Part 5

Another day, a new life

As she stepped out of the elevator Sarah took a moment to look around. Nothing looked different. The air was full of the sound of restrained voices and the click of keyboards along with the smell of coffee coming from a half dozen pots in various offices. And yet...

Less than three days ago her life had turned upside down and now it was time to show Jason she could hit the ground running. As she turned and walked down the hall to her office she managed a small smile, nothing was changed but at the same time, everything felt new. She looked around as she sat down at her desk mentally going through the tasks she needed to complete prior to Jason's arrival just as she had done a hundred times before. When she turned on the monitor she saw the pop-up from HR indicating that she needed to add a meeting to her schedule later today. She looked again, the message was for a meeting with her, not Jason. As she pondered this she picked up the phone and tapped in the inside line to Shelly in HR.

"Hey Shelly, how are things downstairs? Yeah. I was wondering about this message I got from your boss wanting to see me. Oh, really? My input.. Ok, How is 10:00? I will be there." Wow, that was moving fast.

She looked up to see Jason striding through the door with a smile and she looked at her clock. No, she wasn't running late, he was here about 30 minutes early. With a shrug, she gathered up her notepad and went in to greet her boss.

He looked at her as she entered and gestured her to a chair as he hung up his jacket and then settled into his own.

"I am sure you are curious as to my early arrival. Don't let it shake you up too much but we have a lot of things to take care of today and through the week." He took a notepad out of his desk and set it to one side ready to jot down ideas." I hope you got plenty of rest over the weekend as I want to hit the ground running today. Has HR gotten in touch with you yet?" When she nodded he went on," Good, make sure they are aware we want to have this position filled by the end of the week so you can get to training her next week."

Over the next hour, they went through the business of ordering both of their days and setting down plans for the week ahead. As she rose to get to her tasks Jason signaled her to wait a moment. "Do you have your book in its usual place, Sarah?" With a nervous quiver she nodded. "good, and what goes into your book?"

"She blushed and answered, "The book records all my mistakes and deficiencies for this week sir."

"And what does not go into your book?"

She lowered her eyes submissively and said, "I am not to place any judgments as to the severity of my offenses. That task is yours and yours alone." He nodded and dismissed her with a smile.

She stood for a long moment outside his door shaking like a leaf. The whole reality of her promise to Jason settled on to her and slowly she took a deep breath and smiled. She understood and it calmed her. She no longer had to bear that weight and it felt good. Oh, she knew that she had a sore bottom awaiting her on any given Friday night but that was ok. It was not her that carried the burden of her penance and she was so relieved to let it go.

The rest of the day went well and along with HR she had reduced the candidates to be interviewed down to three people, one of whom was Lysell. Her interview was scheduled to be the last one and she promised HR that they would have her final decision by end of work on Friday. She smiled as she finished for the day looking forward to the interviews Wednesday.

She couldn't believe it. After so many applications she had finally managed to gain an interview for a new position. And not just any company, she had an interview for a position in the corporate offices of Walcraft Industries. This was one company she could be very sure would not collapse from under her feet like Tyche Online. She should have known better than to believe they would be able to ride out the problems they were having but she decided to bet on her boss to pull through only to come to work one day to find his office empty and several officers wanting to talk to him about allegations of fraud and embezzlement. Almost a year of hard work down the drain overnight.

She took a long breath and looked down at her cell. 12pm at the Wilson Café well here she was and a half-hour early. The greeter smiled as she gave her name and with a polite nod he led her to a table in one of the smaller and less occupied rooms. He took her drink order and went away. As she sat there awaiting the interviewer she ran over all her preparations and tried to imagine what questions they would be asking. She hoped it wasn't going to be one of those "no wrong answer" interviews. No wrong answers my ass she thought. You never knew exactly what they were looking for and there was always something wrong with whatever answer you gave regardless.

"Lysell, as I live and breath is that you?"

As she looked up she saw someone she had never expected to see again. "Sarah? My lord is that you? How have you been?" She half rose reaching across the table to shake her old roommate's hand. "Did you land a job around here?"

"Yes, in fact, it is just up the road a bit. I decided to come down here for lunch and saw you sitting there and had to come over to say hello. Do you mind if I sit down?"

Lysell grimaced. She did not want to have to explain to her friend to her interviewer to have Sarah say anything that might spoil her chances at this job. While she still enjoyed the memories of her late-night sessions with this mousy little girl this was not the time or place to renew their relationship. Well, she knew her tune, this might turn out to be a win-win situation but for right now she had to get rid of her. "Well actually, Sarah, I kind of have an interview here today so if you could be a good girl and scram I would really appreciate it."

Sarah's grip became firm and the warmth seemed to drain from her smile, "I am well aware of that Ms. Stewart, I am your interviewer. Let me introduce myself, Sarah Stockwell, Executive Assistant to Jason Walcraft and possibly your new boss."

All the color ran out of Lysell's face as she slowly released her friend's hand and sank slowly into her seat. Of all the people who it could be... "Well shall we get started, Ms. Stewart? Why don't we order then we can get down to business." Sarah said with a confident smile.

"You are still going to give me an interview Sarah, I mean Ms. Stockwell?" she said suddenly less confident than she had been.

Sarah smiled warmly and nodded. "We will just chalk it up to a misstep as you had no idea what the situation was but let's not repeat that shall we." With calm assurance, she looked up to see their waitress and ordered a light lunch then turned to Lysell to indicate she should do the same. With the orders taken she pulled out a folder and looked at Lysell. "I think we can dispense with the usual questions as to skills since I doubt yours have had a chance to slip since school. By the way, I am sorry to hear about the disaster at Tyche, I am glad you did not get swept up with that scandal." She looked down at the papers before her and then looked up with a serious expression, " I do have one very important question for you though. Given our history and former relationship do you think you can work under me and give me your best effort?" Her eyes bore none of the mousey manners Lysell remembered.

This is what her former submissive had bloomed into? What had happened to give her this confidence? Well, no matter, one she needed this job and if that meant saying yes ma'am to Sarah she could do that. Give her a chance and perhaps she could prove herself and maybe even take her job away from her in time.

"Yes, Ms. Stockwell, I do believe there will be no problem with you being my boss."

Sarah looked her over and then smiled. " In that case let me extend you an offer to come work for us at Walkraft Industries" She extended her hand and shook Lysell's hand as she gaped in shock. "You are the last person I needed to interview and actually I had decided that as long as you were willing to work under me I was going to give you a chance. As I said I know what you are capable of, we were roommates and more for the better part of two years. This is going to be a demanding job but I think you can meet the challenge. As I said you will be working directly under me both as my assistant and secretary and as secretary to Mr. Walkraft. Yes, you have made the big time, don't make me regret giving you this chance." She pushed a packet across the table. "This is a basic rundown of our compensation package. As you can see it is very generous but believe me when I say you will earn it if you work out. You will be given one month to show you can do the job before you get your retention review which will be done by myself, Mr. Walkraft, and Ms. Thomas from HR. Survive that and you are set. Take a look at that and please have an answer for me before tomorrow afternoon."

Lysell looked through the package and was still doing so as their lunch arrived. Sarah made light small talk but Lyell's eyes were glued to the page.

"Is this number right?" she said, "This is what my salary is going to be?"

Sarah gave the page a glance and nodded. "Yes that is correct, were you hoping for more?" Lysell almost did a spit take. "That is basically what I was making before my promotion but we could discuss it if you wish."

"I think I can give you an answer right now Ms. Stockwell, I accept."

"Very good, do you think you could be at the corporate offices at 9:00 Friday? We can get all the HR paperwork done and get you set up with your credentials and show you around so we can begin training on Monday. I do warn you that I am going to load you up right off the bat since Jason wants you up to speed and ready to take over as soon as possible so we can get on with more important business. You are coming aboard at a good time and I think you are going to be in the right place at the right time to make great things happen for you. But we can talk more about that on Friday." With that, she signaled for the check and paid the bill. With a friendly smile, she shook Lysell's hand again and left.

"Oh yes, dear Sarah I do think great things are going to happen for at least one of us."

It had been a long but productive week for both of them and Jason and Sarah were going over details in his office.

"So you think she will be a good fit for the position? We both know what your former dynamic was with you. Do you really think she is going to give that up?"

Sarah looked thoughtful, "I know she can do the job that is not the problem. I do recognize the potential problem but I think we are both professional enough to handle the situation. If not, well that young lady from Cromwell was also promising and I think we could bring her along fairly quickly if Lysell can't handle the position."

"You know what our timetable is so if we have to switch out at the last minute that is going to make it harder on all of us. Are you willing to chance that?"

"Well if I am wrong we can always add it to the book and chalk it up to a learning opportunity," she joked.

"Ah yes the book, you did bring it in didn't you Ms. Stockwell?' He said with a half-smile."

With lowered eyes she placed the notebook she had been taking notes in and reached into the stack she brought in and handed Jason her record book.

"This is current to coming in here my dear?"

"Yes sir, I made the last entry this afternoon after Lysell left. I included the joke I told her at your expense."

"What joke? Tell it to me."

As Sarah blushed and told him the joke that had been making the rounds of the office he chuckled and made a notation in her book. He then slowly went page by page making notations and gravely nodding. As he did this she walked to her office, locked that door then returned to his office locking that door behind her before returning to place her chair in the middle of the office and going to stand before his desk.

"A very eventful week my dear. A few mistakes were made to be sure but I do not see any repeats of the same mistakes here. I think you are handling the transition into your new position well and if you are correct about your new assistant I see us ready to move forward with our plans on schedule. But what is our goal my dear?"

"Perfection in performance sir."

Jason shook his head, "Sarah, this is part of why I told you I will be taking over your discipline. There is no such thing as perfection, only our best effort. And our best effort can always be improved so it is an ongoing effort not a goal."

Sarah blushed, "yes sir, Please correct my mistakes so I can improve and strive for my best."

Jason gave her a warm smile," Better. Now going through this week's slip ups and stumbles I think that we will go with... 3,5,2,4,lets call it an even 20 with the brush plus your usual 5 minute warm up. You will get the last on the bare for that joke." He rose and walked over to the chair and sat down. "I think you know what comes next Sarah"

With a nod, she walked to the cabinet by his desk and took out a large black wooden brush. She then stepped to his side and allowed him to drape her over his knee. "please sir give me my correction so I may improve myself and become a better asset to you and the company." With this, she closed her eyes and waited both wanting and dreading what was to happen.

Without further preamble, Jason brought his hand down on her bottom starting slow but building both force and speed until he was delivering about one strike every second. Sarah forced herself to remain still and slowly tears began to form as the spanking grew in pain and shame. Though it seemed to go on forever eventually Jason stopped and slowly stroked her back as he allowed her to catch her breath.

When she was composed she took the brush and passed it to him. "I have made many errors this week and need to be reminded so that I will do better next week. You have decided on 20 strokes of the brush with 3 on the bare. Would you please give them to me now sir so that I can place my mistakes behind me and start the new week relieved of their burden?"

Jason took the brush still amazed at how hard this young lady was on herself and how dedicated she was both to him and his company. With a few taps of the brush he watched as she tensed then relaxed herself for the spanking.

When it came it was like fire on her bottom. He did not take mercy on her and for that she was grateful. She had been so worried that he did not realize how much she needed this for her own well being. He had placed so much trust in her and while she did try hard to step up she was not satisfied with her own performance so how could he be? Again it came down, searing pain that made her gasp. That was two, only eighteen more to go. Again and again, the brush descended and punished her bottom. After the first six, she was crying too hard to keep the count but she trusted Jason to do that. All she had to do was endure the price and the release of her guilt. It was like pieces of clay being beaten off her to fall to the floor. With each stroke, she felt lighter, sore but free.

Then it stopped. Was it over? No, she had the last three. Three on the bare, all because she had to tell that stupid joke. It had been funny, even Jason had gotten a laugh she saw. But it was not professional, especially when showing a new employee around. She felt him raise her skirt and fold it at the square of her back. Then she felt his fingers hooked in the sides of her panties as he lowered them to her knees. She had to smile a bit and blush. She had worn these silk panties just for him so he could enjoy the feel of taking them down. She knew they could never be lovers but still it pleased her that she could do this for him.

"So you thought that jokes was funny?"

"Yes sir but it was the wrong place to be telling it. I am sorry sir."

"Yes you will be, you know the rule for bare spanks, count!"

"ONE, I am so sorry sir, please give me my next one."

"TWO, Oh my God, please sir it was inappropriate and will not happen again. May I please have my last stroke."

"THREE, OW OW OW, I am soooo sorry sir."

Her breaths were coming in gasps and she lay limp over his knee as she fought to regain control of herself. He gently rubbed her back and head whispering that it was all over and that he was proud of her. As she finally got her breathing under control her helped her up from his lap and then sat her there as he held her and rocked her gently. She clung to him as if she was afraid she would fall off his lap into some abyss if she broke contact. Finally, she gave him a soft sad smile and kissed him on his cheek thank him for caring for her, and all he had done for her.

As she rose she gathered her panties from where she had kicked them and with a sly smile she placed them on his desk. "I hope you liked them sir." She said with a twinkle in her eye. She then gathered her things and left his office unlocking the doors and heading back to her place.

After arriving home she drew herself a hot shower and took her time letting the hot spray ease the rest of the week from her body. She jerked with a shock as the first of the hot spray hit her sore bottom but then she allowed the other feelings to come. The feelings that had always followed a good hard spanking for her. Now that she had someone she knew she could trust to look out for her and do what needed to be done with a caring hand it made a world of difference. Even with the smell of the soap and freshwater she could smell herself as the heat from her bottom spread slowly it other places more pleasurable. As she stepped from the shower she drew the robe about her. The robe he had provided for her just a week ago and through it she thought she could feel his arms holding her and keeping her safe.

Riding the sensation she glided out to her bed and fell backward into its firm surface. As she replayed the spanking her fingers began to go to those places it had awakened. Tracing a path down her firm belly to find the cleft where pleasure awaited her. She remembered how safe and warm she felt as he held her and rocked her afterward. Her finger began to tease her small center of pleasure and she began to arch her back up imagining that like last week he was watching her. Every time she dropped back down her bottom sent new bursts of pleasure and pain to drive her higher and closer to the edge. Soon she was there, one more touch, one more...

As she hung there she swung her free hand and struck her bottom sending her over the edge screaming and thrashing like a wild animal. Then she was floating a soft foglike feeling bathed her in its warmth as she gently ran her hand over her belly coming slowly down from her orgasm. She knew she would be good for a few more times tonight but suddenly she was hungry and lunch seemed so far away. As she recovered her robe she began to look through her menus to decide what felt right tonight. This brought back a memory. Lysell and her in their pajamas arguing about what to order and talking about what their plans were for after graduation. She smiled, it had not all been about Lysell bullying her and using her for her sadistic fun. They had some truly good times too. She found herself wondering where her new assistant was and whether she was remembering their time together as well. She almost reached over to call her and invite her over then she looked down at herself and the tingle of her afterglow and changed that thought with a smile.

Pizza, that's the ticket, she was in the mood for pizza.