She knew today was the day, the airport was busy as she checked the boards to see his flight had landed, giddy now she made her way through as people went about that way. as she reached the gate, she could see the passengers leaving the tunnel, horizon scanning each one in search of him the excitement building with each moment.

Finally and as he had said the last person of the plane, was tall, long dark hair, as he made his way to collect his luggage then turned, she knew he was now looking for her as her heart beat hard in her chest. She smiled and then stepped closer, then moment he saw her she knew, nothing could stop her as she ran the remaining distance and leapt into his arms.

"ALEX!" She cried out, he didn't even move simply wrapped his arms around her and smiled.

"Well hello Kitten," It was almost instant as he man she had spoken to for months made her brain melt and she merely squeaked in response.

People around them looked a little off put but in that moment, he barely cared as he held her to him and smiled softly.

"We should go, I need it check into the hotel," He whispered softly, as she slipped from him and he grabbed the backpack he had brought, she took his hand and led him from the airport, a bounce I her step as she did so, the streets busy as she led him to the car, opening the boot he placed the back pack and then moved to the passenger side as she climbed into the driver's side and the engine started.

"So, you OK?" He asked as he buckled his seat belt, then without even realising aided her in hers, she smiled and simply nodded biting her lip.

"Mhm" She squeaked as they pulled from the airport car park now.

The drove, he kept his eyes on her as he smiled softly, finally being beside her was something they had only imagined. But things had fallen into place, and he had finally managed to arrange a flight and finally visit. The drive to the hotel was short as she pulled into the car park and he stepped out, crossing around and opening her door, she smiled as he grabbed their bags from boot.

The hotel lobby was quiet as he stepped up the desk, taking little time to check in, as she rocked on her heels with excitement. He grabbed the room key and she moved to his side as they took he elevator to the floor, then walking along the hall to the room, he slid the card in the opened the door letting her pass. Placing the second card in the panel to activate the lights, she walked o stand by the window looking at the city beyond.

"You OK Kitten?"

"Hmm? Oh, yes Daddy, I'm OK," She was slightly distracted by the thoughts in her mind as she looked back to him "I'm just happy youre here Daddy,"

He crossed the room, his arms slipping around her waist as he smiled softly, her body curled into him by instinct alone, feeling suddenly safe and secure, she lay her head against him, and sighed contently.

"Daddy's got you kitten," He whispered softly kissing her head.

She nodded as she remained quiet, her body trembling against his, he knew the panic was beginning to set in, even after months of talking her own insecurities would get her, she whimpered and his grip on her tightened.

It seemed to be a while until she finally extracted herself from him and smiled softly.

"I'm ok daddy," She stated softly.

"No, you're not, but daddy gets it, like I said I got you," He replied taking her hand and kissing it gently. She smiled and looked away to hide the blush that crept over her cheeks, "We should go down and eat,"They left room together, he took her hand as she stayed beside him, the restaurant downstair, as he found them a table, they sat. The rain hit the windows beside them, somehow making the whole thing better as he watched her for a moment before the waiter arrived to take their order. He ordered without thought and or her as well, she couldn't help but smile at him as he simply took the decision from her, not because he was mean but because he knew she was finding the moment scary. Always watching over her and it made her melt, he also ordered drinks and the waiter disappeared.

They talked until dinner arrived, as she waited for a minute and he reached for her plate cutting up the food then pushing it back to her, some of the others around looked a little off but he simply looked at her, his eyes never from her but she knew he was aware of everyone.

"It's ok kitten, your safe, you're with Daddy," His words tore through her in a way she couldn't explain, and she nodded and proceed to eat. As they finished, she smiled watching him, the fear beginning to subside, knowing he was as he had promised there for her.

"So, what do want to do kitten? Go for a walk?" He asked.

"It's raining daddy," She squeaked in response before covering her mouth.

"And when has you getting ever stopped you kitten?" His voice that same level and delivered with that dominant tease that sent her brain into a spiral.

"DADDY!" She cried, before looking down and then leaning forward "Daddy, that was rude,"

"That's just your dirty brain kitten," She teased in reply, her whole body burned as she tried to compose herself.

She whimpered in response squeezing her thighs as his words again tore through her. He took her hand and helped her with her coat as they walked through the restaurant and out into the cool night, the rain was cold but it was coming down rapidly, she walked beside him, her hand in his as he took in the sights, there was a child like amusement about him in the moment, her Daddy disappearing beneath the want to explore and see the world for the first time.

Finally they returned to the hotel, soaked to the core but happy, as he led her through the hotel to the elevator, as they stepped in and he pressed he rounded on her, pinning her to the corner, she shook in anticipation as he leant down, his lips meeting hers, instantly melting.

As the door opened some old woman glared at him.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, such a lovely young girl," She snapped.

"Oh lady, I'm gonna shame her don't you worry," It was instant as he retorted causing the woman to look horrified "Come along kitten, let's get you out of those clothes," She knew he meant cos she was wet to the bone but he left it ambiguous on person as the elevator doors slid shut taking the woman away from his sharp tongue.

"Alex that was mean," She stated softly.

"Yea well, some people should just keep their opinions to themselves," He jammed the card into the lock as it clicked, and the door opened, and he held it open for her.

She stepped in and he kicked the door shut before guiding her to the bathroom."I'll find a towel, and you can get a shower," He smiled kissed her head, instantly she reached for him dragging him into a deep kiss, he responded as if something switched in him, her body pushed against him, not even caring they were soaked as instantly he scooped her up, her legs wrapping around his waist and he sat her on the counter by the sink, his kiss was hungry, months of need ripping from him, her hands pushed under his shirt shoving it and her nails raked down his chest, she moaned against the kiss, deep enough to take her breath away.

As his shirt was free he pulled hers of, his mouth immediately finding her nipple causing her to whimper and moan, his hands slipped to her hips as he pulled her to the edge, her eyes closed his mouth covering her nipples was more than she had ever imagined as his hands caught in side her pants and began to ease them down before stripping them off to reveal the lace panties beneath.

His eyes devoured her now as he looked her over before lowering to bite her thighs, she cried out in that moment as he bit the other side. Again, she whimpered. She knew in that moment she was his as without warming his mouth covered between her thighs, blocked only by the now wet piece of lace, his tongue pressed into her as she caught her breathe in a sharp gasp.

"D...d.... daddy...." She whimpered.

His finger traced along the fabric and then slipped it aside as his tongue snaked out licking along her then pushing in, she gasped and groaned, her back arching pushing into his mouth. Her moans caught as she fought to stay quiet, suddenly his tongue struck against her clit and sent a shockwave of pleasure through her, her hand went to his head as if trying to push him away, part panic part the sheer pleasure that tore at her, his hand pushed hers away and her mind went blank as she writhed against his tongue, she couldn't figure where she lost control as the orgasm struck with violent force.

As she opened her eyes, he was stood now watching her, there was something wicked in his eye now as he leant closer.

"Now you're mine, so do as youre fucking told and get in the shower," She wondered how the hell she was supposed to move from the force she had just cum, but slowly and shakily she stood, making her way to the already running shower, she knew defying him was now unwise, they had crossed the line.

He watched her for a moment he left the room, sorting out the bed and getting ready for her to join him. Time passed and final she emerged as he motioned her to him, her body still wet, he helped dry her then kissed her softly."Wait for daddy in bed, I'll take a shower and then join you," She nodded in response and he moved off, climbing into the shower, his mind racing with all manner of wicked thoughts, as he showered he smirked knowing she would lay there naked and simply wait on him as he had instructed. He purposely took longer than he would normally before finally leaving the bathroom and joining her, she eyed him, there were nerves now, he climbed into bed beside her kissing her deep.

"Is my kitten OK?" He asked softly.

She couldn't find words and simply nodded, as he kissed down her body, her body tense and unsure yet he kept going, before shifting between her thighs and moving back over her, she could feel the heat of him against her now, his breath against her neck, as he waited, he knew it would come and within moment she was pushing up toward, her body and instinct taking over as he kissed her, concern for a moment before replaced with that wicked gleam that showed the dominant.

"Such a little slut for daddy, what does kitten want hmm?" That tone in his voice always got to her, causing her body to tremble.

"I...I want daddy to fuck me," She mumbled.

His hand caught her jaw, forcing her to look him in the eye.

"What was that kitten? Use your fucking words, and let daddy believe them," His words were sharp, piercing at her.

"I want daddy to fuck me!" She pleaded, no sooner had the words left her lips than she felt the size of him, she squirmed as he stroked against her then pushed in slowly, she whimpered the size causing her a discomfort at first "Oh, fuck daddy you're so big...."

"I did warn you," He replied and smirked as he slowly pushed into her inch by inch, before holding deep in her now. Her back arched, as he filled her deep, her body pushed into his now. As he slowly eased back, she whimpered feeling empty, before without warning he slammed into her causing her to whimper as she tried to control herself, again he leant down to whisper.

"I made a promise to kitten, can she remember what it was?" Again, his words dripped with that daddy tone she couldn't resists, the one that made her instantly wet and ready for him to do whatever he wanted to her.

" kitten scream and b....beg for.....daddy," As the words tumbled from her mouth his hips crashed against her before his hand slid to her throat instantly tearing her oxygen supply from her as he slammed into her with quick rapid strokes, so many months pent up were now being unleashed as she struggled to breath her hand on his wrist before he let go allowing her a moment to breath and whimper in desperation then gone, her body trembled as again she came, he didn't so much as break rhythm sending crashing from one to the next, before his hand slipped from her throat his head dropping as he predicted she screamed for him.

"Please daddy!" She begged "Please daddy cum in me, fill you little cum slut, please daddy" Her words sent his over the edge as that vicious growl ripped from his throat his hips jammed into her, she felt the warm rush of him inside her, the force sending her into one final wickedly violent orgasm.

"DADDY!!!" She squealed.

As he collapsed upon her, she grunted her tiny frame squashed by the man who only a day ago had been just a fantasy. In that moment she felt content, slowly he moved beside his arm slipping under her pulling her to him, her leg draped over his as she settled into him. Her body still prickling for the encounter, in that moment she was as content as she had ever felt.

"Daddy's got you kitten," He softly whispered her head.

"I know daddy, thank you," She replied softly.

He flicked on the TV, and within moments they were watching a movie as she lay in the arms of a man she never dreamed existed, he smiled finally content at the woman who could not only make him feel something, but finally fit the pieces he had always had missing.