The Hanging by a Thread Invitational Story Challenge

Please see this announcement for full details about this special themed story event.

And without further ado - the stories!

Broken Dreams by Fredoberto

Dig It by Harddaysknight

Hanging by a Thread: Dan's Story by MattblackUK

Just My Luck by amyyum

Marty's Story by Hooked1957

Meurtres De Rue Impasse by PAPATOAD

Mystery Woman by laptopwriter

Obedience and Betrayal by stev2244

Rocky Raccoon Ch. 06 by qhml1

Surviving When The Lights Went Out by Androgynousother

The Agnus Dei Gambit by dtiverson

The Gambler by Ahazura

The Old Kobain Place Pt. 01 by K.K.

Turn the Page by blackrandl1958

Vodka Sting by Todd172

For more information on Author-Organized Challenges, see this thread.

A big thank you blackrandl1958 for organizing this event, and to all the readers and writers who make this site possible!