Both were spent for the time being, and George gently licked Sophie's pussy clean before they lay in each other's arms and drifted off to sleep.

Later that night, Sophie was awoken by George getting up and opening the door. 'Would you like a glass of water?' 'Mmmhhmm' she said, less than half awake. She drifted off again, dreaming of George's luscious cock. Waking with a start the following morning, she found George's side of the bed cold (or at least as cold as possible in the 27 degree heat). The promised glass of water was nowhere to be seen.

Her imagination has always been able to play tricks on her, and it didn't fail her now. Suddenly wide awake, she flitted between thinking that George must've fallen into the pool and drowned and that he had slipped on the stairs and broken his neck. Trying, and failing, to talk herself down from such vivid thoughts by telling herself that George had probably just gone for an early morning read in the hammock, Sophie wound a dressing gown around her and padded down to the kitchen.

Her heart dropped as she saw the note on the kitchen table: 'If you want to see your husband again, come to this address before 5pm today. Come alone, and ready to bargain. Tell no one.'

Panicked, Sophie immediately had an urge to race to her parents' room and tell all. But the last three words made her pause. 'What if they installed some form of listening device?' she thought. 'I can't risk it.' So, with a resolve that surprised her, she wolfed down some cereal and ran back upstairs, note in hand. '...ready to bargain' stuck in her mind. What could that mean? With a shiver of nervous anticipation Sophie found her sheerest, most lacy panties and slipped them on, in case they were to be part of the 'bargain' later.

Sophie drew up to the warehouse that the note had directed her to, locked the van and walked with trepidation towards the open side door. She noted in passing that there were very few other buildings nearby, and certainly nothing in earshot once she was inside the warehouse. Shouting for help wouldn't work here.

As she entered the door, a tall man in a crisp suit and mask greeted her: 'Sophie, we are so glad you could make it. Come this way please.' Discombobulated by the polite tone and manner, she followed the man without a word into a beautifully appointed office at the back of the warehouse. Inside, three more men in suits and masks stood throughout the room, and a similarly attired woman sat in a leather chair behind a beautiful mahogany desk. Sophie couldn't fail to notice the plush double bed taking pride of place in the centre of the room.

'We do apologise for the melodrama, Sophie', said the masked woman. 'We needed to get your attention with a minimum of fuss. Before I explain any more I want you to know that George is fine, a bit tired but that's to be expected - it took him some time to agree to our demands. You'll get to see him again as long as you do as I ask.'

'I'll get straight to the point. I and my associates work for the French offices of Betdaily, in the debt recovery department. Your husband George owes us a little under £35 000.'

Sophie's heart sank like a stone. She knew that George placed bets occasionally on the horses, but she had no idea he was in debt. £35 000! There was no way they could repay that.

As if reading her mind, the masked woman continued: 'Our legal correspondence with George over the past three months has exhausted all conventional means of repaying the money. He will go to prison for at least 5 years once we take this debt to court.'

Convential means? With a lurch in her stomach, Sophie latched onto this phrase, looked again at the bed that was so obviously and yet so incongruously placed in the office, and felt her pussy involuntarily start to moisten.

'You said that you had exhausted all conventional means of repaying the money.' Sophie forced herself to ask the question that her brain, if not her body, was dreading the answer to: 'This implies that there are unconventional means that we could still explore?'

With a glance at the bed and at the masked men, the woman spoke again. 'What I am going to discuss next is not legal in France. We would need some assurance of your discretion, whether or not you choose to take up our generous offer. We'd like you to compromise yourself sufficiently that it is not in your interests to make our discussions public. So I want you to know that what happens next will be filmed. I will give you a copy of the video so that you know the material that we have on you. I will keep a copy to prevent you disclosing the lengths Betdaily goes to to recover its debts. I am not going to ask your consent because to do so would imply that you have a choice in the matter.'

Sophie shivered at the woman's last sentence. Just last night, she had given up all power to George and had cum more and harder than she could remember. Could she do the same for a complete stranger?

'Kneel, please.' With no conscious thoughts of compliance, Sophie found herself doing as the woman demanded. In an instant one of the masked men had cuffed her wrists behind her back and another had wrapped a blindfold over her eyes. Panicking, she fought briefly against the handcuffs but it just caused the steel to rub the skin from her wrists. She opened her mouth to protest, only to find a hot, thick cock nestled against her lips. The shock of this unexpected and obscene sexual act overwhelmed her for a moment and she froze - before she knew it a couple of seconds had passed with an unknown cock resting against her lips.

She considered the situation for a moment, and her overwhelming instinct was to help George, so she reluctantly parted her lips and allowed this stranger's cock to slide deep into her throat. Damn he was thick - thicker even than George when his cock was going rigid just before he was about to cum. Sophie didn't have a clue what purpose her cock sucking would serve other than to humiliate her and ensure her silence. Yet she knew how much money was at stake, and as she remembered the note from this morning 'come ready to bargain', she decided to give herself some real bargaining power. She loved sucking cock nearly as much as she loved it pounding her pussy, and given she had no choice she might as well impress.

Sophie wrapped her lips around the head of this unfamiliar cock, and ran her lips over the ridge at the base of the head. She knew this sent George wild and from the growl in front of her it was clear he wasn't the only one. Rhythmically running her lips over this ridge, she swirled her tongue all over the head, tasting the telltale saltiness of precum. Shocked by how turned on it made her to taste another man's cum, she found herself wishing that one of the other men would make the most of the flowing wetness from her pussy. Although still clothed, she raised her bum up from her knees as far as she was able without breaking the bobbing rhythm on the cock between her lips, willing the other masked men to recognise this as the invitation it was.

George and she had discussed using her teeth on his cock but they hadn't had a chance to try that yet (or rather, they had, but at the time George was also biting and pinching her nipples so hard that she had been lost in a world of sexual intensity and hadn't been able to concentrate on the task). With the thinly veiled justification that she could experiment to give George more pleasure in the future, she ran her teeth along the underside of the stranger's cock, gently at first and then steadily with more force. In response, the cock (and presumably the man attached to it) started pumping in and out of her mouth. As she increased the pressure of her teeth, the cock started pistoning in and out of her mouth and the man's growls became more urgent.

Sophie's unbridled sexuality took over and she started licking and sucking with abandon, no longer knowing or caring that she had never seen the cock she was so focused on. Her thoughts were full of the need for other cocks, any cocks, as many as possible, to fill her pussy, but somehow she knew it would be futile, and dangerous, to vocalise these desires. Dimly at the back of her mind she recalled why she had her mouth full and her hands cuffed, and she knew that this was just the first act. Even as a large part of her conscious brain was horrified by what she was being forced to do she knew, but would never admit, that a part of her wanted this, wanted more, wanted to be forced to do whatever these people desired.

As the telltale tightening of the unfamiliar balls in front of her matched the groans from the man, Sophie realised she was hungry for this stranger's cum. She pumped his cock with her lips, feeling it swell and go even more rigid, before the man cried out and she felt the first spasm just before his seed hit the back of her throat. She never normally swallowed George's cum but hungrily drank this down, swallowing as quickly as she could to ready her mouth for more. She felt so wanton, so free of responsibility. After all, she had no choices here. It didn't matter how much she wanted this - she hadn't given her consent and so couldn't be held responsible for the acts of depravity that she was so overwhelmingly giving herself up to.

As the man's spasms subsided she felt his cock slip from her mouth. Licking her lips to taste the final drops of his cum, she sat back on her haunches and the burning desire to have a cock between her legs returned with full force to her mind. The frustration was unbearable - but she was powerless to act on it.

She heard the telltale noise of a camera beep, presumably ending the recording of all that had just happened.

'Good, now we can begin' said the woman's voice. Did she detect a note of admiration in her tone?