The sound of my cell phone vibrating against the wood of my night stand rattled me awake from my sleep. If I had been dreaming about something it had escaped me. The sheets rustled as I twisted to see who was sending me a string of texts this early in the morning. They were from Alice.

"Movie night starts at 7 tonight"

"Bring some snacks."

"Danielle will be there too, she is bringing dinner"

"Have you gone on your morning run yet?"

I rubbed my eyes and assembled a clear train of thought, this was a lot at once but I texted back.

"Haven't run yet. Want to join me in the lobby in 15 minutes?"

The three dots appeared quickly.

"That works. See you soon."

My hope of a long slow morning disappeared before my eyes, but it was replaced with a new hope, getting to see Alice. I slipped out of bed and started a pot of coffee, I would have to settle for a small cup in time to make it downstairs but that would be enough.

I was putting on my running clothes when memories of last night began crawling into my mind. I hoped to god that I would cross paths again with Cara. She was incredible, so much fun, so smart. It was going to take a miracle to see her again.

I put my shoes on and managed to steal a few gulps of piping hot coffee before having to rush out the door. I headed down the hallway and into the elevator beginning to feel the repercussions of my quick coffee dosage. Pressing the down button I let out a large yawn, I was not ready for this yet, but the doors opened to the lobby and I walked out to find Alice. I found her stretching her quads out.

Fucking hell she looked incredible, and it was only 8:00 AM. I had already seen and felt every part of her but she was too astonishing to not gawk at. She was wearing a sports bra that accentuated her breasts. Her running shorts allowed me to see her toned stomach and her beautiful legs. Her blond hair was in a high pony tail. She looked fierce and beautiful as she turned to face me.

"I said 15 minutes, it's been 20."

"Haha sorry, coffee."

Alice was a bit of a cold and analytical type of person, wait, a bit? No, she was cold and analytical, but she had a warm interior.

She let out a faint smile. I pulled up next to her to stretch out my legs and warm up my voice, "How did you sleep?"

"Ok...Not as good as the other night."

I smiled at the memories of our night together, "Hmm, maybe I can help with that tonight?"

"...Maybe James."

We made eye contact, the mutual desire apparent. Following some more stretching we took off on our run and Alice showed me her path along the river. After several miles filled with many moments where I just kept pace behind Alice and stared at her ass we had come to a halfway point where the trail split off into a paved path and a dirt path.

In between breaths Alice spoke to me, "I usually stick to the paved but I think you'll like the dirt path."

"Let's get dirty!" I can't believe I actually used that joke. Alice looked at me amused and embarrassed.

She kept up her pace slightly ahead of me, letting me stare at her ass a bit more until the dirt path became treacherous with roots and odd stones in the middle of the path. The path took us away from the busier concrete path and provided some seclusion. The trees on the path were beginning to clear up, allowing glimpses of the river.

As we rounded a corner Alice came to a stop and I could see why, there was a small clearing to the river where you could get a beautiful view of the upstream waterway. I came to a stop too, catching my breath and taking in the view.

"Gorgeous.." my head turned from the view of the river to Alice who was looking at me. We both took a step towards each other and kissed. Our arms wrapped around the other, my right hand immediately moved down to grab her tight ass, squeezing. I felt my cock growing rapidly pressed against Alice's body Her lips were soft and wet, we both let out gentle moans as we let loose our sexual tension.

I wasn't sure if we were just fuck buddies or something else, but I was more than happy to find out. Alice's lips pulled away from mine for a bit.

"I want you now..."

I looked up and down the trail before turning Alice's body around, she grabbed onto a tree next to her and bent back towards me. I grabbed her running shorts like a primal man and yanked them down, I didn't even bother with my shirt, I just had to have Alice.

Her round and firm ass was pale in the morning light but inviting. I pulled my shorts down to let out my nearly erect cock and began to stroke it with intent. I slapped her ass with my other hand to let out a moan from Alice.

My cock was hard now and I shuffled forward a bit to position my head at her warm and wet entrance. I glanced down to see that Alice was rubbing herself. Jesus she was horny for me.

My cock pushed into her and I felt her resistance. I pulled back to spit in my hand and stroke my cock again before pushing up against her hole again. This time Alice yielded to me, my cock pressing into her effortlessly now as I pushed inch after inch into her. My hands moved to her hips to help pull myself into her. We both vocalized how good the moment felt as I found myself deep inside of Alice.

"Oh my god you feel amazing!"

"Mhhmmm James, I missed you last night."

I began to pull my hips back and then push into Alice's ass again. The feeling of Alice taking me in over and over was exhilarating. We were out in public, anyone could stumble across what we were doing and it drove me wild.

I grabbed her hips tighter and began thrusting into Alice, who was rocking back and forth against me in sync with my thrusts. I looked down my body to see my cock pulling in and out of her beautiful ass. She was getting wetter with each thrust.

"Alice let's just do this every night, it feels so good!" My pace had picked up to where our bodies were letting out a steady smack as my hips slammed into her ass. Alice craned her neck to look back at me, her mouth half open.

"Just wait to see what I have in store for you tonight...Ohhh fuck James, harder for me!"

I gripped her hips tighter, feeling her smooth skin against my fingers. My cock pulling out and then pumping back in with more force now. Alice moaned louder now as my cock penetrated her harder. I felt less and less resistance as she continued to get wet for me.

Every thought I had was dissipated by this risqué adventure in the woods. I actually hoped that someone was watching us. Watching me take Alice with an animalistic passion, wishing that they were me or Alice. I found myself letting out my own grunts as Alice's sex took me in and her moaning riled me up.

All of a sudden I heard a noise and immediately came to a stop. Alice's turned back to me and her face immediately straightened up, we were both on alert, looking around, but my cock was still deep inside of her. I didn't see anything so my hips began to move slowly again.

"Finish soon before someone see us." Alice commanded of me.

I obeyed and resumed my pace. I couldn't help but lose myself in her ass, how she took all of me in. She seemed even tighter than before and she wanted me to finish soon. Her pressure was growing tighter on me.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, my cock was reaching the point of over stimulation and I reminded myself that I was fucking beautiful Alice out on a public running path. 'Holy Fuck!' I felt my loins tightening, my balls tensed up. A tingling rush of energy began to course through me.

"Ohhh fuck fuck!"

My cock grew in size as my cum began to shoot through me and deep into Alice's warm embrace. Each explosion rocked through me and became more intense as Alice grew wetter with my cum. My cock was still thrusting in and out while my hands gripped gripped her for dear life. I couldn't believe this was happening again!

I had already finishing exploding into Alice but my cock was still thrusting in and out of her, the feeling too amazing to let up just yet, but the drain of my orgasm began to take control of me and my thrusting slowed me down, bringing me to a halt pressed against Alice's ass.

"Oh my fucking god." I gasped out.

A twig snapped behind me and I turned my head to see Beverly, the sales agent for our apartment complex just staring at Alice and I! I pulled my cock from Alice and we both reached down to grab our shorts and pull them up. Beverly looked enthralled at what she had been looking at, how long had she been watching us? Were the sounds from earlier her?

"Oh hello Beverly!" I had no clue why I even said that but felt Alice grab me, ushering me to start running away with her. I was still trying to pull my shorts all the way up, shoving my cock away as we began to take off.

We both sprinted down the path for at least five minutes before coming to a stop to recognize the absurdity of what had happened. We didn't even say anything, we both just started to laugh hysterically.

"If you hadn't been so loud James we might have heard her!" Her words weren't angry, she was laughing heartily with me and smiling. She had an amazing smile when she chose to share it with me. I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. Our laughing subsided a bit.

"I can't believe you seduced me into fucking you in public."

"Oh James, it seemed to me like you were the one who seduced me..." We kissed again and continued on our run. Stealing glances at each other and smiling. We eventually made it back to the apartment complex where Alice reminded me, "Movie starts at 7, don't be five minutes late like this morning."

"Will I be punished if I am?"

Alice smirked, "I can think of a thing or two." She took off for her room and I mine.

I had taken a breather and showered up following my fun run with Alice, still in disbelief at what I had just done. 'I can't believe I fucked her in the middle of the running trail.