note: There are instances in this story where the N***r and Ngro are used, mostly by a black character ironically, and once by a white character derogatorily. Proceed only if you feel comfortable.

Jasmin hated everything about Mark. But she especially hated his casual racism and sexism. It was unfortunate enough that most of her lectures were shared with him, but now she was paired with him for an assignment.

Neither of them wanted to work with each other and had even spoken to their professor about it. Not directly, however. He had recently broken his legs and said that he could not leave his room and is ready to work on his own. She said that it would not be fair on her to be paired with some who couldn't leave their room. The professor couldn't care less and suggested that they work on it together in his room.

That's how Jasmin, a short busty black woman, ended up in Mark's, a white racist's, room in the student halls.

Mark wasn't really a social person and Jasmin barely spoke to him, but in what little they had interacted and the things she had overheard, he had said some highly ignorant things. Not only about black people, but just about anyone who wasn't a straight white male.

Mark sat on his chair by the desk and rested his injured leg on the bed. He didn't offer a seat to Jasmin when she arrived, so she sat on the bed, as far away from his leg. The lack of the second chair wasn't surprising in the cramped solo room, but Jasmine was sure that Mark wouldn't have offered her a chair even if there was space.

The assignment started off as well as it could have. No small talk, just business. 30 minutes in, a pen slipped out of Mark's hand and fell under the bed. He tried to bend and pick it up, but it was too far. He looked at Jasmine and she rolled her eyes. She set aside her laptop and got down on the floor on her knees. She bent down and reached under the bed to retrieve the pen.

As she was fishing for the pen in the darkness, she heard Mark mumble something under his breath. She left the pen where it was and sat upright, looking up at him.

"What the fuck did you just say?" asked Jasmin, pissed.

"What did I say?" Mark was confused.

"'You people look good in that position.' What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"I didn't say that."

"You think black people look good on their knees because they remind you of the good ole' days?"

"That's not--"

"Or is it women you like on their knees working for you?"

"I was talking about your... ass," said Mark, almost blushing.

"Oh yeah? Of course, when you say something racist, you must be complimenting me."

"Look, I'm not good at talking to you people."

"Stop fucking referring to me as 'you people.'"

"Sorry. I'm not good at talking to anyone."

"That must probably because you don't know how to be anything but a bigot," retorted Jasmin.

Mark rolled his eyes. This pissed Jasmine off. If there was one thing she hated more than interacting with racists was the said racists pretending that they were right. She wanted to punch I'm in the face. Instead, she placed her hand on his thigh.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she recalled a quote: "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend." Well, Jasmine was gonna destroy this enemy by fucking him and making sure that he enjoys it.

She slid her hand over the sports shorts caressed his dick. Despite the clear discomfort on his face, his cock was growing harder. Jasmin shifted closer to Mark and pulled down his shorts enough to pull out his completely erect white cock.

"What are you doing? Don't do that. Stop," protested Mark.

Jasmin didn't stop. She spat on the cock and stroked it with her hand.

"This hard for a n*gro?" asked Jasmin, feigning surprise.

She kissed the tip as she stared into Mark's eyes and then turned her attention to the cock and took it in her mouth.

"Don't," said Mark, and looked away, closing his eyes, trying to not show any pleasure. It was proving to be hard.

She sucked on the head as she stroked the shaft and as she did it, she made sure to be as loud as she could be. She wanted to make sure that she would do this for a minute before stopping to insult the man. He didn't last a minute.

Mark grunted as he shot his cum right down Jasmin's mouth. This took her by surprise, though she managed not to choke on it. She pulled the softening cock out of her mouth and performed an elaborate gulp.

She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to show Mark that his cum was in a black woman.

"So turned on by a n*gro that you barely lasted minute?"

"No, that's not what happened."

"Say that to all your perfect sperms that you flushed down my throat."

"It wasn't because you are black. I never received a blowjob before," mumbled Mark, softly.

"Wait what? No one has ever worshipped your perfect cock before?"


"How has the world ignored excellence in the form of your cock?"

"What do you expect when a socially awkward conservative is dropped in the middle of a very liberal university?"

"How sad," said Jasmin, pouting. "You're a virgin."

Mark looked away and then suddenly turned back when Jasmin grabbed his scrotum and gave it a slight squeeze.

"Ow, stop."

"I want you to get up, take off your clothes and lie down on your bed."

"Let go of my balls."

"I will let go of your precious white jewels once you lie down on your bed."

Mark got up slowly and took off his t-shirt. Jasmin helped him take his shorts off after it got stuck around his cast. He lied down on the bed as Jasmin let go of his balls. Mark sighed a breath of relief.

Jasmin stripped her clothes off and stood by the bed, staring down at Mark. She was a very slim woman and had perfect breasts. They were large and supple but didn't sag. Her nipples were perfect circles, dark and now hard. She had an ample ass and even the racist appreciated it. Her pussy was shaved and her pussy lips a shade darker than her already dark ebony skin. She wanted to ensure that all her black skin was visible.

She looked at the flaccid cock below her and knew that it wasn't ready to be ridden yet. Good. She got on the bed and straddled his face instead. She placed her pussy over his mouth and started grinding.

"How does n*gro pussy taste?"

Mark could say nothing. Jasmin knew that he would be no good at eating her pussy, so she started rubbing her clit as she ground her pussy. She moaned out loud. Soon, as she thought of how humiliating it must have been of the racist kissing her pussy, she built herself to an orgasm.

Jasmin screamed as she came and squirted all over Mark's face. She got off his face and he began coughing and spitting squirt out of his mouth.

"I'm gonna guess this n*gro pussy tasted amazing."

"Fuck you, bitch."

"Now that's more like a sexist piece of shit."

She glanced behind her as saw that mark was erect again.

"I thought you were cursing at, but you actually meant that you just wanted to fuck me," said Jasmin, laughing.

Before Mark could do anything about it, she had already moved down to his groin and held his hard cock in her hand.

"Your cock knows how a ngro mouth feels. Your mouth knows what a ngro pussy tastes like. It's time your cock find out what n*gro pussy tastes like. Heck, what any pussy tastes like, you fucking virgin incel," said Jasmin, and then she guided him into her.

Jasmin looked down at Mark as she ground her hips around his cock. Mark's enjoyment was vastly overshadowed by the disgust that was clear on his face. He was ashamed that he had lost his virginity to a black woman.

Jasmin began riding his cock and trusted her hips up and down. She moaned more out of pretending than feeling pleasure, but there was some pleasure. Especially because of the humiliation Mark felt. Her tits bounced in perfect unison and Mark couldn't help but notice. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits. He couldn't help but squeeze her pieces of perfection.

"Like n*gro titties?"

"No, you bitch," said Mark, then pinched her nipples hard.

Jasmin let out a sharp whine. In retaliation, she began riding his cock harder. In seconds, Mark let go of her tits as he moaned. Soon, he grunted as he came once again, this time in her pussy.

Jasmin stopped but did not pull out his cock just yet. She gave her tits a kiss each and leaned down to kiss Mark on the lips.

"Now your lips know what ngro lips taste like." She hovered inches away from his face and continued. "Your perfect sperms are now in my ngro pussy. Not only did you enjoy having sex with a n*gro bitch, but she's also gonna be pregnant soon with your child."

Mark grabbed her throat. Jasmin squealed but did not resist.

"Fuck you, you n****r whore!"

"Keep squeezing my throat and your biracial kid will grow up with a dad thrown into prison for raping his mother," Jasmin managed to say.

He let go of her throat. She sat back up and pulled his soft cock out of her.

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"Well, everyone I know thinks you're racist. It's my word against yours, and I'll have your kid in me as proof."

"No. You cannot do that."

"I won't claim you raped me and you'll have to live knowing that your kid biracial birthed by the only woman you ever fucked, a n****r whore."

Mark said nothing.

Jasmin got off the bed and put on her clothes.

"See you tomorrow. We'll finish the assignment then," sad Jasmin as she grabbed her things and left the room. The last thing she saw was a naked white racist engulfed in shame. She really did destroy this enemy.

Now, Jasmin walked back to her room to wash her pussy and rinse her mouth. Then, she would go to the nearest pharmacy to buy a morning-after pill.