Everything She Needs - Part 2

Continuing the story of Chris and Marianne and Vince and Joanne. See previous story 'Everything She Needs' for context.

Finally, Chris had returned to the U.K. from his month at work in Spain. Marianne was pleased to have her husband home, though she would always be grateful for the fact that it had made her night spent with Vince, Chris' workmate, possible!

Chris is very pleased with the way Vince has kept control of the business, whilst he was out of the country. He has given him an increase in salary, and has promised him a seat on the board, if the business continues to flourish in the coming year.

Chris is particularly pleased, that Vince took time to call on Marianne whilst he was away, and Marianne had told him that Vince was very attentive and couldn't do enough for her!

Chris was so pleased, that he'd invited Vince and his wife, Joanne, to join him and Marianne at their house in the country for the weekend. He had arranged for them to go into town on the Saturday evening, for dinner and dancing at an upmarket restaurant and nightclub.

Vince and Joanne arrived at Chris and Marianne's in time for lunch on Saturday, they spent the afternoon in the extensive gardens, chatting and relaxing in the sunshine. Chris enjoyed gardening, he grew roses, and liked to create new hybrids.

Chris took Joanne off to see a new hybrid he had bred, a beautiful, salmon pink colour tea rose." I am going to call it Desirable Joanne," he told her, "and it will always remind me of your sexy beauty."

Joanne blushed, and said, "that is lovely of you, but shouldn't you dedicate it to Marianne? She is gorgeous and much more sexy than me."

"Nonsense," said Chris, "Marianne is lovely, and I am very much in love with her, but you are equally as lovely, and you turn me on every time we meet. Besides which, I've already dedicated one of my roses to her."

"You shouldn't say things like that," said Joanne," the others might hear you." Then she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. "You are a lovely man," she whispered, "and I'm very fond of you. Now we'd better get back to the others and get ready to go to dinner."

They all showered and dressed in their evening clothes, ready to go out. The two men had dressed in smart dinner suits, with dress shirts, bow ties and smart black shoes.

The women both wore cocktail dresses with plunging necklines, knowing they had the figures to carry them off. Their skirts ended a few inches above the knee, but still just about concealed their panties and stocking tops. Their dresses made the most of their figures and showed off their slim legs. They both wore hold-up stockings and high heels.

Marianne's dress was deep red, tightly fitting, with red lace around the plunging neckline showing the deep cleavage of her 36 inch bust. Her sheer stocking gave a hint of red to her legs, and her shoes matched the colour of her dress. Naturally, her lacy lingerie was also deep red. Her shoulder length blonde hair was beautifully cut and styled, and she looked good enough to eat! Diamond drop earrings and a diamond bracelet completed her ensemble.

Joanne too was beautifully dressed, her dress was black and tightly fitting to show off her petite figure. The plunging neckline showed off her firm 34 inch bust. She wore black lacy lingerie, sheer dark hold up stockings and black stiletto heeled shoes. Her dark brown hair was cut in an attractive bob. She wore diamond stud earrings, a gold bracelet and a gold chain with a single diamond drop was round her left ankle. She was gorgeous!

As it was a warm summer evening, neither of the women wore a jacket or top coat.

The executive taxi that Chris had booked, arrived at 6 pm to take them to the restaurant. It was the type with three rows of seats, one row for the driver and two rows for the passengers. Marianne and Joanne sat in the back row, whilst Chris and Vince sat in the row in front of them. They were all looking forward to the evening and having a good time.

The taxi dropped them at the restaurant at 6.30pm. They went straight to the bar, and found a table for four. Chris ordered drinks, and asked for menus to be brought to the table. He had booked the dinner table for 7pm, so they had plenty of time to peruse the menu and order their meals. A young waiter came to take their dinner choices, and they ordered another round of drinks.

The two men were amused, watching the waiter trying not to look down the front of the women's dresses, although he was obviously fascinated. Chris whispered in Vince's ear, that the waiter would probably go home and masturbate over his memories of the two sexy women, when his shift was over!

The Head Waiter came and collected them from the bar, and seated them at their table at 7pm. They were close to the centre of the restaurant and Chris thought, happily, that the two women would be the centre of male attention, from the surrounding tables. No doubt, a few of the other wives around them, would be having sharp words with their escorts as the evening wore on.

Dinner was first class. They were all hungry, and they made short work of the three courses. Chris had ordered champagne to go with the meal, and they had got through two bottles and were into a third.

Chris signed for dinner on his account, and asked the young waiter to take their drinks into the nightclub attached to the restaurant. He asked him to find them a table close to the dance floor. The waiter found them a suitable table, and was rewarded with a handsome tip. Both women flashed him lovely smiles, and thanked him. Both made certain, that he got a good view down their necklines as they sat down. It was obvious that they had been aware of his attention since they were in the bar earlier, and they enjoyed teasing him.

The music was supplied by a dinner suited DJ, discreetly situated on a raised dais at one side of the nightclub. This was close enough to their table to appreciate the music, but far enough away that they could enjoy conversation.

A slow Latin American number was being played, and Joanne asked Marianne if she would like to dance, as the two men were deep in discussion for the moment. As the two girls walked out onto the dance floor, a number of heads turned to follow their progress. When they started to dance, with sensual movements, a few temperatures probably rose. There were a few other couples also on the dance floor.

Chris and Vince were very relaxed, and enjoyed watching their wives dance, as much they liked dancing with them. They were quite content to watch from the sidelines for the moment, and would join in a little later.

There was a large gathering at the back of the room, obviously a corporate event. It wasn't long, before a couple of young men, from the group, walked on to the dance floor and asked if they could cut in with the two girls. Marianne and Joanne were happy to dance with the two guys, and stayed on the floor when the next number started. The men were leaning in to talk with the girls, and no doubt, getting an eyeful of their charms at the same time.

Vince looked up at the dance floor, where Joanne and Marianne were dancing. The music was a slow tempo number, and all the couple on the floor were dancing in each other's arms. Vince, sought out Joanne, and saw that she was dancing very close to her partner. As they turned around, he saw that her partner's right hand was firmly on her backside, and he was squeezing her left cheek. He was holding her tight to his groin, and rubbing himself up and down on her. She seemed oblivious to this and was dancing cheek to cheek with him.

Vince was surprised that Joanne hadn't pushed her partner away. Instead, she seemed to be quite enjoying his attention to her backside, and was wriggling it provocatively.

Vince looked for Marianne, she was dancing a little way away from Joanne. Her partner had his left arm around her waist and she had her right arm around him. They were holding hands, with their other hands close in between their chests, he could clearly see that he was stroking the top of her left breast, and she wasn't attempting to stop him.

Vince called Chris's attention to the antics on the dance floor, and said, "I think we had better cut in there, before those two guys think that they can get lucky." Chris agreed, and they both walked out onto the floor and tapped the two men on the shoulder. "

"I'm cutting in," said Vince to Joanne's partner. "No chance," said the young man. Vince whispered in his ear. "Fuck off! that is my wedding ring she is wearing."

"Whoops," the man said, "sorry, I didn't realise she was with you." With that he released his grip on Joanne and walked off the dance floor.

"Spoilsport," said Joanne, "I was enjoying that, he was squeezing my bum nicely, and his cock was as hard as broomstick against me. It's nice to know I can still pull them." Vince laughed and said, "You are a terrible teaser, you will always be able to pull them, no problem."

Chris had cut in with Marianne and he said, "He was stroking your breast." She smiled at him with a twinkle in her eyes and said, "you were too busy talking to Vince, so I thought I'd better play the field, I've got to get my gratification from somewhere, haven't I?"

"He is almost as young as our son." said Chris.

"Yes," she replied, "and with a young and rampant cock, and he was just telling me what he wanted to do with it."

Chris grinned. "You and Joanne can't be trusted on your own," he said, "you'd eat those youngsters alive."

After the two couples had returned to their table, and drunk more champagne, Chris asked Joanne to dance with him, and they went onto the dance floor.

Vince and Marianne, remained sitting at the table. "Chris has no idea what we got up to when he was away," she said, "but thinking about it now, has made me feel very horny."

"I remember every moment of it," said Vince, "and I would love to repeat the experience, if I get the chance."

"Me too," she replied, and casually placed her hand in his lap and began to stroke his cock!

Meanwhile, Chris and Joanne were still on the dance floor. They were both good dancers, Chris held her tight, and enjoyed the feel of her body against his. "We must do this more often," he said, "my name for the new rose suits you admirably."

"I'd like that a lot," she replied, and laid her head on his shoulder, kissing his neck.

They danced closely. Chris couldn't help looking down at her lovely breasts. The tops of her areolas were just showing above her bra, and he had a longing to take her nipples in his lips. He looked up into her eyes, she smiled knowingly, and suddenly they were kissing, drawing strange looks from some of the other dancers.

Chris allowed his right hand to slide down from the small of her back, to her beautifully rounded backside, and kept it there as she swayed to the rhythm of the music. He whispered in her ear, "You are the sexiest woman here, and all the men would love to get into your panties if they could, especially me."

She laughed and said, "Don't be naughty," and kissed him again. Then she whispered, "you never know, you might get lucky!"

Vince had seen it all happening on the dance floor. He knew how sexy Joanne could be, With the way she was dressed, and the way she danced, he knew that Chris would be struggling to hide his hard-on by now, as he was, with Marianne's hand still in his lap stroking his cock.

A couple more drinks and dances later, they were all ready to go home. The executive taxi arrived and they left the nightclub. Chris took Joanne's hand and helped her into the back row of seats. Then he got in beside her. Vince, not really surprised, helped Marianne into the row of seats behind the driver, and sat next to her.

It was dark and warm in the taxi, and soft music was playing on the sound system. Shortly after they started for home, Chris and Joanne were kissing passionately in the back seats. Chris had his hand up her skirt, and was pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy. In front of them, hidden by the high seat backs, Marianne had unzipped Vince's cock and was sucking it.

By the time they got home they were all decent again, and the conversation returned to normal. Each couple was pretty sure what the other couple had been up to, but nothing was mentioned.

Once indoors, with soft lighting on and another bottle of wine opened, they slumped onto the comfortable couches. Marianne put some music on. She took hold of Joanne's hand and pulled her up. "Dance with me Jo," she said, "I've never danced with a woman who dances as sexily as you do."

The two women danced close together, the music was slow and rhythmic, and they put their arms round each other and held each other tightly. "You are gorgeous," Marianne said to Joanne, "If one of these two doesn't fuck you tonight, I will!"

"Yes, please," said Joanne, and kissed Marianne softly on the lips. They embraced tightly and rubbed against each other whilst dancing slowly.

Marianne drew back, she took Joanne by the hand, and led her to the couch. They sat together and they kissed. Marianne unhooked, and unzipped Joanne's dress and pulled it down to her waist. She unhooked her bra and removed it. Joanne's breasts hardly sagged without the bra, but they were warm and soft to Marianne's touch. Her nipples stood out proud and rock hard from their pink areolas. Marianne caressed them, then took each nipple in her mouth in turn, sucking them while Joanne moaned with pleasure.

Marianne lost no time in removing Joanne's dress completely, then her panties and shoes, she was left naked but for her hold up stockings.

Marianne knelt on the carpet between Joanne's legs, she proceeded to lick and suck at her pussy and clitoris. Joanne was groaning and growling with pleasur,e and pushing her pussy hard against Marianne's mouth.

The two men, who had at first watched wide eyed, whilst the women were making love to each other, then moved to get involved. Chris went behind the couch and took Joanne's lovely breasts in his hands. He caressed them and rolled her nipples between his fingers. He leaned over her, and as she turned her head to him, he kissed her open mouth, and put his tongue inside. Then he undressed, and moved round to stand beside her on the couch, where he presented his cock to her eager mouth.

Vince had also undressed, he pulled Marianne's skirt up to her waist, pulled down her panties and pushed his cock into her wet and willing pussy.

In a little while the two women changed places. Joanne gave attention to Marianne's soaking pussy, whilst Chris fucked Joanne from behind. Marianne was sucking Vince's cock, as well as having her pussy eaten by Joanne.

Marianne came first, a guttural cry heralded her orgasm. Joanne kept sucking her clitoris and Marianne cried out aloud with her extreme ecstasy.

Chris was now pounding into Joanne's pussy, as she continued to suck and nibble Marianne's clitoris.

Then he pulled Joanne away, and laid her down on her back on the carpet. He knelt over her and kissed her lips, wet from Marianne's pussy. He enjoyed the taste of his wife's juices on his new lover's lips.

Joanne took hold of Chris's cock, and guided it to her waiting pussy, and they proceeded to fuck hard.

Vince, in the meantime, had helped Marianne remove her dress, bra and panties, he stretched her out on the couch and proceeded to fuck her, whilst kissing her passionately at the same time.

Joanne was coming, she cried out, "I'm coming, fuck me! Oh, fuck me, I'm coming!"

Chris was pounding into her, and he was also about to come. "Here it comes," he gasped, "I'm coming"!

"Yes, yes, yesss!" screamed Joanne, "give me your cum, fill me, don't stop -- fill me up!"

Chris came, spurting his pent up seed deep in Joanne's pussy, filling her belly with warm cum.

Marianne was in the throes of another huge orgasm, she had Vince's big cock in her again, and she loved it. "Come in me Vince," she screamed but he wasn't ready. He continued to fuck her but he wanted to save himself till later, he could still please her now without coming yet.

Marianne was in tears with the ecstasy of her climax, and Vince kept her just on it for ages. She thought she was going to faint, with the sheer excess of pleasure. She wanted him to stop, but at the same time, she wanted him even deeper and harder inside her. Finally he stopped thrusting and allowed her to sink back on the couch, exhausted for the moment.

Vince turned to watch Chris and Joanne finish fucking. They lay on the floor kissing and Vince watched Chris's cum ooze out of his wife's swollen pussy.

They cleaned themselves up with towels, and sat with their partners chatting and relaxing, all completely unembarrassed by what had taken place.

Vince kissed Joanne and said, "I loved watching you fuck, you are gorgeous all over, and so very sexy".

Chris said to Marianne, "You looked so fantastic with Vince's big cock in you. I didn't think you were going to be able to manage it."

"Oh, I loved it," said Marianne, "I was so wet, Vince got it into me easily."

Marianne said, "I think it's time for bed." Then she giggled and said, "Do you think we'll all be able to get in our king sized bed?"

"We can try," said Chris, "If not, you and Vince sleep in our bed, and I will take Joanne to the guest room."

They all quickly made their way up the stairs. They decided to use both rooms anyway. Kissing their wives and husbands goodnight, they then went to bed for the night with their new lovers!

Both beds were well used through the night, and the moans, gasps and shouts, could be heard all over the house, as they pleasured each other again and again.

In the morning they all showered, and then fucked again, before dressing for breakfast. Then again, all together in the big king sized bed, before Vince and Joanne left after lunch.

One thing they'd all agreed on, this was going to become a regular event!