Chapter 6

They stared at each other and smiled as Don slowly dropped his hips down, easing his cock into the wet, slippery channel of Jamie's pussy. He went slow to feel her wet warmth envelop more and more of him as he pushed himself in. For her part, Jamie could feel every centimeter, every ridge and every vein of Don's hard cock as it slowly pushed its way in, stretching her to the hilt. Never looking away, her mouth opened wide as she grunted with the feelings his cock was giving her. "Aahhh!" She gulped in air, then began telling him, "Yes! Yes! Oh, God! Yes! You're so big, Don. It feels so good."

"Hmmmm." Was all that Don could say as the hot wetness of her vagina enveloped him. She was so tight he had to stop a couple of times and pull back just a tiny bit to re-wet his cock before pushing onward. When their hips met and he was fully encased in her he kept pushing, relishing in the feeling of being buried in such a tight and welcoming pussy. He bent down and they kissed passionately for a moment. When the kiss was over, he began to pull out, only stopping when just the crown was encased in her. Then he began to push back in. "Fuuuck. You are so tight Jamie. I just love how your pussy feels hugging my cock." He kept the pace slow for quite a while, both of them enjoying the feelings they were giving each other. Jamie was getting wetter and wetter with each stroke of Don's cock allowing him to slide in and out with less friction.

He began to pick up the pace. Judy watched as Don's cock slid in and out. She was amazed at how wide his cock was stretching her daughter's pussy. As he pushed in, her lips almost seemed to fold in on themselves. When he pulled out, it stretched them out as if they were trying to keep him embedded in her womb. His cock was glistening with her wetness and a slight ring of white frothy foam began to form at the base. Jamie started to rub her own breasts and began pulling on her hard nipples until Judy pulled her hands away and took over. She kneaded her daughters breasts and pulled up on the nipples until Jamie moaned with excitement. "Ohhh! That feels good Mom. Keep pulling." She grabbed Don by the elbows, just to give her hands a place to be.

Don was slamming into her with deep hard thrusts. He wanted to be deeper. He pulled back and slid out of Jamie. She moaned with disappointment. "Why did you stop Don? I was starting to feel really good!"

As he backed away from her, he told her, "Roll over and get on your knees with your legs spread. I'm going to fuck you in the doggie position. Judy, I want you to lay under her. You know what to do then. Jamie, when your mother is below you, I think you should clean things up for her." As Jamie rolled over and got on her knees, her mother Judy quickly slid under her with her head positioned just below Jamies leaking pussy. As she slid her hips over Jamie looked down and saw her mother's vulva, lips swollen and red and the little bit of hair was matted with a while creamy substance. She knew it was the combined come from their previous copulation.

As Don slid forward, Jamie could feel the mattress moving and then his hand on her hip. She glanced back and saw he had his cock in his other hand and was lining it up with her sex. She was waiting to feel it enter her when she felt her mothers tongue lap at her pussy. Surprised and excited, she whimpered and lay her head down on her mother's stomach. She could smell the arousal from her mother and the distinct smell of their combined come.

Don speared her lips and pressed forward, burying his cock deep in Jamies sex. "Aaaahhhhhh!" Jamie moaned. She lifted her head and arched her back at the penetration. This pushed her sex down and Judy took full advantage. She stuck her tongue out and lapped at Don's scrotum and then up along Jamies opening and across her protruding clit. "Fuuuckkkk!" Jamie screamed out. Don just started to slam himself into Jamie, pounding her pussy with wild abandon. He could feel his scrotum hitting Judy on the forehead with each stroke. Judy would flick her tongue across Jamies clit and finally grabbed a hanging breast and began to play with that. Each time Don bottomed out, all Jamie could do was grunt until she finally lay her head on her mothers stomach.

Her head would slide down with each of Don's strokes and when Jamie opened her eyes she was greeted with the sight of her mothers dripping sex. Not giving it a second thought, she stuck her tongue out and began to slide it down across Judy's vulva. She tilted her head down and pushed her tongue into her mothers sex and for the first time ever, she realized she was eating another woman's pussy. A well used pussy that belonged to her mother! The cock driving into her and the tongue sliding across her clit drowned out any thoughts of eating a come filled pussy being gross. She delved into it with gusto, licking as deep as she could press her tongue, tasting the sweet and salty come that was in there. She sucked out as much of it as she could, relishing the taste and then began to run her lips up her mothers until she could feel her mothers clit. She sucked in and played with it by using just the tip of her tongue.

When Judy felt her daughter begin to lap at her pussy all she could do was moan. She dropped her head down and concentrated on the feelings her daughter was giving her. She was more turned on than she could ever remember being knowing that it was her own flesh and blood that was driving her crazy with her tongue. Then it hit her. Without even the tingling buildup she normally felt her orgasm overtook her. It was massive. "Aaaahhhhh!" She screamed out. Her body tensed. Her hips lifted off the bed and her legs closed as she pulled down on Jamie, locking her head between them. Jamie continued licking her mother, she had no choice, being trapped between her strong thighs.

As Judy's orgasm began to subside, she started shaking. When her legs finally stopped quivering, they splayed wide open, dropping to the side finally allowing Jamie to take a deep breath. She kept licking her mother, lapping her copious come like a thirsty dog at a water bowl. Judy finally had to push her away. "Ummm. Oh, Jamie. Stop. Please. I'm too sensitive." Jamie lifted her head away and watched as her mother took deep breaths.

Don had continued to pound Jamies pussy, pushing hard and deep into her. With the excitement of his pounding and the thought that she had just made her own mother come by eating her pussy, Jamie could feel her own orgasm rushing towards her like a freight train. "Oh! Ahhh! Coming! I'm coming!" As her muscles began to tighten, Don jammed his thumb into her rectum. Jamie arched her back and screamed out at the intrusion. "Aahhhhhhhrrrrrrggggghh!"

When Jamie came her pussy clamped down on Don's cock. Her already tight hole gripping him along his whole length. Her muscles continuously rippled down his length, seemingly milking him. That's all it took for his orgasm to be triggered. "AAhhhhhh! Fffuuuuuucckkk!" he bellowed. He pulled her back as best he could and jammed himself deep in her. As the first load of hot, creamy liquid shot out of his cock into her womb he pictured in his mind what it would look like, the come firing out and splattering the walls of her womb. Feeling the need to be deeper, he pulled back and slammed into her again while the second load splashed her insides. Holding her tightly against himself, he felt his scrotum contract and his come shooting into Jamie twice more before he pulled back and inserted himself again. As the final, feeble contractions shot the remains of his essence into Jamie he pulled his finger from her ass and lay upon her back.

Jamie fell foreward with the added weight and the three of them lay there, gasping for breath. Don's cock slowly deflated and slipped out of Jamies well used pussy unleashing a flood of come that dripped down onto Judy's face. She opened her mouth and lifted her head sealing her lips against Jamies. She grabbed Jamies hips and held on tight as she gently lapped at the mixture as it appeared. Don slid back and watched while he tried to get his breathing under control. Jamie felt her mothers tongue lapping at her sex and sat up allowing her deeper penetration. When she couldn't take any more stimulation, she climbed off and turned around and the two women shared a hot kiss.

Don lay down with the women and they all hugged each other while their excitement subsided. Hands were everywhere, rubbing, pinching and exploring. Kisses were exchanged. Finally, the exhaustion of the massive orgasms they each had experienced overcame them and they drifted off to a well deserved sleep.

Don was awakened when he felt a warm, wet sensation surrounding his cock. When he opened his eyes he looked to see Judy gently licking his semi-hard penis. She looked up at him and smiled with it still in her mouth. She pulled off of him and placed her finger in front of her lips. "Sshhhh." Then she motioned for him to follow her as she quietly slid off the bed.

Don looked over sand saw Jamie was still sound asleep. As he slid from the bed, Judy took the blanket and covered her naked daughter. She didn't want to wake her. Giggling, she took Don by the hand and led him from the room. They went down to the basement where things began. Shutting the door behind them, Judy told Don, "Holy fuck! That was spectacular! When Jamie stuck her tongue in me and started to eat me, I had the most intense orgasm I think I've ever had! The sex was great but the thought it was my own daughter doing it really tripped my trigger." At the bottom of the stairs she turned and threw her arms around Don and kissed him. "But now, I want some alone time with you. I'm so turned on by what we did, I need to get fucked and fucked hard."

Don and Judy spent the next half hour doing just that. He guided her to the massage table, hoisted her up and lay her back. Her ass was at the edge of the table at just the right height. He bent down, licked her to make sure she was ready, then plunged himself in to the hilt. Having come a couple of times in the last few hours they both knew it would be a while before he was able to come again. He pounded into her for quite some time and then turned her over. With her legs splayed, he took her from behind, burying himself as deep as was possible and then fingered her ass while doing it. Judy had a series of smaller orgasms, each building upon the other until he pushed her over the edge with his finger wedged in her ass. It was a good thing they were in the basement or the neighbors would have heard her scream out when she came. Don kept going, even after she had orgasmed, until with a final thrust, he emptied what little come he had left into her womb.

He lay across her back and held her tight, kissing and caressing Judy. Both were satiated. They lay like that for a long time, then showered together. Both were exhausted and wanted nothing more than climb into bed and sleep the sleep of the dead. When they went back upstairs, Jamie was sprawled across the whole bed, covered only across her back with the blanket Judy had put on her when they left. She was totally out of it. Don looked at the sleeping girl and mentioned to Judy. "She has such a sexy little ass. I can't wait to bury myself balls deep into it."

Judy just chuckled. "I know, right? But I think that will have to be for another day. We really pushed her boundaries today with a three way and eating pussy. Besides, I don't think you could get it up again, even if she offered it to you right now. Let's go into the spare bedroom and get some sleep. I have a feeling we're going to need it."

"You're right. I'm a little sore and really drained. I'm not complaining, but I could use a break. The walked across the hall, climbed into bed and were asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow.