Hey there, this is quite a big story that I wrote, so I decided to split it into chapters for easier reading. Also, I only write for fun, don't expect some amazing writing, english isn't even my first language. Enjoy :)

Stella the Space Explorer

Chapter 1: The Crash

I'm Stella, I'm a 18 years old space explorer. I've recently been able to convince my mother to buy me a spaceship and I'm on my way to go explore my first planet, which was the fourth planet humankind had colonized, at least that was the plan. An unexpected meteor rain hit my ship, forcing me to land on the nearest planet around me.

I tried my best to put all the skills that I learned while getting my license to avoid exploding the ship upon landing, it was a hard hit but I managed to avoid further damage.

There was a red flickering light, meaning the state of the ship wasn't having a good time. I put my hand on my head to try to stay focused.

"Uhh... that wasn't good... system, give me a report of the ship."

"Principal thrusters state: Highly damaged

Auxiliary thrusters state: Functional

O2 Plant sample damaged during crash, new sample required."

"Ah man, that's no good at all. Give me a report of this planet"

"Quick planet analysis... habitable. Not colonized yet. Name: Tyto 38. Nearby human space stations... 1 found.

Suggestion: Find a new O2 sample and use the remaining fuel to go to the space station."

"Why is this happening to me..."

I got up from my chair and went towards my spacesuit. I have to undress my shirt and pants, since it is really tight, the only thing that I can let under it is my panties and bra. I start to look at myself, 1,67m, redhead hair that goes to my shoulders, my C cup sized breasts that were being pressed against my bra and my space suit, my hips and my ass aren't that small too, when I took my driving license for spaceships all the men during the exam were looking at me with lustful eyes.

My space suit is a black resistant material that looks like fabric, it covers my whole body and stops at my neck, at my hips there is my white belt that holds my small laser gun and my dagger for emergencies. On my left wrist there is a watch that can make me communicate with the spaceship system. I would normally also use a helmet and an O2 supplier, but since this planet does have a breathable atmosphere I don't need it.

Anyway, I open the door of the spaceship and step into the planet. It looks like a very dense and green forest.

"Well, it seems it won't be hard to find a new O2 giver sample." I started to walk around the place and found a small tree, it was as tall as my hand and I went towards it.

I crouched so I could reach it but strange vines emerged from the ground and grabbed my arms and legs, throwing me into the ground while more of it wrapped my body, except for my lower parts. A strange purple flower appeared in front of my open legs, from its middle emerged a white tentacle with a tip that looked like a penis head. It tried penetrating me through my suit, but I didn't even feel it since this suit is made to be very resistant. The plant-like creature seemed mad as it grabbed the dagger in my belt and tried cutting my suit so it could penetrate me. Again, it didn't work.

Realizing that what it was doing was in vain, the purple flower sunk into the ground again, just to emerge in front of my head now. Fuck, this is no good, I need to get away from here, I kept telling myself, trying to think a way to get out of the plant's vines.

While I was lost in my thoughts, the middle of the purple flower opened again, making the tentacle come out towards my mouth. I instantly closed my mouth, I don't know what it wants to do, but I don't want to discover either. When I closed my mouth, a vine started tickling my ear, which unfortunately, made me open my mouth. I choked as it ran in and out through my throat. This is hell... think Stella... think... from the flower's mouth the base of the tentacle gained more volume, it was like a ping pong ball was running across the tentacle, I knew what that was and I knew that I needed to act.

I was able to break through the vines with my right arm, I grabbed the tentacle and got it out my mouth as it released across my whole face it's hot, stinky semen, with some small green seeds. The tentacle started to circulate my neck and make it tight, making me choke. With my free arm I released the tentacle and went to grab my dagger, returning with a clean cut in the middle of the tentacle, now releasing me.

The plant tried to sink into the ground again, but I grabbed it before it could run away. When I grabbed it, from the mouth that came it's dick came a whole lot of cum again which made me fall over, letting the plant run away. I got up and realized that I had also fallen into the small tree, making me need to search for another one.