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There were only a few days left to wrap up the shooting of Under the Skin. The director decided it was best to shoot the nude scenes at the end. This way, it wouldn't be awkward for the cast who otherwise had to work together while having seen each other naked.

Scarlett was in her room getting ready for the full frontal nude scene she had to make, well it wasn't so much work to do except to strip naked. Although it was her first full frontal nude scene, she wasn't that nervous because no touching was involved and all she had to do was to walk a few steps fully naked. The story was about an alien, acted by Scarlett, who would hunt young men at night and after seducing them to take off their clothes, she would skin them off. Sexy, I know. Lucky for Scarlett, the seduction part was as simple as it could get, naked actors just had to follow the bare naked alien into a black void, while maintaining an erection of course.

During the period of the movie Scarlett would hunt 6 men, so 6 individual scenes were to be made. Obviously the most feasible approach was to shoot them in one day, and that was why 6 naked men, 3 white 3 black, were waiting at the location for Scarlett to arrive. After a few minutes Scarlett appears in a robe. That was enough for 4 of the actors to get full erections. She tried her best not to stare at the actors' cocks but that wasn't so easy as those 3 black actors had the largest cocks Scarlett has ever seen.

After the director explained the scene for the actors, Scarlett took off her robe and got in a line with Jake, one of the black actors. Action the director said, as Scarlett walked backwards Jake walked towards her with an erect cock which by Scarlett's estimation was at least 11 inches. Since Jake was taller than Scarlet, he got closer to her step by step; but Scarlett was too distracted by his large cock that she didn't even realize it was about to touch her. Soon the director shout cut and asked Jake to walk slower and Scarlett to keep eye contact with her co-actor. Fortunately, that was enough hint for the actors to deliver an acceptable performance. Still, right after the cut, Scarlett had to run for a tissue to dry her wet vagina.

Well the problem started right at the beginning of shooting the second scene, as Chris couldn't get an erection. One could assume he was intimidated by his co-actors who had larger cocks. Nonetheless the director was too agitated as he had one actor with a limp dick and an actress constantly bitching about why he didn't hire a fluffer. Finally, he took Scarlett aside and asked if she could talk to him,

"I bet he get rock hard only by seeing you up close."

Losing precious time Scarlett thought it wouldn't hurt if she tried. Watching her walking towards him as her boobs bouncing got Chris a little bit harder but that wasn't nowhere near enough. With physical contact out of the question, Scarlett asked about his favorite sex positions but that didn't help either. Suddenly as Jake walked by them, Chris got a lot harder. That was when it all made sense for Scarlett, Chris was gay.

"Sorry, should have guessed, your gay. Hey Jake, would you come here for a moment?" Scarlett said, asking Jake to join them.

"I'm straight," Chris said, as Jake was approaching them.

"I don't understand, then why ..."

"I was just thinking about you two together," Chris answered just after Jake arrived.

"Your telling me the thought of me sleeping with him got you semi-erected?" Scarlett said, pointing at Jake.

Just saying those words got Chris a full erection. At this time Jake had already joined the duo with his 11-inch erect cock, while the other 4 actors where nearby stroking their cocks to maintain erection.

Taking advantage of the situation, Scarlett almost called the director just to find out Chris lost his erection again.

"He likes the idea of you getting Blacked," Jake said, knowing exactly what Chris meant.

"What?!?" Scarlett responded with a confused look. That was the first time she has heard that expression.

"May I?" Jake asked her for permission. Scarlett, still baffled, didn't interrupt him.

"The thought of you having sex with a black guy is giving him an erection. He likes to see you getting fucked by a big black cock," Jake continued, showcasing his stallion cock.

Scarlett was taken back by Jake's obscene phrasing, but she was sidetracked by watching Chris's cock getting harder and harder. Then she realized, Jake was doing her dirty work for her. She gave Jake a node, giving him permission to continue. Emboldened by her green light, he proceeded:

"You like to see me fuck her big boobs with my black cock, Chris? Maybe I fuck her brains out afterwards. Do you think she can handle my black cock? I bet she can if she moisturizes it with those full lips."

Getting horny herself, Scarlett tried to join the conversation but her tongue couldn't say those obscene phrases. Instead she started caressing Jake's abs hoping it would give Chris a full erection. Mesmerized by Jake's black cock, she didn't realize that Owen (one of the other black actors) had reached her from behind, positioning his long cock right between her legs.

"I bet she likes an Oreo too," Owen said from behind. Tipped off by Owen's voice, Scarlett looked down to see 5 inches of a thick black cock, as if it was her own. Barred by Scarlett's rather big butt, the other half of his cock was out of her view.

Shocked by Owen's outrageous move, Scarlett was on the verge of making a scene but she held up to question his comment:

"Yeah I like Oreos, in fact I love them, but I can't see how that's going to help the situation here!" To her surprise, Scarlett saw Chris get a full erection.

"Huh?!? How?!? I don't get it," Scarlett said.

"That's the position where a white woman gets sandwiched between two black men, An Oreo." Said Caleb, the third black actor, while stroking his foot-long cock alongside the last two actors, Steve and Bradley, who also didn't have any problems maintaining their erections.

Carried away by the thought of being sandwiched by two black studs, Scarlett didn't realize that Owen was slowly moving his hips, barely rubbing her clitoris. Scarlett felt a tickle after Owen made a reckless hip move. Fortunately, he stopped as Scarlett looked down, to see his cock soaked with white goo.

"What the fuck? Did you just come? We are trying to get rid of Chris's limp dick, now we're going to have two!" Scarlett said.

"That's your cream babe," Owen's voice came from behind.

That was when Scarlett knew her body has just given in. She chose not to resist and enjoy the moment, slightly lowering her crotch, she started rubbing her pussy on Owen's cock. To her disappointment, the director saw Chris's erection.

"Finally! Chris got a wood! Everyone in their positions, chop chop!" the director said.

As the mood was ruined, Jake and Owen left the duo. However, Chris couldn't hold himself and erupted all his cum, half on the floor, half on Scarlett's abs.

"Jesus Christ, everyone takes 30," the director shouted.

He then approached Chris and Scarlett:

"You have 30 minutes to figure out whatever the fuck is wrong with your dick, otherwise we call it a day and resume tomorrow ... with a Competent Fluffer!" Shouting the last two words in Scarlett's face.

After the director left the location to take a break himself, Owen went right back to his last position. Standing behind Scarlett, he positioned his cock between her legs, this time his abs were in touch with Scarlett's round ass chicks. Feeling super mad at the director, Scarlett looked at the mess of a cum Chris has erupted on her stomach and said:

"You moron, now look what you have done!"

"I'm very sorry, I'll clean that right away."

"You're sorry? That's not enough! You want to watch me getting fucked by a black cock? Well, I want you to clean this mess with your mouth!"

"Get on your knees", She shouted, right before grabbing his head and pushing it downwards.

As Chris was getting on his knees, Owen took another step forward, grabbed Scarlett's Boobs from behind in an unhurried way and started moving his hips more bluntly.

Licking his own cum was one thing, getting hit by Owen's cock was another. That's why Chris licked all the cum asap to move away to a safe distance. Scarlett let go of Chris's head to find out her body was encapsulated by Owen. She wanted to shout stop but her tongue received stronger moan signals from her brain. Jake and Caleb came forward as soon as they heard Scarlett moan, their black cocks came into Chris's view on Scarlett sides. Steve and Bradley still stroking their cocks in disbelief.

Still on his knees, Chris watched Owen's whole black cock disappearing and reappearing with every hip move, while Scarlett's moan got louder and louder. Owen's hip was moving faster and farther now, with every pull his knob would touch Scarlett's pussy and with every push he would rob the full length of his cock on her clitoris, slapping his pelvis to her ass. This went on for about a minute when suddenly his cock went out of Chris's sight for several seconds. Scarlett's mouth was wide open but no sound was coming out of it.

Chris had a hard time keeping up with what was going on, nevertheless Jake didn't hesitate to enlighten everyone with reality:

"Let me be the first one to congratulate you. Miss Johansson, you just got blacked."

And there she was, Scarlett Johansson, taking a foot-long black cock like a champ. It took her several balls-deep thrusts but finally she got her voice back:

"Yeah that's it, fuck me, fuck me hard, just like that!"

"Oh see! Chris got his erection back! We have to keep him erected till the shooting starts. That's in 25 minutes, 8 minutes each. You think we can manage that guys?" Caleb said, standing on her right side.

"8 minutes each? You already forget? She loves Oreos," Jake added.

"Almost forgot that, I've never seen a white actress who doesn't. That's enough Owen, put her on all fours, let us give her a taste."

Putting her in doggy style position, Owen started to slam his cock balls-deep into Scarlett's cunt. Thrusting her pussy in squat position, his huge ball sack was making clap sounds, slamming her clitoris.

Down on all fours, Scarlett overcame by a long lasting orgasm which was getting extended with each thrust. Her huge boobs were whirling underneath, bumping each other every cycle, while she was looking at Jake and Caleb's glistening black cocks with complete lustful eyes.

She wasn't trying to move her hips as she didn't want to ruin the perfect rhyme Owen was pumping her with, but it wasn't easy holding still as Owen was slamming his cock into her as hard as he could.

Any one of Jake and Caleb could have shoved his cock in Scarlett's mouth and not receive a backlash from the Hollywood whore, but they wanted her to take the first step. Soon Scarlett followed protocol, she took out her tongue and gave the huge head of Jake's BBC a 10-second French kiss. Not being able to accommodate more than his cock's head, she started licking his black cock from head to base and vice versa. After traversing the length of his cock with her full lips a few times, she stopped at his balls to suck them. Although she could swallow one ball with ease, swallowing both was a challenge.

Watching Scarlett making failed efforts to accommodate his ball sack, Jake pulled her head back by hair and shoved his whole ball sack in her mouth, his cock blocking her left eye and nostril. Shortly after, Scarlett's pussy contracted as Owen pumped her harder, feeling the signal, Owen took his cock out so everyone could see Scarlett Johansson's first squirt on a BBC.

Taking the opportunity, Jake laid on his back pointing his long cock upwards while Scarlett was finding the best squat position to align her pussy with it. An intense feeling of happiness took Scarlett into a state of euphoria as she watched Jake's beer-can thick of a monster cock got closer and closer to her pussy. Well, she might never have done that if only she knew they were grooming her for a double penetration.

Scarlett let out a loud moan as head of Jake's cock entered her pussy, she could feel the pulsing veins of his cock as her pussy tightly gripped half of it.

"Come on baby, stretch my pussy with that big black cock."

It didn't take her more than one descent to reach the base of his cock. After that, she started driving the full length of his cock, ascending to the head of his cock just to slam her ass down to his thighs. Stroking Owen and Caleb's cock on her sides gave Scarlett a little balance as another orgasm started to build in her. Jake grabbed her boobs, giving her more support just to move his hips upwards and push his big black cock even farther into Scarlett's pussy. With every slam, Scarlett's eyes rolled upwards more and more. Reaching another climax, Jake's knob plopped out of her pussy making a slurp sound. Scarlett groaned loudly as she started squirting all over Jake. Rubbing her clitoris against the length of his cock extended her orgasm even further. Just as the last splash of squirt poured out of her pussy, she started driving Jake again, this time even faster.

"Scarlett you are a natural born BBC whore," Jake said.

Running out of time, Caleb thought it was time to give Scarlett Johansson her first double black penetration, or her first double penetration for that matter. He then tipped Owen to stand in front of her. Now in a better position to taste another black cock, Scarlett declined forward to suck Owen's cock, using one hand to rub his balls and putting the other on Jake's chest.

Scarlett's ass chicks were wide open now, giving Caleb a good view of her butt hole. Examining her hardly shut asshole, he realized she wasn't unfamiliar with anal sex. Her boyfriend must have been fucking her ass on a regular basis, he thought. Every big butt woman end up doing anal at some point in their lives, but apparently Scarlett like it enough to do it frequently.

Anyway, getting DPed by two thick black cocks was something on another level, but knowing Scarlett's ass was well fucked previously, gave Caleb a piece of mind as he didn't have any lubricant to use on her. Jake slowed down fucking Scarlett's pussy and used his hands to stretch her ass lobes farther. He had gangbanged enough white Hollywood actresses to know what was going to happen next.

Giving his cock the last stroke, Caleb put his hands on his knees, slowly squatting down to point his cock at the entrance of Scarlett's ass.

"Why did you slow down? Are you tired? Maybe Caleb can take your position," Scarlett said.

"They're going to Oreo you," Chris told Scarlett, as Jake decided to only give her a grin.

It took her two seconds to figure out what was going to happen. In shock, Scarlett turned her head swiftly to find out Caleb knob was pushing into her ass.

"Wait! I have never ... Aaahh!" Scarlett yelped, her eyes wide open. That was indeed an eye-opener experience.

It was too late though, Caleb's knob was already in Scarlett's ass, her butt hole gripping it like a butt plug.

"Just be gentle," Scarlett said in agony as Caleb was easing his cock into her asshole. With Jake's cock completely still, it took Caleb 8 pushes to shove his whole cock into her ass, and Scarlett a lot more moans to take it in.

"Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass with that big black cock, ram it into my asshole! It's all yours now!" Scarlett shouted, now in a state of ecstasy.

Not that Caleb was waiting for her command, he started ramming the full length of his 12-inch black cock into Scarlett's ass. Waiting for a good moment to resume thrusting her, Jake shoved his cock in Scarlett's cunt just to pull it back again right before Caleb was about to slam his cock into her ass.

They continued double penetrating Scarlett with that asynchronous rhyme, pacing up with every thrust. Scarlett was moaning and groaning louder than ever, with her eyes rolled up farther and her pupils nearly out of view. Frightened that she would tip off the staff, Owen shoved his cock back into her mouth.

After a few minutes, that asynchronous rhyme changed into a frenzy, with Jake and Caleb slamming their cock into Scarlett's holes as fast and hard as they could. At the front, Scarlett's moans have turned into gulp sounds as Owen was trying shove his whole dick into her mouth. He couldn't achieve that though, at least not in this position.

30 seconds into the wild frenzy of double penetrating Scarlett, her whole body shivered, revealing her third orgasm. Caleb take that as a signal to change position, he grabbed her knee pits, lifting her legs as he sat on his back and looped his hands around her legs to interlock them behind her head. Caleb's cock still in Scarlett's ass, he pushed her head down, forcing her to watch his big black cock fucking her ass in full nelson position. It didn't take long for Jake to shove his cock back into Scarlett's now fully exposed pussy, resuming their double penetration in a new position. This time they were more in sync, pumping Scarlett's holes together as she was screaming like an animal, begging them to fuck her with those "big black cocks".

"I'm close! Gonna come soon!" Jake shouted, slamming his cock deep inside her.

Apparently Caleb was closer, as he kept his cock balls deep in Scarlett's ass, groaning a few times. Scarlett could feel the warmth of his cum deep inside her rectum, few seconds later she felt the same in her cervix as Jake erupted all his cum deep inside her.

Meanwhile Owen was stroking his cock at Scarlett's face, getting closer to come, he pulled her hair to better aim for her mouth. Soon afterwards he was shooting thick threads of cum in her mouth. That was too much cum to swallow in one gulp, that was why Scarlett's attempt to swallow failed with half of the cum poured on her right boob.

The black actors disbanded to give Chris, and the other two actors, a full view of Scarlett's worn-out body. They were sitting on chairs watching cum oozing out of Scarlett's pussy to mix with the cum dripping from her ass. Scarlett, now smiling at Chris, asked him if he wanted to clean that up.

"I don't know ..." Chris said.

"I'll clean them up if you clean me up," Scarlett said nodding towards the 3 still hard black cocks.

Chris went on all fours without hesitation, sucking the cum out of her pussy. Looking up he saw Scarlett keeping her promise, licking the last drop of cum off the black actors' cocks. Then he moved on to her boob, and at last he cleaned her mouth with a long tasteful kiss.

Right after Scarlett stood up, the director entered the room to see all the actors fully erected, ready to resume the shooting.

"Thank God! Let's wrap it up then."