Two weeks later, after very little communication, it started again.

John had been coming down from the previous experience and now all the old feelings were coming back, as he knew they would... and hoped. He craved still and fought against it but was too weak to win. He was beginning to accept what he was. Talking to Tony again was the nudge he needed: John was fading and "she" was growing.

As Tony chatted, John was happy and flirty in his writing. He found himself grinding his thighs together slowly on his chair. His stomach was lurching and twisting. God, he had it bad and he knew it.

After several days of chatting that got more flirty and then more dirty whilst lasting longer, Tony placed the ultimatum on the screen: "Tell me when you are coming round again, sissy but it is going to be your decision but realise that you will be the full-on sissy - you will drive it all, you will take the lead and you will cum. If you cannot do this, then do not contact me again."

A pause, then more...

"What is your answer, sissy?"

John stared at his screen. His phone was ringing and he let it ring out. He re-read the words and understood them but they were just symbols on the screen. His breathing was shallow, his mouth was loose. He raised his fingers to the keyboard and they hovered over the keys. He typed.


"OK what?" came the reply from Tony.

"I will do as you say, Tony."

"Good girl. Come round tonight at 5. Just for five minutes. I have something to give you."

John was let in at 5:01, after knocking on the door. He began to walk into the house fully as Tony shut the door. "No need" said Tony "Stay there." John stopped and turned.

Tony came close and undid John belt and unzipped the trousers. He tugged them down and they fell around John's ankles. John was shocked and hissed, his eyes widening. Tony laughed. "Don't worry, sissy bitch." He pulled John's knickers down - they were a pair of black glossy thongs. John stayed still, not sure what was happening.

"You are a good sissy. I have never given you a name have I. It is probably time for one. I like Alicia. I shall name you Alicia. You like?" John stood, shocked and could merely nod. As an after-thought he agreed that it was a nice name.

Whilst talking, Tony had gotten hold of Alicia's cock and was holding it and manipulating it. Alicia looked down and Tony was fitting a metal cage around his cock. Alicia groaned and raised his head, tilting it backwards, closing his eyes. He swallowed heavily and remained stationary for Tony to finish.

With a click, the cage was fitted and Alicia stood there. She felt its weight around her cock, gripping around her balls. Tony cupped them then. "Feel good?" he asked.

Alicia nodded.

"Good." Tony let go and they dropped heavily. "oh yes" he said tapping the side of his head "I nearly forgot. Stay there." Tony went to the lounge and came back in a moment. He had something in his hand, which he twisted and then knelt in front of Alicia. She watched him and her eyes widened as Tony dabbed some super glue into the padlock. "There we go. It isn't coming off now" Tony stood and gloated at Alicia. She liked it but cursed herself for it at the same time.

"Right, get dressed. Remember, contact me when you are ready Alicia."

Two minutes later, Alicia was walking out and thinking madly about everything.

It took her six days to contact Tony. "I am ready. I need to see you." Tony responded with "Saturday, 1pm. You will have til 6pm."

Alicia paused and then replied "Thank you"

Saturday morning and Alicia was at home shaving her whole body smooth and moisturising it. She loved spending time like this. She painted her toenails and then thought about and did her fingers too. She had bought some lingerie - a lovely basque and new stockings that she loved to slide up her smooth legs and attach. She was breathing hard, getting turned on by it all.

Alicia stood at Tony's door at 12:55 and waited five minutes before knocking. Tony answered it almost immediately and let her in. "I need to change quickly Tony."

"Go to the guest bedroom and wait there. Call me when you are done."

Alicia undressed and then got dressed. She was in a dream state, not remembering any of this later on. She went to the door and called to Tony and sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for him.

She listened to him coming up the stairs, step by step, getting closer. Then he was there, looking at her appreciatively. "You look stunning" he told her. Her stomach lurched and she smiled up at him. "Remember what you agreed to. This is your time to be Alicia and to show me what you are".

Alicia looked at Tony and nodded slightly. She got up and walked to Tony and put her arms around his neck and leant in to kiss Tony full on the lips. Tony responded by sliding his arms around her waist and then down to grasp her bottom. He squeezed her cheeks as they kissed, her mouth opened and his tongue moved into her mouth. Her head swam with the intensity of it all.

Alicia moved to Tony's shirt front and began to unbutton it, sliding a hand inside, onto his chest. She began kissing his neck and cheek whilst she rested her hand on him, feeling his heart beat and breathing on her palm. His hands were kneading her arse cheeks and she loved it, gyrating in response.

She pulled her face away and rested her head on his shoulder and groaned as he rubbed and squeezed. "Yes, baby. I like that. Slide your hand under and squeeze me some more please" she whispered into his ear.

Tony growled quietly as she felt his hand on her thigh, then lifting her hem and disappearing under, rubbing her stocking top and then sliding a finger under the straps. She pushed her bottom out in response. "Yes, baby. like that" she continued and she cooed softly.

His fingers reached her knickers and pulled them aside. His finger eased along her crack, rubbing her and teasing her. Her breathe caught and she loved that she responded instantly. She was crazy for that finger and ground her arse on to it.

She pulled his shirt off him and kissed his chest, licking and biting his nipples. He groaned and pushed his finger against her tight hole, pressing it. It was driving her crazy.

She moved them both to the bed and pushed him down. He fell onto it, on his back, His shirt had caught around a wrist and it was under him, pinning his arm down. She climbed on top of him, straddling his chest, facing his feet. She undid his trousers and pulled them down as far as she could. His erect cock was pulsating and she saw the cock-ring. She bit her lip in lust and kissed the tip of his cock. She shunted back until her thighs straddled his head and she pressed her groin into his face.

As she began to suck his cock in soft, wet motions, she felt his mouth around her knickers: his tongue working busily on her through the material. She ground her hips on him as she sucked him greedily, getting hornier by the moment. Her cage was pressed into Tony's upper chest and she realised she was still flaccid, which thrilled her even more.

Tony's cock was at home in her mouth, slippery with her saliva and she knew it was time. She manoeuvred around and got over his groin, looking down at Tony who was breathing hard, watching her. She smiled.

Alicia reached behind her and held his cock in her hand. she positioned it against her cunt and rubbed it there. The feelings were wonderful. She blissed out for a second as she felt his hips lift, pushing his cock into her, as she sat down on it at the same time. He slid easily into her. She felt every inch until she had sat on the whole thing, now buried in her.

Alicia began to move on Tony. She moved in every direction she could on his cock, learning what she liked and what Tony responded to. He made the silliest faces and she smiled down at him, controlling the situation. Her hands, with their red nails, rested on his chest and she thrilled at the feelings coursing in her as she rode him. She did that for a few minutes, lost in the joining, then she lifted herself off him and got on all fours, sticking her arse in the air. she looked over at him and said "Come on, get behind me and fuck me... like you mean it" and she buried her face in her arm and waited for him.

In a moment he was behind her and she loved him grabbing her hips and drawing her back onto his cock, which she felt enter her easily. It again slid into her and she cried out "Yes, baby. do it" as he began to fuck her with long deep thrusts.

Her caged cock remained limp throughout that afternoon and after dribbling precum she finally felt the orgasm build in her until it ripped through her, taking her breathe away. Her toes curled and her whole body heaved and thrust about. she wasn't even sure if she ejaculated but the orgasm was the most intense she had ever had and she was crying by the time it had faded. Throughout it all, Tony had fucked her and used her and treated her right and she loved him for it.

They lay on the bed for a long time, her curled up on him with his arm around her and she doodled on him with her fingertips as he caressed her slowly.

Before it was time for her to leave, Tony pushed her on her back and told her to hold her thighs apart for him and he fucked her like that. She panted and drooled as he fucked her hard and he came inside her for the fourth time that afternoon. Her feet beat against his back and she wondered which position she liked the best. She couldn't decide.

Perhaps she would need more sessions to come to a conclusion. That would be fun, she thought.