A Friday finds you with no kids and no particular plans. Your instinct is to take a break from work, enjoy a relaxing drink and a good movie.

Just as you have settled down for what looks to be a relaxing night you receive a text. Your initial instinct is that it must be from me but the number is not familiar.

The text reads as follows:

"I am on my way over to see that you are sexually satisfied in a manner that you are deserving of. If you welcome my attendance you will leave the back door unlocked with the panties you are currently wearing around the door handle. Before I arrive, I encourage you to begin enjoying the bottle of wine that has been left at your front door. At 8pm you will strip naked and have a luxurious bubble bath. While washing and relaxing you may touch but you may not cum. I will be arriving at 9pm which should give you all of the time you need to get ready. When you are done your bath you will go to your bedroom and lie on the bed naked and face down with a blanket over your body. Any and all sex toys you possess are to be placed on the floor for whatever purpose I may choose to make of them. Using whatever comes to mind you will fashion a blindfold that will not allow you any vision whatsoever. Finally, you will don a pair of headphones with whatever music you like but it must be loud enough that you have no way of hearing the sounds around you. If I do not see your panties on the door handle or if I suspect in any way that you have deviated from the above instructions I will simply leave without revealing my identity."

Attached to the text was a picture. There is nothing identifiable about the men's black briefs other than the obvious outline of a very rigid cock trapped within.

You consider the proposal and strongly suspect you know exactly who has sent this text but just a small bit of worry creeps into your mind wondering if it could possibly someone other than you expect. Despite the anonymity of the text message, it is more the vulnerability of laying yourself out as directed that has you most anxious. But as you consider how crazy the proposal might have sounded to you less than a year earlier, the extreme wetness dampening your panties has you heading toward the bath convincing yourself that you still have the ability to opt out and why not have the bath anyway...

As you lay in the tub, the washing gets done first and quick. You notice goosebumps all over your skin despite the warm water and the increase of your heartrate is unmistakable. You consider that maybe you won't leave the door unlocked. As you ponder the choice it presents the rationalization that if you aren't going to go through with it anyway, what would it hurt to pay some attention to your pussy which at this moment, would scream out in desperation were it able to do so.

You decide and barely manage to hold off rubbing your clit for even a quick one. Likewise, you are careful to avoid too much attention to your wonderfully prominent nipples. As you get out of the bath and dry off you decide that a light dusting of baby powder will make your body both smooth and aromatic -- regardless of whether anyone else will be present to enjoy it. As you leave the bathroom you have still not yet made up your mind of what choice you will make. Already, you have enough motivation for a rousing orgasm alone but the temptation of the unknown adventure that awaits has you absolutely conflicted.

Parking several blocks away, I walk to your house and arrive 10 minutes late as I have planned. As I approach the back door I am pleasantly surprised to see a pair of panties hanging on the doorknob. Raising the panties to my face, I inhale your sweet aroma and note that the crotch of your panties are still damp. I extend my tongue and have an appetizer sized taste of the meal I am about to enjoy.I've never been inside your home but it doesn't take long to find your bedroom. I stand in the doorway taking in the sight of you and making certain that you have complied with my instructions. I see your blonde hair on the pillow while the rest of your body is concealed by a duvet. It is clear that you are blindfolded and I note the earbuds playing music that I can just barely make out. On the floor is an impressive collection of sex toys and I note that you have wisely thought to include a bottle of lube.

I approach the bed and kneel on one side. I see your body tense but I do nothing more, enjoying the vulnerability of the position you have voluntarily placed yourself in. Slowly, I pull back the duvet to reveal your naked body. I spend several moments just enjoying the sight of you naked. Your legs seem tight together and I laugh at the thought of how quickly this is about to change.

The first physical contact you notice is a warm massage oil being drizzled from your shoulders to the heels of your feet. The surprise triggers an instinct to roll over but I hold your gently but firmly in your position. As much for your pleasure as my own at making you wonder about all that I am about to do to you, I take my time massaging you from head to toe. Of course, I am careful to avoid giving you any direct sexual satisfaction. I get close and then back off. Just at the top of your hips and near but not close enough to the cheeks of your ass. I'm teasing and it is becoming obvious to you.

I'm waiting for that sign. You could have no way of knowing what it is but I have remained determined to wait for it. The result is that I move back up to your shoulders and start all over again. More oil. More massage. Still no attention where you need it most. Maybe just the sides of your breasts but no closer. I'm watching your reactions carefully.

Finally, I see your legs spread apart by your own choice. One finger taps the inside of your right thigh and you move it further apart. Same with the left. All in now - as if you weren't before. There you lie naked, blind, deaf and your sex is completely exposed. You have chosen this. You are asking for this. You don't know exactly what is coming but you want it -- no you need it. You need it as badly as anytime in your life.

You feel more oil poured onto your bum. The slick fluid pours between the cheeks of your ass and covers your cunt. Without pause I spread your cheeks apart. You can feel my breath on your anus. This is kind of new and a little scary. You can feel my warm breath between your legs. You know that my mouth is close. I see the goosebumps covering your body and know that it is not because you are cold. My fingers ever so lightly graze the lips of your cunt. I wonder to myself if the word offends but make a mental note that I must teach you to embrace the description. I know from experience that many women think they have enjoyed sex feel brave just to say pussy but a woman who has awoken the power of her own sexuality has a cunt. It is the core of her being and it needs almost constant attention. A cunt after all, was built to fuck.

The anticipation has been building according to my designs but before you can figure out where this all goes next, you feel me rolling your body over. Now you are really exposed. I see your entire naked body. Your nipples are hard and I have looked so forward to playing with them. So many times I have imagined pinching them between my fingers. Rolling them. Pulling them. Just the right pressure but wait until they are in my mouth. Without question, those amazing nipples that cap a pair of beautiful a cup breasts are about to be sucked in a way that you have likely never experienced -- at least not during sex.

I apply more oil and extend the teasing. It doesn't take as long this time before I see your legs spread. Quick learner. A gentle tap and they spread wider. You have really chosen this moment. Slutty really -- in the best possible way. Before me, I see a woman in charge of her body and no longer ashamed to show how desperately she wants to be pleasured.

Feeling as I have teased you enough, it is time to deliver. I lift both of your legs and bend them up against your tits. Without prompting you grasp your knees to hold yourself open as I obviously desire. What I am about to do to you has come from the learning and coaxing of well over 75 women before you. It is the benefit of other women that will guide the treatment you are about to receive.

Kneeling between your legs you feel my index finger trace up and down between your lips. Little touches to your clit excite but nowhere near enough for your needs. Before anything else enters your cunt you feel the probing of my tongue. This part is just for me. I'm drinking your fluids. I'm lapping as much of your nectar as will flow out of you which it is in the extreme. As my tongue moves up to press and wiggle against your clit you feel two fingers enter you. Those two fingers curl up against the backside of your pubic bone and pull your groin hard against my lips and tongue. The thumb of my other hand tickles your anal opening. You come to realize just how many nerve endings hide in a place that had likely not been a focus of your sexual experience but I know just how pleasureable it feels. My fingers are pumping hard now testing to see just how much pressure you need. My tongue snakes down to swirl around your ass just before I gently insert a finger in your backside. I am finger fucking both of your holes now as my tongue goes full bore on your clit. Feeling your hips buck up to meet me confirms that you are enjoying my efforts. I feel your cunt squeezing my fingers but as you clamp down harder and harder I increase the pressure of my fingers -- now three that are pistoning into you with increasing speed and force.

I wait for the moment to arrive and when it does it is unmistakable. Both legs clamp around my head and the noises emitting from your mouth confirm the orgasm that I so wanted to give you. You are so wet it could be mistaken for pee. I allow you maybe twenty seconds with your legs clamped desperately around my head though I've not stopped thrusting. When it appears that your orgasm has not yet had time to subside I move up as quickly as possible and thrust my cock into you all of the way to the bottom. I finish your orgasm with almost violent thrusts. Each move has my cum-filled balls slapping against you. You feel the spongy head of my cock hammering against your cervix. A weeks worth of abstinence means that you are about to be flooded with enough cum for two men.

As your blindfold and earbuds are removed I remain on top of you. Making out like teenagers desperate for release you realize that this may be the horniest you have ever been. Normally, you might expect a rest but you are in for a number of big surprises. As I roll you back onto your tummy you wonder if rest will ever come and what all might happen to your body and your mind before this night is through...