After Matty and I had an amicable breakup, I was single for about a year. Working at an accounting firm, I focused on my career and quickly rose up through the corporate ladder to Director of the group I had started with. There were a few management offsite excursions each year, and at the second one I attended, I met and hooked up with Steve. He was a tall Chinese-American. Funny, smart, and good looking, I was attracted to him right away.

The offsite was a three day event at a local resort. Of course, there was lots of drinking by everyone after the day's conferences and training sessions, and I found myself at a table with Steve while we slowly got drunk. We flirted openly and by 1 am, he had invited me back to his room for "a nightcap". We both knew what that meant and upon entering his room, we attacked each other lustfully. It had been a long time since I had gotten laid and the build up was intense.

To be honest, it wasn't the most satisfactory sex session. He fumbled around a lot around my body and his thin penis, which was longer than Matty's, didn't give me an orgasm. Fortunately, he was pretty good at oral sex and got me off nicely. Steve was fairly drunk and that affected his erection. He didn't cum that night but at least he had taken care of my needs.

I didn't stay the night to avoid any gossip from my co-workers and left around 3 am. From then on, we started dating and began to fall in love.

Suppressing my cuckoldress nature was difficult. I didn't want to turn him off nor did I want him to think his penis wasn't enough for me. However, thoughts of my previous black dildos and especially Malcolm's BBC would often bounce in my head while Steve fucked me. This helped me get off and enjoy our sex life.

We kept a professional relationship at work. Most of our co-workers knew about us though you couldn't tell if you didn't know.

The group I managed was growing quickly and we hired almost once a month or so. One candidate that had great qualifications and experience was a black man named Al. He immediately got my attention during the interview. I had to keep my mind focused as I wondered if he was well endowed. My desire for a big cock was a little over powering.

We hired Al after comparing him to the other candidates. Fortunately, I wasn't the only decision maker so it wasn't like I hired him for my personal benefit.

He was about 5' 10", a little shorter than Steve but was much more built. A thick, stocky frame with a welcoming smile and well trimmed goatee.

Within the first week, he had begun flirting with me, even though I was his manager. And, to my initial guilt, I flirted back. Thoughts of Malcolm's prowess would keep flooding my mind I as I did. I tried to taper those desires with thoughts of my loving boyfriend.

Soon, whenever Steve and I had sex, I would fantasize about Al. I'd envision his black cock in my mouth and pussy, being used like I did back in Aspen. My dominant nature also began to surface more with my boyfriend. It started with me asking Steve to go down on me after he came inside my pussy. At first, he was reluctant but by the third time, he was not only a pro but would ask for me to sit on his face. God, it felt good to have a man eat my cum filled sex again.

One Friday night, there was an informal happy hour at the local bar for our company. It was a pretty large turnout and since Steve was going to drive me, I drank more than usual. A small dance floor was off to the side and the DJ was playing a mix of classic rock and modern music like pop and hip hop.

Steve nor I were much of dancers so we sat at our table and watched a few co-workers let loose and dance. Al was there and had all the moves you'd find with in the black stereotype. He was impressive and moved smoothly and rhythmically to any song that played. Apparently, I was staring too long and Al made eye contact with me. He motioned for me to join him but I shook my head in rejection. Steve laughed knowing how I don't dance well and teased me to go out there. Being a bit drunk, I eventually succumbed to both my boyfriend and black co-worker's encouragement.

The dance floor was packed and I found myself very, very close to Al. I would occasionally touch his muscular arms and shoulders which started my arousal. He would also touch me and it felt like electricity running through my body when he did. He smelled manly, a mixture of sweat and cologne. At one point, I turned around during a rap song and he took it as an opportunity to grind his crotch into my butt. If it had been anyone else, I would have immediately turned back but I discretely pressed back against him. To my pleasant surprise, I could feel the beginning of an erection which aroused me even further.

I turned back as to not give my other co-workers a show though as I looked around, everyone was engaged in their own worlds. No one was watching except Steve. He had an intense look on his face. Not of anger. Not of pain. But, of arousal. I recognized that face from all the times Matty watched me with Malcolm. Could Steve be a voyeur like my previous white boyfriend? Maybe it was the drinks, but I decided to push it a little further to test it out.

I lifted my arms and clasped my hands behind Al's neck and pressed my body into him. He placed his hands on my lower back and we swayed to the music. His erection was evident and we both pressed into each other openly. My pussy was fully aroused and my thong was damp. His cock felt big. Very big. He flashed that same arrogant smirk that Malcolm had (maybe that's the "Big Dick Energy"?!) and I responded with my own smile back. We both knew that his cock was hard, and we both knew I was pressing and rubbing against it.

Between the next song, the DJ reminded everyone that it was last call. I couldn't believe that it was that late. I broke away from Al, and teased, "That was fun." With a wink, I left him there though my eyes darted to his crotch and I caught a glimpse of the outline of his big dick. My eyes came back up to meet his and another smirk flashed on his face. He knew. I knew.

I returned to Steve, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and sat on his lap to gauge his response. It was quite apparent from his erection that he enjoyed the show. I wiggled my little Asian butt on him and whispered, "I hope you didn't mind my dance. Let's get out of here, babe."

When we got home, Steve jumped all over me. My pussy was soaking wet and he wasted no time in going down on me. I came quickly and then returned the oral favors. He came quickly, too, which was unusual. But, we were both still frisky, probably for the same reason. We started to kiss and make out. My dominant side started to come out again as I reached for his spent dick.

I didn't know how Steve would react but I decided to take a definitive step towards knowing his true feelings. Still playing with Steve's limp penis, I got close to his face, kissing him gently and whispered, "I could feel his cock against me." My boyfriend's dick immediately became erect and he moaned into my mouth as we kissed. I stroked him faster. My pussy got wet again knowing we had crossed a line. He bucked against my hand. I jerked him off while we continued to kiss. "Fuck me," I ordered. Steve went between my legs and easily sank his thin penis into me.

He was fucking me fast for a few minutes. It felt erotic to be taken like that. I could feel him getting closer and wanted to put the final touch on the evening. As he continued to edge towards orgasm, he leaned up so we had distance between us while still maintaining eye contact. In a confident, loud voice, I revealed, "And, he was huge." With that, my Chinese boyfriend ejaculated into me and I came too, something I rarely did with vaginal sex with Steve.

We both collapsed from exhaustion. Within minutes, we were fast asleep. For my part, I had an erotic dream of Al and his big dick, though it was hard to remember details in the morning, especially given my pounding headache from the previous night's drinking.

Steve and I kept our morning, and for that matter, the day's conversation, towards our weekend plans, current events, and other non-sexual topics. In the evening, we cozied together on the couch as we drank beer and watched a rom com. His hands eventually wandered on my petite frame and played with my braless B-cup breasts (they had filled out nicely from A-cups over the years). My nipples were, and still are, very sensitive and soon his tweaking of them had my pussy in a state of arousal. There have been a couple of times I came just from nipple play.

We never got to the end of the movie as we started to kiss and play with each other. His erection was dutifully attended to by my hands. The lights were off and only the glow of the television illuminated the room, flickering from light to dark depending on the movie scene.

Unexpectedly, Steve whispered in a low tone, "Have you ever been with a black guy?" I moaned and pressed into his body as his began to finger my pussy. I ground myself into him and he inserted another digit and then another. We had never discussed previous lovers.

I was breathing rapidly when I answered simply, "Yes," and then came thinking of the amazing sex I had with Malcolm. I soaked my boyfriend's hand with juices. My grip hadn't left Steve's erection and we continued our foreplay. He was as hard as ever.

"Let's go to bed," he suggested. I readily agreed. We needed more room to play.

We stripped naked and laid down. Our hands finding each other's aroused genitals. We kissed passionately.

"Was he big like Al?" Steve whispered in between our lips. I pushed my pussy against his hand.

I liked where this was going and responded, "I don't know exactly how big Al is but Malcolm was really hung." Steve moaned. He forcefully got between my legs and sunk his dick into me. We fucked in silence for awhile.

Steve created a bit of distance from our faces and asked, "Were they both bigger than me?" His rhythm consistent and strong.

I looked him directly in the eye and replied, "Yes, babe, both of their black cocks were bigger than yours." He came before I had even finished my sentence. We kissed again and then I pushed him down to clean his mess up and get me off. He complied and soon I was experiencing one of the hardest orgasms in recent memory. Steve licked my ass to my clit making sure every ounce of cum was accounted for and consumed.

He slid up next to me once my pussy was serviced and wanted to know more about Malcolm. I didn't give him all the details but I did talk in detail about the size of his cock and how he liked to dominant me with language I would normally slap a man for. Steve leaned on every word asking me all sorts of questions about fucking this black alpha stud. We were both in a state of heightened arousal. For me, it was reliving my dirty past. For him, it was an awakening of an unknown or suppressed cuckold kink.

"When did this all happen?" He asked at one point.


"But, wasn't that when you were with your first boyfriend. Who was it? Matthew?"

I nodded.

"So, you cheated on him?" I could tell there was some wariness in his voice. I didn't want him to think I was unfaithful.

"Not exactly," I reassured.

"What do you mean? Did he know about it?" Steve's voice wavered a bit.

"Yes." I paused briefly. "He actually liked to watch." My boyfriend moaned and reflexively pressed his hips into me. I could feel his hard cock and, once again, reaffirmed my suspicions of Steve's true hidden nature. "Matty watched a lot. He usually masturbated." Steve moaned more and I reached for his dick to pleasure him as he imagined my white boyfriend jerking off to his Asian girlfriend being fucked by a big black stud.

Steve rubbed his hand all over my body and reached my sex. My legs spread and he moaned as his fingers penetrated me and I stroked his dick. We were both getting close and I wanted to push both of us over the edge. We kissed further.

My path towards cuckolding my boyfriend reached another milestone when I asked him directly, "Would you have liked to watch me being fucked like that? Fucked by a big black cock?"

Steve came again all over my hand and body. His answer didn't need words after that.

I was now hopeful that I could have another black dick while still loving my boyfriend. Perhaps, Al would be able to fulfill that desire.


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