I am always humbled when I am asked to be part of these invitations. I tried something a little different than my usual on this one. Hopefully, it works. I had to rush a little since this is finals week for me. I finished this up instead of studying the central nervous system for my test on Monday. If I am lucky enough to get invited back, I will make sure to have it edited. Be safe!



Ahh, the joys of post coital slumber. It is what allowed me to handcuff my wife's hand to our custom made, hand crafted ash headboard without immediately waking up. She gently opened her eyes then let out a shriek. Her shriek awakened her lover, Bob Simmons, who quickly found his wrist also handcuffed. Bob's scream was slightly more masculine as he fell off the bed, twisting his arm and cutting his wrist. He scrambled back up on the bed and the words he was about to say died in his throat.

I assume waking up to your lover's husband standing at the foot of the bed with a large caliber revolver pointing at you will do that.

"Did you guys sleep well?" I asked.

''Oh my God, Jerry, this is not what it looks like!" my wife sobbed.

"That's where you're going with this Barb?' I asked. "You are lying there with his cum drying on your legs trying to convince me you are a faithful little wife?"

"Easy man don't do anything stupid," Bob croaked out. "No need to go jail over a worn-out piece of pussy."

His eyes were still fixated on the .357 Magnum in my hands. It made sense since I was shaking a bit with rage and sadness.

"And there is the man you decided to leave me for. If you were still my wife, I would have to defend your honor but since it doesn't look like it will matter here shortly, I really don't care. Interesting that he thinks so highly of you though." I responded.

Barb ignored both of our comments.

"Jerry, please put the gun down and let's talk about this. This shit head is not worth going to jail for." she pleaded.

"Wow! I guess the bloom is really off the rose on this relationship eh? He is calling you names; you are calling him names. I figured you would have more consideration for him. After all he is the one you thought was worth breaking us up for." I replied sadly.

"Jerry, we are not breaking up, I fucked up big time, but we can work through this. I will make it right, I promise." she said

"How are you gonna do that Barb? Are you gonna go back in time and not fuck him? Because that is the only way I want anything to do with you going forward. I loved you so much, my life was hell before you came into it. I don't want to go back to that place again but if the alternative is living with an unfaithful whore, what are my options?" I asked.

I put the gun to my temple.

"Maybe it would be easiest to just pull the trigger like this. I would be done with the pain and you would be free to fuck whatever swinging dick you wanted. You might feel some guilt, but I am sure if you stuffed enough dick between your legs or down your throat you would forget about me eventually."

"JERRY, NO!!" she screamed

"DO IT!" he shouted.

I slowly brought the gun down. An idea hit me. I flipped the cylinder of the gun open and pushed the plunger to release the six bullets. They fell to the ground, I bent over and picked one up. I heard a grunt as the asshole tried to break the spindle he was attached to and failed. What a loser. He settled down when I held up a solitary bullet. Barb had a look of horror etched on her face.

"This is a Hornaday hollow point .357 magnum that weighs 125 grains. When this bullet leaves the barrel of this gun it is traveling at 1500 feet per second. When it hits something solid it expands and almost triples the area of effect it can damage. Even if you survive the impact shock, it will most definitely create a wound that will cause you to bleed out."" I said, making sure I had their attention.

I dropped the bullet in the cylinder.

"Barb, you know how I liked to gamble before we met. In fact, it almost ruined us in our first few years together. I stopped for you. Don't get me wrong, I benefited from stopping, but I only had the strength to quit because I loved you so much." I said sadly.

I tilted the gun back a little and spun the cylinder. While it was still spinning, I flicked my wrist and snapped the cylinder back into the gun.

"Since I really don't know what to do, I'm going to let chance decide. The fickle finger of fate if you will." I said.

I slowly pointed the gun at her paramour.

"Since Bob here is the guest of honor, I feel he should go first. Did you want me to record anything for your wife or daughters, Bob?" I asked. "That house on 726 Maple Lane is going to be really lonely if you end up eating this bullet, Bob. Your wife Allison and your twin daughters Zoe and Chloe are going to be devastated enough when they see the packet my investigator mailed them. I thought about sending some of the less adult pictures, but I decided that all your girls needed to know exactly what you were doing on your late nights at the office. I also took the liberty of including pictures of your other two sluts. Just so she got the whole picture."

I didn't think he could go any whiter but as I pointed the gun at him he lost another shade of pale.

I cocked the hammer back.

He closed his eyes.

I pulled the trigger.

CLICK! The hammer fell on an empty chamber.

I thought he would pass out, but he rallied. Of course, the bed sheet around him started turning yellow as he pissed himself.

"You survived this round. Maybe you will see those pretty daughters of yours again." I replied calmly.

I pointed the gun at my wife.

"How about you Barb? Are you ready to meet your maker? You went to church last Sunday, I assumed you confessed your sins. If you die today without being able to confess, are you going to heaven or hell? Unless things have changed, is adultery still considered a sin in your religion?" I asked her.

"Yes." she whispered with her eyes closed.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" I asked her.

"Yes Jer, adultery is a sin. It is a sin against your spouse, and it is a sin against God. I never confessed to what I did. I would be going to hell if that bullet hits me," she said.

"Well let's see if your God wants you to live." I replied as I cocked the hammer back.

I pulled the trigger.

CLICK! The hammer fell on an empty chamber.

She sobbed as I pointed the gun at my temple again.

"I was in such a dark place before you came into my life Barb," I told her. "The only time I felt any good at all was when I was riding that winning streak. It was never about the money. It was about the rush. I remember thinking how kind and gentle you were when you were working on my hands that night at the ER. Gino's thugs really did a number on me. I told myself that if I had a caring woman like you in my life, I wouldn't need to chase the rush. Did I ever tell you that it was the memory of your hands bandaging mine that caused me to stop when I was ahead? I paid off Gino that night and never gambled again until now. I know life without you is going to be hell. You are my rock. If this bullet hits me then my suffering will end. You won't be able to hurt me anymore. I almost want it to happen." I told her softly.

She sobbed as I pulled the hammer back on the gun.

I pulled the trigger.

CLICK! The hammer fell on an empty chamber.

My wife screamed.

"DAMMIT!" Bob cursed.

I pointed the gun at lover-boy.

"Since this may very well be your last few moments on earth Bob, please tell me why you go after married women. I really don't get it. Your wife is attractive and your daughters seem to be adorable. Why?" I asked.

"Please man, don't kill me" he begged.

I shrugged and thumbed the hammer back.

He suddenly broke down crying.

"It's all about the chase man, finding what gets them going then playing them up. Your wife needed to be needed. All I had to do was lay it on a little thick how helpful she was, and she was lusting after me. For what it's worth this was gonna be the last time. Once I fuck them in their husbands bed the game is over and I won." he sobbed.

This guy seemed to have some issues. He looked pretty pathetic laying in soiled sheets. I should have taken a picture, but I didn't want any incriminating evidence. I heard him groan as he struggled to break the headboard spindle again.

I looked him in the eye.

I pulled the trigger.

CLICK! The hammer fell on an empty chamber.

Dickweed passed out.

I swung the gun over and pointed it at my wife.

"So it's you or me, I'm kinda sad that lover boy wasn't the one. I love you Barb. I almost hope it isn't you. Everything would be so much cleaner if I came home, caught you two in bed, then couldn't take it and offed myself. You would live, I wouldn't have to deal with a murder rap, all this pain would go away, and you would be free to fuck whoever the hell you want." I told her, sadly.

She was trying to stay calm, at this point both of us were hanging on by a thread.

"Jerry, please stop this. You made your point. Bob is passed out from fright sitting in his own piss. You've won. Put the gun down and we can convince Bob not to press any charges. You haven't done anything that can't be rectified. I want to stay with you but if you put the gun down, I promise to sign any divorce decree you put before me. If I can convince you to keep me, I will spend every day atoning for my sins. Please don't do this Jer." she begged.

"Barb, I don't think I'm Jerry anymore. When I found out what you were doing, I got so angry, then to find you had done it in my bed, well, something inside me died. I think right now I am the finger of fate. Let's see if it is your time, shall we?" I asked.

I thumbed the hammer back.

I pulled the trigger.

CLICK! The hammer fell on an empty chamber.

Barb started bawling as I pointed the gun to my head.

"Looks like fate decided. I love you Barb. I am sorry it came to this. I hope you find happiness." I said as I slowly thumbed the trigger back.

"JERRY! PLEASE DON'T!!" she screamed as she tried to break the spindle she was handcuffed to.


"It's better this way Barb, I love you." I said with so much sadness.

I closed my eyes.

I pulled the trigger.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: I really wanted to end the story here. As per the event I tried to make it where the poor guy was so distraught that he wanted to just pack it in. However, I think both of my readers would be disappointed. So, I leave it up to you. Scroll down for the epilogue or leave it here and wonder what happened.]

CLICK! The hammer fell on an empty chamber.

I should probably explain. You see as a gambler you get pretty good with your fingers. Gino did a number on my left hand, but my right was still pretty good. Card tricks, chip shuffling, and coin flipping all work your dexterity. So palming a bullet out of a cylinder of a gun isn't that hard, especially when your audience's focus is on the barrel. Tilting the gun back to spin the cylinder gave me enough cover to drop the bullet out of the gun and palm it. After that it was all play acting. Why? Because I wanted them to feel fear and pain, but I wasn't willing to do hard time for these twats. Back to the story.

I laughed so hard at the look on my wife's face.

"What, you really thought I was going to go to jail for you two? HA!" I managed to choke out while trying to catch my breath.

Still giggling, I bent down and picked up all six bullets off the floor. This time I loaded the gun for real. No sense taking chances.

I tossed the key to the handcuff to my wife. She was sobbing and appeared to be slightly hyperventilating. Dickhead Bob was coming around. Barb was still sobbing and made no move to get the key. I noticed Bob focusing on the key but looking at me, wondering what he should do.

"Take the key and get your clothes and get out of here," I told him. "Consider this an object lesson Bob. Right now you are being allowed to live, but if I hear anything from the cops about today, I will kill you and your family in the most painful way possible. Keeping your mouth shut saves not only you, but your wife and kids also." I told him in my most serious voice.

Would I actually do that? HELL no! But hopefully Bob thought I was serious, otherwise I could go to jail for more than a few years.

When it was all said and done Bob never said a word about what happened. Barb was subdued but signed the divorce paperwork with no complaints. It helped that it was a pretty fair deal money wise. The only thing I asked for was my grandmother's engagement ring and for her to take back her maiden name. She moved to Grand Rapids and sends me happy birthday wishes on Facebook. It doesn't look like she dates much but I don't scour her social media page. I wasn't joking when I said I loved her. I still go into fits of rage occasionally about what she did to me. But I am moving on. The good days are beginning to outnumber the bad days.

Bob got divorced and the last I knew he was in a shitty one bedroom apartment making spousal and child support payments that are nearly breaking him. I sent him one instant message before he blocked me. I told him if he wanted to end it he could borrow my gun.

As always, Thanks to Randi for all the hard work she does bringing these things together. Riding herd on a bunch of freespirit writers is akin to herding cats. And most days I am sure the cats would be easier. Thank you Mistress Randi for your friendship and hard work. AMBER FOREVER!