I was currently sharing a rental with a friend that I used to go to school with. It was a reasonable deal for both of us, saving on rent and utilities. Neither of us are slobs so the place stays reasonably neat and clean. I should say that Steve and I considered it reasonably neat and clean. I won't say that a woman would have the same view.

Every so often we chip in and have one of the local cleaners come through and do a spring clean and that satisfies us. We were nearing that time when we'd have to get someone in.

This was the situation when Maybelle came wandering past, looking for work. She didn't actually approach me directly but I heard her moaning to the woman next door. Basically the car registration for her little bomb had fallen due and she was scratching to find the money to pay for it.

Not being backwards in putting forth my point of view I suggested that these little expenses were what a husband was for and she did have one. For my trouble I got a cold eye and a bit of an explanation.

Maybelle had lost her job due to the Covid 19 panic and her husband had been on shorter hours. Money was tight. They might have stretched their budget to cover the cost but her husband wanted her to get another job and earn the money herself, and she was having a bugger of a time finding a job. No-one was hiring.

I sympathized and she went wandering on her way.

A little later I was out in the front yard when I spotted her heading in my general direction. As she approached I noticed that while she walking in a rather despondent manner this did not stop a pair of very nice breasts bouncing about in a beguiling fashion. She really did have a very nice figure and her face was quite appealing. Lustful thought crossed my mind, firming up as she drew closer.

"Hold up a moment, Maybelle," I told her when she nodded to me and started to pass by. "I just need to have a word with Steve and if he's agreeable then we may have an hour or so of work for you. Just wait there a moment."

I went inside and yelled for Steve.

"Okay, Steve, am I correct in saying that currently you're rather flush where funds are concerned?"

"You know I am. Like you, I'm still working and, also like you, I can't go out and blow my money. Why do you want to know?"

"You know Maybelle from up the road?"

"Pretty little blonde with a nice pair of knockers? Yeah, I've seen her around."

"Screwable, in your opinion?"

"Eminently," agreed Steve with a laugh.

"Well, we're about due to have a decent clean and Maybelle is outside looking for work. Come on out and I'll offer her the job. Just let me do the talking and go along with what I say."

I headed back to where Maybelle waited, Steve trailing along behind.

"It's like this, Maybelle," I said. "Every so often Steve and I have the house thoroughly cleaned. It's not that it's particularly messy, more of a case that Steve and I are only average in the housekeeping department. Now normally we get one of the local cleaning firms come in to do the work. If you're willing to do it we'll pay you the same as we'd pay a company. Mind you, we would want a damned good job done."

I told her the rate we paid the company, which charged a flat rate per hour or part thereof, and explained it would actually be cheaper for us if she did it as we wouldn't have to pay the call out and travelling costs. Not being a total dill she asked to see the house first, so we escorted her through it while she checked it out.

Satisfied that the job needed to be done and that she could do it Maybelle agreed, offering to come back after lunch and get to work. I said that Steve and I would both be home, thanked her, and told her we'd be waiting.

As soon as she left Steve turned on me.

"Okay, we're getting our spring cleaning done and it was about due, so that's okay, but what has that got to do with us screwing her?"

"Wait and see. Not that a bit of sex is guaranteed, but we'll see how she reacts to my offer."

Maybelle turned up just after one and was ready to get down to work right away. I hopped in before she could start.

"Um, Maybelle," I said diffidently, trying to sound nervous and unsure of myself, "Steve and I were discussing you after you left earlier and he was saying what a good figure you had. I had to agree with him because you really do have an excellent figure. We finished up wondering, if we doubled your pay, would you do the cleaning in the nude?"

She blushed but also started looking thoughtful. Two or three hours paid work was a start towards her car registration, but doubling the rate would be a much better start. She stood there, chewing on her lip while she contemplated the ramifications of what I'd asked.

"If I do, you won't try anything will you? I mean, how do I know I can trust you?"

"Maybelle!" I exclaimed. "I am shocked, shocked I say, that you think we might have nefarious plans in mind. We wouldn't think of molesting you, would we Steve."

Steve hastily shook his head and I sighed.

"Still, I can understand where you're coming from," I admitted. "How about we agree that if either or both of us molest or rape you we'll double your pay once again."

"Well, I have no intention of molesting you so that sounds reasonable to me," said Steve.

Maybelle was thinking hard. At a minimum she'd double her pay. If we did get a little out of hand she stood to get her pay doubled yet again. A chance worth taking. I could see the decision on her face. I wondered if she realised that by agreeing she was effectively saying it would be alright for us to rape her as she'd agreed to compensation for it. Somehow I think that little nuance had slipped past.

"Fine," she eventually said. "I'll do it, but if either of you lay even as much as one finger on me I'm invoking the molestation clause."

"That's fine," I agreed. "We'll leave you to get undressed and get to work. Move it, Steve. You've got things to do."

I ushered Steve out of the room, noticing that she was already starting to get undressed, her face somewhat flushed.

"Keep your hands to yourself until she's finished the cleaning," I warned Steve. "We can play with her afterwards. Meanwhile, cough up your contribution. Assume two hours, no make it three, because our playing will probably take it into overtime."

Steve laughed and coughed up. Like he'd said earlier, we were both flush due to Covid 19 preventing us from going out and spending money. He went off to do whatever he wanted and I sat down at the kitchen table with my laptop.

After a while Maybelle came in to do some cleaning in the kitchen. When she saw me sitting there she blushed a little but didn't do anything to try to hide her charms. Interestingly enough her nipples were standing out, showing that she was already slightly aroused.

She politely suggested that I might like to move elsewhere while she did the kitchen and I nodded and moved off. It was a reasonable request. I adjourned to the room that we used as an office and continued with what I was doing on the laptop.

After a while I started to notice a pattern. No matter which room I was in Maybelle would drift into it, cleaning, urging me to move elsewhere. At the same time she always stood facing me to start with but she also seemed to find a reason to bend over while facing away from me.

If she wanted to plug something into a wall socket at floor level she wouldn't crouch down and plug it in. She'd just bend right over and plug it in, incidentally giving me a full view of her vulva. It wasn't until the third full view that it dawned on me that I was being slow and she was doing it deliberately. I went looking for Steve.

"Hey, Steve, is that rotten little witch flashing you at every opportunity?" I asked him, and he shook his head.

"What do you mean?"

"She seems to take a delight in showing me everything she's got, almost daring me to make a grab."

"I guess she wants to maximise her pay," he said with a grin.

"She probably does," I agreed. "Ah, here she is now. Let's see if the performance continues."

By this time the house was sparkling clean. Vacuuming and washing the tiled floors all that was required and the vacuuming was apparently starting in the room we were in.

Bending over slightly to push a vacuum around gives you an excellent opportunity to show off your figure if you chose to do so and in my opinion Maybelle was so choosing. It was quite interesting to watch how her breasts swayed back and forth as she leaned forward to push the vacuum under things. It seems it's also imperative to bend over and pick things up off the carpet that the vacuum didn't pick up. At least, I assume that was why she found it expedient to bend down to the carpet, flashing the pair of us this time.

As soon as she'd finished washing the floors I intercepted her before she could head towards the front room to claim her clothes.

"If you've got a moment, Maybelle," I said, indicating she should enter the room where I was standing, which just happened to be my bedroom.

She came trotting in and turned to face me as I followed her in, an inquiring look on her face. I simply put my hands on her lovely breasts and pushed her, hard. She went stumbling back and landed flat on her back on the bed, at which stage Steve stepped forward and caught her wrists, dragging them up above her head. Me, I just pushed her legs apart and stood between them.

Her eyes opened wide as she saw I was undoing my belt. I gave her a wink.

"Now is the time that you pay for all the teasing you were doing," I told her, sliding my trousers down.

"You wouldn't dare," she said, barely breathing the words. "I'll tell."

"I doubt it," I contradicted her. "I mean, you did agree that rape was alright as long as we doubled your pay again."

"I did no such thing," she denied, "and take your hand away from there."

I just smiled and rubbed her mound a little more. It didn't matter what she said, she was hot and wet and ready for what was coming.

"You know damn well you were deliberately flashing me as often as you thought you could get away with it, hoping I would touch you so you could invoke the molestation clause. Now you can congratulate yourself because you win."

"I was doing no such thing," she denied, but the blush on her face gave the lie to the denial.

"With Steve holding you there's nothing you can do so just relax."

I simply slapped my hand against her vulva and spread my fingers, drawing her lips apart. Then I was pressing against, into her. Removing my hand and her lips closed over me, holding me within her. I pressed forward while she twisted and turned, theoretically trying to stop me. I say theoretically as I don't think she was trying too hard. I was barely halfway home when she gave up the struggle and started pushing towards me.

With her yielding I was able to drive firmly home. From that point it was a case of give her the same as often as I could with varying degrees of urgency. All thoughts of resistance from her had gone by the way and she was responding very nicely. I suspected that she felt she'd made her official protests and resisted as long as possible so now honour was satisfied and she could just go with it, and going with it she certainly was.

Instead of being in a position where I had to coax her along, gradually bringing her to an arousal despite herself, I found myself in the opposite situation. She was already aroused and eager to complete what we'd started, and I had to slow her down a little, letting things drag out for maximum enjoyment.

I took my time, enjoying the work, controlling her at the same time. She was all, "Ah, ah, yes, do it, you bastard," and other suggestions, all along the lines that I shouldn't dilly dally but get things moving. Unfortunately for her I enjoyed the timelessness of a dilly dally, just letting things flow at what I thought was a good pace.

Her opinion was somewhat different and I was quite shocked by some of the language she used. Who on earth taught her to swear like that? Shocking was what it was.

Eventually it became clear that she was heading for a climax and that I wouldn't be able to delay it much longer. That being the case I let rip, giving my all as fast as I could, leaving her squealing as she tried to keep up with me.

She finally climaxed and in a big way if her reactions were any clue. I don't think she even noticed that I also climaxed and I suspect that she probably wouldn't have cared.

I withdrew and moved aside and Steve came forward to take my place. He was in position and driving home before Maybelle fully realised that she had a change of partner.

"What do you think you're doing?" came her outraged shriek as Steve drove firmly into her, his erection sliding into place with considerable alacrity.

I moved around to the other side of the bed, catching her wrists and saving Steve from premature baldness.

"Be reasonable, Maybelle," I told her. "You can't really expect Steve to miss out. Ever since you started flaunting your nudity in front of him he's had a hard-on so hard he was afraid that it might explode."

"I was not flaunting my nudity," she yelled in an outraged voice.

"If you say so," I said. "Ah, I believe Steve is trying to attract your attention."

I didn't know if Steve was actually trying to get her attention or not, but I suspected not. What he was doing was humping away as hard and as fast as he could, with her automatic reactions taking care of him. It didn't really matter as she turned her attention to him and started reacting in a more aggressive manner. Figuring she wasn't really going to snatch him bald-headed I released her wrists. She gave me a nasty look but kept on trying to push Steve over the edge before he was ready.

Not being particularly interested in voyeurism I left them to it and checked out the house. I had to admit that she'd done an excellent job. We'd have to have her come again when we needed it done.

I returned to the bedroom when I heard Maybelle call out, assuming that she had climaxed again and everyone was happy and done. Steve was doing up his trousers when I got there and Maybelle was lying on the bed, giving him the evil eye. When I stepped into the room she transferred the evil eye to me, apparently finding me a more satisfactory target.

"I have to go down to AutoMart," Steve informed me, and he promptly shot through, leaving me with a naked and not too happy young lady.

"Would you like to visit the bathroom before you get dressed?" I asked and Maybelle put on a very put-upon face and pushed past me, banging the bathroom door behind her.

Twenty minutes later she emerged and headed into the front room where her clothes were neatly folded on the couch. I watched as she got dressed, apparently to her displeasure.

"Do you have to watch?" she demanded.

I smiled. "Ah, yes, as a matter of fact I think I do," I told her.

She didn't say anything else but finished getting dressed, not that she had many clothes she needed to put on.

I handed her an envelope with her pay in it. I saw her check her watch to determine how long she'd been here and then checked to see how much was in the envelope. She seemed very relieved when the tally agreed with her estimate. She should have been relieved. Three hours at four times the rate added up. Not something I'd want to do every day.

"So three hours pay there?" I asked affably and she nodded.

"Um, you may have noticed that in theory we still have a half hour of your time and there is something I need you to do."

She gave me an indignant look.

"I'm not getting undressed again," she protested.

"You won't need to. Ah, do you remember how you showed a certain propensity for turning around and bending over to show off everything?"

"I did no such thing," she denied, face turning red.

"Yeah, you did. A number of times. The third time I decided that I was going to take you in that position."

"Well it's too late now, isn't it," she said, sounding happy about it.

"Not really," I said, taking her arm and turning her to face the end of the couch. "Just bend over the arm of the couch, there's a girl."

I gave a gentle push in her back to help her bend over. That done I lifted her dress, tucked it into her waistband, and lowered her panties, sliding them right down and taking one foot out of them.

I will admit that she protested strongly the entire time I was doing this but it was all verbal. Maybe she wanted this to happen. Maybe she decided what did it matter seeing we'd already being playing together. Whatever the reason she was in position quite quickly and I was ready to go.

I assumed that she'd probably still be somewhat aroused from earlier and I didn't stuff around. I just drove in hard, sheathing my cock quite nicely with that first energetic thrust. She gave a startled scream as I drove into her, not exactly getting a chance to push back to meet me.

I held steady for a moment, taking the time to push my hands up inside her top, pushing her bra up off her breasts and replacing it with my hands. I gave her breasts a squeeze and then got down to business.

I didn't try to prolong things this time. I just drove into her in a rather lustful manner, pounding her hard while fondling her breasts, thoroughly enjoying the feel of her. For her part she responded just as energetically, pushing hard to meet me, pressing her breasts hard against my marauding hands at the same time.

She was making happy little cries almost from the word go and I knew just how she felt. I'd have been sounding off in the same manner if it wasn't for the fact that it would seem unmanly to be gibbering away like a teen having his first poke.

Having just recently partaken of her charms it was self-evident to me that I wouldn't be shooting my load too soon. It does take me a while to properly reload, although the current circumstances were certainly providing the incentive.

I was all calm and relaxed as I thrust away, quite happy in what I was doing. I think she was just being contrary as she seemed to be getting more uptight and tense as we went along. Her little cries were getting more excited and she was starting to urge me to finish things off.

I told her I was trying and to just have a little patience, to which she replied with a rude word, casting aspersions on my masculinity. I pointed out that she was bent over my couch with my cock jammed up her. How much more masculine could I be? She didn't appreciate my comment.

Still, things had been going for a while now and I guessed that I was about ready to go. I turned up the heat and gave her all I had, and she climaxed in very short order, with me following along with very little encouragement needed.

This time she came flouncing out of the bathroom and gave me the evil eye. I started to speak and she just shut me down.

"No," she snapped. "Enough is enough."

"Um, I was just going to say that you've done a marvellous job of cleaning," I protested. "Would it be alright if we called on you the next time we have a spring clean?"

For some reason she didn't reply. She just did a face-palm, gave me an odd look, and left. At least, it wasn't a refusal. I'll wait and see what happens.