Growing up, Thomas was very meticulous about grooming and reveled in his ability to get all female eyes to turn towards him, even more so when he got guys' attention as well. Also being a well toned competitive swimmer, it gave his 6'3" frame even more of a presence. His young ego was riding quite high until he failed his university swim team by not making the Olympic team and had his scholarship revoked because he was hung over the day of races. It was because of this he was forced to strike up a deal with his father that if he managed to graduate, his father would pay for the rest of his school, but if not, Thomas would be cut off completely.

It was through this failure and humiliation that he spent the last year of university in the library studying nearly 24/7 just to pass his last classes as he no longer got any grade lower than a C changed by backhanded dealings of the athletic department. It was in the library that Thomas met Hannah.

Being there on a volleyball scholarship, she stands an impressive 6' tall, well toned but very feminine like Wonder Woman. She had very large breasts, but on her frame they did not look as big as you would think. With her being as tall as she was, it put her chest line closer to the eye line of many guys, a fact she hated as most people would not look above her chest, but a fact she was willing to exploit if she needed something.

Hannah knew of Thomas and him becoming the pariah of anyone even remotely connected to the athletic department, a fact she did not care about as she too was a pariah in that she did not participate in any of the parties most athletes did. She was only at school to get an education and a sports scholarship was the best way to get into a prestigious school. When she was attending classes or being not forced to train, she would be found in the library.

When she first saw Thomas studying, she scoffed thinking it would not last long. The more she saw him studying so hard to graduate she began to feel bad for him. One day near the end of the fall semester she found him looking beyond frazzled in the back of the stacks on the verge of tears. She stopped by and asked if she could help. From that point on, Thomas and Hannah became study buddies and that winter break started dating.

Hannah had grown up in a strict catholic home and had it ingrained that sex before marriage would lead her to hell. Once out from under her parents roof, she realized just how sheltered a life she had lived. This did not mean she jumped on any cock she could on, she still had the idea that sex should wait until marriage, but she learned that masturbation was amazing. She actually would take breaks during studying just to go rub one out as she felt it helped clear her mind.

Graduating by the skin of his teeth and pulling a meager C average, Thomas got a job at his father's law firm where he received a very nice salary and was given the title of executive manager. This seemed all great, but he was nothing more than a glorified secretary as he had no real duties at work and the only thing people came to him for was to pass on information or documents to his father.

Thomas proposed to Hannah a month after he graduated and they were married before the start of the next semester for Hannah. Their first night as husband and wife, Thomas thought everything was perfect. Hannah on the other hand would say there was one little problem.

She had heard rumors, mostly that Thomas had fucked any willing girl, but had heard not many stayed longer than 1 night. She loved him deeply, but the first night of their honeymoon, as the night of the wedding had sucked any energy they had out of them, she learned of Thomas's little secret.

Thomas knew a career in porn was not going to be an option because of his endowment, but he always thought himself to be only slightly below average. He even joked about being a grower, not a shower.

Hannah would categorize herself as a frequent masturbator, usually making herself cum 3 times a day. With all this masturbating, you would think she had quite a porn collection or at the very least a lot of bookmarked sites, but she never watched or looked at actual porn. She of course had seen naked men and women in movies and shows, but never bothered to look up any supplementary material for her to get off. She did not even own a dildo or other masturbatory device as her fingers knew precisely where to go, press, rub, and pinch at the right moment eliciting such grand feelings she had no need of anything more.

So even with her lack of knowledge, the first time Hannah saw his penis poking firmly out towards her, she looked dumbfounded. Thomas was probably the same size if not even a little bit smaller than a prepubescent child. This was also exacerbated by Thomas' wide muscular build.

He stood at the foot of the bed standing wide legged with his arms akimbo like he was pretending to be Superman as he surveyed and got to see his wife naked for the first time. Her long athletic legs completely smooth leading his eyes to a glistening bare lips and well trimmed pubic mound, his eyes did not last long on that prize and quickly moved up to her breasts. Supple and large and topped with a contrasting deep red nipple that was standing erect.

Thomas started crawling up the bed while kissing Hannah's legs along the way. He gave a quick lick up her slit stopping to give a suck on her clitoris making her moan loudly. She then lets out a low sigh as Thomas moved upwards and planted a kiss on her smooth stomach before reaching his desired destination. Latching on to her right nipple, he let out a moan while flicking his tongue back and forth making Hannah moan in surprise as she had never used them for pleasure and had always wondered why guys found them so intriguing.

Thomas moved his left hand up to grope pinch her left breast and nipple while then moving his right hand up between her legs. Just feeling the moistness being produced by Hannah, Thomas could not wait any longer as he stopped any foreplay and quickly maneuvered to plunge into his wife.

As she felt his penis enter her, she could not help but feel a sense of disappointment after getting so worked up. She knew her fingers were thicker and longer. Her fingers also knew where to go, this digit just rammed in and out with no rhyme or reason. She was hoping that Thomas was just eager and would find a better pace, but he blew his load into her less than a minute after the jack-hammering attack started. The only thing Thomas did not lack in, which she was very surprised by because of his testicle size, was his cum load that seemed to shoot into her longer than the actual sex act had lasted.

With the underwhelming sex, Hannah did feel a twinge of conflict, but ultimately knew she loved Thomas. She reassured herself that she went 21 years without sex, and the prospect of being with her love and raising a family was all she needed.

After the honeymoon, they used an upfront bonus Thomas got from work, and a little help from Hannah's parents, they were able to move into a very nice home not far from campus, but far enough that it was not part of the college kid crowd so it would be perfect to raise kids and let Hannah continue with school.

Over the next year, Hannah focused primarily on school while Thomas tried to make the best impression he could at his dad's firm. This meant that only on rare occasions their schedules lines up and they would have sex. Even though pregnancy was not the desired outcome, they still did not use protection.

After Hannah got her under-grad degree, she continued on with the ultimate pursuit of getting a doctorate in psychology. Not wanting to wait any longer, it was decided that having kids now would be best, especially since Thomas could "work" from home and raise them.

After a year of actively trying to get pregnant, tracking ovulation cycles, and some other old wives tales, they decided going to a doctor would be the best option.

They were both given bad news. Hannah had a hostile uterus and was given only a 25% chance of an egg being able to get fertilized, and only a 10% chance that egg would survive through the first trimester. Thomas on the other hand, the doctor said he was very impressed by the volume, but was told that the very low amount of sperm present was completely immotile. So even if they extracted a viable egg from Hannah who would not be able to carry it to term, there would be no way to use Thomas' sperm to fertilize it.

Upon hearing this news Thomas said, "wish I knew this in college, I could have saved a lot of money on condoms." This made the doctor laugh but made Hannah look over at him in disbelief. She was upset that he was making light of the situation, but the look turned to confusion as she did not think a regular condom would remain on him even at his full hardness.

After coming to terms with the news, they both decided that kids just were not in the cards for them. This did not stop Thomas from continually wanting to have sex at least 3-4 times a week like they had been doing the year prior. He figured that since kids were no longer a option, the sex could still be a big part of their married life.

Hannah really loved Thomas and was thankful he had a job and was able to afford them a good home and also cover her going to school, but she had started to grow very tired with their love life. She dared not say anything because at least she knew that he would finish quickly and then go about his day happy because he seemed to be really depressed knowing that his job was meaningless, but that the money was too good to pass.

Being married for close to 6 years, Hannah had moved from just being tired of and started to resent Thomas and his sex drive. His lack of size was only a problem because it meant she received so little stimulation that she felt almost no pleasure from it, which would be bad enough, but combined with his extremely short staying power and his large loads that made cleanup necessary or having to deal with a big gooey mess on the sheets later, it just kept making their whole love life become more and more strained.

Things took a turn after a night of drinking with Hannah's friends celebrating her becoming a fully licensed clinical psychologist. Having their friends over, both Hannah and Thomas proceeded to drink pretty heavily. Drunk Hannah was when she would show off her tits to anyone, and this really turned Thomas on.

With it getting late, Hannah's friends left, but for the last hour Thomas was practically humping Hannah's leg. With everyone now gone, Thomas quickly undressed and kept trying to get Hannah to do the same so they could have sex. Hannah figured with his inebriated state, he would be done faster than usual and just pass out and she could then go give herself multiple orgasms in the shower.

Thomas fucked Hannah with his usual vigor thinking he was on top of his game lasting merely two minutes before cumming and collapsing on her breasts. The only reason he was able to last so long was because he could barely keep hard which made Hannah just think how pathetic he was at the moment. In thinking about that she forgot to fake an orgasm like she had learned to do.

Panting while caressing her breast, Thomas knew something was off and asked, "Hey babe, everything okay, did the booze make it hard for you to cum tonight?"

Hannah started laughing saying, "are you fucking serious!? I have never been able to cum with that tiny thing that barely resembles a penis. I can't believe you think you think anyone could derive any semblance of pleasure by something as pathetic as that.

"You were a swimmer surrounded by real cock bulges, how did you never connect that you were so below average. I mean seriously, and saying you are a 'grower not a shower' is the biggest joke. A grower actually gets bigger. The only time you have ever even come close to making me cum is when you would go down on me, but that is such a rarity and even when you do, you hear even the slightest moan from me and you jump right to fucking instead of actually thinking of giving me an orgasm first. Then you are always so quick and refuse to even think about going down on me after you fill me with cum. But at least when I take a shower to wash all your useless cum out, the shower head can actually get me off."

She let out a long sigh of relief closing her eyes, feeling a ton of relief lift off her shoulders as that rant had been building in her for a long time. There was a long pause of absolute silence before she sobered up realizing she had actually said that out loud.

As she opened her eyes and peered over at Thomas who had moved off Hannah and was now standing at the foot of the bed unable to make eye contact. She could see his stature had shrunk, with his shouldn't slumped, and his hand meekly trying to cover his crotch. The thing that really got her was that she could see tears were rolling down his cheeks. Hannah just sat there staring at Thomas trying to think of something to say.

As Hannah was about to try and make a plea that she did not mean the things she said and that it must have been the alcohol, she stopped as she could see a change in posture and he looked up and made eye contact. He no longer looked sad, but like he was facing off against an opponent. This was a look she had seen only a few times, but knew it was when he was psyching himself up. It made her scared as he cracked his neck and started to move towards her. Fearing something had snapped and he was about to hurt her, Thomas moved extremely quickly and before she could attempt to push him off and try to escape, his head was between her legs and his tongue was deep into her pussy.

Fueled by the humiliation of Hannah's words, Thomas showed vigor in his pussy eating and his tongue movements were like he was solving a Rubik's cube that just happened to be her clitoris. She had always thought he actually did have a talented tongue, but this was on another level.

The more Thomas could hear Hannah moan, squeezing his head with her thighs, and the gush of her cumming just made him keep going harder. It was not until 45 minutes had passed that Hannah finally had to push Thomas away. He was breathing very hard like he had just finished a big race. Hannah could see his face was glistening from all her juices as well as some of his own cum. Hannah could barely keep her eyes open as she was still reeling as waves of pleasure still rolled through her body, she said, "I, wow, your tongue, so many, geez, fucking amazing."

Thomas felt pride in hearing those words. Still with the taste of his own cum in his mouth, he did not know what to think of it. He kind of felt gross thinking that he had just licked up and swallowed a lot his cum. He also felt that he should hate the taste, yet he thought the taste wasn't that bad, actually it was really good. He pushed this thought away thinking that was only because it was due to Hannah's wetness making it better. The one thing he could not deny was the obvious pleasure he gave Hannah and that really made him happy.

The next night Hannah was the one to try and initiate sex by entering the living room naked. Thomas was engrossed in some sports news, so Hannah gave her ass a spank making a very audible smacking noise, which made her wince a little. Thomas jumped at the loud noise, but when he looked over at the naked Hannah rubbing her butt, he could feel his penis swell. Giving him a come hither finger motion, Hannah went back into the bedroom and Thomas was not far behind.

Hannah was already on the bed doing her best "french girl" pose. Thomas was out of his clothes in no time and barely even waiting to thrust his penis into her. As was the usual, Thomas didn't last long and blew his load deep into Hannah and then collapsed on Hannah feeling content. His mind cleared from his orgasm and remembered last night and going down after. At the time he did not think much of it except the humiliation of Hannah's words, but now actually thinking about his cum filling her pussy and going down on it made his stomach feel queasy.

"Honey, could you go down like you did last night?"

"Um, well, I mean I just, and it is a...," Thomas stammered trying to think of an excuse before Hannah cut him off.

"Well I mean I could just go take a shower like usual and clean out the massive load you just shot inside of me, which is a lot, and maybe bring myself to an orgasm like I would in the past. I just really liked that last night, you, you were able to give me so many yourself."

Thomas paused at the idea, thinking how he had for years been so blind to the idea he was not making her happy, and that he finally did and is now trying to back out of it. As he pondered it, Hannah began to get up but was stopped. Thomas had a stern expression, but he also looked guilty not wanting to make eye contact with Hannah.

Hannah smiled and even though she did not want to guilt Thomas into going down on her, she did actually want Thomas to give her orgasms. She knew she had to press him a bit to get him to go down on her after he came inside her. She laid back and spread her legs exposing her shaved pussy glistening and dripping with his cum and her growing wetness.

Thomas looked at Hannah's pussy and could feel the queasy sensation build in his stomach seeing the pearly white cum, but he knew he could not just let her leave now. So he slowly knelt between her legs and slowly moved his head closer. The sweetness of her scent filled his nose, but quickly was overcome by the pungent bitter smell of his cum. He slowly stuck out his tongue and licked up the side of her pussy trying to avoid the middle. As the taste filled his mouth and nose, he almost began to gag, but then he heard Hannah moan. Any displeasure he was about to experience quickly changed into excitement and he started working her pussy with his tongue. His vigor increased the more he heard Hannah moan. Even with his ears muffled by her strong thighs, he could hear her verbally screaming yes as the first orgasm erupted and filled his mouth with her cum, but also flushing his cum out with it.

The more he tasted his cum, the more it actually did not seem to bother him. The main thing about tasting his cum that through him off was the consistency. It was not solid enough to be described as jello, but not runny enough to be compared to water. It also had an odd lingering flavour that started off bitter and salty, then he could taste the sweetness in it, and then it just maintained a strong musky aftertaste that reminded him that he had cum in his mouth well after it was swallowed.

This routine of Thomas cumming and then eating out Hannah to multiple orgasms became a near nightly thing.

To Be Continued