A Night on the Catamaran

"Are you guys going to stay out there all night?"

We find my Silver lounging on the bed, legs curled up, red toes peeking out. She is wearing the lace coverup with matching panties, looking very much like the first image you would see in a Playboy centerfold spread. I can hear a purr in her chest, "Stop staring and come over here" patting the bed on each side, "I want to find out if Lady's Pleasure is aptly named."

She squeals in delight as 350 lbs of naked, raging testosterone race to the bed; we launch ourselves, landing on each side of the sensuous centerfold with a bounce.

"Ok, ok, ok! Slow down there cowboys!" she laughs. "You have all the time in the world" as she slides down, stretching out across the bed with hands gripping the headboard. Her legs look a mile long as the coverup creeps past the lacy thong covering her, I'm sure, very wet, very hot pussy.

"Gabriel, you stay on your side and Chris, stay on yours, for now at least. I want to feel you both at the same time and see how differently you feel touching me. Be gentle," she breathes, "slowly touch me...oh god. Show me, my hot men... kiss me, touch me, please me... " eyes closing as her voice fades.

Chris and I exchange a glance and with matching smiles, we begin.

Kneeling on each side, we start at her pretty painted toes, sucking each into our mouths in unison as Silver sighs and squirms. Moving to her ankles, using only our lips, we trace light kisses and tongue flicks over her trembling skin.

She moans deep as our tongues trace the insides of her calves and our hands caress the generous amount of exposed skin. We feel her begin to tense up as we draw closer to her aromatic, heat radiating center.

Looking up we see Silver's white knuckles, evidence that she is loving every kiss and touch. Our smiling faces return to their tasks as Silver strains upward, emitting a soft sigh, "oh god, yes"... attempting to increase the pressure of our hands and lips as they slide up her parted thighs. Making sure I stay on my side, my hand grazes past the tiny patch of lace barring entrance, "yessssss" comes out with a sexy lilt, as my fingers slip under the soft coverup, pushing it up. Chris' mouth follows my hand and comes to rest lighly on that same lace patch, eliciting another gasp and moan from above. He releases a hot breath against the fabric.

"Sweet Jesus...That's soooo good...ChrisTOPHER!"

I watch her hand jet off of the headboard, snagging a patch of hair and pressing Chris' open mouth firmly against the fabric with a throaty groan, "Oh god, Christopher! Your mouth is..sweet mother of god...so hot... ohhh. God baby!" I watch his throat working as Silver's other hand joins the first; with two handfuls of hair, she grinds her pussy against his tongue in slow, controlled circles... "oh god..." "yes..." on each rotation of her hips. Trapping her rock hard nipple between my fingers, she moans for me, "Ohhhh, yes... pinch my nipples... it feels so...FUCK! Yesss... "

Silver has opened her eyes to watch us pleasure her; she fixates on Chris as she pulls him up, his smiling mouth leaving her with lace soaked in saliva and her own creamy discharge. It looks like he used his tongue to work the thin lace deeper between her swollen lips. Urging his mouth to hers, I witness her tongue slip out and over his lips, darting into his mouth before crushing against hers as my lips encompass her nipple. Chris moans, one hand grasping her by the back of the neck as the other cups the soaked, lacy panel beginning to disappear between the lips and folds of Silver's pleasure center.

Breaking their passionate kiss, "Oh...Chris, that's gooood... yess... kiss me, my Gabriel..." grasping my hair, pulling me to her mouth as Chris' palm begins gentle, rolling circles on the exposed lace, directly over Silver's clit. "Oh god.. ohhhhhhh ...my clit ... you know what happens...aaaahhHHHH... his hand... softer baby... softer...aahhhh, yesssss... I can feel it building, oh god Chris... yes, more please" gently covering his hand with hers, gently guiding to maximize her pleasure.

"You are so fucking sexy, my Silver" as I watch their hands massaging her pussy together... wet sounds beginning to emanate from between her legs.

"Sweet mother of god... baby... he's going to make me cum... oh my GOD baby..." looking me in the eyes with what almost looks like shock, "I'm going to cum for him baby... AND you too... both of you... making... ME CUMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAHHHHHNNNGGGGG!"

Silver's head lurches forward, her primal growl turning into a low pitched scream as her little hand traps Chris' against her pussy.

The men gaze at the twitching woman, still wracking with orgasm, until she begins to relax against the bed... releasing a pent up exhale of breath.

"Wow. Just wow. For my first, that was a doozy" kissing Chris on the mouth. "The first man besides you to give me an orgasm since... well, forever! And it was fantastic..." leaning over and giving me a soft, loving (ok there was some tongue) kiss, placing her hand on my cheek. "I love you more than anyone in this world... you know that right?" turning to Chris for a kiss.

My smile and passionate kiss were able to get my point across.

I gasp when I feel a soft hand slip behind my ass to caress my dangling balls..."Mmmmm so, how about my second? I'm pretty sure I've got a few more in me... being Lady's Pleasure and all..." she says playfully as Chris gasps too. I can see her hand working up and down his thick shaft, caressing his manhood and balls in unison with mine.

Moving as mirror images, we start at her ears... just enough to bring out the goosebumps. I feel Chris' hand matching mine as it slips under her lightweight cover; I cup her breast and gently brush the skin surrounding her nipple causing it to become erect. "Oh god... yessss... you two... i need both of you ... use your mouth.. please... feast on me..."

Immediately aborting an attempt to pull the lacy cover up over her head, Chris reaches out with both hands and rips the top away. Silver sits up with a surprised yelp, see the naked, hard body of Chris on his knees, ripped lace clutched in each hand and his hard, thick cock jutting out making his oversized balls look huge. The look on his face is a mixture of lust and wonder. Reaching out and grasping the throbbing member, she pulls him toward her. I'm momentarily forgotten as her focus is on the glistening penis inches from her mouth; biting her lip, her other hand joins the first. "I wasn't lying when I said you have a beautiful cock..." and slips the purple head of Chris' cock into her mouth, humming, "Mmmmmmmmmm...". Again, a little deeper this time. Again. Again, Silver's mouth stretches as she slowly, one stroke at a time until I hear a soft gag and she slips the cock out of her mouth, gasping. It looks like "inside" her means her hot pussy; "Christopher" licking her lips, "you taste so fucking good...did you hear me gag on his cock, Gabriel? I can barely get half of his cock in my mouth, baby... but I'm trying..." returning her attention to the twitching member. Taking a deep breath, she descends on the cock, tongue extended to slide down the underside of the shaft and eyes watering her throat looks like it's expanding, Holy fuck... I feel, more than see her gag reflex kick in, but she withdraws an additional inch of cock from her mouth.

"Holy shit woman ... your throat...expanded! Jesus Christ, that's one of the sexiest thing I've ever seen" leaning over and kissing her hard. She responds in kind, her precum coated tongue slipping into my mouth with a growl.

Breathing hard, my Hotwife lays back on he bed, now clad only in lace panties. Wiping her mouth she says, "Sorry baby, I didn't mean to interrupt your... please... feast on me...aaaahhhHHHhhh, yesss..."

I am carefully avoiding the pebble in the center, as does Chris. As we suck her nipples into our mouths, he and I lock eyes as we feast... hot tongues, teeth and lips. Large hands cup her soft breasts as Silver's moans filling our ears. We move down her torso as her breathing quickens again.

Our new friend and I sit up for a moment to survey the quivering woman between us.

A light appears in Chris' eyes, raising his mouth, "I've got Jell-O shots!"

"Oh, god... yes please... hurry Christopher..." as she pulls me down on top of her. Taking the short moment alone, she asks, "Are you ok, baby? It's been pretty inte..." interrupting gently with a hand to her thigh, "Sweetheart, this is one of the funnest, sexiest, coolest, funnest things I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of and it's all because of you. My wonderful wife who truly loves her husband."

She kisses me. Not a passionate kiss, but a tender, soft, loving kiss... ones meant only for me.

A soft cough catches our attention, "You guys ok?" Turning around, both of us motion him over..."C'mere, you handsome fella, you've got Jell-O shots and I've got a bare tummy right here..." patting her soft skin.

Playing the bartender, I carefully place the cherry Jell-O shot on her tummy, covering her belly button as Silver and Chris watch. "Here yar!" earning a slug in the shoulder. Rubbing my arm "Anyway... you are all set...how 'bout you, 'Slug-A-Guy-For-NO-Reason'?" Laughing, "I was BORN ready, brother... well, maybe not for all of this..." the goofy grin turning lustful, "but no worries, matey, I've learned a thing or two over the years and it's time for dessert" licking his lips as he rakes his eyes over Silver's nearly naked body. Relaxed nipples grow taut, hardening at his words. Wiping sweaty palms on the sheet, Chris prepares for his delightful cherry flavored Silver treat.

"Wait, wait, close your eyes first!" Silver watches as he obeys right away; mine follow after a look from The Lady. We hear a rustling sound and the bed shifts slightly, then "Ok, boys, I'm ready now."

Beholding the image on the bed, we both inhale sharply. She snickers from behind her lacy, makeshift blindfold. "I didn't want my panties to get jello on them" she explains with a wicked grin. The Jell-O shot is now resting on her smooth pubic bone; her tan lines stark against the tiny ivory triangle of skin. Chris looks up at me and mouths, "0h my god!" I nod in acknowledgment.

"Whatcha waiting for?!"

It's then that I notice her hands lightly grasping the sheet in anticipation; the lacy blindfold clearly enhancing the experience. A smile and sigh let's us know she feels the bed shift as Chris straddles her knees and bends over a hand on each side, closely inspecting cherry flavored treat resting on the Silver flavored one. I watch as her hands grip the sheets tighter; I'm sure she can feel his hot breath wafting over her smooth private parts. Her perfect nipples pointing upward as her back arches slightly.

Chris slowly lowers his lips to the jello, then glancing up at Silver's covered eyes, his tongue slips out making the jello jiggle. Silver twitches; "mmmmm" she seems to be holding her breath. I watch as the tip of his tongue continues around the jello, brushing lightly against the taut, smooth skin covering her pubic bone. She inhales sharply. I guess that's all he needed, because the next thing I know, Silver is arching her back and gripping the sheets with a cry. Chris' mouth is pressed firmly against her, the Cherry Jell-O shot smashed in between. Both large hands encase her soft breasts as his nimble fingers tease the hard nubs.

Then, I hear him begin sucking; his open mouth covers the entirety of her pussy. I see his throat working, swallowing the sweet Silver and cherry mixture. She gasps and shudders as he consumes the shot, not stopping when it's gone. Pulling her knees up and out, she allows her thighs to part slightly, opening herself to his urgent mouth with a deep, animal like moan. Feminine hands appear on the back of his head grasping his hair, thong hanging from her thumb. She is watching him with mouth slack and lustful fascination as her gyrating hips grind against his mouth.

"Are you watching this sweetheart? Oh my God, babyeeeeee... He's eating my pussy right now! I can feel his tongue slipping... uhhhngggg... inside me ... ohhh god.. I never... sweet Jesus... This is what you want, isn't it baby? How do you... oohhhhh FUCK! ...always know what I want, even BE...uuuunnngggggg...FORE ...I do?"

"Sweet mother of god, ChrissssssTOPHER!! Oh god... oh god... oh... softer... soft... soft... yess... yessssss... uuggggnnnnnnnn".

He glances up and sees her eyes glued to the point where his lips are encompassing her clit, sucking gently. I'm sure she feels his smile as lips and tongue continue to evoke moans and groans from her throat... god, I don't think she has ever been this wet. I can see her viscous fluids spreading across his smooth, clean shaven chin. Silver begins to buck under his mouth; hips straining off of the sheet while hands trapping his head push back in the opposite direction.

She captures my eyes with hers, a grimace washing over her face as she gasps, "Oh my God baby...sweet mother...oh Jesus, Christopher! oH MY GOD, baby! He's going to make me cum! He's going to make your Hotwife cuuummm agaaainnnnnn..."

Her eyes slam shut and her body goes completely rigid. Time stands still for a brief moment as the orgasm rushes over her, then... she screams. A full body scream; her body begins to jerk and spasm, hands no longer on his head, but gripping the sheets as she her wailing continues. The sound of sheets ripping echos in my ears while Chris manages to keep his mouth firmly planted against her pulsing love tunnel, riding her thrusting hips like a pro.

Abruptly, with a guttural noise, Silver collapses.

Soft music and heavy breathing are the only sounds.

Holy fucking cow... my incredible Hotwife just fainted under her new lover's hot mouth. She is breathing softly, still twitching in her unconscious state. I look at the panting Chris in amazement as he licks the copious amount of the red tinted, creamy fluid from his lips.

Maybe he is a vampire.

Silver stirs with a moan, her hand clamping down on her sloppy pussy. I see two fingers disappear with a sucking sound. She bucks twice in silence... then, with another guttural sound, collapses, again, body limp.

Chris is kneeling there with red lips and chin, grinning like an idiot.


"water... please... water..."

I'm already there, bird feeding her as she slowly recovers. Chris is watching me with amazement as I administer to the quivering body he just created.

Relaxing back into the pillow, her her eyes, she lays her head gently on the pillow... labored breaths slowly returning to normal. "Sweet mother of god..." smacking her dry lips, "what happened? I did I pass out? Jesus...I passed out, didn't I" coming out more as a statement than a question.

Nodding together, we slide our bodies up next her, encasing her naked body in man flesh.

"Wow" she says, laying an arm over our chests, flat palm resting just inches north of our members, rubbing gently.

"Wow" we echo, both cocks beginning to twitch again.