None of the characters in this story are below the age of 18.

Hey guys. My name is Bilal and I was from a conservative Muslim family. Now I'm a Hindu because my mom married my best friend Shreepad and converted to his religion. My dad divorced my mom when he found out about this development.

I live in New Delhi and I attend one of the more prestigious colleges in Delhi University. It was there that I had met Shreepad and our aligning interests in Economics and Badminton had made us good friends. He was probably my first true friend. Also whenever I felt low in life, Shreepad was always there to help me. So I trusted him always.

My mom, 37, was a conservative muslim woman clad in a Burkha. Although my parents seemed pretty liberal in face I knew that they too were a bit worried with my friendship with Shreepad. I used to invite him for dinners and even night-outs.

Shreepad was from a successful business family. His family owned two car dealerships and were also quite known in the cement business too. His father was from a village in Haryana and had worked hard for this fortune. Shreepad had a very cosy personality and even got on with my elder sisters too. But he had no bad intentions about them ever. He addressed them as sisters and even tied a rakhi during Rakshabandhan. Naturally we became best friends. Although my dad objected to our friendship initially, he too with time let it pass.

All of our lives changed when I entered my third year in the B.A. programme. Shreepad and I used to go play badminton every evening and on weekends we would spend the night in each others house depending on who won more games that week. As I was a better player he would lose almost all the time. But I liked him visiting our house, he kept the atmosphere light and joyful.

One day at midnight I got up to drink some water. Shreepad was not in his bed. I thought that he must've gone to the washroom. But he didn't return. So after a few minutes I got suspicious and went to find him. I searched the whole house but didn't see him anywhere. I thought of calling him but he had left his phone on the bedtable. I remembered that I had not checked the roof, so I ascended the stairs. The door was not locked and I wondered that what was Shreepad doing so late at night on top of the roof.

I saw something which I hated. Shreepad was kissing my mother. It was consensual as my mother's tongue was enthusiastically venturing into his mouth. They were wild because I could see that a little bit of saliva was dropping down on the ground while they were busy tongue wrestling. Shreepad suddenly looked back towards me. He gazed around for a second then continued where he had left. He had not seen me. I shut the door slowly and quietly so that I could only see through one of my eyes. They were unaware of me watching them as I was in the dark but they were clearly visible to me. The street lamp light was lighting up the surroundings and their expressions were accuratly depictable.

Then he tore my mom's kurti, but not entirely. Mom shrugged and said, "This is my third kurti you have torn this month Shreepad. Don't be violent with me jaan." My mom called him 'Jaan'. This must be going on for a while, I thought. She pulled out her kurti and her plump boobs popped out. Shreepad looked at them. "Go on, have your midnight snack!" This was all he needed. He picked her up by the waist and sat her up on the cemented railing which was quite wide as my dad feared those iron ones would hurt our skin if they eroded so he had gone with a traditional cemented railing. Shreepad sucked on her boobs like a baby. For the first time I had looked at my mom's tits after childhood. They were the size of papayas. They weren't saggy, I was surprised that after giving birth to four children she still had perky boobs. Shreepad seemed hungry as he didn't stop sucking them until her udders had no more milk to offer. He bit her nipples to which she gave a small but loud enough shriek which she muffled with her hands. Shreepad saw that and continued biting her pink boobs. When he was finished he looked at her and said, "I love you Fatima come with me. What are you doing with your loser husband. He can't even satisfy you. I mean look at this ass being wasted...." he grabbed her ass cheeks in his hands and spanked them tightly.

"I would but you know that it cannot happen. I'm married that too with kids. Even if I divorce my husband and become your wife I cannot abandon my children."

I was listening to all of this rubbish and instead of sneaking this into my dad's ears I was still sitting near the door acting sly and looking at the romance intensify. It was at that moment I thought that what a beta male I was, looking at my friend devour my mom's body.

Shreepad unzipped his pants and Fatima my mom also undressed herself to complete nudity. I saw that how contrasting their skin tones were. He was a chocolaty boy while my mom was as white as milk. I thought that how had my father managed to bag my mom who was way too hot for him, but not for Shreepad. He kissed her passionately this time and bit her lips and stretched her lips while their mouths departed. He commanded her to bend in front of him. She placed her body on the railing and pointed her ass to him. "Just go slow. It would pain if it got too rough." She said submissively.

He slowly penetrated her pussy with his rod of a dick. He was gentle with her in the beginning but he slowly increased his speed when her pussy got too wet. After a few pumps he increased his speed. Now was the real thing he was giving her, I thought. She started to moan but covered her mouth to muffle the noise.

"Mmmff, mmmfh, aahhh. Harder jaan. Fuck me. Fuck your bitch. Tear your girl's pussy apart with that monster. My God you're huge. Ahh babe fuck me harder. Harder babe."

She became a true slut just in a moment. He was fucking her in doggystyle with some command. It was clear to me that he was pleasing the hell out of my mom. The only time she didn't moan for him was when he would slow down a little. I saw her jelly like ass jiggle whenever he reached her womb and came back and go back in again. He would spank her occasionally and call her names like bitch and whore. I had never seen my mom like this. She was a pious, conservative lady who prayed five times a day and taught us the hadiths everyday. For me to witness my mom having a love affair with someone other than my dad was disturbing and yet I was here watching it unfold like some fairy tale.

After an hour of pumping her harshly, he said, "I'm going to cum babe."

"Do it inside me. Nut inside me jaaneman. Bless me with your seed. Impregnate this muslim whore of yours. Give me a Hindu bull of a baby to cherish and remember you by."

"You sure?" He asked.

"Do it babe before we change our minds. I'm not on the pill and I know you always wanted to get me pregnant with your child. So do it. You've got the opportunity to put a baby in me."

Shreepad increased his pace as these words came out from her mouth, they had increased his lust. The thought of getting her pregnant must be enough for him. He came big this time. I saw my mom shiver from ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back into her head and every shiver shook my moms jigglo ass. Her mouth must definitely be dry from all the moaning she had done, I thought. It took her a while to come back to her senses. Shreepad pulled his cock out and lay down on the ground. "Suck me now Fatima. Clean your master."

She was sweating from head to toe. I could literally see it dripping from her milky face onto her tits and eventually going inside her navel. I saw my mom's figure now. She was a thick woman. If you had four kids you would also grow in size. She had big boobs and what an ass. It was huge and now was red and had fingerprints of Shreepad's hands on them. She sat on him first and put his dick inside her pink heaven again. She wanted more probably but he wasn't having anything. He slapped her boobs tightly twice from each side. "Ah!"

"Suck my dick woman. Your man has had enough."

She obeyed him like a slave. She kissed his dick all over. It seemed to me as if she was trying to pray to it. Then she opened her mouth and let it slowly slide down onto his dick. Her jaw chiseled as it sucked on his cock. Then she did some tongue play with it and generated some saliva for better lubrication. Shreepad seemed to be enjoying this. He let her do it probably because she needed no help. She gripped his dick with both of her hands. It was then that I realised how big he was. Both of her hands looked so tiny when moving his tool up and down. Then she again started to suck him but this time the lubrication was perfect and she made slurp noises again and again. She looked at him eye to eye when she buried her face in his dick and tried her best to fit all of it. Shreepad grinned. He took hold of her hair, tied it into a ponytail with his hands and pushed his dick inside her. She started to gag and her face turned red. He let her go. She took a breath looking at his dick with huge wide-opened eyes and again Shreepad went inside her mouth. After a while, sensing that he was about to cum, she said, "Now let me do it babe. You've had your midnight snack now let me have mine."

He let go of her and she started to suck him passionately again. She slowly increased her pace and soon enough got her 'snack'. He came inside her mouth. I sensed that it was quite a big load as her mouth blew up like a balloon and she started to gulp his semen down her throat. She made three gulps in total and still some of it leaked out of her mouth. She licked them back inside and gulped them down too. She opened her mouth and put her tongue out to show that she had swallowed the medicine like some little girl.

"Let's go now otherwise my husband might notice me missing." She said.

I got up and saw that I had nearly jizzed in my pants too and my dick was erect and oozing precum. I adjusted my undies and quietly reached back to my room. I saw them coming down the stairs from the window. Shreepad was kissing her passionately again. Before departing he spanked her ass and the sound vibrated throughout the house. They could easily get caught but sadly I was the only one vigilante enough. Then Shreepad came back to our room and went back to bed.

Next morning I woke up early as I just couldn't sleep after what I saw. For some reason I wasn't angry for what I had seen. But I knew that both of them loved each other because in the next two night-outs as well they had sex and talked about their relationship and their future. But I ignored that because I knew that my dad just wouldn't leave my mom.

My exams came around and I forgot about everything. My relationship with Shreepad hadn't changed but I certainly started noticing his dominating personality. He had a very alpha character and he was the one who run the conversation whenever I did notice. Even at my home in the dining table he was the one who would always direct a conversation. Even my dad looked second-best in front of him. My sisters were very comfortable around him.

A lot changed during the winters that followed. Shreepad would take my sisters and mom out shopping and sometimes for a movie. I would accompany them occasionally. I noticed that my mom and Shreepad didn't talk much to each other when in public. I nearly forgot and then the day arrived that my dad told us that my mom was pregnant with another child and everyone was happy. The next day I told Shreepad about the pregnancy and he was elated to hear the news. He insisted on buying a present for mom. I had rarely seen him this happy. But he bought the most unconventional gift one could. He proposed to mom on the roof during their weekly sex sessions. They didn't have sex when her belly became visible as they both didn't want anything to happen to 'their' child. I couldn't keep this secret anymore. And I decided to tell my dad about this.

Dad was in his office when I uttered this news to him. I explained to him that I had seen them have sex and that the child is not his. He was very angry. "I knew I shouldn't have married that whore." He shouted. But the most surprising part was that he gave 'talaq' to mom on the phone that same day. My mom went to stay with Shreepad in his house. I lived with my sisters and dad. It was the worst part of my life and I hated to tell my dad the truth. I constantly thought if I hadn't told him, everything would've been the same. But the agony was not to end here.

Shreepad came with a lawyer to my house demanding the custody of all four of 'Fatima's children'. In the civil court the matter was decided in favour of not my dad but mom. My dad had a lot of taxes over his head and couldn't support us better than my mom and his fianće. I was shattered.

Soon enough the time came that we all had to move in to my mom's new house. For some reason my sisters weren't really troubled with this new situation. Shreepad's family welcomed us with open arms. I learned that they weren't too keen in letting a muslim marry into their family and offer namaaz instead of puja. My mom agreed to convert to Hinduism and her new name was Radha. I couldn't cope with everything happening so fast. Shreepad married my mom in a huge wedding ceremony. She was eight months pregnant then. Shreepad tied the mangalsutra around my mom's neck and formally announced her as his wife. A month later my mom gave birth to a baby boy named Chirag. I was still quite content that his family hadn't told me to convert. Soon one of my sister's got a job in a guess what 'cement firm' run by the family. She became the chief accountant working under Shreepad as his assistant. I would know later on that he had gotten her pregnant too. But this time I kept it a secret so as to not destroy my family again. But Shreepad never left my mom neglected. They had another 3 children together. The only issue was that as my mom got old a few years later she encouraged him to have sexual relationship with her eldest daughter, Noor, my sister. That is why she got pregnant with his child. There is still a lot to come if you want me to upload more comment down below and I shall write a sequel to this.