I'm cursed with one in my afterlife as well."

Sulphurette laughed brightly. "Before long, you'll grow into your wings and be able to handle him."

They continued down the hallway a bit further before Umbra asked: "How much do you think he'll actually remember?"

"Mr. Smith?" she chucked. "Oh, he'll remember pretty much all of it. The amnesiac in our saliva is triggered by orgasm, but only just barely if you let them cum normally. To fully activate it, you have to fully drain them. Of course, we can't do that to paying customers... unfortunately." She sighed. "That's what I hate most about working the dungeons. Plus, I almost never get off, myself!"

Umbra's mouth quirked, and she replied: "Oh, you poor thing! Why don't you come upstairs and let me take care of you?"

Sulphurette smiled and pulled her close as they continued down the hall.