All the characters in this story are over 18. This is the first part of a multi-part story in which Andy learns about himself and then meets a new friend that opens his eyes to something he had not imagined.


Hi, my name is Andy. Have you ever been through a set of events in your life that completely throws out the window all your perceptions about an area of your life, opens your eyes to whole new ideas, something like an epiphany...?

Sure, we all have. But for me in 2013 to 2014 I had two of those eye opening experiences and what I thought I knew about sex was completely turned over each time.

My wife died in early 2013 after an extended illness, which of course was quite sad. She was a wonderful companion and we were devoted to each other, and while that was a catalyst for change, my life returned to the same routines immediately after her death. I was an avid racquetball player and threw myself into that pursuit more seriously, working hard on my fitness to get down to 180 pounds of sinewy muscle on my six foot tall 50 year old frame.

Our church in the small Georgia town south of Atlanta had been an important part of my married life and so I continued to attend. After a respectable grieving period I noticed several ladies that had been my wife's friends regularly initiating conversations with me. Since I am not immune to flattery I welcomed these chats. One of my wife's best friends, Tammy, convinced me to come over for lunch after church one day.

I was surprised that her husband was not there when I arrived, "My husband, Roger could not get out of a golf commitment," she explained. We had sandwiches and talked over things happening in our town. Tammy was a full figured woman and I noticed that her dress was showing a lot more cleavage than it did during the church service.

We ended up on her couch sipping cokes, "Andy, I really am so sorry about Helen," she said. "We talked often and I know how much she loved you."

I had been able to compartmentalize my grief and feelings about my wife, she was wonderful and precious to me, but that was not something that I was going to talk to anyone about. I just smiled at Tammy and nodded, and it turned out that was not really what Tammy was interested in.

"Your wife and I shared many things about our marriages, I can tell you that she would want you to be happy now," said Tammy as she put her hand on my leg.

"I loved my wife and we had a wonderful life together," I responded, "but I plan on getting a fresh start."

"That is exactly what she would want, to know you are looking to try new things." As Tammy said this she slid closer to me and I could feel her breast spreading out against my arm, her hand moved up my leg.

I was not born yesterday and so I asked her, "When do you expect Roger back?"

"He will not be back until supper," she purred.

"Then no one will be here for a few hours?"

"Just you and me," she whispered and her hand moved into my crotch. I reached over and felt of her large round breast, lifting it and then brushing my fingers back and forth across the nipple which was getting harder and harder.

Tammy's hand was feeling the length of my dick and she was staring down at me, her eyes growing wider. "She said you were so big it hurt her..."

"Do you want to see it?" I asked. Tammy just nodded as she kept feeling along my shaft.

I unbuckled my belt and unfastened the button at the top of my pants. The very tip of my dick came into view with the slit glistening with precum. Tammy put her finger there and spread the slickness all along the slit. I took hold of her hand and moved it up to her mouth, she took the finger in and sucked on it. "Mmmmm." She hummed enjoying my warm fluid.

I unzipped my pants and pushed off my shoes and then the pants too, the head of my dick was just visible above the waistband of my boxers. Tammy felt of my dick under the thin material of my underwear, her fingers lightly tracing out the shaft.

"Take off my underwear," I told her. Tammy put her fingertips under the waistband and began to drag it down. Gradually my cock came more and more into view. The elastic rubbed against the shiny skin below my head, pulling along the sensitive area and making my cock grow harder. As the fabric uncovered over six inches of my dick it twitched with pleasure. Tammy was amazed that the end was not yet in sight.

"How big is it?" she wondered.

"The last time my wife measured it, it was nine inches long and six inches around," I replied.

"They will have to see it." Tammy said.

"Who is 'they' and what do you mean they have to see it?" I asked.


Well the 'they' was a group that Tammy called the Garden Party; five ladies from our church that were much more than just a garden party. Tammy, Beth, MaryBeth, Sue and Alice were prim and proper women that were well-respected in our town. They were also women that had sexual fantasies, and they shared them with each other at their regular Garden Party salons.

Tammy organized another lunch after church at her house, and this time it was the Garden Party and I. While lunch was the stated reason for the get-together, we all knew that the high point of this afternoon was them getting to see it.

After lunch I sat on the couch and Tammy sat on one side of me, and Beth on the other side; the three other ladies sat across from us. While Tammy was a voluptuous woman, Beth was thin and athletic, I think she was a gymnast in college. I could just make out the shadow of Beth's nipples on her small breasts.

"So Tammy said it is really big, is that right?" asked Beth as she put her hand on my leg.

"Huge, is the word she used, and there was another word starting with 'F' that she put in front of Huge," replied MaryBeth from the other couch.

Tammy put her hand right on my hardening cock and squeezed it. "When I said f-ing huge I meant it!" Tammy retorted, "...and now you will all get to see why I said that."

Tammy unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned the top of my trousers. The pink tip of my dick was just visible peaking out above the band of my underwear. "Oh my!" I heard one of the ladies exclaim.

"Just wait," said Tammy. Then she unzipped my pants and spread them open. The full length of my erect cock was now visible under my boxer shorts.

"That is big!" said Beth as she slowly reached her hand towards my member. Her hand came softly to rest on the middle of my shaft. "I can feel it throbbing." she said. Then Beth ran her hand up and down the length of my cock.

The ladies from the other couch got up and came closer, MaryBeth knelt near me and put a hand on my knee while Sue and Alice just stood over me, looking down at my dick. Beth and Tammy ran their hands up and down my shaft.

Tammy put her fingers under the waist band and pulled it down exposing the head of my dick. Beth gently felt of the head, rubbing her fingertips across the slit and all over the curved ridge surrounding the head of my dick.

MaryBeth looked up at Sue and Alice and said, "Help me here." They all three pulled off my shoes, socks and pants. At the same time Tammy unbuttoned my shirt and spread it open.

"Now we can enjoy this," said Tammy as she pushed my underwear down my body and off my legs.

"Oh my God!" gasped Beth. The full length of my nine inch dick was laying before all of them. MaryBeth reached up and began to feel up and down my cock. Tammy and Beth also let their hands roam all over my erect member. Alice and Sue knelt down near my knees to watch more closely.

I looked at Sue, she had red hair and full lips. I had been faithful to my wife, but had also sat in church in the past and had occasional fantasies about Sue and her mouth. Her mouth was so wide I had wondered what it would be like to kiss her, to feel that mouth on my body. She looked back into my eyes and smiled as if knowing how her mouth turned me on.

Then Alice interrupted the others, "We need some time too." Then Alice and Sue put their hands on my dick sliding the others out of the way.

"Not a problem," said Tammy, "we have all afternoon." She then got up and went to get a drink.

MaryBeth reached down and fondled and lifted my balls while the other two ladies ran their hands all over my erection. Beth leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Andy, you have such a nice cock, it is so good to see it and feel it." Beth softly kissed my neck and cheek. I turned towards her and kissed her on the lips, it was a tender and affectionate kiss.

"Now don't you get all lovey-dovey on us," said Tammy to me as she walked back in with a glass of wine. "We are here for the Garden Party to have a pleasant afternoon with no strings attached."

"Don't worry Tammy," said Beth, "I was just enjoying a little kiss."

"Well if Beth can have a kiss then so can I," said MaryBeth. She moved in between my legs and while holding my cock she brought her face up to mine. "I bet you think I want to kiss you like Beth did," she smiled deviously. Then she quickly ducked her head down and began to kiss the head of my cock. She pushed her tongue down into the slit on my cockhead and kissed at the edges of the slit as if they were lips. Then raising her head back up she smiled at Beth and said, "That is how I wanted to kiss him."

"Well it looks like we are going to need more access to the main attraction," said Tammy, and with that she took my hand and pulled me up off the couch. She stood me in an open area and Beth, Sue, and Alice gathered on their knees between my legs. I tossed my shirt to the side and was now totally naked. Sue and Alice returned to feeling all over my cock with their hands, and Beth sidled over to my rear and began running her hands all over my butt. Tammy and MaryBeth came up along either side of me and each put an arm over my shoulder, they both ran their free hands over my chest and abs.

Beth behind me was feeling along my anus with one hand, and reached forward to lift and hold my balls with the other hand. "These are so nice and big and heavy," said Beth, "and I love the way they hang down!"

"I really like the veins in his dick," said Alice. Then she squeezed the underside of my dick. "I know his dick is huge but this tube is crazy large." She squeezed it again and again which caused precum to begin appearing at the tip. "Who wants the first taste?" Alice asked.

Sue with her wide wonderful mouth was already in position. I looked down into her eyes as she slowly brought her pursed lips to the tip of my dick. As she made contact she began to sip the warm slick fluid from the tip of my cock. Sue put her hands on either side of my shaft to hold it up to her lips, Alice continued to pump underneath it, and Beth was rubbing my balls with both her hands.

Tammy was looking down at this scene and she turned and whispered in my ear, "If I had a dick, especially a huge dick like that one, there is one mouth in this world I would really want to have around it." Sue was kissing the head of my dick and smearing precum on the pulsing knob and all over her lips and mouth. Tammy whispered again, "Andy, I am going to tell her to suck it."

Tammy leaned down and said to Sue, "Honey, We all want to see you take Andy's huge dick in your lovely mouth."

"Mmmmm" Sue responded as she began to spread her lips out over the head, she had both her hands on my shaft holding it in place. All the other ladies had become still and positioned themselves to watch Sue going down on me.

Sue's lips slid over the head of my dick and closed on the slick shaft. I groaned my approval. Sue then collapsed her mouth on my cock and sucked and sucked. I could feel the precum being pulled out of my dick. As the precum pooled up in her mouth Sue would become still and then gulp down the warm liquid. She repeated this over and over, and the other women started to enjoy it also by stroking and kissing along the sides of my shaft while Sue ministered to my dick. Alice reached up and stroked Sue's long neck, feeling Sue's Adam's apple bob up and down as she swallowed.

I looked down at Sue and said,"that feels so good, your gorgeous mouth on my dick, I love the way you suck it."

"Well sugar, that is about the hottest thing I have seen in a long time," said Tammy. "We all know Sue has the sexiest mouth in this town, and to see it on your big ole dick is just about all I can take!" We all laughed at Tammy's comment, except Sue who just grinned around my dick in her mouth.

MaryBeth chimed in, "Well I can take more, and I want to see that big hard cock shooting out cum!" As she said this she reached down and stroked my exposed member that was not being covered by Sue's mouth.

Beth looked up at me, her face was alongside my shaft right next to Sue's soft cheeks. "Andy, I want to see it come too...," Beth said.

Alice came up on the other side of Sue and begin licking and kissing at both my shaft and Sue's lips on my erection. "Yes, hot,...tastes so good...want to see this giant dick come...," said Alice as she licked up the precum that was leaking out around Sue's lips.

My hips began to rock back and forth as I could not control myself then, "Yes,...YES!!" I hollered out. "Urghhh! I am going to come."

Sue leaned forward and began to push her head down on my dick as far as she could. My cum began to shoot out and Sue gurgled and swallowed as much as she could. Sue's mouth was beyond filled up and the milky liquid came tumbling out around the junction of her lips and my pulsing cock. Beth caught it in her hand on one side and Alice lapped it up on the other side. I held myself forward, my body twitching and jerking as I pumped load after load into Sue's mouth. Beth stood up and held up her hand in front of me, then she sucked my ejaculation from her hand into her mouth. After that Beth leaned forward and kissed me, I could taste the tang of my own cum on her lips.

Sue kept my cock in her mouth as the blasts of cum slowed down. Finally a last spurt came out and Sue slowly slid her mouth back down my dick. Sue then stood in front of me and put her hands on each side of my face. She opened her mouth to kiss me and the sticky strands of cum stretched between her lips. I eagerly pushed my mouth onto hers, feeling those wide full lips. Sue and I French kissed with our tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouth. Alice was cleaning off my cock, licking up and down it to collect all the cum from it. The other women stood around Sue and I, cooing and occasionally kissing us on the cheek as we made out.

Tammy pulled me back to the couch and sat me down. "Well, round one was a lot of fun," said Tammy.

I spent the rest of that afternoon letting them stroke and kiss my dick back to hardness and coming again. I came three times that day and was happy to be the guest of honor at the Garden Party.

That was my first sexual epiphany which came in three parts: I had a big dick, women wanted to see and feel my big dick, I enjoyed having several women admire and fondle my big dick.

You may be thinking something along the lines of "That is an epiphany?!...well, No Shit, Einstein!" because all men would love these things. However, men know that deep down we are all somewhat insecure about our dicks, so for me to feel completely confident that my dick was large and desired by women was a big change for me. Also, previously I would have been too shy and worried about things to be naked in front of a woman other than my wife, much less several women, but this experience validated that I could do it, and I derived a lot of satisfaction from it.

I had a few more encounters with members of the Garden Party. However, knowing that all these ladies were married, and I was friends with some of their husbands, I did not want to keep going in that direction. I knew that ultimately that would have a bad end. So I went to my boss at the accounting firm where I worked and asked to become one of the traveling consultants. He was surprised at my request as normally the more senior accountants did not want to travel. I explained that after my wife died I wanted to travel some, and see more of what was outside our small town in Georgia. He understood and made that change.

The travel in my new job was somewhat difficult, but meeting new people and trying new things was just what I was looking for. As I went to new cities I began to have more experiences and was comfortable sharing my big dick with various partners. I was on top of this new exciting world, and I believed I sat on the perch of being a well-endowed man that could be the focal point of most any sexual situation. This view would also be turned upside down...

To be continued...