"Ugh, she is gonna kill me" I thought to myself as I found out I had to take a last minute work trip next week. Life was crazy for Mandy and me with a new baby, and I was going to now have to leave her for a trip to Miami, which she was going to very jealous of. Driving home, I thought the whole time about how to break it to her.

I got back and from the driveway I could hear our kid screaming, and knew it would be anarchy when I went inside. I took over for Mandy and poured her a glass of wine which she happily took, and deep breaths were had by all.

After I got the little one down for the night we collapsed into the couch, and while holding her she said "we need a break, let's try and get a sitter some night so we can get away, just you and me." We were short on cash as we were down to one income and spent every penny we had on baby stuff, but I had an idea.

"I just found out I have to go to Miami for work. How about you come out with me and spend a couple days on the beach, and we can get together at night?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed, nearly jumping off the couch. Within seconds she was calling sitters, and within the hour she announced her flight was booked. Things had been tense at home, but I had no idea how much she had needed to get away.

In the days leading up to the trip she got increasingly excited, especially when picking out what to wear. She had been working out pretty aggressively in recent months, and had the body to prove it. She was a certifiable MILF, and became even sexier as her confidence came back. She loved wearing yoga pants and dresses again, and for the first time in the Northeastern winter she could now start trying on bikinis again.

I had to fly out a day early before Mandy, and as I was leaving for the airport that morning she gave me a big hug and whispered seductively in my ear "Get ready for a fun couple of days." Our sex life had slowed considerably post-baby, and my cock sprang to attention thinking about having her to myself in Miami.

I flew out and went straight from the airport to meetings all afternoon which concluded with a dinner meeting. At dinner I had my phone on the table and got a text from Mandy. I casually swept the message to open it, thinking it was a harmless question or update on our kids bedtime.

It wasn't. There was Mandy, spread out in black lingerie on top of our white bedspread, with the caption reading "Can't wait to see you".

I nearly spit out my drink, and quickly tried to bring the phone under the table before anyone saw. But my co-worker Brad saw and of course couldn't keep his mouth shut. "Whoa, looks like Ben just got a message from his escort!"

Panicking and not wanting my co-workers to think I actually hired an escort, I quickly and foolishly said "No, no that was just my wife." I immediately regretted that and wished I had just let everyone think I had an escort. Brad hooted and told everyone my wife looked great in black lingerie, and despite everyones best efforts I did not share the picture.

The guys would have drooled though. Mandy was the girl every guy at the bar wished they could fuck. She was short at just over 5" tall with an hourglass figure. Full and perky 36C's with a narrow waist that gave way to her hips. Her best feature was her athletic legs and perfect ass, and she could not have looked sexier in a g-string or pair of yoga pants. She was a beauty as well, with shoulder length brown hair, dark features and smoky brown/hazel eyes.

I started thinking about getting my hands on her the next day, and throughout dinner and on the way back to the hotel I couldn't stop thinking about her comment that morning and the sight of her in lingerie. I checked into the hotel and made my way to my room with my cock straining against my pants, thinking about her the whole way.

I opened the door to my room, turned the lights on and flinched. There she was, laying down on the white comforter of our hotel in black lingerie that I had just seen. I couldn't believe my eyes, with my surprised reaction quickly turning to overwhelming arousal looking at my sexy wife laid out before me.

She crawled across the bed, climbed down and walked slowly up to me. Placing her hands on my chest, we kissed like we hadn't seen each other in a year. I ran my hands over the curves of her tight little body while she removed my blazer. Running her hands over my chest and abs, she cooed saying how much she missed me, and based on how hard I was it was clear I missed her too.

While I clearly married up with Mandy, I am no slouch. I was average height at 5'10" and an athletic 160 lbs, and Mandy said I had the defined body of a soccer player. I didn't have the cock of a porn star, but I was a full 6" and was plenty thick to fill up Mandy's tight little cunt.

She slowly fell to her knees, and lowered my pants so she was eye level with my bulging cock which was fully outlined beneath my stretched boxer briefs. She ran her hands along my shaft, looking up seductively at me clearly pleased with how happy I was to see her.

After teasing me for a minute she reached her delicate hand in and gripped my shaft, giving it a few light strokes before lowering my boxers to the floor. She worked my cock with long and slow strokes with her mouth before thrusting faster.

As much as we both wanted to savor the moment, we hadn't been together like this in far too long. I desperately wanted to fuck this woman, and with how fast she was taking my cock I knew she wanted to get fucked too.

I pulled her up and turned her around, guiding her forward past the bed. I walked her to the back wall which was a floor-to-ceiling window, and pushed her chest against it. Her hands braced against the glass as she looked down over the streets of Miami, and I positioned myself behind her.

I slid her lacy black thong down to her high heels, and grabbed her narrow waist as I guided my cock into her slit. She was soaking wet, as was my cock after her blowjob and I slid into her with just one thrust. We both paused, the feeling of my cock finally buried in her after far too long felt so good.

But we both wanted to cum, and I began to fuck her from behind. As I gripped her waist tight, I looked up and could see her reflection in the glass. She loves control: either being in control, or out of control. In that moment, she was mine as I gripped her tight and fucked her hard, and the look on her face showed it.

She was pressed up against the glass, and I looked down to the streets of Miami and noticed several guys looking up at us. I motioned for Mandy to look down and she did, and immediately loved the idea of getting fucked in front of these strangers.

Neither of us were going to last long, as I could feel her pussy tighten while my orgasm also approached. After several more thrusts I pumped cum deep inside Mandy, which put her over the edge as she began a full body orgasm. She threw her head back and wrapped her arms around mine, and we held each other tight as stream after stream flowed inside her.

Mandy shook for several minutes, finally coming down off her high as my cum dripped down her legs. We kissed passionately as a couple dozen guys down on the street cheered us on. We both laughed, and closed the blinds before falling into bed. A surprise quickie was the perfect way to start the trip, and it would only get better from there.

I had to wake up early to go to meetings all day, and we agreed to meet at the hotel bar afterwards for a drink. I kissed Mandy goodbye and made my way to my meetings as she fell back asleep.

Later that day, she sent me a text asking if I was ok with her going shopping. She was wandering around Miami and wanted some new dresses, and of course I said yes. I was intrigued because of how confident I knew she was with her body, and I knew shopping for dresses in sultry Miami would be very different than in our conservative hometown.

My mind wandered throughout the day thinking about her pouring her tight little body into sexy little outfits, and I was hopeful I would get a dressing room picture or two. But she played hard to get, and in my final meeting of the day Mandy sent a quick text that she was at the hotel bar, and boy was I ready to lay my eyes on her and get a drink.

I left the last meeting and hurried to the hotel. I turned the corner to the bar, and the first thing I saw was her. Her dress was dark red, and left little to the imagination. It strapped behind her neck, leaving her arms exposed. And while it had a high neck and didn't show cleavage, it hugged every inch of her and cupped underneath her ample breasts. There was nothing between her perky nipples and the thin layer of the dress, and I could clearly see the outline from across the bar as I walked towards her. The fabric held her hips tight, and barely ran down to her mid-thigh. Her toned and tan legs were crossed, and she confidently tapped her high heels as I approached.

"Well, what do you think?" she innocently said to me.

"Just like always, you are the sexiest woman at the bar" I whispered into her ear as I kissed her cheek. I moved my chair next to hers, ordered a drink and we chatted about our day.

The first couple drinks went down easy, and with each drink Mandy leaned in closer to me. From time to time her hand would slide down into my lap, and teasingly rub my cock through my pants. It clearly gave her pleasure to have her hand on my cock in public, and for me to be so turned on by her. Meanwhile, underneath the bar my hands moved further up her thighs. We were all over each other, and didn't care how public we were about it.

"That was an amazing surprise yesterday, you are the best" I said to Mandy.

"Mmm, yeah, it was pretty great" she cooed back to me.

I leaned into her, and with one hand moving up to the top of her athletic thigh and the other behind her neck, I whispered into her ear "I loved fucking you in front of the window last night for everyone on the street to see. I thought about it all day today, and I can't wait to get inside you again tonight."

I have a deep voice, and she loves dirty talk. With this, she cooed softly and shuffled her legs. I knew she was getting turned on.

"All day today I thought about you here at the bar, waiting for me like a dirty little escort. How about we close our tab, and I'll take you back to my room."

I gently kissed her ear, and she exhaled deeply and whispered back to me, "Whatever you say."

I tossed a credit card out and motioned for our tab. It came quickly, and with that I stepped off the barstool, held out my hand for Mandy and walked with her to the elevator.

When Mandy walks, her hips move confidently. Today, in a tight dress that barely covered her ass with a pair of tall high heels, she was especially seductive. We walked slowly, and I wrapped one arm around her and held onto her hip. The bulge from my pants was evident from the second I got off of the barstool, and especially so holding her as we walked.

After a quick elevator ride and walk into the room, I shut the door and held Mandy tight against the wall. We kissed aggressively, releasing the sexual tension that built throughout the day. My body was pressed against hers while our hands ran all over each other.

I had wanted to fuck her from the moment I saw her at the bar. But I wasn't desperate to get inside her like I was the day before. Yesterday, it had been far too long since we had fucked and we both desperately needed a quickie. Today, I wanted incredible sex, and I wanted to feel her orgasm.

I stepped back from Mandy and guided her away from the wall. We continued to kiss, and I slowly moved her towards the bed. With the back of her legs against the foot of the bed, she instinctively laid on her back and scooted towards the headboard. I leaned over, grabbed her hips and pulled her back towards the front of the bed.

Her tanned and toned legs were straight in the air, leaning against my chest. I ran my hands up and down several times, feeling her soft skin as she laid down before me. I then leaned over and slowly removed a lacy red g-string, and ran it up her legs and over her high heels. I looked down at my wife's bare pussy, and dropped to my knees.

Mandy opened her legs to either side of my head, and I could see she was already beginning to get wet. I kissed the inside of her thighs, and lightly kissed my way towards her labia. I slowly inserted one finger inside her, and began to feel Mandy move her hips and moan ever so softly.

She was beginning to get wet, and I slid my finger deeper inside her, hooking it upward which she always loved. At the same time, I began to tease her clit with my tongue. Slow, light licks at first, while massaging inside her. I could feel her arousal begin to build.

With my finger inside her, I began to apply pressure. And rather than teasing her clit with my tongue, I firmly grasped her clit with my lips.

I could feel her orgasm approach. Her athletic legs gripped my head from either side. I struggled to keep my lips on her clit as she began to thrust her hips. She began to yell louder, until an orgasm rushed through her body. I gripped her hips tightly as she thrusted through her orgasm. She screamed in pleasure, gripping my hair as I kept my lips firmly against her clit. It was so empowering to feel this woman orgasm.

As she came down off of her climax, we both wanted my cock inside her. She sat up at the foot of the bed and took off my belt as I removed my shirt. She quickly lowered my pants, exposing my rock hard cock that could barely be contained by my boxer briefs. Mandy wasn't interested in foreplay anymore, and lowered my boxers, freeing my cock which stood straight out at her.

While I loved her mouth on my cock, I wasn't interested in foreplay anymore either and wanted to fuck her from behind. I motioned for her to get back on the bed, and climbed towards her. She opened her legs for me, but I grabbed them and told her to get on all fours. I lifted her sexy dress over her back, placed myself behind her.

With pussy juices beginning to drip down her legs, I placed one hand on her narrow waist and the other on her hip. I guided the swollen head of my cock into her wet pussy, and quickly every inch of my cock was inside her. I gripped her tightly and fucked her hard. She was my dirty little escort, and I fucked her like one.

Mandy loved getting fucked from behind, and loved when I was in control. I leaned over her, making her lay down flat on the bed. Her arms were spread out across the bed, her head turned to the side and her eyes were closed. As she laid flat, I gripped her ass and began fucking her hard again.

As she was flat against the bed she could not brace herself against me, and with every thrust she moved up and down on the mattress. As I fucked her, I leaned over her and whispered in her ear "You are a dirty little escort", and she began to moan loudly. I could feel her hips move again, and it was clear she was about to have another orgasm. After several more thrusts I buried my cock inside her, feeling the orgasm pulse throughout her body.

She yelled in ecstasy again, and I was sure any anyone in the hallway could hear her but didn't care. There was nothing sexier than watching Mandy climax while inside her, and it was all I could do to keep from cumming at the same time.

As she came down off of her orgasm, I pulled my cock out of her and saw her fluids drip out of her. She rolled over on the bed, and I held out my hand for her to stand up. She was scared of getting her new dress wet, and I said we would have to get it off of her.

She went to remove her dress but I told her to wait. I held her hand, and walked her towards the wall that was a full length window. She stood in front of the window in her sexy red dress, with pussy juice dripping down her legs to her heels. Several guys on the street had taken notice.

I stood behind her, and slowly lifted the dress above her waist, exposing her again for all of Miami to see. I then brought it over her perky tits, then her head and arms. She stood at the window, completely exposed with nothing on but her sexy heels and the cum dripping down her legs. I wanted to fuck her from behind again, but first I had another idea.

At the corner of the room there was a desk, and I guided Mandy towards it and had her sit on top. I laid her down on top of the desk, the back of her head to the window. My throbbing cock pointed straight ahead, right at her cunt. I positioned myself in front of her as she lifted her legs, guiding my cock into her with one thrust.

I fucked her slowly at first, looking down at my shaft sliding in and out of her pussy, covered in her cum. I looked up at her laying back on the desk, her smoky eyes closed, biting her lip and gripping the sides of the desk preparing for her next orgasm. I removed my hand from her side, gripped her clit and began thrusting faster. Mandy immediately shot her head off the desk in arousal.

She was near her third orgasm when I told her to look out the window. She looked down, and saw dozens of guys standing outside, staring up at us. She threw her head backwards and arched her back up, putting put on a show for the voyeurs. I felt her legs tighten around me as she gripped the desk harder.

She began to shake and let out a long, loud moan as the third orgasm pulsed through her body. I plunged my cock deep inside and felt a flood of her cum fill her pussy. She bucked up and down, unable to control herself at all as her orgasm enveloped her. She opened her eyes long enough to glance out the window and see all the guys staring up at her, before closing them again and passionately throwing her head back.

She shook for several minutes and could barely catch her breath. Her body rocked back and forth, my cock buried inside her the whole time. Her pussy was soaked, fluids pouring out around my cock and seeming to never stop. She finally began to come down off her climax, I pulled my cock out of Mandy as a flood of her cum poured onto the floor.

I was about to climax too, and knew how I wanted to finish. I guided her off of the desk and moved her to the window. There her tight, tanned body was for all of Miami to see. She wore nothing but a pair of high heels and cum that covered her legs. She looked down and saw the guys watching and let out a moan of approval.

I positioned myself behind her again, knowing it would not be long. Mandy put both hands against the window, looked at down at the voyeurs and over her shoulder at me, and commanded "cum inside me".

I gripped her hips tight and buried my cock inside her with a single thrust. I fucked her harder than I had all night, and Mandy and I both groaned with each thrust.

She hadn't even come down off of her third orgasm, but a fourth began to build as I felt my balls tense up. After several final thrusts I buried my cock inside her one last time, releasing a flood of my cum inside her as her hips shook through a fourth orgasm. My cock pumped a dozen streams of seed inside her tight pussy, which was more than it could take as both our fluids poured out of her.

Mandy flung her head back onto my shoulder and we fell forward against the window. Her body was pressed firmly against the glass as cum poured down out of pussy. We alternated between kissing deeply and looking out the window at our fans, and after a couple minutes began to come down off of our climaxes. Many of the guys on the street were clapping and cheering as they watched us finish, clearly appreciating the show.

We both had an overwhelming sense of fulfillment, and waved goodbye to our voyeurs before shutting the blinds. We fell into bed and held each other tight. It had been an amazing couple days, and I didn't want the trip to end. Tomorrow was the last day of the conference, but what I didn't know is that it would also be the best day.