It's taken me a long time to get to this final chapter. Daddy and Justine tie the knot and head off for their honeymoon.

You girls know how hard it is to plan the perfect wedding. I had my own ideas and mother had hers. The details were worked out over time. The big day was finally here and gone.

I was a nervous wreck. Who wouldn't be? The cream of San Francisco society, for that matter all of California and beyond would be attending my wedding.

My wedding.

Mother and I negotiated many times over flowers, the reception meal, the band, the guest list, everything. She had her ideas and I had mine.

Mine were of no concern to her.

I would have preferred it to be a quiet little affair but neither mother nor Daddy Ralph would accept that. No. Ralph was her son and he had finally decided to settle down. This was cause for celebration. The Dagmeyers/Meyers name meant something in California. Mother insisted that the Governor, the Mayor of San Francisco, and many others from Government, the biggest names in Sports, Hollywood, Music industries, and Silicon Valley moguls be invited.

Mrs. D and I went shopping for an appropriate wedding gown. By appropriate she meant one that would be worthy of me wearing to marry her son.

I thought the over $12,000 she spent was excessive but mother shushed me. "Dear girl, you'll look splendid in this Elie Saab blue gown with beads."

"Blue,? I questioned.

"You want white? Oh baby girl, my dear sweet little tranny. Everyone who knows Ralph will know you're no virgin honey. Now let's try this one on."

The Bergdorf Goodman staff gathered around me in the dressing room. They knew who Mrs. D is and like all of her sycophants, scurried around like ants on chocolate to make her happy.

Helping me out of my clothes, no one said a word when my panty covered chastity cage became evident. This is, after all, San Francisco. They've seen it all.

I stepped into the beautiful gown and two of the sales professionals, one on each side tied the shoulder straps.

My new breasts, though small looked nice and I was assured Bergdorf Goodman's would make the necessary adjustments to have it perfectly form fitting.

"Oh my Justine. That's the one. My Ralphie will be so proud of his bride," mother grinned.

And like the bride I'd soon be, I blushed.

Mrs. D selected a veil and shoes. The ensemble completed we went to lunch. I had to admire mother. Old school, she wore white gloves that went halfway to her elbows. Her wide brimmed hat was ideal for early April and Easter just next weekend.

Her outfit was impeccable, expensive, and in good taste. There were no panty lines in her beige slacks and the drape of her blouse was excellent. Theirs and soon to be my world was one I was unfamiliar with. The top 1% truly lived different lives.

Daddy liked me dressing sexy and today was no different. He supervised me dressing to spend the afternoon with his mother. "Baby girl, you dress for me, not her. Let the world see my sexy girl."

My nipples, still very sensitive grew hard rubbing against the red silk blouse I wore over the tight white pants which are Daddy's favorites. The bump my cage made was only noticeable if you were looking for it. But to me, knowing it was there, it screamed look at me. Daddy said I was being self-conscience and to forget it which, of course I did.

Mother had the duck breast in brandy sauce with truffles and mushrooms. Watching my weight, i had the Caesar salad and mother and I shared a half carafe of Chardonnay. "You know this came from our vineyard Justine?"

"Really mother? I didn't know your family had a vineyard."

"My dear, you have no idea what assets we have."

Even after these months with Ralph and his mother, when she could get away from Washington, DC, there was still so much I didn't know about my fiancé and his family. I guess what they were used to seemed natural to them. But I was constantly blown away by the opulence of it all.

I looked at mother's security detail and saw one of those who had helped Daddy rescue me from that Nebraskan salesman who had spiked my drink. He had never mentioned nor made any sign about that afternoon. For that I was thankful. Still, I wondered if he really tossed that man off the Golden Gate Bridge like Daddy said they would.

"Justine honey, we need to discuss the reception details. As you know I have hired the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, My dear friend Tony Bennett promised he'd sing but he's in pretty bad shape these days. Harry Connick said I couldn't keep him away so he's in."

I was amazed by the names she was mentioning like they were ordinary people.

"Did Ralph tell you Frank Sinatra sang at my wedding? Oh yes. Afterwards he got a little drunk. Still hurting over Ava's departure for Spain, he picked a fight with one of the photographers. If it weren't so like him it might have been disastrous. As it was though, we all just chalked it up to Frank being Frank."

I was wide eyed.

"Adele said she'd be more than happy to sing too. Of course she would. She's a climber Justine. Some of those performers can't kiss enough ass to make sure their careers stay on an upwards trajectory."

"I've got to order a cake mother."

"Done sweet heart. I have Delicious Arts on board. It will be a five-tiered cake with floral arrangements in between tiers. It will be beautiful. All that's left is the menu and I have some wonderfully dear friends flying in from Paris to surprise us all. The three of them hate each other and it took a little convincing to have the three 5 star restaurants allow them the time off. Not to worry though, they are such sought after chefs that the three of them can write their own checks. They'll be here."

By the time lunch was finished my head was spinning. National Geography was sending their top photographers at mother's request. Hollywood was sending up a seven-person crew to video record the entire proceedings in 3-D, HD.

Although I'm not Catholic and it was said I must receive "instructions" before being wed in the now restored St Dominic's Church. Mother told me she had spoken with the Cardinal. "Instructions" were waived.

The wealthy do not live like the rest of the people.

There was the problem of me not knowing anyone besides the Dagmeyers and the lack of bride's maids. Mrs. D said not to worry. Of course I didn't have to worry.

On the day of, I was surprised to see Kris Jenner, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian waiting for me in the room at the church where I was to dress. I was speechless. Was there no one mother couldn't get onboard for this wedding?

The K-girls were friendly and very happy to be there helping me. All in all i found them to be wonderful ladies.

Daddy says I'm an air-headed bitch. That day I was never more air-headed. Kim appointed herself as the maid of honor. I was curious to see who Daddy had as his best man.

The church was almost standing room only, it was so packed with hundreds of people I didn't know.

"Steady baby," Kim whispered as she adjusted my veil. "It will be fine."

I shouldn't have been surprised to see Kanye West beside Daddy as his best man. Daddy looked so God damned handsome in his tuxedo," I thought smiling at him. "Oops. I forgot I was in a church."

"Stop thinking bitch," my brain said. "Just go with the flow."

Organ music, flowers, ring bearers, the Cardinal, the crowd. I was so over whelmed that when it was time for me to say my vows, the Cardinal had to touch my hand to bring me back to reality.

"You may now kiss the bride," he announced with a smile.

Daddy lifted my veil and held me close. We kissed like the newlyweds we were. "You're beautiful darling," he whispered using the term darling for the first time.

We paraded down the aisle to the applauding and smiling attendees. Daddy waving to friends held me close for which I was thankful. A little over a year ago I was a guy with a no-where job, a live-in girlfriend who cared little for me, an old car, and credit card debt.

Now, like Cinderella, I'm married to my prince charming, the man of my dreams, had I ever dreamed of the ideal man. My personal wealth, thanks to Daddy negotiating the golden parachute I left my old job with was 8 figures. Daddy was filthy rich and his mother loved me.

I ate very little at the reception. What girl could at such an event?

Reporters were there from several newspapers and a CNN film crew and TMZ were outside the gate at mothers as the limousine crept through the crowds and security guards.

Before Daddy and I joined the reception, mother, Kim, Kris and Kourtney led me to my bedroom. Mother hugged me and kissed my cheek. The K-girls tittered around me making sure my gown and make-up were perfect.

I met Daddy downstairs and after waiting a couple minutes for mother and the Kardashians to be seated, we walked through the double doors to mother's yard. Immediately the Orchestra struck up here comes the bride. Daddy held my hand and we walked to the head table. He was being so gentle, so loving this day that I was beside myself.

We danced to a song Daddy chose. "For the Love of Him" an oldie by Bobbi Martin sung by Adele as the Orchestra accompanied her. "Beware of the mood he's in," Daddy sang softly and chuckled.

"Kind a corny Daddy."

Daddy leaned back and looked at me. "Baby, this song is for the both of us. "After all, he's just a man," he grinned. Then he kissed me softly and continued our dance.

Later that evening as most of the formalities were completed Kanye asked me to dance with him. Thankfully it was a slow number as I hadn't mastered the art of dancing in heels yet.

He must have been a wee bit tipsy. He grabbed my bottom, squeezed it and whispered, "It ain't as nice as Kim's."

We shared a laugh together, finished our dance and I rejoined Daddy and mother.

It was time to cut the cake and for Daddy and I to make our departure.

Daddy didn't smush the cake into my face nor I his. And soon thereafter we joined hands, said goodbye to our guests and walked through the house and into the limousine.

We flew out on a private jet and Daddy had to wake me several hours later. A cab to the harbor, a long boat ride and we were in Bora Bora in a well-appointed cabana over the water.

Champaign was cooling on ice and the bed was covered in rose pedals when the resort staff person let us into the room. Instead of the usual with me undressing myself and then helping Daddy, He handed me a box that was on the bed and said that I could change in the bathroom if I wished.

As always, Daddy showered me with expensive and tasteful lingerie. The deep purple fine-lace top was nearly transparent. The boy-legged panty was fringed with the same lace at the waist and on the legs. The matching robe was floor length and again the label said La Perla.

I douched my ass-pussy and donned the new lingerie.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was unrecognizable from a year ago. I'd never win a bathing beauty contest but the shape of my body was as feminine as any woman's. My black hair, perfectly coiffed, shone like it had been waxed. I wasn't beautiful but I was cute, even if I said so myself.

I held out my left hand and saw the rings on my frenched manicured fingers. The large diamond engagement ring I'd accepted only 7 months ago reminded me of the night Daddy proposed. I remembered how surprised I was when he got down on his knee. I remembered how happy mother was hearing her son propose.

My new wedding band was gold encrusted with diamonds, almost too gaudy.


The spray of freckles on my pale skinned face were now shiny with tears of happiness. I used a tissue to dry my cheeks and went to my Daddy, my husband.

"I love you Daddy," I said, removing the robe and joining him on the large bed.

He looked so handsome lying there. Bare chested, he wore black pajama bottoms.

I couldn't believe how fortunate I was when he sat beside me at the bar so many months ago. My transformation from a guy to a woman, his woman was quick. My heart beat with love for my Daddy. I was more grateful for him than he'll ever know for claiming me as his. His firm and patient training, the deserved and not so deserved punishments all served to make me the woman he wanted to marry.

What girl could forget the first time she wore the panties for her man? The panties he bought for her.

Daddy had seen in me what I am today. Making me his was easy. Making him happy was my goal in life.

I climbed into the bed beside my husband and snuggled up under his arm where I could tease his nipple with my tongue.

"I love you too Justine," he answered holding me close to his side. "I have a special present for you baby. One I really hope you like and it's something I have never given nor will I ever give anyone else."

With no further words I watched Daddy rip the chain from around his neck. The chain that held the key to my chastity device.

I thought he was going to give it to me to unlock myself. Instead he moved down the bed, pulled my panty off, and parted my legs gently.

Looking me in my eyes, I could sense a change in him as he unlocked my tiny little dick, now shrunken by the hormone therapy I'd been on for months.

He smiled at me as he tossed the device aside.

"Oh Daddy," I crooned as he took my dick into his mouth. "Please Daddy, why?"

He looked up at me and I saw tears in his eyes. "Because I love you Justine. I'm so much in love with you that I'm about to burst. There will be no more belts, no more me taking and you giving. We are equals Justine, man and wife and I want to make love to my bride."

For only the second time Daddy touched me down there. The love making he gave me was gentle, slow, sensual. And he swallowed my offering as I climaxed.

He let me recover from the unexpected gift. "Thank you Daddy. That was beautiful. I will cherish the memory of your love making forever."



"I want you to call me Ralph now," he said as he loomed over me. Smiling sweetly he said it was time to consummate our marriage. Rising to his knees between my open legs, Ralph untied the drawstring on his black silk pajama bottoms. Working them down and off he brought his beautiful cock to me.

I lavished his cock getting lipstick on it. When Ralph was satisfied that he was moistened enough to enter me painlessly, he positioned himself back at my feet, his cock at the entrance of my pussy.

We did indeed consummate our marriage that night and every night after that. Daddy, er, I mean Ralph treated me differently now that I was his wife. He was gentle, patient, caring, and giving. By giving I mean he gave me his heart and soul.

I reciprocated in kind.

For the next 14 days we frolicked in the sea. The one-piece thong bathing suit he surprised me with fit like a glove. The front covered my privates, the back a thong. My breasts were partially hidden by the narrow top, at least my nipples were and it tied on back of my neck.

Ralph wore a speedo and yes, more than once I peeled it down low enough to suck his cock on the beach.

Every night as we lay in bed, Ralph continued to take my small organ in his mouth loving me, swallowing me. And every night I tended to his manhood as a wife should. I showered his cock with kisses. I rubbed him all over my face. My cheeks bulged with his balls in my mouth. I just simply could not get enough of my hubby.

Dinners were wonderful. The staff couldn't do enough for us and I felt special.

The 15 days were the happiest days of my life and I was sad when Ralph said we had to go back to civilization. "We have some business baby. I've made an appointment for us to meet an adoption lawyer in three days. I think we owe it to mother to give her a grandchild. Don't you?"

I hugged his neck and kissed him through my falling tears.

Then end.

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